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House of X Tia Khao Piak Sen Lao Rice Noodles Lao Cooking, Lao Food

CONTESTGIVEAWAY CLOSED***** In this video, I am making rice noodles from scratch, which are used for Laotian chicken noodle soup. Enjoy! KHAO PIAK SEN ...
11,519 views | Oct 29, 2013

C w Nana Lao Chicken based Broth ນ້ຳເຂົ້າປຽກ Narm Kowpiek

Here is how I make the broth for the kow piek sen (chicken noodle soup). I was holding the camera myself because my cameraman wasn't available until it was t...
42,672 views | Mar 06, 2013

C w Nana Rice Noodles ເສັ້ນເຂົ້າປຽກ Sen Khow Piek

This is a re-upload of the pilot episode of "Cooking with Nana" (, which was uploaded Dec 6, 2011. This is the...
42,270 views | Feb 20, 2013

How to make Kao Piak the easy way

This is my first and official cooking video, so excuse me if I'm a bit rusty. Anyways, I enjoy eating this dish on a cold FallWinter night. Note, I was too ...
13,341 views | Nov 06, 2013

Kao Piak Noodles Lao Chicken Noodle Soup

Kao Piak or Lao Chicken Noodles. Best when it's cold outside or you're sick. This video shows only how to make the noodles. The how to on the Broth is on my ...
30,619 views | Jul 22, 2011

House of X Tia Khao Piak Sen Broth Lao Chicken Soup Lao Cooking, Lao F...

House of X Tia - Khao Piak Sen Broth (Chicken Soup) Ingredients 3 cloves of garlic, minced 3 slices of ginger, peeled 1T cooking oil 3 - chicken thighbreast...
5,108 views | Nov 08, 2013

How to make chicken Khao piak

First attempt at making my tutorial video. It's not the best , but it's a work in progress.
2,398 views | Mar 18, 2014

How to make Khaub Piaj Kao Piak

Get the recipe on my blog at http:annievang.comcontenthow-make-khaub-piaj-homemade-rice-noodle-chicken-soup How to make khaub piaj - kao piak. This is a ...
74,012 views | Dec 04, 2011

C w Nana Chili Oil ກ່ຽວໝາກເຜັດ Ghiow Mak Phet

This is a spicy condiment to be added to dishes, such as Khao piek sen or Pho. It is for adding spicy heat to your dishes. Don't eat this on its own. If you ...
4,869 views | Jan 19, 2015

khao piak hmong dub

Ok so this was my first attempt at this I've already made this the next day and have that video up also but this one is in hmong and for enjoyment only but y...
8,881 views | Jan 22, 2013

C w Nana Crispy Fried Rice Salad ແໜມເຂົ້າ Nam Khao

I this video, I show how I make Nam Khao (ແໜມເຂົ້າ), a crispy fried rice dish with sour pork (ສົ້ມຫມູ == som moo). INGREDIENTS FOR RICE BALLS: 8 cups cooked ...
67,381 views | Jan 26, 2013

C w Nana Lao Chicken Curry ເຂົ້າປຸ້ນນ້ຳໄກ່ Khaopoon Nam Gai

Khaopoon Nam Gai (ເຂົ້າປຸ້ນນ້ຳໄກ່) is a curry soup with chicken eaten with vermicelli noodles. :: Cooking with Nana: Lao Chicken Curry (ເຂົ້າປຸ້ນນ້ຳໄກ່ == Kh...
45,176 views | Mar 03, 2013

Kao Piak Soup Lao Chicken Noodle Soup

Kao Piak also known as Lao Chicken Noodle Soup. Great for Winter or when you are sick. Half or Whole Chicken Big pot filled half full of water Tablespoon of ...
14,276 views | Jul 22, 2011

House of X Tia Khao Poon, Kapoon Red Curry Soup w Vermicelli Noodles L...

CONNECT WITH ME: Business Inquiries | Facebook | https:www.facebook.compagesHouse-of-X-Tia1430056227213814 Instagram | http:inst...
10,268 views | Jan 07, 2014

C w Nana Lao Pandan Rice Dessert ເຂົ້າປາດ Khao Pahd

Khao Pahd (ເຂົ້າປາດ), literally means "sliced rice." It is a pandan-flavored flour dessert topped with shredded coconut. This dessert is very popular at Lao ...
92,944 views | Jun 16, 2013

C w Nana Khao Leng Feun KLF

Khao Leng Feun (KLF for short) is a dish from the Tai Lue people of Northern Laos. It is noodle soup with a sour base and is usually served cold. When I made...
19,412 views | May 29, 2013

khao piak

Ok so I made this again the next day and it turned out right unlike my first attempt enjoy.
3,107 views | Jan 22, 2013

C w Nana Sweet Rice with Mango Custard ເຂົ້າໜຽວໝາກມ່ວງ Khao Niow Mak M...

Khao Niow Mak Muang (ເຂົ້າໜຽວໝາກມ່ວງ) is a sweet rice and coconut dessert topped with mango slices. In this video I will show the mango topping, as well as a...
40,286 views | Jul 04, 2013

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