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(You can cancel email alerts at anytime.) Pecan Cherry Spare Ribs Similar to Johnny Trigg Method ... - This is said to be similar to the Johnny trigg of Pitmasters pork spare rib method. A rub is put on then margerine, brown sugar, ...
70,652 views | Jan 16, 2011

BBQ Pork Spare Ribs Recipe 321 Method Cooking Tips

Cooking Tips: Cooking or cookery is the art of preparing food for consumption with the use of heat. Cooking techniques and ingredients vary widely across the...
249 views | Apr 04, 2014

Tricks of the BBQ Trade BBQ Pitmasters

Tuffy Stone and Myron Mixon lay down some BBQ Law. | For more BBQ Pitmasters, visit Subscribe to Destination ...
8,632 views | Jul 09, 2013

Turning over the meat Myron Mixon Cooking Class Myron Mixon

The meat had to be turned once turing the pig was really fun. Myron Mixon Memories school don the old way. Good BBQ!
11,514 views | Jan 10, 2011

Myron Mixon BBQ Memories Class BBQSS Episode 2

Myron Mixon BBQ Memories Class was informative and fun!! We learned a lot of in formation. We have Rosie Cafarelli and Bub-Ba-Q. We have chills and spills an...
34,528 views | Feb 16, 2011
cooking Mesquite Smoked Sweet Tangy Beef Ribs Traeger Texas Eli... - Beef rips rubbed down withmastard, Myron Mixon's Jack's Old South hickory dry rub and brown sugar. Smoked low and slow on a Traeg...
26,246 views | Apr 09, 2010

Radio During Cooking School at Myron Mixon Memories Class

This is Myron Mixon Memories Class the way his dad did it. This is his second in command for the last 10 years and a great friend.
453 views | Jan 10, 2011

Pork Spare Ribs with Coakley s BBQ Sauce

This was a series of tests conducted while BBQing some Pork Spare Ribs! If you are interested in Coakley's BBQ Sauce go to
2,326 views | May 23, 2014

Myron Mixon s whole hog prep

Jack Daniels 2005 whole hog winner prepares the hog he won cooking Credits: exec producer:Marc Farris.
189,002 views | Jul 25, 2007

Myron Mixon gets the chichen ready

Myron in his Memories cooking class cooking bbq the old time way like his dad did gets the chicken ready and works on the whole hog.
4,330 views | Jan 11, 2011

Myron Mixon Old Times memory class

Myron Mixon old time school getting the hog ready to cook. Rubbing down that rub after puting White Vinegar or it. Myron only uses white vinegar!!
433 views | Jan 09, 2011

Lillian and Marty s Cooking Party! Episode 6 Smokin Ribs, Pork Shoulde...

In the Episode 6 of LMCP, we invite special guest, Steve Kagan who is the resident grill and smoker expert to assist us in a full day smoking experience. We ...
25 views | Jun 02, 2014

BBQ Pork Roast recipe by the BBQ Pit Boys

Some call this easy to grill Pork Butt recipe pure Pork Porn. You decide. To serve it up, all you need to do is get some pork shoulder roasts, layer on some ...
351,085 views | Jun 21, 2012

Myron Mixon talks with Robyn Lindars of About Season 5 ...

Robyn Lindars interviews Myron Mixon about Upcoming Season 5 of Barbecue Pitmasters. Myron discusses guest judges, new preliminaries, and who will be chosen ...
897 views | Jun 01, 2013

Myron Mixon talking about the evolution of his rubs

Myron at the Memories Class the first ever done by Myron.
6,548 views | Jan 09, 2011

Working those sholders and butts Myron Mixon Memories Class

Myorn Mixon is getting those sholders and butts ready talking about old times.
777 views | Jan 10, 2011

Clem s Cooking Adventures Umami Beef Sprinkle Rub

In this episode, I combine a recipe for umami powder with a variation on Myron Mixon's beef rub to make a powder that I sprinkle on steaks and burgers that r...
139 views | Jan 10, 2014

Smoked Spare Ribs on the Weber Kettle

This week I smoke spare ribs on the Weber Kettle. I smoked two racks so I had to come up with a way to get both to fit on the Weber. I cooked these for about...
1,549 views | Mar 15, 2014

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