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JELL O Pumpkin Spiced Mini Cake Balls

From - Posted: Nov 19, 2011 - 2,559 views
Cooking | JELL O Pumpkin Spiced Mini Cake Balls
JELL O Pumpkin Spiced Mini Cake Balls
JELL O Pumpkin Spiced Mini Cake Balls
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Find this and 15 other easy to make JELL-O recipes at http:www.jello.comrecipes
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cooking | JELL O Black Forest Cupcakes

JELL O Black Forest Cupcakes

Find this and 15 other easy to make JELL-O recipes at http:www.jello.comrecipes
3,499 views | Nov 19, 2011
cooking | JELL O Mini Mimosas

JELL O Mini Mimosas

Find this and 15 other easy to make JELL-O recipes at http:www.jello.comrecipes
3,499 views | Nov 19, 2011
cooking | Rainbow Jell O Jiggler Deviled Eggs for Easter!! Jello Mold Recipe

Rainbow Jell O Jiggler Deviled Eggs for Easter!! Jello Mold Recipe

Learn how to make these rainbow Jello Jiggler 'deviled' eggs for Easter! Layers of 6 different flavors of Jell-O and topped with whipped cream. These will look amazing on the holiday table and kids will love them! What you'll need: 6 flavors of Jell-O (cherry, orange, lemon, lime, berry blue and grape) unflavored gelatine (Knox brand is recommended) yogurt, sour cream, Cool-Whip or evaporated milk whipping cream or whipped cream vegetable oil assorted measuring cups whisk measuring spoons funnel or syringe egg molds**For each flavor of Jello, combine 2 Tbsp cool water with 14 tsp unflavored gelatine. Let dissolve slightly and add in a 3 oz pkg of Jello. Add in enough boiling water to make 1 14 cups. Whisk for 2-3 minutes or until all gelatin is dissolved. Pour 34 cup mixture into another measuring cup and set aside. To the remaining mix, add in enough sour cream, yogurt or Cool-Whip to make 34 cup. Whisk well and set aside. Let both mixtures cool before using. If using the Jell-O Jiggler molds, use 1 tsp for each layer. There will be a total of 11 layers (a clear and opaque layer for each color except grape which will be a double layer of clear). Refrigerate for 15-20 minutes between layers.**If you want to use regular plastic eggs for molds and you need to determine the correct measurement for each layer, fill up the egg you wish to use with water. Pour into a measuring cup with markings and divide the total volume by 12. Example: if the egg mold holds 14 cup, each layer would be 1 tsp as there are 12 tsps in 14 cup. (14 cup = 4 Tbsp = 12 tsp). It may be best to find eggs that are this size since it's easy to measure. Some eggs are better suited for this than others. ps: Since I didn't say in the video, this will make approximately 36 whole Jello eggs or 72 'deviled' Jello eggs. pps: This is NOT a sponsored video! I just like Jello gelatin and I love their molds. I used vintage molds but they are still available on Amazon and eBay or even craigslist. My Links: Google+: Facebook: https:www.facebook.compagesCrouton-Crackerjacks549691821747028 Pinterest: https:www.pinterest.comcrackerjackj Twitter: https:twitter.comcrackerjack_j
3,499 views | Mar 27, 2015
cooking | Swimming in Jello

Swimming in Jello

Maggie swims in jello in celebration of her 30th birthday!
3,499 views | Mar 31, 2011

cooking | Jell O Pinwheels

Jell O Pinwheels

Learn how to make these Jell-o pinwheels! Another stupid easy 'recipe' with only 3 ingredients. Super easy, quick to make and the kids will love them! You can use any flavor of Jell-O to make these. What you'll need: 1 (3oz) pkg Jell-O gelatin 12 cup water 1-12 cup mini marshmallows (I used and recommend 1 cup loosely packed)Barely spray an 8"x8" or 9"x9" baking pan with non stick spray. Using a paper towel, spread oil around and leave just a thin film of oil on the pan. Set aside. In a large bowl, combine Jell-O and water. Microwave on high for 1 minute. Using a whisk, stir to combine until all gelatin is dissolved. Add in mini marshmallows and microwave on high for 20-40 seconds, just until marshmallows begin to puff. You don't want to melt them. Whisk until marshmallows are dissolved into the Jell-O. Quickly pour into prepared baking pan and refrigerate 45 minutes to 1 hour. When throughly chilled, roll up Jell-O sheet in the pan and put your log onto a cutting board. Using monofilament or unflavored dental floss, cut into 1" slices like you would cinnamon rolls. Place onto a plate and keep refrigerated until serving. Makes 8-9 1" slices. Enjoy!I got this recipe and idea from Joy of Jello here:
3,499 views | Jan 05, 2013
cooking | Make Mini Ice Cream Cake Pops! A Cupcake Addiction How To Tutorial

Make Mini Ice Cream Cake Pops! A Cupcake Addiction How To Tutorial

SUBSCRIBE HERE: http:bit.lyMyCupcakeAddiction Learn how to make these cute, simple Ice Cream Cone cake pops! I LOVE these as they don't need cake pop stands and are so cute and easy to make! --SUBSCRIBE to MyCupcakeAddiction for 3 x weekly tutorials!-----Link to Ninerbakes blog: http:www.ninerbakes.comTools & Equipment: Scissors Ziplock bag Serrated knifeIngredients: Flat bottom ice cream cone Cakepop balls (2 per ice cream - recipe link below) Dark or milk melted chocolate Sprinkles Red candies (I used jaffas you can use m&m's or gobstobbers) Melted candy melts in your chosen colour Useful Links: Link to cake pop recipe: http:bit.ly187jvugConnect with me on: Facebook: http:on.fb.me1cOOpu6 Twitter: http:bit.ly1chFsvF Instagram: http:bit.ly134thON Pinterest: http:bit.ly17awkC5I'd love to see pics of your cakes and cake pops on ANY of the above -- You all know how mine turn out -- now show me YOUR creations! Xx EliseMusic: "Six String" by Chris Blackwell via Audio Network
3,499 views | Sep 11, 2013
cooking | Jello Cookies

Jello Cookies

how to make these delicous jello suagr cookies! yum!song is Grizzly Bear - 2 weeks* i do not own this song, using it for entertainment purposes only.
3,499 views | Jan 20, 2013


Welcome to Gregs Kitchen, where the food is finger licking! How to make a very special easy simple desert.
3,499 views | Feb 24, 2012

cooking | Pumpkin Spice Cake Recipe Demonstration

Pumpkin Spice Cake Recipe Demonstration

Recipe here: http:www.joyofbaking.comPumpkinSpiceCake.html Stephanie Jaworski of demonstrates how to make a Pumpkin Spice Cake. Pumpkin desserts are especially popular during the fall and winter months and this Pumpkin Spice Cake is sure to please. It has two delicious layers of moist and spicy pumpkin cake that are filled and frosted with a maple flavored cream cheese icing.We welcome questions on our Facebook Page: http:www.facebook.comjoyofbaking
3,499 views | Oct 15, 2013
cooking | 50 Jell O Cup Challenge

50 Jell O Cup Challenge

Good Video?? LikeFav & Share!!50 Jello Cups, 10 lbs of Jello, same difference...Semi-Follow up to a previous Jello video I did a long time ago, link is below. (60 Sec Jello Cups: http:youtu.be2dTYWINAVtg)ENJOY!!Facebook - http:www.facebook.commegatoad Twitter - @mattstonie Megatoad Tee's - http:mattstonie.bigcartel.comNEW PO BOX!! Send me stuff!!!P.O. Box 22210 San Jose, CA 95151Credits: Royalty Free Music by http:audiomicro.comroyalty-free-music
3,499 views | Feb 26, 2014
cooking | How to make a mini Pastel Cake

How to make a mini Pastel Cake

Hello everyone! I made this tutorial were I show you how to make a miniature cake in clay ^_____^ Hope you like it!I LOVE to hear your requests on what you would like to see next, if you got an idea, just leave a comment :)Tips, tricks and info: -Don't have a round cookie cutter? You can cut it with a knife :) -You can use any colors you want on the cake! -To make the cleanest cut into the cake, use a knife with a thin blade, like the one I used -If you find it hard to make the texture on the inside of the cake, you can skip it -I used Fimo soft clay and glazed with triple thick gloss glaze, I edit in adobe Premiere Elements 12.0Have a great day! ^_____^Music: Composed and played by: Me (Elin Palmborg), Titel of the music: Panda theme music, I don't have a label
3,499 views | Apr 09, 2014
cooking | How to Make Vietnamese Coconut Jelly Cakes recipe

How to Make Vietnamese Coconut Jelly Cakes recipe

How-to Make Vietnamese Coconut Jelly Cakes by Andrea on YouTube channel: mackandnorm. Here is the recipe for 1 batch of my Vietnamese coconut jelly: In a big pot over a cooktop combine the following - 3 cans of 400ml coconut cream Equal amounts of water (1200ml) 2 & 12 cups of white sugar Mix with a whisk and bring to boil. Let it simmer for about 5 minutes for everything to dissolve. Then add I packet of Agar Agar Powder (25gram) which you can get from an asian grocery store for about $2. Whisk mixture and bring to boil. Simmer for about 5 to 10 minutes with whisking so that everything gets dissolved. Remove from heat and pour into contains or molds. The rose mold & fruit mold are from asain supermarket for a few dollars each. You can probably track them dowm from your local asain supermarket. You can add food colours to the molds containers to make them look pretty. The jelly starts to set straight away for smaller jelly molds but needs a few hours to set for your bigger molds. This is just how I make them but there are other ways you can make them too.
3,499 views | Nov 14, 2012

cooking | How To Make Jello Cookies

How To Make Jello Cookies

Get the complete recipe here: http:bit.ly1pGLdo3These Jello cookies were very easy to make and very tasty! I only used 5 ingredients, enjoy!More Videos: Sweet Salty Cookies: http:bit.lyQajgdR Panda Cupcakes: http:bit.lyOEZdTINEVER MISS AN EPISODE BY SUBSCRIBING: http:bit.ly1g8nNbGLET'S BE FRIENDS: My Blog: http:bit.ly1eUcEuH Instagram: http:bit.ly12x6viq Facebook: http:on.fb.me17X1h0B Twitter: http:bit.ly15Uygz4 Pinterest: http:bit.ly1khO1u8 Google+: http:bit.ly1khOaxQLainey created SimplyBakings to share fun and simple recipes for all ages. As a college student studying a non culinary art degree, she shares recipes she has created and simplified so that a mere child could make it (with the help of an adult of course). Join Lainey as she shares Filipino recipes, recipe reviews, product reviews, and more series to come...Let's begin...THANKS FOR WATCHING and don't forget to comment, I LOVE reading them and I do reply to most of them! :)-LaineyMusic by Leon Solanky
3,499 views | Mar 31, 2014
cooking | Pumpkin Cake Recipe

Pumpkin Cake Recipe

How to bake a pumpkin cake in easy steps. Pumpkin Cake Recipe http:www.aashpazi.compumpkin-cake Ingredients: 1 Cup Pumpkin Puree 1 12 Cup All-Purpose Flour 12 Cup Cream Cheese 12 Cup Pecans 3 Eggs 1 Cup Brown Sugar 1 Tbsp Sugar 12 Tsp Salt 12 Tsp Ground Cloves 12 Tsp Ground Cinnamon 14 Tsp Ground Nutmeg 1 Tsp Baking Powder 1 Tsp Baking Soda 12 Cup Vegetable Oil 12 Tsp Vanilla ExtractPreparations: 1- Dice the pecans finely. Directions: http:www.aashpazi.compumpkin-cake Pumpkin Cake contains very high amounts of vitamin A. Using fresh ingredients to prepare this recipe can make a big difference. Freshly made pumpkin puree can bring tons of benefits to this delicious cake. Pumpkin is known for its minerals.Pecans are good source of ... Read More http:www.aashpazi.compumpkin-cake-calories for Pumpkin Puree Recipe visit http:aashpazi.compumpkin-puree For more recipes visit Us: ‪http:www.facebook.comaashpazi‬ ‪ list=PL97B860F10B6E7A9F&feature=plcp‬‪ list=PL4B9715CE57F26E09&feature=plcp‬ https:twitter.comaashpazi
3,499 views | Oct 26, 2013
cooking | Red Jelly Slice Nobake video thermochef recipe cheekyricho

Red Jelly Slice Nobake video thermochef recipe cheekyricho

Video Recipe for Easy No Bake Red Jelly Slice. Made using The Thermochef. You really have to try this luscious, cool fruity, creamy, crisp based, brightly coloured dessert. INGREDIENTS: 225 grams milk coffee or arrowroot sweet biscuits 20 grams powdered gelatine 175 grams melted butter 395 gram can sweetened condensed milk 85 grams packet of port wine flavoured jelly 60 grams of fresh lemon juice 125 grams boiling water for the filling 250 grams boiling water plus 200 grams of cold water for the jelly topThank you for watching. If you'd like to see more interesting recipes and ideas please check out and subscribe to my cheekyricho channel. Do come back and visit us again soon, we have so much more to share with you. Cheekyricho handy conversion chart for weights, measures,temperatures and volume http:rVRDEM0XjRQ Follow our blog http:cheekyricho.blogspot.comFollow me on Twitter https:twitter.comcheekyrichoFollow me on Facebook http:facebook.compagescheekyricho366725500075799Follow me on http:Youtube.comusercheekyricho
3,499 views | Dec 09, 2012
cooking | JELL O Chocolate Cherry Bombs

JELL O Chocolate Cherry Bombs

Find this and 15 other easy to make JELL-O recipes at http:www.jello.comrecipes
3,499 views | Nov 19, 2011


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