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Net Hauler. 12 volt . from Ace Line Hauler

From - Posted: Apr 29, 2010 - 34,165 views
Cooking | Net Hauler. 12 volt . from Ace Line Hauler | Net Hauler. 12 volt . from Ace Line Hauler
Net Hauler. 12 volt . from Ace Line Hauler
Net Hauler. 12 volt . from Ace Line Hauler
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The net hauler has taken the hard work out of pulling in my gear. I think I'd better buy some more nets!!!
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RM Gurdy

25 + hook storage drum manually operated. All hookes are kept tangle free with ease. Fish stripper incoperated into the design. Made from 316 stainless with nylon bush bearings. The reel will take 1mt of line every turn of the drum.
54,751 views | Sep 05, 2009

Virhydro Pots lines hauler 250

Virhydro is a manufacturer of electric and hydraulic hauling products. The hydraulic pots & lines hauler 250 is the smallest of its range. Ideal for inshore fishermen.
17,397 views | Aug 05, 2008

Virhydro Nets hauler 500 ref 530

Virhydro creates and manufactures hydraulic nets hauler for the inshore fishing industry. The model shown is the nets hauler 500. The net is guided through the drum with no efforts.
17,199 views | Aug 06, 2008

Virhydro pots hauler trolling fishing reel ref 260

Virhydro creates and manufactures hydraulic and electric fishing equipments used by inshore fishermen. The model shown is the combines pots hauler & trolling fishing reel 260.
18,647 views | Aug 13, 2008

tug TRHES part 2

towing hual transporter on santander bay. Video recorded by Javier Alvarez.
822,763 views | Nov 04, 2007

Mackerel Fishing in Annalong 09

40,304 views | Jun 24, 2009


THE LIES ABOUT NETS KILLS FISH IS NOT TRUE ALL BYCATCH LIVES.The so called conservation groups like the cca have made stopping the commercial fishing into a big money making business with the donations from the public that does not know what is really going on and from government grants for their bad data on the fish. Please do not believe all their lies about the fishermen and the gillnets in the right hands they are a safe way to harvest fish without catching the juvenile fish. READ MY CHANNEL INFO.the music being block sucks and the audio swap SUCKS(look at my vid about oil drilling in florida)
91,792 views | Jul 14, 2008

Nouvelle bobine

Nouvelle bobine
7,800 views | Jul 23, 2008

Easyset Longline Demo.

The Easyset Longlines (also known as 'Trotlines') are designed to be used single handed. It is made from quality materials, such as 316 stainless and UV-PVC. It's very compact, and user friendly. Unlike other longlines, there is NO separate trace board and all the hooks are connected to the main line, so no more TANGLED traces. Enjoy the video, and visit us at:
107,101 views | Apr 24, 2012

Sovereign boats net haulers

Hauler in action on (Sea King) with trammel nets 4 34 inch with floats, easy used on your own without the need to any thing just clear the net. by the time the nets in you have cleared ready to shot back again. No need to keep putting engine in gear as hauler will also pull a under 8 mtr boat along without twisting gear in moderate sea's
11,268 views | Dec 11, 2011

Oilwind Autoline

145,410 views | Oct 05, 2008

Mackerel Fishing Oilwind Jigging Machine

Mackerel Fishing aboard the Constellation FR294, Norweigan design Mackerel strippers
42,167 views | Jul 01, 2008

NorthLift Electric Line Hauler LH200

LH200 - the top seller from NorthLift® is designed for pulling single trap and should primarily be used on small to midsize boats. The LH200, like all NorthLift® haulers, is equipped with the trademark foldable hauling arm, free rotating lower axel and manual press wheel; eliminating the necessity of applying light pull on the rope. Key features -12V High torque motor -200 lb Hauling power -120 ftmin Hauling speed -Marine grade materials -Twin Mount Bracket™ -Compact foldable design -Quick-mount system -Patent pending -Autoreset bimetal fuse More information at: List of retailers: http:www.northlift.comdealersretailers Kind Regards, NorthLift, Marine Line Haulers
12,198 views | Nov 25, 2011


wreck netting with Spencer Carter net hauler
9,039 views | May 17, 2012

OILWIND Automatic Longline Fishing

A Norwegian fishing boat using OILWIND fishing equipment. These fishermen are targeting haddock with a floating line setting. Thanks to Svein Harald Trondal and Tor Arne Stensen and their crew for providing us with film footage Please visit our website at: For more information about the floating line setting: http:oilwind.fouploadfloating_line_setting_oilwind.pdf Take at look at other illustrations we have prepared: http:oilwind.fodefault.asp?menu=322
51,202 views | Nov 02, 2010

Mackerel Fish Stripping Systems by AFWFABRICATIONS

This is our fish stripping system in action. This system can be used to catch fish such as mackerel, bass and Pollock, as well as squid.
60,002 views | Oct 01, 2010

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