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Makan Murgh Handi and Til wali Naan with Chef Rahat Ramazan 2010

From - Posted: Aug 16, 2010 - 27,125 views
Cooking | Makan Murgh Handi and Til wali Naan with Chef Rahat Ramazan 2010 | Makan Murgh Handi and Til wali Naan with Chef Rahat Ramazan 2010
Makan Murgh Handi and Til wali Naan with Chef Rahat Ramazan 2010
Makan Murgh Handi and Til wali Naan with Chef Rahat Ramazan 2010
Duration: 02 minute 38 seconds 
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Shireen Anwer Shaan Kay Saath 11th Aug 2012 Roghni Naan and Rustam Kar...

Learn how to make delicious and mouth- watering Rustam Karahi by using Shaan Karahi Masala which make it more flavorful.Serve with Roghni Naan.Prepare easy roghani naan at home and inspire everyone in your family and guests.You just have to follow Shireen Anwer's step by step recipes.
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Please visit for more and detail recipes.
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Zauq Zindagi 12th July 2012 Murgh Nihari with Simple Naan

Nihari is a popular meat dish of South Asia.The dish is known for its spiciness and taste. It is originally more of a delicacy with myriad variations on spiciness and texture feeel the taste of South India by follow this fabulous recipe by Chef Mehboob on ARY Zauq.
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Handi Ep 443 Part 1. Chicken Tikka Chili Fry, Murg Reshmi

Handi Ep 443 Part 1. Recipes: Chicken Tikka Chili Fry, Murg Reshmi
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Rahat Cooking Makan Murgh Handi and Til wali Naan Ramazan 2010

watch full show at PAKVDO.COM
33,222 views | Aug 16, 2010

Chef Maeda Chef Rahat In Good Morning Pakistan p1.mp4

Chef Maeda & Chef Rahat In Good Morning Pakistan With Dr Shaista Wahidi
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How To Make Murgh Makhni

Murgh Makhni Recipe. Alfred Prasad, Head chef at Michelin-starred Tamarind in London's Mayfair shows how to make his special Murgh Makhni. A delicious grilled chicken dish, simmered in creamed fresh tomatoes flavoured with ginger, fenugreek leaves and honey. Delight in our Murgh Makhni recipe. Subscribe! Check Out Our Channel Page: Like Us On Facebook! https:www.facebook.comvideojug Follow Us On Twitter! http:www.twitter.comvideojug Watch This and Other Related films here: http:www.videojug.comfilmhow-to-make-murgh-makhni
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Chef Maeda & Chef Rahat In Good Morning Pakistan With Dr Shaista Wahidi
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Chicken Jalfrezi, Degi Aalo Goshat Cucumber Till Sauce by Chef Zakir Q...

Chicken Jalfrezi, Degi Aalo Goshat & Cucumber Till Sauce
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Naan without tandoor Making Made Easier

Naan is a traditional north indian bread which is made in coal fired clay kilns called tandoors.. i have bought some domestic electric gas tandoors and have thrown them away .. here is one way you can make naans in your home using an ordinary saucepan which will work satisfactorily . you dissolve some dry yiest in warm sugared water and use this to make a dough of maida, along with some curd and salt.. set this aside for about 2 hours to levitate.. then take a small ball and roll out a roti from it.. take this roti and STICK it onto a very very hot aluminum saucepan ( as shown in the video ), wait for some time till the naan starts to cook due to the heat of the pan .. then invert the pan over the gas flame holding the pan in your hand and cook the naan .. after the naan is cooked take out from the pan, cool and EAT ! Note: Be sure that the naan is properly stuck to the pan.. else it would fall off onto the stove when you are cooking it. also stick the roti to the pan after lifting it off the heat and wait a few seconds so that the heat of the pan begins to cook the naan from the stuck side .. then invert over the flame ..naan is preferably had with dry side dishes.. also you can make tandoori rotis the same way .. except you use ordinary wheat flour and salt for the dough ..
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Crispy Onion Rings Recipe How to Make Crispy Onion Rings Foodwishes

Learn how to make the Crispy Onion Rings Recipe! Get the ingredients here: http:foodwishes.blogspot.com201005can-i-get-onion-rings-instead-of-fries.html or visit to get more info, and watch over 400 free video recipes. Thanks and enjoy!
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Dawat By Chef Zakir 21st June 2013 Part 1 Masala TV Show

Subscribe link show Dawat features Chef Zakir on Masala TV.Dawats are all about celebrations and festivities, sharing the happy moments with our loved ones and friends, creating a bond that lasts a lifetime.Inviting family and friends over to Dawats is a cultural practice in Pakistan; keeping this cultural practice in mind Masala TV has introduced a brand new cooking show Dawat presented by Chef Zakir. Our goal is to bring family and friends closer together while enjoying delicious food over the dinner table.The show will reflect everything there is about the joy of making home cooked meals and inviting loved ones over. Whether Zakir is just sprucing up a chicken biryani or taking basic chicken korma to new heights, his recipes are bound to dazzle your family and friends. Now you can make your dawaats more memorable and enjoyable.Join Zakir in Dawat every weeknight for some spectacular recipes only on Masala TV.
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Episode 13 Paaye with Naan Part1

Paaye with Naan in Wish and Dish with Saadat
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special Chicken Biryani quick and easy By Chef Shaheen

Watch my latest recipe videos at i will show you how to make chicken biryani at home cooking recipe hope you will enjoy the technique which makes the preparation of biryani very easy ingredients chicken pieces...........12 kg fried onion............4 (large) basmati rice..............12 kg curd (sour).........1 cup coriander leaves.............1 cup mint leaves.................12 cup green chilli..........6-8 whole garam masala.......( 2" cinnamon stick, 8 cloves, 1 black cardamom, 1 star, 2 bay leaves, 6-8 black pepper, 1 tsp caraway, nutmeg 18 piece, mace few strands, 4 green cardamom salt........ 3 tsp ginger garlic paste.....6 tbsp red chilli powder...........3 tbsp coriander powder...........3 tbsp lemon juice of 12 lemon garam masala paste..........4 tsp orange red colour....... diluted in water yellow colour..............diluted in water kewra essence..... few drops Method- 1. Soak basmati rice in warm water for 20-25 min till you boil water in large pot , add salt , 1 bay leaf cloves, cinnamon , cardamom and caraway.Little bit of coriander. 2. Take chicken add curd . Coriander powder, red chilli powder , garam masala salt ginger & garlic paste, coriander green chilli little bit of coriandar, few mint leaves and the rest of whole garam masala(cardamom caraway cinnamon ,mace nutmeg ,bay leaves , cloves etc) . 3. Mix all the ingredients well with chicken , add fried onion half to the yakhni add 4 large spoon of oil and put a cup of water and cook for 5 min in cooker or till the chicken is done. 4. When the water starts boiling put rice and do not move it again & again because the rice is delicate . When the rice starts coming on top that means your rice is ready. 5. Drain the water and keep the rice aside. 6. After 5 min take out chicken from cooker dry water if remains add lemon juice. 7. Take a vessel put rice then. Chicken yakhni, arrange onion coriander & mint . Repeat till all the ingredients are used sprinkle kewra & put colour. 8. Cover the lid tightly. Keep on slow flame for dum for 10-15 min open just before eating.
100,196 views | Nov 25, 2013

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