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(You can cancel email alerts at anytime.) Yoder YS640 Cherry Dr. Pepper Injected Pork Butts Shoul... - This is one of my favorit recipes. This videos demonstrates seasoning 4 ork shoulders ( boston Butt's ) with mustard, Jack's Old South Hickory rub, garlic powder...
19,456 views | Jan 01, 2011

Famous Dave and Myron Mixon, Jack s Old South Barbecue Class

Famous Dave & Myron Mixon, Jack's Old South Barbecue Class Cooking Whole Hog, Ribs, Pork Butt, BBQ Ribs.
4,794 views | Mar 20, 2011

Amazing RIBS! Myron Mixon Johnny Trigg Style!

We did the ribs using the 3-2-1 method. 3 hours at 225 2 hours at 225 wrapped in foil 1 hour at 225 with sauce (both recipes below) Both recipes involve removing the silver skin and seasoning...
1,474 views | Mar 17, 2015

Grilling Recipes Myron Mixon s Great American Burger

The "winningest man in BBQ" Myron Mixon, star of CBS's "Ultimate BBQ Showdown" gives you a step-by-step guide to making a burger that'll make a puppy pull a freight train. Visit
41,280 views | Apr 25, 2012

Interview with Myron Mixon of BBQ Pitmasters and Jacks Old South

Footage of my interview with Myron Mixon courtesy of Destination America.
871 views | May 30, 2013
cooking Pastrami Smoked Gouda Stuffed Chicken Breast Trager coo... - Chicken breasts marinated in Zesty Italian dressing and stuffed with Pastrami wrapped garlic, smoked Gouda cheese, green onion and some Jack Daniels honey mustard....
3,271 views | Mar 29, 2010
cooking Pecan Cherry Spare Ribs Similar to Johnny Trigg Method ... - This is said to be similar to the Johnny trigg of Pitmasters pork spare rib method. A rub is put on then margerine, brown sugar, Tiger Sauce and honey is added during...
76,890 views | Jan 16, 2011

Great BBQ Ribs Badass BBQ Ribs

Badass BBQ Ribs: Beginning in 1995, Tom Norris is a founding member of the Grillas BBQ Team in Kansas City. The Grillas were the 2003 American Royal "Open" BBQ Contest's Grand Champions....
910 views | Aug 19, 2013
cooking Mesquite Smoked Sweet Tangy Beef Ribs Traeger Texas Eli... - Beef rips rubbed down withmastard, Myron Mixon's Jack's Old South hickory dry rub and brown sugar. Smoked low and slow on a Traeger Texas smoker. Misted with apple.
28,820 views | Apr 09, 2010

BBQ Tips From The Best in Smoke

A short film shot at the Hog Wild BBQ Festival in Mobile, AL. The film includes tips from big time BBQ competitors like Danielle Dimovski of Diva-Q and three time world champion Myron Mixon...
2,286 views | Mar 14, 2011
cooking Viewer Appreciation Drawing! Free Sauce Rub! - Viewer appreciation drawing! See who won the free bottles of Jack's Old South Rub and BBQ Sauce. Find me on Facebook. Search for Thanks for ...
403 views | Oct 23, 2010

Episode 10 BBQ Rub and Sauce with Pulled Pork Sandwich

The Flame Tree BBQ in the Animal Kingdom Theme Park is one of our favourite counter service meal locations. One of the reasons for that is the BBQ rub and Sauce they use on their meat, ribs,...
604 views | Apr 13, 2011

MuleTuf Smoker, Smelly Butts BBQ, Backyard Cook

just Cooking a couple sides of babybacks for a sunday evening meal.
862 views | Jan 08, 2012

BBQ Pork Butts Briskets On Off Set by Popsblazinsmokers

Nice weather is upon us, a break from the summer heat. Time to start burning some sticks! BBQ is a event and when bbq'ing large pieces of meat it's a great time for families to get together....
275 views | Sep 13, 2011

Whole Hog Preparation Demo with Carolina Pit Masters

Preparing whole hog for competition is one of the things taught at Carolina Pit Master's Competition BBQ SC. The annual bbq training includes hog preparation, chicken preparation and...
111,355 views | Mar 07, 2009

Cooking on my Stumps Stretch Smoker

A video tour of some of my past cooks of various foods and locations. Included are, ribs, chicken, venison jerky, ham, pork loin, meatballs, bbq beans, good food and good people. Hope you enjoy.
1,651 views | Dec 09, 2012

Pitmaster T Series Hot n Fast No Foil Jucicitidinous Brisket

Watch Pitmaster T reveal the secrets of Hot and Fast cooking. If you long to get your brisket from the Texas Meccas in the likes of town such as Lockhart, Elgin, Taylor and Tyler, this is how...
13,493 views | Jun 24, 2011

Pit Maker Custom BBQ Trailer for Competition BBQ Team

Making of the new Pit-Maker BBQ Trailer for the Dodge City Cookers Competition BBQ Cook-off Team. Watch as the guys at Pit-Maker put together an awesome 20 ft walk-on BBQ Competition Cooking ...
40,386 views | Apr 07, 2009

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