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MFJ Cub 40m QRP CW Transceiver circuit walk through and review, plus bandsweep, ham radio MFJ 9340

From - Posted: Feb 17, 2013 - 9,010 views
Cooking | MFJ Cub 40m QRP CW Transceiver circuit walk through and review, plus bandsweep, ham radio MFJ 9340 | MFJ Cub 40m QRP CW Transceiver circuit walk through and review, plus bandsweep, ham radio MFJ 9340
MFJ Cub 40m QRP CW Transceiver circuit walk through and review, plus bandsweep, ham radio MFJ 9340
MFJ Cub 40m QRP CW Transceiver circuit walk through and review, plus bandsweep, ham radio MFJ 9340
Duration: 16 minute 36 seconds 
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I assembled this MFJ-9340 Cub QRP CW transceiver for 40m for my friend Gerry - N2GJ. It's a very pleasant kit to build. All surface mount components are already mounted on the board. Assembly involves soldering the through hole components, and winding two toroidal coils. For me, the assembly took one evening, and the alignment took another evening. The video goes through the block diagram of the transceiver, then walks through the schematic, describing the function of each circuit. The transceiver tunes from about 7005kHz to about 7.070kHz. At the end of the video, I sweep through the band, listening to the various CW signals that can be heard on the 18" antenna I have connected in the basement. Pretty sensitive for a simple receiver.
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Argonaut VI QRP 1 10 Watt Transceiver

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MFJ 929 Automatic Antenna Tuner

Video review of the MFJ-929 Automatic Antenna Tuner. The MFJ-929 is an amateur radio automatic antenna tuner that is used to match an antenna or wire to your transceiver. Typically, you would also purchase an optional interface cable to connect the MFJ-929 to a modern transceiver. In my case, I am using the semi-auto capability of the 929 with my Yaesu FT-101B and the 929 works extremely well.This device will quickly measure your swr and quickly plug in the correct inductance and capacitance so that you can operate with near perfect swr. The sound of the relays clicking in is normal. As you tune on different frequencies the unit will memorize the settings so that the next time you operate, the match will be almost instantaneous.Thanks for watching and as always, please send me any questions!
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This is a video I shot during a little band opening on 6 meters on Wednesday July 8 2009. I was using a MFJ-9406 QRP SSB rig. These radios are simple and easy to use. The audio quality is great and they pack a punch. The antenna used was a 6 Meter horizontal loop at about 40 feet. This video features 2 contacts, 1) W0RIC in Colorado and 2) K4LF in Tennessee. Please visit for more details. I will be featuring a 3 part shoot out between an Yaesu Ft-817ND and ICOM IC-703PLUS in the next few weeks. Please contact me with any requests and keep a look out for more interesting QRP stuff! Thanks for looking. 73 Bob VE3UK
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