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cooking | 세계교육포럼 한국교육 자화자찬 전체회의에서 돌직구 던진 한국 대표 문아영

세계교육포럼 한국교육 자화자찬 전체회의에서 돌직구 던진 한국 대표 문아영

세계교육포럼 둘째날인 5월 20일, '한국 교육 특별 발표회'가 끝난 뒤인 오후 6시 25분께 문아영 평화교육 '모모' 대표가 인사를 나누기 위해 찾아온 외국 대표들을 상대로 발언하고 있다. 앞서 문 대표는 90분간 한국교육을 '자화자찬'한 한국정부의 발표 내용에 대해 질문을 하려다가 행사 진행 쪽에 의해 제지당했다. 행사 진행쪽은 한국어 동시통역을 중단하고 마이크도 껐다. 하지만 700여 명의 참석자 가운데 상당수가 문 대표를 향해 박수를 쳤다. 그리고 이들 중 100여 명은 30여분 간에 걸쳐 문 대표 얘기를 듣고 서로 얼싸안았다.문 대표는 이번 행사에 한국정부와 국제NGO단체의 초대를 받아 정식 대표로 참여한 인사다. 관련 기사: http:news.eduhope.netsub_read.html?uid=17638§ion=sc1§ion2=
2,192 views | May 20, 2015
cooking | Monster Trucks for Kids – Educational Videos for Toddlers Learn Colors

Monster Trucks for Kids – Educational Videos for Toddlers Learn Colors

For ALL Blippi Videos for Kids Click Here http:vid.ioxqwV Learn colors with Monster Trucks for kids. This fun for children educational monster truck video for toddlers hosted by Blippi is an early learning english for children and even for preschool will help your child learn numbers learn colors and more! If your child loves monster trucks and machines your toddler will love blippi and his educational videos for kids. Check out all of Blippi's videos at https:youtube.comBlippiVideosMonster Trucks for
2,192 views | May 15, 2015
cooking | Memorial Day History for Kids Educational Videos for Students Learning Cartoon Network

Memorial Day History for Kids Educational Videos for Students Learning...

Celebrating Memorial Day join us on our learning cartoon network with Ms. Erikka. Using educational videos for students she shares fun facts about a holiday that celebrates those who have died serving in the military.Official Website: Youtube Channel: Facebook: http:www.facebook.comfresbergcartoon Facebook: http:www.twitter.comfresbergcartoon
2,192 views | May 15, 2015
cooking | We Oppose CA SB277 Parents On Vaccine Injury, Parental Rights Education

We Oppose CA SB277 Parents On Vaccine Injury, Parental Rights Educatio... - In this video, well-informed and educated parents object to and oppose CA SB277, which would eliminate personal belief exemptions for the vaccination of their children. In its current state, if SB 277 became law it would require parents to have their children fully vaccinated in order to attend public or private school, even though there is no public health crisis and the diseases for which children are vaccinated against are not deadly when children have strong, healthy immune function. Vaccination is an invasive medical procedure that carries substantial risk, yet the manufacturers of vaccines are not liable when their products seriously maim or kill people. The decision to vaccinate or not vaccinate should be decided upon by doctor and patient with full informed consent, and not the government. In this video, parents make these following points: • Strips parents’ rights to making medical decisions for their children • If a parent refuses to vaccinate, child may not attend public or private school • Unvaccinated children are not sick, and do not pose a threat to society • There have been under 200 measles cases this year yet there are over 320 million people in the U.S. - how does this justify sweeping laws that mandates vaccination for the entre populace • There is no compelling interest for the State to create a forced vaccination law • Parents cannot afford to homeschool • Vaccination decisions should be between doctor and parent • Mandatory vaccination is unconstitutional and discriminatory • Adverse reactions are real - talk to parents who have a child who is vaccine injured • A “medical exemption” is very difficult to get • Parents are well educated and can research on their own and decide for themselves if vaccination is right for their children • Mexico suspended vaccination because of kids dying from vaccines • Vaccines are not tested in combination - and are not safe • Vaccines contribute to neurological problems in children • SB277 will rob children of public and private education • Educate yourself about vaccines and vaccination problems • Get involved and help stop mandatory vaccinationJAPAN COMMENT For twenty years, japan did not vaccinate any child under two years old and had the lowest infant mortality rate in the world. The MMR was banned in Japan in 1993 after 1.8 million children had been given two types of MMR and a record number developed non-viral meningitis and other adverse reactions. http:www.vaclib.orgbasicjapanusa.htmGet involved: http:www.StopMandatoryVaccination.comProduced by Larry Cook Founder and Director of Contribute here: http:www.gofundme.comohwupgMeasles Stats: http:www.cdc.govmeaslescases-outbreaks.html
2,192 views | May 16, 2015

cooking | Answer From 4th Grader About Stray Dogs Stuns Serious TV Show Host!

Answer From 4th Grader About Stray Dogs Stuns Serious TV Show Host!

Serious TV Show Host Gets Awesome Answer From 4th Grader About Stray Dogs - It's Not Complicated!More about Good Pet Guardian Lesson Plans: http:www.wa2s.orggood-pet-guardian-lesson-plansMake a one time or recurring donation here: http:www.WA2S.orgdonateIs It Better To Be More Educated or less Educated?With The American Strays Project "Good Pet Guardian" Lesson Plans - It's Not Complicated!Invest in this campaign and help begin to solve the homeless and stray dog crisis in large cities across America through education.By producing a set of 8 custom lesson plans aimed at 4th & 5th grade students customized (essential) for each of the largest 20 US cities that face overwhelming stray dog issues, we will begin to change the future course of history for both human and canine. The lesson plans touch on math, science, social science, history, geography and economics using stray and homeless dogs as the focus of each lesson.Make the pledge to invest in our youth for a better future!With a huge thanks to some of the stars on Mrs. Potoff' & Mrs. Molnar's 4th grade "Team Awareness": Anna, Garrett, Abby & Alex! Thanks too, Mom's & Dads, and all the fine folks in Pinckney!Here is the link to the campaign: http:www.WA2S.orgdonatec. 2014 All Rights Reserved World Animal Awareness Society http:www.WA2S.orgamerican-strays
2,192 views | Jun 15, 2014

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