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Kasoy Meat Sauce

Kowh Soy is a Dai Lue dish from Northern part of Laos. It's a meat sauce made with fermented bean paste. :-)
2,171 views | Jun 19, 2013

C w Nana Lao Steamed Bamboo Shoots ໝົກໜໍ່ໄມ້ Moke Naw Mai

In this video, I show how to make Moke Naw Mai (ໝົກໜໍ່ໄມ້), which is shredded bamboo shoots, with or without meat, wrapped in banana leaves, and steamed. Thi...
13,935 views | Jan 17, 2013

How to make Khao Pun, Khao Poon, Kapoon

READ ME: Watch in HD. Khao poon (Lao: ເຂົ້າປຸ້ນ; also known as Laotian laksa and sometimes spelled khao bune or khao pun) is a popular type of spicy Laotian ...
76,307 views | Mar 06, 2011

English Kitchen EP.5 ข้าวซอยไก่

According to our survey of five most popular of Lanna food, 'Kao Soi Kai' is ranged in Second which people want to learn to cook through "English Kitchen" --...
173 views | Feb 12, 2014

Easy Thai Meal Lup Na A Great Thai Beef Dish

Easy Thai meal. A traditional dish from Laos, LUP NA. Often found being cooked by street vendors, this wonderful dish is healthy, yummi, easy to cook and a r...
325 views | Dec 31, 2011

How to cook Hta Min Nae

Check out how to cook famous Burmese dessert - Hta Min Nae(Sticky Rice with Peanut, Sesame seeds and coconut). For more How to cook series, please check our ...
164 views | Mar 02, 2014

Kao Soi Pt.2 Curry Noodle Soup Hot Thai Kitchen

For part 1 - The Curry Paste: http:youtu.be89A-FkRndrk For recipes: Connect with me: http:facebook.comHotThaiKitchen http:...
11,468 views | Jan 17, 2014

Making Khao Soi with Chow s Aunt

Chow, the Bangkok Glutton, gets a lesson in making the northern Thai curry noodle dish known as Khao Soi from her aunt.
2,948 views | Jul 24, 2013

How to make Khaub Poob Kao poon, Kapoon, Kapong

Get the recipe on my blog at http:annievang.comcontenthow-to-make-khaub-poob How to make Khaub Poob - Kao poon, Kapoon, Kapong, Hmong Noodle Soup 12 cups...
123,474 views | Oct 30, 2011

Kao Piak Noodles Lao Chicken Noodle Soup

Kao Piak or Lao Chicken Noodles. Best when it's cold outside or you're sick. This video shows only how to make the noodles. The how to on the Broth is on my ...
26,583 views | Jul 22, 2011

Bon Appetit Chicken Khao Soi Thai Curry Soup

Get Bon Appetit: http:amzn.toYYGxme Full recipe information: http:bonapp.it10s6owV Short video of making Bon Appetit's Chicken Khao Soi Thai Curry Soup...
2,551 views | Apr 01, 2013

Asian Coconut Chicken Noodles How to make Asian Coconut Chicken Noodle... This food in a minute recipe video will show you how to create a dish of Mild Asian flavours...
1,946 views | Jun 20, 2011

Thai Street Vendor Khao Soi, Chiangmai Curry Noodles

More information, pictures, and complete recipe for "Khao Soi" at http:importfood.comvideos098-Dish8.html A complete selection of importe...
9,298 views | Sep 06, 2011

Chimichurrie recipe

See in this video the tradicional Argentinean way to prepare Chimichurrie and paired with Fuzion wines.
71 views | Mar 16, 2012

How to make Khao Soi Chiang Mai Curry Yellow Noodles

Welcome to Ghia Kitchen! Chiang mai, Thailand Thapae Soi 2 Thai food & Western food NO M.S.G Vegetarian option.
5,155 views | Oct 13, 2010

Khao Soi BJC タイ北部の名物の カレースープ

チェンマイの名物、カオ・ソイ!ピリ辛で激ウマ! Chiang Mai's local specialty, Khao Soi! Spicy and delicious! Japanese and English Recipes Available below: Tuna and Mango Spring Roll...
803 views | May 24, 2013

Khao Soi Northern Thai Noodle Curry Soup

The main ingredients. The chicken thigh 12 kg. Noodles 12 pieces. soy sauce 25 g. salt 3.5 g. dark soy sauce 30 g. Coconut, grated 12 kg. water 1 liter -C...
2,234 views | Mar 13, 2012

Thai Fermented Pork Naam

Naam can be eaten as is after it has fermented, or you can fry or grill it. It is eaten with vegetables like cabbage, cucumber slices, Thai basil or any othe...
4,989 views | Sep 30, 2010

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