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MFJ Cub 40m QRP CW Transceiver circuit walk through and review, plus bandsweep, ham radio MFJ 9340

From - Posted: Feb 17, 2013 - 8,486 views
Cooking | MFJ Cub 40m QRP CW Transceiver circuit walk through and review, plus bandsweep, ham radio MFJ 9340 | MFJ Cub 40m QRP CW Transceiver circuit walk through and review, plus bandsweep, ham radio MFJ 9340
MFJ Cub 40m QRP CW Transceiver circuit walk through and review, plus bandsweep, ham radio MFJ 9340
MFJ Cub 40m QRP CW Transceiver circuit walk through and review, plus bandsweep, ham radio MFJ 9340
Duration: 16 minute 36 seconds 
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I assembled this MFJ-9340 Cub QRP CW transceiver for 40m for my friend Gerry - N2GJ. It's a very pleasant kit to build. All surface mount components are already mounted on the board. Assembly involves soldering the through hole components, and winding two toroidal coils. For me, the assembly took one evening, and the alignment took another evening. The video goes through the block diagram of the transceiver, then walks through the schematic, describing the function of each circuit. The transceiver tunes from about 7005kHz to about 7.070kHz. At the end of the video, I sweep through the band, listening to the various CW signals that can be heard on the 18" antenna I have connected in the basement. Pretty sensitive for a simple receiver.
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