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(You can cancel email alerts at anytime.) Pecan Cherry Spare Ribs Similar to Johnny Trigg Method ... - This is said to be similar to the Johnny trigg of Pitmasters pork spare rib method. A rub is put on then margerine, brown sugar, ...
70,652 views | Jan 16, 2011

Johnny Trigg Talks All Things BBQ With Pork Barrel BBQ

Pork Barrel BBQ's Heath Hall talks with Johnny Trigg at the 2012 Safeway National Capital Barbecue Battle in Washington, DC. Johnny gives some tips on gettin...
13,249 views | Jan 10, 2013

Fat Ash BBQ 2nd Annual Napa Auto Parts Cookoff

This was our last Cook-off.
2,038 views | May 22, 2011

Spare Ribs Recipe How To Smoke Spare Ribs BBQ spare ribs recipe. My recipe for smoking spare ribs. You will rub your spare ribs, put the spares on the smoker and allow them ...
205,886 views | May 23, 2013

KCBS Great American BBQ Tour Announces The 2010 American Royal Grill M...

Mike Peters introduces judges for the KCBS Great American Barbecue Tour American Royal Grill Master cookoff and announces the winner between Johnny Trigg of ...
1,845 views | Oct 02, 2010

Barbecue Cooking School for Competition BBQ Pitmasters Barbecue Cooking School for Competition BBQ Pitmasters | BBQ Class from Malcom & Waylon Reed of Killer Hogs BBQ team and Mark Lamber...
1,863 views | Nov 06, 2012

SMOKED on Destination America

SMOKED -- One hour special premieres Monday, May 27 at 9pm EP on DESTINATION AMERICA. One up and coming Pitmaster is about to get his dream shot - to go hea...
3,662 views | May 20, 2013

Turning over the meat Myron Mixon Cooking Class Myron Mixon

The meat had to be turned once turing the pig was really fun. Myron Mixon Memories school don the old way. Good BBQ!
11,514 views | Jan 10, 2011

Smoked Spare Ribs The 3 2 1 Method

We are smoking a St. Louis trimmed slab of spare ribs using the 3-2-1 Method. This involves three steps that we outline in the video. I'm using Wolfe's bold ...
335,379 views | Mar 16, 2011

Hot Rod Tv at Carolina Pitmasters BBQ Cook School

Hot Rod Lorick went to Dorchester Shrine Club for some training in Judging in the Southern BBQ Network and good times with all the students at the School!!
602 views | Mar 10, 2012

Radio During Cooking School at Myron Mixon Memories Class

This is Myron Mixon Memories Class the way his dad did it. This is his second in command for the last 10 years and a great friend.
453 views | Jan 10, 2011

Chicken For BBQ Must Know Competition Secrets

How to prep the best Chicken for BBQ competitions and home. You hate biting into a piece of chicken and getting mushy - fatty skin right? Here is a few trick...
32,790 views | Apr 12, 2013

Complete Rib Cook and BBQ Contest

Lets Cook Some Ribs. We did and put up three BBQ Sauces against each other. It was a whole lot of fun. There is only one way to learn big time Ribs and that ...
10,667 views | Jan 05, 2013

Smokin in Mesquite 2010 Cooking Class

This is the cooking class conducted at the Smokin' in Mesquite BBQ 2010. This is in the showroom at the CasaBlanca Hotel and Casino.
408 views | Sep 03, 2010

Myron Mixon BBQ Memories Class BBQSS Episode 2

Myron Mixon BBQ Memories Class was informative and fun!! We learned a lot of in formation. We have Rosie Cafarelli and Bub-Ba-Q. We have chills and spills an...
34,528 views | Feb 16, 2011

Myron Mixon gets the chichen ready

Myron in his Memories cooking class cooking bbq the old time way like his dad did gets the chicken ready and works on the whole hog.
4,357 views | Jan 11, 2011
cooking Savory Stock Injected Brisket Flat slow cooked on a Yod... - Beef brisket injected with a savory home made beef stock. Seasoned with Mad Hunky no salt rub and slow cooked at 225 on a Yoder Y...
12,172 views | Aug 11, 2012

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