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Jerung Makan Orang

From - Posted: Nov 24, 2009 - 1,667,714 views
Cooking | Jerung Makan Orang | Jerung Makan Orang
Jerung Makan Orang
Jerung Makan Orang
Duration: 00 minute 24 seconds 
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BELUT RAKSASA Mengancam manusia.mp4

BUDIDAYA BELUT http:peluangusaha-oke.comprospek-budidaya-belut
1,362,313 views | Jul 23, 2011

Memancing Ikan Hiu

Video creativ
1,029,606 views | Sep 17, 2013

Pelukan Singa terhadap orang yg menyelamatkannya.

Konon singa ini diselamatkan oleh laki2 tersebut 6 tahun yg lalu dari rimba Columbia..
2,289,191 views | Mar 20, 2010

ular makan manusia

Kunjungi juga
253,413 views | Apr 16, 2010

Haiwan Pelik Rare

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279,551 views | Nov 24, 2009

Gajah Beranak.mp4

si ibu gajah cuba berusaha memastikan anaknye terselamat dgn menendang anaknye..
3,078,324 views | Jun 14, 2011

orang di makan ikan paus

146,292 views | Nov 04, 2009

Ular Besar isi Perut ada Manusia Part 2

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ular makan manusia

kejadian di gorontalo
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Kura kura terbesar di dunia ditemui di Iraq

Kurakura ni tak tau la sahih ke tak..
1,229,299 views | Apr 04, 2009

hantu pocong dua ekor datang rumah

hihihi... seram
7,313,852 views | May 25, 2008

Killer Whale Vs Great White shark National Geographic WILD

Give Your Opinion : https:www.facebook.comGYOpinionKiller Whale Vs Great White ( National Geographic WILD )Amazing footage of a Killer Whale (Orca) attacking and partially eating a Great White shark, filmed by a whale watching tourist. During a whale watching trip for tourists near the marine sanctuary of the Farallon Islands, a Killer Whale was spotted and filmed as it broke the surface with a Great White shark gripped in its jaws. This was not only the first filming of such an incident, but also the first time marine biologists had even heard of such an attack. This incident lead to further research on the subject, finally convincing marine biologists that the Killer Whale was the top predator in all the oceans.Killer whales are very sophisticated and effective predators. Thirty-two cetacean species have been recorded as killer whale prey, from examining either stomach contents, scarring on the prey's body, or feeding activity. Groups even attack larger cetaceans such as minke whales, gray whales, and rarely sperm whales or blue whales.Hunting large whales usually takes several hours. Killer whales generally choose to attack young or weak animals, instead. However, a group of five or more may attack a healthy adult. When hunting a young whale, a group chases it and its mother until they wear out. Eventually, they separate the pair and surround the calf, preventing it from surfacing to breathe, drowning it. Pods of female sperm whales sometimes protect themselves by forming a protective circle around their calves with their flukes facing outwards, using them to repel the attackers. Rarely, large killer whale pods can overwhelm even adult female sperm whales. Adult bull sperm whales, which are large, powerful and aggressive when threatened, and fully grown adult blue whales, which are possibly too large to overwhelm, are not believed to be prey for killer whales.Other marine mammal prey species include nearly 20 species of seal, sea lion and fur seal. Walruses and sea otters are less frequently taken. Often, to avoid injury, killer whales disable their prey before killing and eating it. This may involve throwing it in the air, slapping it with their tails, ramming it, or breaching and landing on it. Sea lions are killed by head-butting or after a stunning blow from a tail fluke. In the Aleutian Islands, a decline in sea otter populations in the 1990s was controversially attributed by some scientists to killer whale predation, although with no direct evidence. The decline of sea otters followed a decline in harbour seal and Steller sea lion populations, the killer whale's preferred prey,[Note 1] which in turn may be substitutes for their original prey, now decimated by industrial whaling.In steeply banked beaches off Península Valdés, Argentina, and the Crozet Islands, killer whales feed on South American sea lions and southern elephant seals in shallow water, even beaching temporarily to grab prey before wriggling back to the sea. Beaching, usually fatal to cetaceans, is not an instinctive behavior, and can require years of practice for the young. "Wave-hunting" killer whales spy-hop to locate Weddell seals, crabeater seals and leopard seals resting on ice floes, and then swim in groups to create waves that wash over the floe. This washes the seal into the water, where other killer whales lie in wait.Killer whales have also been observed preying on terrestrial mammals, such as deer and moose swimming between islands off the northwest coast of North America. Killer whale cannibalism has also been reported based on analysis of stomach contents, but this is likely to be the result of scavenging remains dumped by whalers. One killer whale was also attacked by its companions after being shot. Although resident killer whales have never been observed to eat other marine mammals, they occasionally harass and kill porpoises and seals for no apparent reason.
3,414,130 views | Jul 11, 2014

Buaya Makan Manusia Ditangkap

Seekor buaya yang selama ini meresahkan dan diduga telah memangsa tiga orang di Sungai Kualuh, Labuhan Batu, Sumatra Utara, Rabu (1762009), ditangkap setelah diincar selama sebulan. Buaya sepanjang lima meter dengan berat mencapai 500 kilogram itu ditangkap nelayan dengan menggunakan jaring. Selanjutnya, buaya tersebut akan diserahkan kepada Pemerintah Kabupaten Labuhan Batu ke taman hewan, Pematang Siantar, guna dikembangbiakkan. Perburuan buaya terus dilakukan karena masih terdapat puluhan ekor yang belum tertangkap.
3,221,743 views | Jun 17, 2009

よしもと芸人がつくる「旅のしおり」熱海編4 5

「よしもと芸人がつくる旅のしおり」のワンシーン。恒例の温泉PRコーナーより。 Yahoo!×吉本 よしもと劇場でも試聴できるよ!
47,093,166 views | May 14, 2008

Megalodon Giant Shark full documentary HD

Megalodon Giant Shark(full documentary)HD
4,724,873 views | Dec 04, 2013

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