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Making a Home Made Folding Bucksaw

From - Posted: Nov 26, 2011 - 20,243 views
Cooking | Making a Home Made Folding Bucksaw
Making a Home Made Folding Bucksaw
Making a Home Made Folding Bucksaw
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I made a nice red oak home made folding bucksaw with just a few simple hand tools at home.
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cooking | Make A Bushcraft Bucksaw

Make A Bushcraft Bucksaw

Bucksawを自作しました!森に行って木を切ってみました。 腹が減ったのでランチを食べて帰りました。
1,349 views | Mar 12, 2014
cooking | RWW 116 How To Make Your Own Bowsaw

RWW 116 How To Make Your Own Bowsaw

Making your own bowsaw for cutting curves in wood all by hand.
1,349 views | Jul 16, 2011
cooking | Light weight Bucksaw Packsaw Hand made

Light weight Bucksaw Packsaw Hand made

Sorry the music cut me off. I have no idea how that happened.
1,349 views | Jul 13, 2009


Please visit our website http:www.facebook.compagesBushcraftbartons397803173579563 Also talking about the comparison between a large knife and an axe. Large knives have there uses but think about this for a moment. You want to spend between 2 and five days in the cold of winter. You need to build a decent shelter and everyday cut up large quantities of firewood. One of 2 things will happen if you expect to go through those days with your large knife. One, your knife could give up on you. Two, or you will.
1,349 views | Mar 07, 2012

cooking | Make A Bushcraft Bucksaw

Make A Bushcraft Bucksaw

Lonnie takes you on a step by step tutorial through the process of how to make a bushcraft bucksaw.
1,349 views | Jul 15, 2011
cooking | A Foldable Bucksaw

A Foldable Bucksaw

I'm making a bucksaw witch you can fold into the handles
1,349 views | Aug 28, 2009
cooking | Bob Dustrude s 21 Quick Buck Saw

Bob Dustrude s 21 Quick Buck Saw

This video is a product review of Bob Dustrude's 21" Buck Saw showing how easy it is to use with no parts to lose. It is available from
1,349 views | Dec 14, 2014
cooking | Bob s Folding Bucksaw Video Four Dog Stove Company

Bob s Folding Bucksaw Video Four Dog Stove Company

Bob's Folding Bucksaw is perfect for backpacking and camping with sturdy blade and lightweight design for easy storing using a keeper case and carrying. Cuts through branches and wood with ease and precision with it's peg tooth blade. Visit and learn more tips.
1,349 views | Mar 05, 2013

cooking | Making a Buck Saw, Pack Saw, Grub Saw Ultra Light and Inexpensive

Making a Buck Saw, Pack Saw, Grub Saw Ultra Light and Inexpensive

I decided to make a buck saw for an upcoming winter backpack trip. Surprisingly easy with the right tools. Very light weight and considerably cheaper than manufactured ones. There are many great vidjas on the Toobs showing you how to make your own. Some can be turned into a bow drill with the right notches. Go make somethin' folks! A Bucksaw is a hand saw generally used to cut logs or firewood to length (bucking). It usually has a metal frame ("H" or "C"-shaped) and a removable blade with coarse teeth held in tension by the frame. Lightweight portable or foldable models used for camping or back-packing are also available. It is often referred to as a bow saw in the North American hardware market, but that term traditionally refers to a different type of saw with a wooden frame. A bucksaw is also a form of the crosscut saw. The width of the blade is constant from the teeth to the back. It is meant to cut wood fibers that are in tension and is thick so that it will be more difficult to bend on the push stroke. They can be either a one or two-man saw. Coopers often use bucksaws in their work. Bucksaws played a big part in shaping wood.
1,349 views | Jan 18, 2014
cooking | Adirondack Bushcraft A Woodsman s Paradise Axe, Saw, Knife, And Fire

Adirondack Bushcraft A Woodsman s Paradise Axe, Saw, Knife, And Fire

1,349 views | Oct 04, 2013
cooking | How I made my bucksaw

How I made my bucksaw

Video describing how I made my folding bucksaw
1,349 views | May 07, 2012
cooking | Bob Dustrude s Folding Buck Saw

Bob Dustrude s Folding Buck Saw

My first review of Bob Dustrude's folding buck saw. My new favorite folding buck saw!!
3,839 views | Nov 25, 2012

cooking | 6 BEST Survival Bushcraft Saws for Bug Out, Camping Silky, Bahco, Leatherman, Sven, Bob Dustrude

6 BEST Survival Bushcraft Saws for Bug Out, Camping Silky, Bahco, Leat...

Discover the Top 6 BEST Packable, Folding Saws: Silky Pocket Boy, Bahco Laplander, Silky Big Boy, Sven Folding Buck Saw, Leatherman Wave, Bob Dustrude's Quick Buck Saw and Leatherman Super Tool. Which is THE King for Bug Out Bags, Bushcraft, Survival, Camping and Emergencies... Welcome to the Ultimate Survival Saw Showdown... If you want to make your life a whole lot easier in the backcountry or in a survival situation... you might wanna add a great folding and multitool saw you your kit. Any of these great saws could help keep you alive in a pinch.Let's Jump In and Take a Look...________If You found this Video to be Helpful and are Ready to Check Out or Buy Any Gear, I'd be Honored if You Use the following link to Search for Your Best deals on Amazon: http:tinyurl.comAmazon-UST ________As Promised...Here Are Links to ALL the Gear in this Video:1 ) Bob Dustrude's Quick Buck Saw http:tinyurl.comBobs-Saw-SSS2) Silky BigBoy Extra Large Folding Saw http:tinyurl.comSilky-BigBoy3) Bahco Laplander - Bushcraft Saw http:tinyurl.comBahco-Laplander-SSS4) Silky PocketBoy - Pocket Survival Saw http:tinyurl.comSilky-PocketBoy-SSS5) Leatherman Wave MultiTool Saw - for EDC Survival Bushcraft http:tinyurl.comLeatherman-Wave-SSS6) Leatherman Super Tool - MultiTool Saw - For Bushcraft http:tinyurl.comLeatherman-SuperTool-SSS7) Sven Folding Buck Saw http:tinyurl.comSven-Saw-SSS8) Eberlstock G1 Little Brother Backpack http:tinyurl.comEberlestock-Pack-SSS9) Eberlstock J79 Skycrane Pack (my G1 Little Brother (above) is part of this larger system) http:tinyurl.comJ79-Backpack-SSS _________Other Great UST Videos:Survival Bug Out Water Kit: http:youtu.beJD-JY7ZuYQIWelcome to Ultimate Survival Tips: http:youtu.beB9H_cMi4J5U_______Want to GET Started Making YOU Own PRO Quality YouTube Videos? Here's the AUDIO and VIDEO Gear that David and the Team Use to Shoot Our Videos:http:tinyurl.comBest-DIY-Video-Gear_______MORE Videos... Wild Edible Plants Volume 1: http:youtu.beG8SKYYyAV1YWild Edible Plants Volume 2: http:youtu.bepSKqrOGecyUKA-BAR Becker BK-2: http:youtu.bemXE2xI50uv8How Can Paracord Save Your Life: http:youtu.be7uXSHiIytZUGerber GhostStrike Knife: http:youtu.beD7YP0aDXrtkB-Lit Flashlight Freedom (Mounting System): http:youtu.bewYqJFawX_CAField Sharpening Tools: http:youtu.bebdsx-7pU_XMBear Grylls Rechargable Torch (Flashlight): http:youtu.beUQYyJYL9k70CRKT Paracord Bracelet Tool: http:youtu.beNGnPWOQ35pMZippo Emergency Firestarter: http:youtu.besXLmyoc45xUHedge Hog Leatherworks Survival Sheath: http:youtu.bepDszJjh50oUOKC Blackbird SK5 Survival Knife: http:youtu.bedCR_aB3I36ABear Grylls Survival Card Tool: http:youtu.bep0fuEsTa0x8Smart Firearms - Training Pistol: http:youtu.beWgDX_dawys8SOG Kiku: http:youtu.beDRW67qyrktUBest EDC Knife: http:youtu.be0CJfVN4fcL0New ESSE Camp-Lore Bushcraft Knife: http:youtu.beUgQGqzPO1vsWazoo Wearable Survival Kit: http:youtu.beTLUNpc2iScs"World Legal" Folding Knife: http:youtu.be16HmvL_zvQsCRTK RSK MK5 & MK6 Paracord Knife: http:youtu.bePOnEjigvDXgBear Grylls Compact Scout 2 (Made in the USA): http:youtu.beXEXh1DM-Z4YDavid Catches up with Les Stroud: http:youtu.beTFFgO89IMVAMykel Hawke Interview: http:youtu.beohwitiV_p-QParacord Survival Bushcraft Hatchet http:youtu.bel_y1TFrgIu0Zippo Woodsman 4-in-1 Camp Tool: http:youtu.beu3DxCMMkf74Self Defense Case for iPhone and Samsung: http:youtu.beoZKFsvMK5mYBuck Marksman EDC Tactical Folder: http:youtu.bepb_PSA--ApIDavid on the Range - a Firearms Blitz: http:youtu.be2S2okA1R0Jo_______Our FTC Disclosure: http:ultimatesurvivaltips.comftc-disclosure_______Thanks for hangin' out! http:youtu.beO-KQTg17QwE
3,839 views | Jul 29, 2014
cooking | My Homemade Traditional Bucksaw

My Homemade Traditional Bucksaw

I made this bucksaw for a few pounds. It's a lovely thing to own and use and easy to bulid. it took me about 2 hours to make. Firewood prepping will be much easier from now on.
3,839 views | Apr 28, 2012
cooking | Bushcraft Buck Saw!! The 15 minute Saw

Bushcraft Buck Saw!! The 15 minute Saw

The making of my first "15min saw".
3,839 views | Oct 08, 2012
cooking | DIY Ultralight Bucksaw

DIY Ultralight Bucksaw

How to make a backpacking buck bow saw for bucking down fire wood in the bush.
3,839 views | Mar 10, 2013


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