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La Fiesta de McDonalds

From - Posted: Mar 14, 2012 - 178 views
Cooking | La Fiesta de McDonalds | La Fiesta de McDonalds
La Fiesta de McDonalds
La Fiesta de McDonalds
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3,022,520 views | May 17, 2014

McDonalds Behind the Scenes

The fast-food giant reveals the secrets behind its most popular menu items.
374,416 views | Oct 13, 2014

The Cheapest and Tastiest Burger in the World!

This is in Kharader, one of the oldest parts of Karachi where I grew up - and so did the founder of Pakistan (M Ali Jinah). At PKR16.00 (USD0.20) this is surely one of the cheapest burgers in the world. A lot of people in my family and friends, including me, believe this may also be the tastiest burger in the world. The patty is made of potato and vegetables, then dipped in battered egg and pan fried in vegetable oil. It's then put in a traditional bread with sauces made of yogurt and mint, and lots of onions. Mostly healthy stuff except for the oil, but not the most hygienic in the world :)I have seen this stall sell exactly the same burger since I was five (1970). As kids, we used to buy from the old man who died a few years ago, but his son has taken the family business to another level by taking up a small room behind the stall which can seat up to 10 people. He sells an estimated 2000 burgers a day!....................... Find out more about Mush Panjwani at his website: or his blog:
2,297,797 views | Oct 03, 2010

HOW TO MAKE A McCHICKEN VIDEO RECIPE -- OFFICIAL WEBSITEhttp:www.redbubble.compeoplenickoskitchen -- OFFICIAL MERCHANDISE ***Please note, I have changed the look of the burger on purpose for legal reasons. The taste however will be similar.***INGREDIENTS: serves 4vegetable oil for frying 1 egg 1 cup water 2 cups plain flour 2 teaspoons salt 1 teaspoon onion powder 14 teaspoon pepper 18 teaspoon garlic powder 4 chicken breast filets 4 sesame seed hamburger buns 1 cup chopped iceberg lettuceMcChicken sauce:14 cup whole egg mayonnaise 116 teaspoon onion powderNicko's homemade Mayonnaise recipe: http:youtu.beBF8ct0W7-JMENJOY!~ NickoIntro theme to Nicko's Kitchen is from TwistedTime01 Music from Nicko's Kitchen is from Used with permissionIntro themes to Nicko's Blog are from Used with permission
988,111 views | Jun 03, 2011

fiesta de dylan mc donalds 02

7 años di}ylan ,juego del que se quede sin silla
1,273 views | Jan 04, 2009


5,686,633 views | Mar 10, 2012

McDONALDS FRENCH FRIES VIDEO RECIPE -- OFFICIAL WEBSITEhttp:www.redbubble.compeoplenickoskitchen -- OFFICIAL MERCHANDISE Ingredients: serves 33 large potatoes 14 cup sugar 1 tbls corn syrup 1 tsp salt water canola oil for fryingENJOY!~ NickoIntro theme to Nicko's Kitchen is from Bertofski Music from Nicko's Kitchen is from Used with permission
5,118,543 views | Mar 24, 2011

Dickie Toys Fire Engine Garbage Truck Train Lightning McQueen Toy Cras...

Dickie Toys make fantastic toys. The do Disney Cars 2 Lightning McQueen, Toy Fire Engines, Toy Garage Trucks, Toy Trains, Toy Cars, Toy Planes (even Dusty from Disney Planes), Toy Farm Machinery, Toy Boats, Mechanical Toys, Pump Action Toys and Toy Cranes. They also many different remote control toys and have toys which cover a fairly wide age range.My son's first fire engine was a Dickie Toy and it's held up pretty well considering the hard knocks and crashes it has had. Then there was a Toy Camper Van which is a second hand toy in our home and this has also been a good strong and well detailed toy. The best aspect to these toys is the detail for the price. Dickie Toys are very reasonably priced, remembering in Australia we have some of the highest toy prices in the world.So between the Fire Truck and old Camper Van I started to investigate who is Dickie Toys and what other toys do they make. I then make a point to buy toys which I could see were from the Dickie Toy company. In Australia I have found Dickie Toys at K-Mart, Toys R Us, David Jones, Myer, Big W and The Reject shop. Sometimes they are a little tricky to find. The Simba Dickie Group (proper spelling: SIMBA DICKIE GROUP ) is a group of companies with headquarters in Fürth-barns , which includes a number of toy companies and their well-known brands. With a market share of approximately seven percent, the group ranks fourth of toy manufacturers in Germany. The foundation stone for the later Simba Dickie Group was established by the merger of the two companies Simba Toys and Dickie Toys 1993. Simba Toys was founded in 1982 by Fritz Sieber and his son Michael in Fürth. In the beginning, the company imported primarily from the Far East. In 1971, Wolfgang Sauer Born had founded the later renamed Dickie Toys company. This was taken after his death in 1993 by Simba Toys. Over the years, more and more toy manufacturers and brands have been acquired. Initially worked with Simba Toys only five employees. Today, there are 3,200 people worldwide. The toys range includes over 10,000 items. Main corporate offices are located next to Fürth in French Lavans and in Hong Kong . In addition to production sites in various European and Asian countries, the Group has a worldwide distribution network. In 2010, the group was a total turnover of 570 million euros generate. Compared to last year, this result represents a growth of 14 percent. For 2011, the group planned a turnover of more than € 600 million. The international share of total sales of the group now stands at about 70 percent. In March 2013 Simba-Dickie has the model railway manufacturer Märklin acquired.Web Link :http:dickietoys.deenindex.shtml http:dickietoys.deenproducts.shtml http:de.wikipedia.orgwikiSimba-Dickie-GroupAbout The Fan PrizeFan prize will be posted from the Australia via registered mail. You will need to supply a full postal address to receive the prize, having a real name is an important detail in an address. Your address will be kept private and not used by third parties. I do not keep address details of any prize winners so if you have won something before don't assume I already know your address. Some countries may apply a tax on the incoming goods. Leokimvideo is not liable to pay this landing tax fees. If the winner does not claim their prize within 2 weeks (14 days) of winning the prize, the prize will go to another YouTuber. If the mail I send you is lost or damaged in transit Leokimvideo is not liable to replace lost and damaged items. You cannot ask for another prize to be sent out.
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McDonald s ★ Secret Menu Item ★ The McLand, Air and Sea Burger Food Re...

McDonald's McGangBang Sandwich - http:youtu.beGoYoH3BsxgQ McDonald's Poutine Review - http:youtu.ber3fYvk7x6Ks McDonald's McRib Combo - http:youtu.be2FR5tO2aeYQ McDonald's Chicken and Bacon Signature McWrap - http:youtu.beZvj5GCvgVXk McDonald's Big Mac Review - http:youtu.beszVtApkMIL0 McDonald's McLobster Sandwich - http:youtu.betShZ0SVNGBE McDonald's McChicken Sandwich - http:youtu.beK0T4tMOfkVg McDonald's McCafé Taste Test - McDonald's Shamrock Shake for the 1st time - http:youtu.beijdwHDAAMtE McDonald's Spicy Thai McBistro Chicken Sandwich - http:youtu.beyvNKrptBhiQI finally had the chance to have the McLand, Air and Sea Burger from McDonald's and it was awesome, I will definitely NOT ever have another one ever.Ken Domik KBDProductionsTVYouTube - Twitter -!@kendomik FaceBook - http:www.facebook.compagesKBDProductionsTV162219386763 Google+ - Instagram - http:instagram.comkendomik tumblr - Skype - kendomikMusic by Kevin MacLeod http:incompetech.commcroyalty-free Song: Slow Ska: ISRC: US-UAN-11-00838 Song: Peppy Pepe - ISRC: USUAN1100115 Song: Ice Flow - ISRC: USUAN1200088 I have a Creative Commons License with Kevin MacLeod and have the rights to use the music in this video. Creative Commons License for Kevin MacLeod, Link... http:creativecommons.orglicensesby3.0legalcodeInformation from: http:secretmenuguide.comland-sea-and-air-burgerLand, Sea, and Air Burger The "Land, Sea, and Air" burger is one of McDonald's largest "secret menu" items. This behemoth of a burger is stuffed with proteins from the Land, Sea, and Air (some people even add fries!). You order a Big Mac, a Filet-O-Fish, and a McChicken all at once. Then you put the McChicken and Filet-O-Fish patties inside the Big Mac along with however many buns you want and enjoy! How tasty does that sound? So, if a normal Big Mac doesn't quite fill you up, take a chance by creating a Land, Sea, and Air Burger from McDonalds Secret Menu. In our opinion, the Land, Sea, and Air Burger is just enough to satisfy anybody's appetite. When ordering, don't forget to order a big drink to wash it down!How to Order: Simply walk up to the counter and order a Big Mac, a Filet-O-Fish, and a McChicken. Then stack these bad boys any way you want to create a perfect "Land, Sea, and Air" burger.What's The Secret? Filet-O-Fish & McChicken patties inside of a Big Mac
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Despicable Me 2 McDonalds Happy Meal Toys

cute little minions from McDonalds twitter.comfxfranz Instagram @fxfranz youtube.comchefatron keek.comfxfranz
746,237 views | Jul 08, 2013

McDonald s Happy Meal Magic 1993 Hamburger Maker Set Making Hamburgers...

Product feature video for a McDonald's Happy Meal Magic 1993 Hamburger Maker Set.Buy Here ▶ http:luckypennyshop.comvintage-mcdonalds-hamburger-makerWatch all our McDonald's Happy Meal Magic Playset Videos: http:tiny.cc82vykwCheck out our websites for more products, information and fun facts! http:luckypennyshop.comblog
6,195,578 views | Sep 19, 2012

15 Outrageous Facts About McDonalds

From Hamburger University to public riots over a lack of Hello Kitty toys, we count 15 fun and fascinating facts about the fast food chain very well known around the globe. Facebook: https:www.facebook.comTheDDGuides Twitter: https:twitter.comTheDDGuides Gaming Channel: notes ---------- Background audio copyright Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http:creativecommons.orglicensesby3.0Warning, text spoilers below! ------------------------------------------- McJob, Employee Pay Gap, McDonald Arches, The Original Business for McDonalds, McDonalds originally didn't have drive-thrus, Marketing towards kids, Hamburger University, Paying Rappers to reference the Big Mac in Songs, Hello Kitty Riot, Hot Coffee Lawsuits, A Million Pounds of McDonalds Beef consumed per year, The Paris White McDonalds Logo, The Single Cheese, Some Products Bombed, McDonalds serve awesome things overseas
1,696,550 views | May 16, 2014

Best Of The Minions Despicable Me 1 and Despicable Me 2

Here is the best scenes from the funny "Minions" from the two Despicable Me movies. All rights to Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment.HOW TO MAKE MONEY LIKE ME ON YOUTUBE: http:www.acifinnetwork.comaapply.php?aff=HungerDeans
19,316,867 views | Aug 18, 2013

happy kitchen 4 Mini Burger and French fries kit

▼Actually in Japan, the patty itself is called a "hamburg". Go to wiki. http:en.wikipedia.orgwikiHamburger#Japan ◆We can't speak fluent English. If you want to listen to the talk, please go to another channel.◆★RRcherrypie Group does not have Twitter Instagram facebook etc. YouTube & FC2 is the only website we have and the other is fake.★(1) Product name: ハッピーキッチン ハンバーガー (It cost 258 yen.) Brand: Kracie (2) It is edible. No artificial colours. No preservatives. This kit includes chicken and pork in a part of raw materials. (It is not halal.) 96 calories. (3) It tastes like real hamburger, bread, cheese, ketchup, french fries and cola. I ate it after filming. It tasted good. (4) It is the microwavable container. You can't put the ordinary plastic container into the microwave. (5) 4:41 It is the decorative wax paper. (I don't live in France. Japanese has a tendency to think French language is cool, so the product designers sometimes use French for their fancy goods. And I think so too. So I loved that wax paper at first glance and bought it!)blog http:rrcherrypie.blog59.fc2.comblog-entry-51.html▼To Haters: In every city in Japan have recycling systems. Plastic can be recycled, so calm down.▼▼Titled by re-uploaders▼ عجائب اليابان 햄버거미니어쳐 汉堡包,薯条食用可以吃 البرغر آخر الاختراعات اليابانية Les hamburgers en poudre les japonais inventent le premier hamburger en poudre Water & Powder turns into tiny fast food Mini- Hamburguesa en polvo comida chatarra japón invenciones Japonský hamburger v prášku Будущие японские фаст-фуд العاب طبخ يابانية hamburguesa y papas a la francesa en polvo Comida en polvo para preparar en casa - Hamburguesas
17,082,941 views | Apr 17, 2012

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