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mcfly dougie and tom cakey skate

From - Posted: Apr 11, 2007 - 40,064 views
Cooking | mcfly dougie and tom cakey skate | mcfly dougie and tom cakey skate
mcfly dougie and tom cakey skate
mcfly dougie and tom cakey skate
Duration: 06 minute 04 seconds 
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dougie and tom play cakey skate on MOM
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Tom and Harry of McFly being interviewed on Loose Women
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I don't own anything. I made this video only to enjoy the adorable and hilarious moments of McFly's bassist Dougie Poynter.
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tom as a wierdo n dougie & danny as gays lol! [health inspectors] so hilarious! lol! [:
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Danny Jones McFly McBusted London Real

Danny Jones lead vocalist and guitarist for McFly & McBusted FULL EPISODE:http:www.londonreal.tvepisodesdanny-jones-mcfly-mcbustedDanny Jones needs little introduction. As one of the lead vocalists and guitarists of one of the nation’s favourite pop-rock bands, McFly, and now of super-group McBusted, he’s become one of the most recognisable faces in British music. Hundreds of thousands of adoring fans worldwide are hard proof of that McFly remain one of the biggest rock success stories in the last decade.With experience and talent at every level of creative music production – writing lyrics, music and recording – Danny’s other love, electronic music, has seen him perform DJ sets in the biggest clubs UK-wide. The 28 year old star also just so happens to be a big fan of London Real, listening to the show while on tour. As he chooses to open up about his fame, passion, fame and unique journey, Sunday’s episode is not one to
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Mcfly their mums!

Mcflys mums are disguised in the audience! This is not my video.
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the guys play a game of Christmas cakey skate and get into a pie fight at the end.
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Who nose dougie best ?

Harry, Danny and Tom from McFly get to answere different questions about their basist Dougie.. Fun :)
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