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MD80 Cockpit SK601 Part1 Takeoff

From - Posted: Jul 05, 2008 - 25,638 views
Cooking | MD80 Cockpit SK601 Part1 Takeoff | MD80 Cockpit SK601 Part1 Takeoff
MD80 Cockpit SK601 Part1 Takeoff
MD80 Cockpit SK601 Part1 Takeoff
Duration: 09 minute 16 seconds 
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CopenhagenZurich Transit To Miami June 2008
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MD80 Cockpit SK601 Part2 Cruise

CopenhagenZurich Transit To Miami June 2008
12,096 views | Jul 05, 2008

MD80 Cockpit SK601 Part3 Landing

62,103 views | Jul 05, 2008

SAS A330 300 Copenhagen Newark Part 3

Uncut edition Cockpit Scandinavian Airlines Copenhagen To Newark
5,160 views | Jun 11, 2012


15,323 views | Jun 18, 2009

1080 HD FULL FLIGHT AIRBUS cockpit from start to end Copenhagen Vagar

1080 HD - COCKPIT FLIGHT - COPENHAGEN to VAGAR - Join our Facebook Group. https:www.facebook.comgroups629954390375943631334933571222?comment_id=631386483566067¬if_t=like MUSIC: "Start Again" by Alex (feat. Snowflake & Subliminal) http:ccmixter.orgfilesAlexBeroza31670 is licensed under a Creative Commons license: http:creativecommons.orglicensesby3.0Push and start in Copenhagen. Taxi and takeoff. Cruise RNP Approach, Turbulence and landing. Very nice video scenes when breaking free of the clouds during climb. Night landing with Turbulence in the Faroe Islands.Had the GoPro running all the time, and edited a litle in the video Tonight. Hope you like it. Welcome to Share this approach into Vagar Airport. Again, the Airbus 319 is an amazing aircraft.Hope you like my other videoes, showing you drone flights with the DJI Phantom, and Helicopter action with the Bell 212, 412 and AW139.Stay safe. Check your insurance before you go traveling or flying with your DJI Phantom or any other remoted controlled aircrafts. Dont fly over crowds or expensive things. Check your local CAA rules before you fly in the city.
72,848 views | Nov 30, 2013

U2 Spy Plane Cockpit View At 70,000 Feet

Spectacular footage filmed by the pilot of a U2 spy plane. This partial point-of-view video puts you in the pilot's seat at 70,000 feet. From takeoff to landing, see what it's like to be in the cockpit of the plane they nicknamed - Dragon Lady.Film Credit: SrA Andrew Buchanan 9Th Reconnaissance Wing Public Affairs Derivative Works: Gung Ho Vids
155,524 views | Apr 12, 2014

Cockpit view SAS McDonnell Douglas MD 82 Takeoff Munich Franz Josef St...

Scandinavian Airlines McDonnell Douglas MD-82!This video Features flight preperation, pushback, taxi and takeoff from Franz Josef Strauss Airport in Germany.This video is recorded in a McDonnell Douglas MD-82 cockpit. The MD-80 is originally known as the DC-9 Super 81, DC-9-81 or the Mad dog. It's carrying the registration SE-DMB which means it's registered in Sweden. It has two Pratt & Whitney JT8D-217C engines, each of them has a thrust range of 12,250 to 17,400 lbf. This airframe is now 21.5 years old and will be retired from the SAS fleet in the next 4 months.I'd like to give a huge thanks to the pilots on this flight for the opportunity to make this video, and I'm really grateful!And finally to my subscribers: I have 3 more cockppit videos from this plane, one takeoff from CPH, one landing at MUC and one landing at CPH. Do you want a "whole flight video" with takeoff from CPH and landing at MUC or separate videos?© 2013 Robin JohanssonLike my Facebook page: http:www.facebook.compagesRoobbiin99-Spotting411092375611600
14,683 views | May 11, 2013

HD Cockpit B767 Takeoff Landing scenes

Raw footage of Flying a " Real " Jet
487,962 views | Dec 24, 2012

McDonnell Douglas MD 82 Landing Cockpit view

SAS Scandinavian Airlines McDonnell Douglas MD-82 Landing Cockpit view at Copenhagen Kastrup CPHEKCH runway 22L after a short hop from Gothenburg - Landvetter GOTESGG Shot with Canon EOS 550D and EF 17-404,0 L USM
12,417 views | Jan 07, 2013

CF 18 Hornet Tour Pilot Interview and HD Cockpit Video

Waterloo Air Show 2012. Awesome Learn To Fly Cockpit Video. Exclusive behind the scenes access. Canadian Forces CF-18 Hornet Demonstration Team 2012.Read the Full Article about the CF-18 Demonstration Team: http:www.learntofly.cacf-18-hornet-demonstration-team-2012CF-18 Pilot Captain Patrick "Paco" Gobeil. 3 Wing Team Bagotville, Quebec. 4 Wing Team Cold Lake, Alberta.The True North Strong and Free. True North Snowflakes. CF-18 Graphic Design by Jim Belliveau.CF-18 Cockpit Cam with multiple views. Paco Eye View.
970,533 views | Aug 17, 2012

Cockpit View Norwegian 787 Dreamliner Landing at Stockholm Arlanda

Cockpit view of Norwegian Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner landing Runway 01R at Stockholm Arlanda (ARN). Many thanks to the crew for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Please note the click and short pause is due to a photo being taken at the same time.
32,315 views | May 22, 2014

McDonnell Douglas MD 80 Promo Film 1983

Rare promo from 1983, includes early DC-9 Super 80 livery as well! Many thanks to Geoffrey Thomas. Sorry about the "Audio Bumps". For educational & non commercial purposes only. Be sure to check my channel for the best in VINTAGE & RARE airliner videos!"The Boxart Den" World's largest display & collection of FULLY RESTORED rare & collectable model kit box
8,077 views | Apr 27, 2014

Biman Bangladesh DC10 Take off cockpit video!

I was so lucky to get a ride in the jumpseat, of a Biman DC10 from Chittagong to Dhaka! :)Please enjoy and post a comment or two.Camera used: Nikon D5100
186,672 views | Jul 19, 2013

KLM B747 400ERF Beautiful Landing at AMS Cockpit View

Cockpit view of a Boeing 747-400ERF landing at Amsterdam Schiphol airport during sunset after a 7 hour flight from Abu Dhabi.
571,331 views | Oct 26, 2013

MD80 Departure

Typical MD80 departure profile, call outs and sounds. Cockpit door flew open during the takeoff roll. Good times.
125,324 views | May 24, 2008

Insel Air McDonnel Douglas MD 80 Crazy Takeoff at Princess Juliana Int...

Behind the Scenes!! ( Follow me on Facebook!! (https:www.facebook.compagesPilotDynan-HD-Planespotting-at-its-Best1412207329021233) Subscribe for New videos every Wednesday & Saturday!! ( is a video that really brought back some memories from St Maarten. It's shot in 2011 so sorry that the quality isn't 100%. But you just got to love how Insel Air always lines up as close to the beach as possible and then just stands there on full thrust blowing the tourists out to sea. Oooh the craziness ;) Don't forget to guess the sound at the end ;) I'll be giving away a price to the 3 best aircraft sound guessers at the end of 2013. it'll be a spotting DVD or something like that. Good Luck everybody!!!
15,835 views | Nov 29, 2013

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