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mesin twist potato pengiris kentang spiral

From - Posted: Jan 26, 2012 - 32,713 views
Cooking | mesin twist potato pengiris kentang spiral | mesin twist potato pengiris kentang spiral
mesin twist potato pengiris kentang spiral
mesin twist potato pengiris kentang spiral
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mesin twist potato pengiris kentang spiral
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KIOS MESIN menyediakan mesin pengupas kentang, mesin potong keripik, mesin perajang keripik, mesin potong keripik singkong, ubi, kentang, talas untuk info lebih lengkap kunjungi atau silahkan email ke atau silahkan telfon atau sms ke 082138161990, 087739688150 atau 0274-6942604
14,835 views | Jul 20, 2013

How to Make a Tornado Potato

How to make a Tornado Potato with a Gold Medal motorized Saratoga Swirl spiral potato cutter (model # 5280M). Follow along as these potato on stick are prepped, cut and then fried at 375-400 degrees for a delicious fun food snack!This versatile potato cutter can also make curly fries, hash browns and ribbon fries (butterfly fries).http:www.concessionstands.comMOTORIZED-TORNADO-POTATO-CUTTER
197,211 views | Jan 18, 2012

Penggunaan Pisau Ulir.wmv

Spiral Cuter atau Pisau Ulir model seperti ini lebih banyak yang menyukainya. Kenapa? Karena carametodetehnologi pemotongannya tersembunyi. Banyak pedagang di Indonesia merahasiakan cara potong ini lantaran belum banyak yang tahu, jangan sampai ketahuan yang lain (pengalamanpengamatan saya sejak tahun 2010).
22,371 views | Mar 06, 2012

How to fry Twist Potato with Sausage

Twist Potato fried with hot dog , Fried Twist Potato with sausage , How to insert Sausage into Twist Potato
91,155 views | Aug 12, 2011

Indonesian recipe Kentang Kristal

Another recipe from my grandma, sweet & spicy potato crisps. We call it "kentang kristal", which literally means crystal potatoes, because of its unbelievable crunchiness and its almost translucent appearance. Too good...
61,380 views | Feb 11, 2012

KT Spiral Twist Potato Cutter

KT Fowl Feather Removal Machine
90,276 views | Aug 02, 2010


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3,234,310 views | Aug 20, 2014

How to Make Twist Potato Rwabi Photographer

أول فيديو أنزله بالنت بشكل عام أرائكم وملاحظاتكم تهمني Canon D500 Canon LENS EF 85mm 1:1.8
27,671 views | May 13, 2012


19,618 views | May 31, 2011

Potato Planting XXL New Holland T8050 400HP Grimme GL860 Compacta plan...

Aardappels poten met groot materiaal van Akkerbouwbedrijf Koolen uit Bergeijk. Eerst wordt een pootbed gemaakt met een NH T7.235 met Rabe BlueBird cultivator en NH T8.390 met Amazone Centaur 6001 cultivator. Vervolgens wordt er gepoot met een New Holland T8050 op Tidue Afibios rupsen, Grimme GF 800 frees en acht rijige Grimme GL860 Compacta pootcombinatie. Het pootgoed wordt aangevoerd door een NH TM190 en Fiatagri M160 beide met La Littoralle AMBS18L kippers. Planting patatoes using New Holland T8050 on Tidue Afibios tracks with Grimme GF 800 Rotary Hiller and Grimme GL860 Compacta 8-row Potato planter. For preparing the land is used an NH T7.235 with Rabe BlueBird cultivator and NH T8.390 met Amazone Centaur 6001 cultivator.Kartoffeln Pflanzen mit einen New Holland T8050 on Tidue Afibios tracks, Grimme GF 800 Dammfräse und Grimme GL860 Compacta 8-reihige Legemaschine. Einen NH T7.235 mit Rabe BlueBird cultivator und NH T8.390 mit Amazone Centaur 6001 cultivator bereitet das Land.Plantation de pommes de terre en New Holland T8050 et planteuse Grimme GL860 Compacta.Thanks for watching!Facebook: https:www.facebook.comTractorspotterYTDisclaimer: The content on my YouTube channel can't be downloaded, published, edited or used without my permission since it's protected by copyright
119,648 views | Apr 08, 2015

Twist Potato Spiral Cutter Operations DEMO 1

Location: IAAPA Attractions Expo 2008 Twist Potato Spiral Cutter's inital launch in the US.
78,884 views | Apr 01, 2009

How to Peel Potatoes The Fastest Way

Subscribe to SlowMoLaboratory to my 2nd channel - http:instagram.comcrazyrussianhacker Facebook - https:www.facebook.comCrazyRussianHacker twitter - https:twitter.comCrazyRussianH
9,263,660 views | Jun 30, 2014

McDONALDS FRENCH FRIES VIDEO RECIPE -- OFFICIAL WEBSITEhttp:www.redbubble.compeoplenickoskitchen -- OFFICIAL MERCHANDISE Ingredients: serves 33 large potatoes 14 cup sugar 1 tbls corn syrup 1 tsp salt water canola oil for fryingENJOY!~ NickoIntro theme to Nicko's Kitchen is from Bertofski Music from Nicko's Kitchen is from Used with permission
6,875,650 views | Mar 24, 2011


http:www.comprasenmexico.comequipos-para-procesar-alimentos150-m%C3%A1quina-para-hacer-espiropapas-.htmlDe venta en Máquina para hacer espiropapas. Fabricada en acero inoxidable. Fácil de usar. Hace el corte en espiral de la papa en sólo segundos. Permite utilizar palos de madera de 17 cm a 60 cm, o incluso más grandes. Está diseñada para uso rudo. Puede guardarse en espacios pequeños. Fácil de lavar. Medidas: Largo: 34.5 cm, Ancho: 22.5, Alto: 15 cm. Medida máxima de papa: Largo: 15 cm. Ancho: 11 cm. Soportes de goma para no dañar superficies de trabajo. MODO DE USO: 1.-Insertar la papa en la base sujetadora con un palo de madera en el centro. Uno de los extremos del palo de madera se entierra en la papa y el otro extremo debe pasar a través del agujero de la cuchilla de corte. 2.-Girar la palanca para que la máquina haga el corte en espiral. 3.-Extender la papa en el palo de madera. 4. Freír la espiropapa en posición horizontal.
272,980 views | Sep 22, 2010

How To Cook An Egg In A Potato.

In this video I show you how to boil an egg in a potato.
7,873,561 views | Aug 22, 2012

How To Make Magic Mud From a Potato!

It's mind-blowing to think this stuff is in our food! Here's how to make a glowing "magical mud" from ordinary potatoes.Subscribe for new videos every 5 days! http:bit.lyTKoRSubscribe Join my email list! http:bit.lyTKOREmailListFor other project videos, check out http:www.thekingofrandom.comSocial Media Links: Google+: http:bit.lyplusgrant Facebook: http:bit.lyFBTheKingOfRandom Instagram: http:bit.lyinstagrant Twitter: http:bit.lytweetgrant Pinterest: http:bit.lypingrant Tumblr: http:bit.lygrantstumblrEndcard Links:Soda Tab Chains: http:bit.lySodaTabChains Fuel From Water: http:bit.lyWaterFuelConverter Bottle Rockets: http:bit.lyHomebrewBottleRockets Water Weapons: http:bit.lyWaterCannonMusic By: (Dust Sucker)Project Inspired By: A pots and pans sales presentation. They peeled some potatoes to make us dinner, and I noticed the white residue at the bottom of the dish and asked if I could take it home.WARNING:This substance can make quite a mess, so make it in an area that will be easy to clean up. It's non-toxic, and perfectly ok to eat in small quantities, however, use of video content is at own risk.Project History & More Info: When I realized that potatoes could be chopped up and soaked to leach out the starch, of course the first thing I thought of was making oobleck. My mind was blown when I experimented with this process, and realized the starch would collect at the bottom of the dish, and would stay in place when the water and impurities were poured out.After only a couple of rinses, it's amazing to see how pure the starch powder can be. It looks exactly like cornstarch that could be purchased at the store.I was familiar with the idea of making tonic water glow under UV light, so wondered how it would would mix with the starch powder. The result was very gratifying!
8,016,394 views | Feb 26, 2014


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