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Net Hauler. 12 volt . from Ace Line Hauler

From - Posted: Apr 29, 2010 - 36,970 views
Cooking | Net Hauler. 12 volt . from Ace Line Hauler
Net Hauler. 12 volt . from Ace Line Hauler
Net Hauler. 12 volt . from Ace Line Hauler
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The net hauler has taken the hard work out of pulling in my gear. I think I'd better buy some more nets!!!
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cooking | NET HAULER


NET HAULER 2-80 Nr 2 NET-OP DANMAEK 004598488811
2,406 views | Nov 06, 2011


THE LIES ABOUT NETS KILLS FISH IS NOT TRUE ALL BYCATCH LIVES.The so called conservation groups like the cca have made stopping the commercial fishing into a big money making business with the donations from the public that does not know what is really going on and from government grants for their bad data on the fish. Please do not believe all their lies about the fishermen and the gillnets in the right hands they are a safe way to harvest fish without catching the juvenile fish. READ MY CHANNEL INFO.the music being block sucks and the audio swap SUCKS(look at my vid about oil drilling in florida)
2,406 views | Jul 14, 2008
cooking | Net Fishing Littlehampton not the deadliest catch

Net Fishing Littlehampton not the deadliest catch

Some fun net fishing out of Littlehampton in our 18' open boat Shannon
2,406 views | Oct 16, 2011
cooking | NET HAULER


NET HAULER 2-80 NR 1 NET-OP DANMARK 004598488811
2,406 views | Nov 06, 2011

cooking | Seaking Gillnet Hauler

Seaking Gillnet Hauler

SeaKing is the Leading manufacturers and Suppliers of Gillnet Haulers in Tamil Nadu India. For sales and service please contactPraveen: 9566161515Email Address:
2,406 views | Jun 28, 2014
cooking | Virhydro Nets hauler 400 ref 520

Virhydro Nets hauler 400 ref 520

This hydraulic nets hauler is manufactured by Virhydro. The net is guided through the drum with no efforts. Ideal for inshore fishermen.
2,406 views | Jul 16, 2008
cooking | Fish Line Strippers for Mackeral

Fish Line Strippers for Mackeral

Fast, efficient method to 'dehook' mackeral.
2,406 views | Apr 25, 2008
cooking | Fishing Alaska Longline Danger

Fishing Alaska Longline Danger

While Longlining for Halibut with my Dad, our line came out of the hauler with hundreds of pounds of tension on it. That + Big Hooks = Dangerous situation. Here's some footage of what happened.
2,406 views | Nov 28, 2011

cooking | NET HAULER 4B 250


NET HAULER NET-OP 4B-250 - +004598488811 NET-OP Elmevej 4 9982 Aalbæk Danmark
2,406 views | Nov 09, 2011
cooking | Virage des tremails à sole

Virage des tremails à sole

Le HLT 650 du Sauvage vire les filets à sole. Fredo commente le prix de la sole.
2,406 views | Aug 23, 2010
cooking | Nightlight documentary Lampara fishing in the Istrian sea

Nightlight documentary Lampara fishing in the Istrian sea

"Lampara" fishing is based on the use of a light source to attract and capture with the nets whole shoals of fish. In its daily and demanding repetition of gestures, actions and tasks, it requires a careful organization and coordination between the members of the crew; as much in the capturing stage as in the selection of sizes and preservation of the fish. A series of processes that follows its own precise ritual. "Nightlight" is an exploration of a day's work of fishing on board of a "lampara" boat in the Istrian sea. Film shot during the ETNOFILM Visual Anthropology Workshop - Ethnographic Museum of Istria (Croatia).
2,406 views | Feb 10, 2013
cooking | FH214 Lady Hamilton of Helford, Chris Bean, setting 115mm 68mm red mullet gill nets Pisces rfr

FH214 Lady Hamilton of Helford, Chris Bean, setting 115mm 68mm red mul...

This was the first of two trips out on Cornish fishing boat Lady Hamilton in October 2012, part of the periodic re-evaluation of the sustainability, fish quality and fair trading relationship of Helford estuary based vessels that also included Lucy Mariana, Julie Girl and Amanda J, which land to Kernowsashimi, supplying London and local restaurants, and the Truro and Helford farmers markets. Lady Hamilton is one of the hardest worked boats of the fleet, with 3 crew working up to four types of gear in one trip: large mesh monk gill nets, 300mm mesh sole trammel nets, 115mm gill nets, majoring since summer on haddock, and 68mm 'red mullet' gill nets. On this trip the monk nets, on a 48 hour cycle, were left undisturbed. The sole trammels are on a 24 hour cycle, and the 115mm and 68mm gill nets would be set on the way out to the sole nets, and retrieved a few hours later on the return.This video, the first of five for the trip, records the setting of the nets. One of the two tiers (sets) of the large mesh sole trammel nets, producing the very large dover sole that are a speciality of Lady Hamilton, were due to be replaced, as are some of the 115 mm gill nets, and the video starts with the bags of replacements being stowed. The red mullet nets are set while still dark, followed by the haddock nets, before heading off to retrieve the sole trammels set the previous day. In the video there is a discussion about avoiding crossing over the top of another set of nets, and concern about the appearance of a trawler (because it may trawl through and destroy the nets). In the event, both were avoided. The video ends with the flaking of the new sole nets into the net bin ready for deployment. As with the other Pisces-RFR videos, their main aim is as a matter of record. They hopefully show details of the methods for those who want or need to know, but they don't necessarily make gripping viewing! Having said that, when fishers view the videos, they often want to see everything shot, not just the edited highlights. If you are working 6 days a week on a boat, you don't get the opportunity to go out on other boats, and see other ways of working.Video timings: 0-0.30 - stowing of nets, 0.30 setting of 68mm red mullet gill nets, 1:04 setting of 115mm gill nets, since summer catching large numbers of haddock. The boat is stationary for casting off the buoys and anchors, and in the background you can here Chris recording the lcoation on the GPS, and then gets underway to feed out the nets over the stern. Some of the nets have actual floats on the float line, for others the float line itself provides the required boyancey. The nets go out over an arched bow, which helps separate out the lead line from the float line, but on this occasion, because of the lie on the deck, both lines keep flicking over to the port side, requiring constant attention.Even though the position of nets is recorded, they can shift in tidal currents, so at 3:40 you can here Chris asking Chino whether the dahn flag of another set of gear is in sight. Chris keeps a constant eye on the nets, and at 3:48 you hear him kill the power as the net tangles. At 5.25 Chris describes what he wants done with the new sets of nets. Starting at 6:10 the first tier of 115 mm gill nets comes to an end, and are immediately followed by the start of the second tier. At just on 8:00 the sail goes up - this is used to help stop the boat gyrating when hauling and clearing the nets. At 10.10, with the nets mostly gone, it is possible to clean the deck - being worked 6 days a week there is a lot of wear and tear on paint, but Lady Hamilton is kept clean. Meanwhile, at around 10:30 the 'haddock' 115 mm gill nets are gone, the boat heads for the sole nets and Andreas starts to flake (the machine is a 'flaker') the new sole trammel nets into the net bin, taking care that the end of the net is looped over the edge of the bin, so that the end anchors and buoy lines can be attached prior to setting the nets. At 13:20 Andreas demonstrates how two nets are joined. Further background to this trip, and links to the stills photo library, are available on the Pisces-RFR website, at http:www.pisces-rfr.orgUKFisheries_evaluationsEntries2012108_FH214_Lady_Hamilton_sole_trammels,_haddock_and_red_mullet_gill_nets,_landing_to_Kernow_Sashimi.html
2,406 views | Jan 06, 2013

cooking | Ace Line Hauler

Ace Line Hauler

Ace Line Hauler Operation, Brutus Ace Line Hauler, Crab Pot Puller, Shrimp Pot Puller
2,406 views | Nov 11, 2011
cooking | Net Hauler II 80

Net Hauler II 80

NET HAULER NET-OP II-80 - +004598488811 NET-OP Elmevej 4 9982 Aalbæk Danmark
2,406 views | Aug 31, 2013
cooking | Hands Free Prawn Puller

Hands Free Prawn Puller

Prawn & Crab Fishing Has Never Been Easier! Our "Hands Free" Dualler Kits - fits all Ace Line Haul & Brutus plus 40 PullersNo More handling hundreds, thousands feet of rope. No More aching arms, hands, elbow and shoulders. No More or less painful arthritis of pulling rope. No More rope lines scattering, running on the deck. No More tangling rope when putting the trap back in the water. No More getting wet. You can now stay warm and dry while your traps are being pulled.KIT INSTALLS IN A MATTER OF MINUTES!For more information please visit
2,406 views | Sep 07, 2012
cooking | catching prawns with ace trap puller

catching prawns with ace trap puller

catching prawns somewhere near georgia strait in vancouver bc
2,406 views | Apr 04, 2011


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