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MD80 Cockpit SK601 Part1 Takeoff

From - Posted: Jul 05, 2008 - 25,841 views
Cooking | MD80 Cockpit SK601 Part1 Takeoff | MD80 Cockpit SK601 Part1 Takeoff
MD80 Cockpit SK601 Part1 Takeoff
MD80 Cockpit SK601 Part1 Takeoff
Duration: 09 minute 16 seconds 
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CopenhagenZurich Transit To Miami June 2008
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MD80 Cockpit SK601 Part2 Cruise

CopenhagenZurich Transit To Miami June 2008
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MD80 Cockpit SK601 Part3 Landing

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MD80 Cockpit Takeoff Part 2 FULL HD

Copenhagen to Dusseldorf Before Long Haul Flight To Miami
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U2 Spy Plane Cockpit View At 70,000 Feet

Spectacular footage filmed by the pilot of a U2 spy plane. This partial point-of-view video puts you in the pilot's seat at 70,000 feet. From takeoff to landing, see what it's like to be in the cockpit of the plane they nicknamed - Dragon Lady.Film Credit: SrA Andrew Buchanan 9Th Reconnaissance Wing Public Affairs Derivative Works: Gung Ho Vids
365,330 views | Apr 12, 2014

AV 8B Harrier Carrier Takeoff Landing Cockpit Video

Gunnery Sgt. Michael Kropiewnicki 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit Capt. David Neely, an AV-8B Harrier Pilot assigned to Marine Medium Tiltrotor Squadron (VMM) 266 (Reinforced), 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU), conducts flight operations off the USS Kearsarge (LHD3), Mediterranean Sea, March 28, 2013. The 26th MEU is deployed to the 6th Fleet's area of operations. The 26th MEU operates continuously across the globe, providing the President and unified combatant commanders with a forward-deployed, sea-based quick reaction force. The MEU is a Marine Air-Ground Task Force capable of conducting amphibious operations, crisis response and limited contingency operations.
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HD Cockpit B767 Takeoff Landing scenes

Raw footage of Flying a " Real " Jet
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A330 300 Copenhagen Chicago Part 1 Taxi

A330-300 Copenhagen-Chicago On 4th Jumbseat in cockpit
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MD80 Departure

Typical MD80 departure profile, call outs and sounds. Cockpit door flew open during the takeoff roll. Good times.
125,731 views | May 24, 2008

A320 Cockpit Shortfield Takeoff from Skiathos Startup, Takeoff, Climb ...

A cockpit film including all procedures filmed in the cockpit of an Airbus A320-232 of Cyprus Airways, at the Second St Maarten, Skiathos Airport. This is no ordinary takeoff, as it was a Flap 3 shortfield takeoff with a Flex temperature of 46! That is because this is no ordinary runway either, as it is very short, very narrow, and is even sloped. The pilots were an inch from selecting TOGA thrust but changed to Flex 46 as it turned out to be just enough. Watch some brilliant cockpit action including pre-flight cockpit preparation, engine startup, taxi, backtrack on runway 20, takeoff, climb and cruise.If you'd like to see more similar cockpit videos, then please make sure you click on the "subscribe" button. It only takes a single moment, though it is extremely helpful! This a channel devoted to aviation, where you will find tons of HD aviation footage for you to enjoy, for absolutely free!Make sure to... Like my page on Facebook! http:tinyurl.comp7p2ydb Join my group on Facebook! http:tinyurl.comngc4d2eCamera used: - Panasonic HDC-SD90 @ 1080pEditing Software: - Sony Vegas Pro 13
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McDonnell Douglas MD 80 promotional video 1984

Promotional film produced in-house for the McDonnell Douglas MD-80 jetliner, ca 1984. For aviation historical entertainment purposes only, no copyright infringement intended.
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Cockpit View of Female Captain landing Lufthansa Cargo MD11 F Nairobi

Cockpit View of Female Captain landing Lufthansa Cargo MD11 F - Nairobi Amazing MiG-29 Cockpit View Flight of Earth ,Incredible view of MiG-29 Cockpit View Flight My first time to Samos LGSM Airport as First Officer. Video shows visual approach and landing from the north, coming from Berlin Tegel (TXL). Departure vice versa to the north back to Düsseldorf (DUS). Aircraft was an Airbus A320-214, D-ABDP. Commanders landing.Thanx to my captain for allowing me to take the footage!More fantastic videoObama Launched Border Crisis to Destroy USA & illegal immigration invasion ;Jerry Brewer Former CIA part1 Launched Border Crisis to Destroy USA & illegal immigration invasion ;Jerry Brewer Former CIA part1 Monckton Climate Change A Hoax- It’s Politics, Not Science, Driving Climate Change Mania Part 1 Monckton Climate Change A Hoax- It’s Politics, Not Science, Driving Climate Change Mania Part 2 Nenner; US Real Estate Down Super-cycle not over Yet - 2020 How HSBC Bank Got Away With Money Laundering for Drug Cartels Craig Roberts Reaganomics architect: “Capitalism has failed Craig Roberts: "US Economy's Phantom Jobs Hudes; Jesuits are Running America Parliamnet Erupts in Insults After Nigel Farage Speech GREAT VIDEOS EU Parliamnet Erupts in Insults After Nigel Farage Speech Farage"EU faces prospect of 'coup d'état' by European Farage "One Candidate to vote for and Secret Ballots" Farage "Get Your Money Out of Eurozone" Upton Bikini Photo Zero Gravity Video World Ignites on Obama's Watch Farage;"Bring Back Democracy"- Margaret Thatche great videos Part 1 Pope Francis and Others Summoned to International Criminal Court Part 2 Annett (ITCCS) & Francesco Zanardi Expose Vatican Crimes Rob Ford Dancing During Council Meeting to Bob Marley Farage: "This EU is the New Communism" Farage; There is No Consent For United States of Euro Celente:Second American Revolution and how oligarc VA deaths were covered up Video showing police shooting at protesters Caught Maxwell - America 'The New Rome' and Government salutes Muslim Americans at White House with Ebola Survivor Cure or Miracle? Craig Roberts; Economic Collapse Ahead Buy Gold! Not Ready To Collapse Economy YET, Lindsey Williams crisis: Escalating violence in Iraq Grilled on EMAILS and Hardrives Missing"Cover Up" Launched Border Crisis to Destroy USA EMAIL Scandal $350M cut Hurt IT dept?? Durbin Obama Will"Borrow The Power" to Solve Immigration Whitleblowers; Explosive Testimony of Retaliation and Cancer in the Leaders Reid; Lawsuit Suited for "Judge Judy" Against Obama Funny Cats Videos Compilation weekend to end woman's cancer march; Pharmaprix 2014 on border crisis meets Central American leaders criticizes US border policy
134,534 views | Jan 02, 2014

KLM Boeing B747 400 TakeOff St Maarten Cockpit view

TakeOff from St. Maarten as seen from cockpit 747. To answer some remarks from viewers: Why is TO so fast and short? Well, the aircraft weighs only 260.000 kgs (max = 396.000kgs) in this TO with only 30.000 kgs of fuel for a flight time of 1hr15min to Curacao (you can see the landing here: ). With this low weight Vr is 125kts and climbout speed is 155kts(=V2 + 10kts) Why is V1 and Vr called so close? Because, when ac is very light you have to increase V1 to the Vmcg(=Vmin control ground)speed. If you don't and start flying below this speed and an outboard engine fails, you are not able to control ac. That's why in this TO V1 is the same as Vr. Yes, it's a 747. No, it's not fake. And to answer some more questions: This take off is part of a three stretch flight: AMS-SXM, then SXM-CUR, then CUR-AMS.
2,359,657 views | Mar 26, 2007

MD80 landing at Genova GOA LIMJ

From cockpit - MD80 crossing Alps and landing at Genova (Italy) airport rwy 29 (LIMJGOA)
35,838 views | Aug 15, 2007

SAS A330 300 Copenhagen Newark Part 1

Uncut edition Cockpit Scandinavian Airlines Copenhagen To Newark
11,956 views | Jun 11, 2012

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