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2,608,521 views | Apr 17, 2015

Chakli Chakri Murukku Crispy Spiral Snacks Indian Recipe

Printable Recipe: http:showmethecurry.comappetizerschakli-chakri-murukku.html.
219,694 views | Nov 04, 2010


Tea Time recipes with Rakesh Sethi on Food Food http:www.facebook.comChefSanjeevKapoor!khanakhazana.
586,047 views | Oct 01, 2011

Bhajanee Chakli

Chakli made using Bhajnee flour. A popular Diwali snack recipe. http:www.facebook.comChefSanjeevKapoor!khanakhazana.
174,679 views | Oct 11, 2012

Bengali Rasgulla Recipe by Manjula, Indian Vegetarian Cuisin

View full recipe at http:www.manjulaskitchen.com20071122bengali-rasgulla INGREDIENTS: Makes 12 4 cups milk 2 tablespoon lemon juice 112 cup sugar 412 cups water.
1,875,156 views | Nov 22, 2007

Nan Khatai, Biscuits Recipe by Manjula

View full recipe at http:www.manjulaskitchen.com20080930nan-khatai Recipe makes about 24 Nan khatai Ingredients: 13 cup all purpose flour (plain flour or maida) 13 cup fine...
834,039 views | Sep 29, 2008

Murukulu Janthikalu By VahChef

Murukulu also known as Janthikulu is a very popular savory snack of the South Indian cuisine. Murukku is traditionally combined with a mixture of urad dal powder, rice flour, salt, chilli powder,...
446,887 views | Jun 02, 2009

Jalebi Sweet Recipe by Manjula, Indian Vegetarian Cuisine

View full recipe at http:www.manjulaskitchen.com20070402jalebi-sweet INGREDIENTS: Recipe for 4 servings: Jalebi Batter: 12 cup all purpose flour 1 teaspoon basen (gram flour) 12...
1,897,225 views | Apr 02, 2007

Moong Dal Dosa Recipe by Manjula, Indian Vegetarian Cuisine

View full recipe at http:www.manjulaskitchen.com20071216moong-dal-dosa INGREDIENTS: For Dosa 1 cup wash moong dal 1 green chilly or to taste 14" ginger 12 teaspoon cumin seed...
536,509 views | Dec 16, 2007

Khasta Kachori Recipe by Manjula, Indian Vegetarian Gourmet

View full recipe at http:www.manjulaskitchen.com20070831khasta-kachori Khasta kachori is a delicious, spicy, fried puffed pastry. Khasta Kachori is filled with spicy moong dal mixture....
2,246,309 views | Aug 31, 2007

Boondi Bundi Ladoo Recipe by Manjula, Indian Sweets

View full recipe at http:www.manjulaskitchen.com20080921boondi-bundi-ladoo Ingredients: 1 cup gram flour (besan) 12 cup + 1 tablespoon water adjusted as needed 1 12 cup sugar...
791,805 views | Sep 21, 2008

Besan Ladoo Recipe by Manjula, Indian Sweets

View full recipe at http:www.manjulaskitchen.com20080911basen-ladoo Ingredients: 1 12 cups gram flour (basen) 4 tablespoons semolina flour (fine sooji) 12 cup unsalted melted...
1,162,570 views | Sep 11, 2008

Shakkar Para Recipe by Manjula

View full recipe at http:www.manjulaskitchen.com20090304shakkar-para Recipe will serves 4. Ingredients: 1 cup all purpose flour (plain flour, maida) 14 cup fine sooji (semolina...
229,424 views | Mar 04, 2009

Sanna Karappoosa Sev Andhra Recipes Telugu Vantalu

Exhaustive recipe text in English together with additional Tips are available on http:www.gayatrivantillu.comrecipes-2sweets-and-savorysev This site contains a number of other video recipes....
107,952 views | Dec 05, 2009

Masala French Fries Recipe by Manjula, Indian vegetarian gourmet

View full recipe at http:www.manjulaskitchen.com20080907masala-french-fries Ingredients: 2 medium russet potato 2 tablespoons corn starch 1 teaspoon salt 12 teaspoon dry mint...
707,812 views | Sep 06, 2008

Chakali Muruku

Chakali is a crispy and yummy salted snack. It is made during the festival of Diwali along with other sweets. Ingredients & its measurements are mentioned at http:www.veenaskitchen.com20111017...
89,703 views | Oct 17, 2011

Pav Bhaji Mumbai Pav Bhaji Recipe by Tarla Dalal

Pav Bhaji originated in Mumbai. Pav Bhaji is a quick snack available on every street corner. Recipe link : http:www.tarladalal.comPav-Bhaji-%28-Mumbai-Roadside-Recipes-%29-33423r Subscribe...
469,254 views | Mar 28, 2012

Namak Paare Para, Indian Pastry Recipe by Manjula

View full recipe at http:www.manjulaskitchen.com20081217namak-paare Ingredients: 12 cup All purpose flour (plain flour or maida) 12 cup whole wheat flour 2 tablespoons Sooji...
216,123 views | Dec 17, 2008

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