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Making a Home Made Folding Bucksaw

From - Posted: Nov 26, 2011 - 14,880 views
Cooking | Making a Home Made Folding Bucksaw | Making a Home Made Folding Bucksaw
Making a Home Made Folding Bucksaw
Making a Home Made Folding Bucksaw
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I made a nice red oak home made folding bucksaw with just a few simple hand tools at home.
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Simple DIY Buck Saw

The buck saw is an amazing tool for all things outdoors. I especially love to have a buck saw handy for winter camping as they can easily process large amounts of firewood quickly. They are nice to have because it requires far less energy to process wood with a buck saw than it does to wield an ax. Having a saw blade with you is also advantageous in that they weigh only ounces as opposed to an ax weighing pounds. In this video I talk a little bit more about my love for and the usefulness of the bucksaw, and then show you how to make your own using a bit of paracord, a saw blade, Leatherman, and natural materials. This is a great project for campers, hikers, backpackers, and woodsmen in general. Having a bucksaw handy can save you a ton of time in processing firewood for various uses. I have even seen a video of someone who processed all the wood to make a log cabin using a buck saw. I'd love to learn from you if you have ever made one of these. This is a simple version, and there are all kinds of other versions out there. If you've made one before, let me know! How did you do it differently? How can they be improved upon?To keep up with what I'm doing outdoors, please subscribe to my channel and visit: You can also connect with me on twitter: http:twitter.comdavidspassage and on Facebook: http:www.facebook.comdavidspassageSee you outdoors!Music you heard in this video was from the finger-style guitarist, David Youngman. I highly recommend you check him out. I have obtained written permission from the original artist to use his music in my videos.
1,937 views | May 07, 2013


Please visit our website http:www.facebook.compagesBushcraftbartons397803173579563 Also talking about the comparison between a large knife and an axe. Large knives have there uses but think about this for a moment. You want to spend between 2 and five days in the cold of winter. You need to build a decent shelter and everyday cut up large quantities of firewood. One of 2 things will happen if you expect to go through those days with your large knife. One, your knife could give up on you. Two, or you will.
92,557 views | Mar 07, 2012

DIY Ultralight Bucksaw

How to make a backpacking buck bow saw for bucking down fire wood in the bush.
5,144 views | Mar 10, 2013

Homemade Collapsible Pack Saw Version 1

This collapsible pack saw was made by my friend and today was the first test. Initially it started very well with 3 clean cuts. We then turned the camera on and proceeded to cut a large branch. However halfway through the cut one side of the aluminium breaks, this was due to an extra hole that was drilled in creating a weak point. The design is very good and with the handle replaced and perhaps some other modifications version 2 should be up and running in the near future.
9,706 views | Jan 12, 2011

My Homemade Traditional Bucksaw

I made this bucksaw for a few pounds. It's a lovely thing to own and use and easy to bulid. it took me about 2 hours to make. Firewood prepping will be much easier from now on.
2,624 views | Apr 28, 2012

A Foldable Bucksaw

I'm making a bucksaw witch you can fold into the handles
8,607 views | Aug 28, 2009

2014 02 01 About Radial Arm Saws Woodworking Classroom Recording Ricky Alexander shows the principles of how a Radial Arm Saw works, how to properly adjust it, and how to shop for one on the used market. This is a live recording from the front-of-class monitor feed from February 1, 2014.Recorded and presented in HD.Follow Us: Facebook - https:www.facebook.comgwinnettwoodworkers Google+ - Website - http:www.gwinnettwoodworkers.comMusic licensed to Gwinnett Woodworkers Association by item #26177787 "Holiday Acoustic Guitar".
7,505 views | May 09, 2014

Bob s Folding Bucksaw Video Four Dog Stove Company

Bob's Folding Bucksaw is perfect for backpacking and camping with sturdy blade and lightweight design for easy storing using a keeper case and carrying. Cuts through branches and wood with ease and precision with it's peg tooth blade. Visit and learn more tips.
4,556 views | Mar 05, 2013

Mors Kochanski on Saws for bushcraft, bucksaws, and saw blades

If you want more, check out karamatWW here on youtube, or!
6,441 views | Mar 09, 2013

How To Make Char Cloth Super Fast SHTF Survivalist

http:facebook.comshtfsurvivalist http:twitter.comshtfsurvivalist In this video I show a way to make char cloth fast.
16,833 views | Jan 17, 2012

Scroll Saw Shells Kindle eBook gives step-by-step instructions on how to make beautiful wood shells with a scroll saw inspired by nautilus shells and fossil ammonites. The technique is easy to understand and a lot fun. The shells are hollow, and utilize segmented construction to achieve their 3-dimensional shape. The shells pictured on the thumbnail and under construction in the video are made from Southern Yellow Pine construction lumber. There is also a second version of the eBook available on my web site which goes beyond the basics and describes how to have more control of the shape and make shells that are taller and narrower than what is possible with the basic technique. http:www.spiralsbysteve.comshells.php
157,657 views | Oct 30, 2013

More Carving with the Husqvarna Hatchet Buck Saw Strut

Today I carve the main strut of my buck saw. I initially used a measuring tape and a set square to make out the centre where I would not carve to give me a guide when using the hatchet. The video x10 speed until the end where I show the result of the carving and discuss a major error that I made. Although very disappointing it was a good lesson for next time.
8,931 views | Jan 20, 2011

Make A Bushcraft Bucksaw

Lonnie takes you on a step by step tutorial through the process of how to make a bushcraft bucksaw.
14,466 views | Jul 15, 2011

Bushcraft Bucksaw Dave Canterbury, David Canterbury, The Pathfinder School, Bush Craft ,Survival skills, Historical Lore, Primitive Skills, Archery, Hunting, Trapping, Fishing, Navigation, Knives, Axes, Fire, Water, Shelter, Search and Rescue
27,193 views | Jul 04, 2013

Cutting 6x10 Rafters.MOV

I set the camera up to show the tools and the wood. I'm really slow in cutting these because they are about $140pc The lumber is 6x10 KD Doug Fir FOHC (free of heart center). This is much less likely to split or check over time, but requres a bigger tree to be cut from.
202,379 views | Mar 03, 2010

Folding buck saw

This is a demonstration of the folding buck saw I made.
9,669 views | Jan 16, 2010

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