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menghias kek

From - Posted: Oct 24, 2009 - 269,889 views
Cooking | menghias kek
menghias kek
menghias kek
Duration: 5 minutes 4 seconds 
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cooking | basic cake decoration

basic cake decoration

basic cake decoration
2,231 views | Feb 25, 2011
cooking | Cara Membuat Kek Angrys Bird

Cara Membuat Kek Angrys Bird

Cara Membuat Kek Angrys Bird, Mudah Dan Ringkas.
2,231 views | Apr 02, 2013
cooking | How to Make Birthday Cake Less then 2min Fruit and Chololate Design Birthday Cake

How to Make Birthday Cake Less then 2min Fruit and Chololate Design Bi...

Fast and easy technique anybody can use and home or business to design a quick birthday cake for Father day or husbands birthday for surprise try if you need help making the chocolate bag watch our video on how to make designing bag out of paper. This will also be perfect for boyfriends birthday design this yourself with very few tool pipe the cake with chocolate ganache and decorate the cake with fresh strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries. Write a comment if you have any questions and I will gladly answer that also subscribe and share this video that will help.
2,231 views | Jul 19, 2013
cooking | Cara membuat piping bag

Cara membuat piping bag

Demo membuat piping bag oleh Puan Adlina dari Rizqin semasa kursus menghias kek di kompleks belia dan sukan negeri Perak.
2,231 views | Aug 05, 2009



Mudahnya nak buat kek hiasan . Semua guna pakai mesi aje ni. Cara simple nak tambah duit klik
2,231 views | Aug 29, 2014
cooking | Cake Nghe thuat 1

Cake Nghe thuat 1

Banh Nghe Thuat
2,231 views | Aug 27, 2008
cooking | How to Create a Basketweave for Cake Decorations Flower Basket cake tutorial

How to Create a Basketweave for Cake Decorations Flower Basket cake tu...

How to make quilting on a cake with piping design on the side of cake also making whipped cream flowers on top in tri color this is big secret to make flower in two colors easy trick to make flowers in two colors http:pastrypalacelv.comcategorylas-vegas-wedding-cakeshttp:pastrypalacelv.comhttp:pastrypalacelv.comcategorybloghttps:www.facebook.comPastryPalacehttp:pinterest.compastrypalacelv
2,231 views | Jul 25, 2013
cooking | mari mendeco kek bersama kedai kek kesang part 2

mari mendeco kek bersama kedai kek kesang part 2

teknik menghias kekteknik mempelbagaikan border menggunakan nozzle yang samateknik membuat corak 2 tonecredit to: kedai kek kesang, Bandar baru jasin, melakabaker & decorator : Kak Yangfor enquiry : 06-5298687menerima tempahan kek untuk hari lahir, pertunangan, hantaran, perkahwinan, dan majlis-majlis rasmiJuga menerima tempahan cupcakes, muffins, dan roti pelbagai jenis.
2,231 views | Sep 16, 2010

cooking | Chocolate Topping Cake

Chocolate Topping Cake

Chocolate Topping Cake This is video could teach you to easily make Chocolate Topping Cake in your home by the show of professional form Yok intertrade shop. Every meals could be excelent by shoping and watch video of Yok intertrade shop.ingredient Powder Chocolate Fudge 500g Water 750g Vegetable oil 150g Melt Butter 150gMethod 1.Prepare correct nutriment. 2.mix chocolate fude with some water fire burn hotess 3.Put the butter oil blending 4.Continue blending until it's ok and close the gassoline and make up a cake or put something inside the
2,231 views | Dec 29, 2009
cooking | Lady Making a Birthday Cake

Lady Making a Birthday Cake

This is a cake maker at Sams Club making a birthday cake for my mother in law's 60th birthday.
2,231 views | Jan 22, 2011
cooking | Cara menghias kek ising.

Cara menghias kek ising.

This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
2,231 views | Dec 15, 2012
cooking | Cara Membuat Cupcake! D

Cara Membuat Cupcake! D

maaf kalau ada tulisan yang kurang jelas hehe maklum masih baru :p hehehe Enjoy it! :)
2,231 views | Jul 18, 2011

cooking | jom buat blueberry cake

jom buat blueberry cake

taknik meng-krim kek menggunakan fresh cream teknik membuat swirlrozette teknik meletak desiccated coconut di tepi kek (teknik yang sama untuk meletak chocolate rice, almond flakes dan apa2 nut) decorator: Pn. Maznah (kedai kek kesang) for enquiry, call 06-5298687 (jasin, melaka) menerima tempahan kek dan roti untuk pelbagai acara persendirian, korporat, badan kerajaan, koperasi, dan kelab usahawan
2,231 views | Dec 02, 2010
cooking | Chef Tools How to Jazz Up a Cake

Chef Tools How to Jazz Up a Cake

Here are some quick tips on how to easily jazz up a cake after you've added your Edible Image. Visit http:www.cheftools.comLucks for more.Link to some Icing Recipes: http:www.cheftools.comlucksKasiaDocsIcingRecipes.pdfBuy the ruffle tip used in this video here: http:www.cheftools.comAteco-Tips-Ruffle-Decorating-Tip-Set-4-Pieceproductinfo02-2546 Buy the no. 18 Star Tip used for the pink border here: http:www.cheftools.comAteco-Tips-Open-Star-Decorating-Tip-Set-4-Pieceproductinfo02-2543
2,231 views | Jul 01, 2010
cooking | decoraçao d bolos com chef silvio silva

decoraçao d bolos com chef silvio silva
2,231 views | May 30, 2009
cooking | Tree Cake Pt. 1

Tree Cake Pt. 1

Facebook: http:www.facebook.comhome.php?#!pagesSerious-Cakes137879896226758?ref=ts The rest of my videos: Earlier this year when we travelled across the country we stopped off at a crane sanctuary in Wisconsin. There was this awesome book, '200 Birds from around the World'. It had beautiful paintings of the birds, plus information about each and a thing to play each birds song. Hubby almost bought it but it was $40 so he decided not to. Then about a month later we were walking through this discount store called Ollie's and there it was for only $10! Score! He found out there was another book called '250 Birds from North America' so he bought that too and an obsession began. All my girls enjoyed the books but for my 6 yr old, she was taking it all in. I didn't realize how much until we went back to that same store and she started browsing through a HUGE bird book. She named nearly all the birds and did a pretty good impression of their songs. Hence, a bird themed cake was essential :D
4,245 views | Sep 15, 2010


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