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mesin twist potato pengiris kentang spiral

From - Posted: Jan 26, 2012 - 23,742 views
Cooking | mesin twist potato pengiris kentang spiral | mesin twist potato pengiris kentang spiral
mesin twist potato pengiris kentang spiral
mesin twist potato pengiris kentang spiral
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mesin twist potato pengiris kentang spiral
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Dengan Pisau Ulir 2in1 ini, kita dapat membuat Kentang Ulir dan Twister Dog sekaligus. Dan proses pembuatan itu tidak terlihat oleh pembeli kita.
13,209 views | Jun 20, 2013


Begini cara menggoreng Kentang Ulir untuk hasil yang Garingcrispy.
131,462 views | Jul 05, 2012


14,545 views | Apr 30, 2012

How To Cook An Egg In A Potato.

In this video I show you how to boil an egg in a potato.
3,500,042 views | Aug 22, 2012

mesin pengupas kentang, mesin pencuci kentang, mesin potong , pengiris...

KIOS MESIN menyediakan mesin pengupas kentang, mesin potong keripik, mesin perajang keripik, mesin potong keripik singkong, ubi, kentang, talas untuk info lebih lengkap kunjungi atau silahkan email ke atau silahkan telfon atau sms ke 082138161990, 087739688150 atau 0274-6942604
4,671 views | Jul 20, 2013

Ulir Kriuk, Dari Kentang Hasilkan Usaha Kreatif Kesempatan Franchise

Sekitar 2 tahun, usaha kreatif di bidang makanan kecil ini dimulai. Menurut Mifathudin, marketing dari Ulir Kriuk, pada awalnya usaha ini sudah ada yang memiliki hak paten. Sehingga dicarilah cara agar usaha dengan bahan utama kentang ini bisa tetap dijalankan.Akhirnya kentang dibuat dalam bentuk ulir, dan diberi nama Ulir Kriuk. Serta diajukan hak ciptanya di HAKI. Usaha ini menggunakan alat-alat yang terbuat dari stainless steel dan minyak refill, bukan curah, sehingga aman dikonsumsi semua kalangan. Untuk program lengkapnya simak di www.facebook.comteliostv www.twitter.comteliostv
14,306 views | Feb 14, 2013


Pusing cari tusukan bambu bulat yang bagus? Murah? BIKIN SAJA SENDIRI... caranya? Pelajari video ini. Mau beli alat bantunya bisa hubungi saya. Atau mau bikin sendiri.. silahkan.
110,955 views | Oct 30, 2012

otomasi industri

Simulasi Sistem otomasi industri pada pabrik keripik kentang dengan menggunakan mikrokontroller dengan labview 2010 melalui komunikasi serial
10,727 views | Jun 21, 2012

2 lines twist potato cutter machine or spiral potato cutter machine มั...

This 2 lines Twist potato manual cutter machine or Spiral potato manual cutter machine by and Wanila shop Co.,Ltd. you can cut 2 spiral potatoes in 1 time. for this 2 lines spiral potato you can use your hand or 12 volt electricity มันเกลียว
63,933 views | May 09, 2010

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130,298 views | Aug 16, 2011

bikin tahu crispy yuk

cara membuat tahu crispy
42,306 views | Nov 16, 2012

ORIGINAL Truck accident caught on police camera Motorway M621 M62 Cras...

This accident (6 May 2010) happened on an urban motorwayhighway (M621 junction 2, Leeds) when a truck trying to return to the driving lane clipped a Porsche Boxster travelling parallel (lane captureclinching) in the nearside blind spot of the truck driver's view, having been given way onto the carriageway 0.4 mile (0.64 km) earlier at junction one. The car connects with the truck's steer wheel causing complete loss of steering and pulls away just in time before the 44 tonne truck rolls over. The contact, emergency braking and inertia causes the trailer carrying 30 tonne sand to topple. The blind spot is a documental accident risk and with Divine grace no one was injured. This has to be a lesson for drivers with small vehicles on the dangers associated with a truck blind spot.Speed was an issue with all vehicles concerned. The first truck in the video was being followed by the second truck, under employer's instruction, by an experienced new recruit on his first day with the company. Notice how even after the accident the first truck, driven by the boss's son does not stop to enquire or assist. WHY? Thank goodness it all happened in view of CCTV cameras and dismissing any rumours, accusations or lies as a result. Safe driving to all viewers and remember ALWAYS use the SEAT BELTS. It could be the ONE & ONLY chance!
3,691,087 views | Dec 12, 2010

Makes Tornado Potatoes, Curly Fry, Ribbon Fry, Tater Dog Twist, Potato...

EASYCHIP MULTI-SLICER DOES IT ALL! 100% FINANCED!EASYCHIP INCLUDES ALL THE BLADES AND THE TATER DOG TOOL!You can use manually or motorized to save time and cranking effort while cutting the potatoes with your power drill.EasyChip is one of the most complete potato slicer in the market. This unit is 100% made of heavy duty food grade stainless steel, suitable for restaurants and caterings. You can cut many different shapes and the new adjustable blade mechanism for varying thickness makes this product unique. Your new low investment and profitable business begins right here. With the EasyShip® multi-slicer you can make over 2,000 % profits on potato products such as: Tornado potato, Curly fry, Ribbon fry, Tater dog twist and spiral potato. Entrepreneurs who bought an EeasyChip potato cutter and are selling Tornado Potato are making from every 10 Cents investment easily $2.50 or $3.00The model EC-2011-MS cost $197.00 USD. We Ship Worldwide!To place an order or calculate the shipping rate to your country, please visit our web shop and follow the instructions.
302,758 views | Dec 07, 2010

Potato Bombs recipe by the BBQ Pit Boys

Taters Gone Wild, these BBQ Pit Boys stuffed Baked Potato Bombs are kick-ass good eatin' at any Pit, family picnic or tailgating party. So crank up the music, put your BBQ Shoes on, pop open a beer, and grab some spuds because Taters don't get any better than this...! To print out this recipe and 100's more check out our Website http:www.bbqpitboys.comrecipesitem345potato-bombs
1,117,286 views | May 28, 2011

Mesin Kentang Spring, Mesin Kentang Putar, Twist Potato Kiosk, Twist P... ,, www.facebook.comtwistpotato , Twist Potato Kiosk and Deep Fryer 2 in 1
37,612 views | Jan 24, 2011


Pisau Ulir made in Lembang-Bandung-Indonesia ini kini bisa membuat potongan ulir untuk Twister Dog (Spiral Dog, Tornado Dog, dll). Cukup satu tahap saja..selesai. Mata pisaunya mudah diganti dan ada dimana-mana.
6,867 views | Sep 27, 2012

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