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Simple Salad Dressing Everyday Salad Nước Dấm Cho Xà Lách CathyhaCooks...

Recipe at: http:www.cathyhacooks.comblog201463the-best-soy-sauce-salad-dressing- Hi there! This is my family's recipe for soy-sauce salad dressing tha...
3,981 views | May 14, 2014

First Chat with CathyHa Trò Chuyện Với CathyHà

Hi there! It was a gorgeous day out and just the perfect setting for me to say hello and chat with you all for a little bit. Thanks again for all our support...
6,826 views | Apr 07, 2014

In the Kitchen Thế Giới Ẩm Thực Cathy Ha

Hi everyone! Check out this clip where I visited the kitchens of some of the top restaurants in town. Please comment and LIKE! This could be the start of a n...
4,339 views | Sep 11, 2014

Com Nep Vo Chay Man Cathy Ha s Cooking Express

Dạy nấu ăn và hướng dẫn làm các món ăn ngon :)
1,175 views | Jun 09, 2013

Day Nau An How To Cook Chicken Curry Cari Ga Vietnamese Food Cooking

I love curry and chicken curry stew is one of my favorite dishes. In Vietnamese Viet Nam we call it cari ga. Interesting thing about curry cari, it has a uni...
87,922 views | Jan 12, 2011

Viet Nam Day Nau An How to Cook Spaghetti with Angel Hair Pasta

This is my own style of Spaghetti with Angel Hair Pasta. I do put lots of hamburger meat in my sauce and adding cheese on top is a must. I hope you enjoy it....
38,987 views | Sep 18, 2011

Cooking Express Bo Kho Dai Viet

Cooking Express - Bo Kho Dai Viet.
149,430 views | Jul 10, 2011


20,682 views | Jul 19, 2012

Vietnamese Food Day Nau An Thit Bo Kho Vietnamese Spicy Beef Stew

How to make spicy Vietnamese beef stew or thit bo kho. A common type of clear noodle dish in Vietnamese cooking. You can enjoy this thit bo kho spicy beef st...
121,816 views | Nov 11, 2011

Lẫu Tom Yum Thái Lan

Lẫu Tom Yum Thái Lan.
162,144 views | Jul 10, 2011

Steak Ông Xã

Steak Ông Xã.
80,141 views | Jul 17, 2011

Vietnamese Food Day Nau An Mi Xao Thap Cam How to Make Stir Fried Nood...

Hello everyone. I'm back with another cooking video. This time it's a special stir fried noodle dish. Simple and easy to make; looks good and tastes good too...
238,226 views | Aug 29, 2011

Day Nau An Vietnamese Food How to Make Ginger Chicken Wings Canh Ga Ra...

This video teaches how to make ginger chicken wings. Served on lettuce salad, eaten with rice or bread. Vietnamese girl Van Anh can cook show, day nau an wil...
85,932 views | Mar 23, 2011

Vietnamese Food How to Make Sate Pepper Noodle Day Nau An Hu Tieu Sate

This video to teach how to make Sate Pepper Noodle. A not so common noodle dish in Asian cooking. Similar to Vietnamese pho, but is very hot and spicy. The i...
78,467 views | Apr 11, 2011

Bo Luc Lac Vietnamese Shaking Beef

Bo Luc Lac - Vietnamese Shaking Beef -- Learn how to make Shaking Beef, Tomato Fried Rice, and Watercress Salad with this Y4D Vietnamese food cooking recipe. Day nau an bo luc lac. PLEASE...
110,844 views | Jul 01, 2011

Vietnamese Food Beef Celery Soup Day Nau An Canh Cần Tây Thịt Bò

Eating celery can have positive effects on hypotension, coughs, blood, hepatitis... Beef Celery soup is delicious, easy to make and cook very quickly. It wil...
7,986 views | Feb 23, 2012

CathyHa Cooks, Easy Delicious Vietnamese cooking!

Hi there! This is where you find simple & delicious cooking and recipes for today's lifestyle. I first got started creating cooking videos in Vietnamese and ...
12,569 views | Jan 04, 2014

Gỏi Xoài Chả Lụa

Gỏi Xoài Chả Lụa.
83,357 views | Jul 23, 2011

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