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How To Solve Parity On The Last 7x7x7 Edge

From - Posted: Apr 05, 2010 - 47,415 views
Cooking | How To Solve Parity On The Last 7x7x7 Edge | How To Solve Parity On The Last 7x7x7 Edge
How To Solve Parity On The Last 7x7x7 Edge
How To Solve Parity On The Last 7x7x7 Edge
Duration: 02 minute 53 seconds 
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On my "How I Solve The Last Four 7x7 Edges" I didn't cover one of the parity cases you get when trying to solve the last edge, so I just made them all in this video. First case algorithm: 3R U2 3R x U2 3R U2 3L' x' U2 3L U2 3R' U2 3R U2 3R' U2 3R' (XXOXX)Second case algorithm: 3R U2 3R x U2 3R 2R' U2 x' 3L' 2L U2 2L' 3L U2 3R' 2R U2 3R 2R' U2 3R' U2 3R' (OXOXO)Third case algorithm: 2R U2 2R x U2 2R U2 2L' x' U2 2L U2 2R' U2 2R U2 2R' U2 2R' (XOOOX)
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11x11 Rubik s Cube Solve 27 23.41

My best time so far for the 11x11 cube. When I finally get used to the many center pieces, my times should improve!Approximate Splits: Centers: 19:22Edges: 6:513x3: 1:10 (lol)
400,339 views | Dec 29, 2010

3 37 7x7 Single Vancouver Open Summer 2012

Cube isn't in good view so sorry for that, will probably get a tripod or someone to film next time.Good solve for me!
3,025 views | Aug 12, 2012

First Rubik s Cube Solve of 2011!!

Haha yeah, plus random stuff. It was a good solve of 11.97
14,193 views | Jan 01, 2011

Sunday Contest for 04 11 10 12.66 Average of 12!

I'm doing the Sunday Contest for next sunday, which I will be at a cube meet. My PB average of 12 is 12.26 I believe? And that was before I switched to colour neutral and when I was practicing much more. This surprised me because I haven't been speedcubing much recently especially on 3x3.Statistics for 04-05-2010 19:25:44Average: 12.66 Standard Deviation: 0.46 Best Time: 11.08 Worst Time: 14.99 Individual Times: 1.11.85R' U2 F' R2 U' R2 B2 R' U' B U F' R B2 F2 L' R' U D' R B2 L2 D2 U' L 2.12.97B' D' F U' R D' L B2 D' B2 L' R2 U2 F L2 R2 D R2 L' B L D2 R2 D' F' 3.(14.99)D B F2 U2 L' D2 L' U2 R2 B2 L R2 F' D R2 U2 R B' R2 B' D' R B F R2 4.13.35B R' U D2 R' L2 B' D B2 U' L F2 U' B2 L' D2 R2 B' F2 D2 U2 B' L R' U2 5.12.07D B L2 F D R2 D U2 F2 L U L D L2 D B' U2 D F2 U' F2 R L' D F' 6.13.09F D' L' D' U2 F' L B' F2 D' L2 D F2 U' B D' L' R2 D' B' U2 R' U2 L' F' 7.12.56B2 F L2 R D F2 U2 F D F' R2 D R' L2 D' L F R2 F R2 F2 R D R2 F' 8.11.94B U2 F L' B2 U' B' L' R' D' B' U' F' B' U2 R2 F U2 F2 D2 F U B2 L2 F' 9.12.78U' L' F2 B2 D2 F R2 D2 B' R2 B' F R B2 R' U2 L2 F D' L2 F' D2 B2 F' D 10.12.82B F2 L U' D' F2 R2 F2 B2 R2 L' F2 L D' U' L2 R D U B2 F' U2 R' B R 11.13.13D2 L' D L D F' D2 F2 U' D L2 F2 U F' L' F' L' B2 R2 U R' F2 R L U2 12.(11.08)B' R' L' D' B' U2 B2 L' F' L' U R' B F2 L2 D U' L2 U D L' D2 B2 L' F'
580 views | Apr 05, 2010

Construction of Tony Fisher s Micro 3x3x3 Ball Puzzle

I made this puzzle from a white plastic 19mm micro Rubik's Cube. Although a bit fiddly shaping the ball wasn't too difficult. Cutting and applying the stickers was far more difficult. Update: This puzzle is not for sale since the amount of work involved means the price would be very high. In addition the stickers do not stay on very well so even if someone paid the high price they would most likely want their money back when all the stickers fell off. The puzzles I do have for sale are here- puzzles are available here- http:tonyfisherpuzzles.netpuzzleshop.html
783,150 views | Oct 29, 2009

V Cubes blah blah blah

Facebook https:www.facebook.comCrazyBadCuberSubscribe to my new channel here my new Facebook page for this channel here https:www.facebook.comCrazybadmagicianThanks for the support everybody!!!
42,831 views | Jan 22, 2013

New Edit WORLD RECORD 7x7x7 Rubik s Cube solve 2.39.41 by Lin Chen usi...

Video uploaded with permission. Original upload by Chunyu Zhang. Check out his channel- Buy 7x7x7s here- http:tonyfisherpuzzles.netPuzzleShopVCubes.html
12,578 views | Mar 15, 2014

6year old girl solved V CUBE7

Japanese 6year old girl solved V-CUBE7.
1,567,825 views | Dec 10, 2008

Sheng Shou 8x8x8 Rubik s Cube KO or not ??? V Cube comparison

Genuine V-Cubes - http:tonyfisherpuzzles.netPuzzleShopVCubes.html (free shipping). I am not a legal expert so I will word this carefully- I purchased the Sheng Shou 8x8x8 when it first came out because I was lead to believe it did not infringe on the V-Cube patent. The external appearance is different and I knew that it used an alternative method to prevent internal misalignments. When I received and disassembled the puzzle though it was clear that there are many similarities. There are also differences though so I will leave it to you to make your own decisions. Consider this major fence sitting. Because of my uncertainties I have not included a demonstration of the 8x8x8 or details where to get it. Ever wondered what Rubik's Cube looks like in a different language? "Cubo Mágico" Zauberwuerfel Zauberwürfe 魔方 魔方 扭計骰 ルービックキューブ "кубик рубика" ลูกบาศก์รูบิค مكعب روبي "Кубік Рубіка" "Рубик куб" "Rubikova kostka" "Rubiku kuubiku" "Rubikin kuutio" רוביק של קיוב "Rubiko kubas" "Рубикова коцка" مکعب روبیک "Kostka Rubika" "Рубикова коцка" "Rubikova kocka" "Кубик Рубіка" スピードキュービング 루빅스 큐브 Tags- Rubik Rubix Tony Fisher Meffert Oskar Felix Zemdegs Akkersdijk Verdes Valk Pyraminx Megaminx Gigaminx Petaminx Examinx V-Cube twisty puzzle Petrus Fridrich WR solve Hexaminx Teraminx 5.66 Dayan Zhanchi Guhong Nakajima mf8 c4u speedcubing Zauberwürfel ルービックキューブ スピードキュービング 扭計骰 魔方 кубик рубика "Cubo Mágico" 2x2x2 3x3x3 4x4x4 5x5x5 6x6x6 7x7x7 ShengShou 8x8x8 9x9x9 10x10x10 11x11x11 12x12x12 13x13x13 17x17x17 Eastsheen LanLan Cube4you qj
18,574 views | Feb 06, 2012

V Cube 3 Unboxing and Review

My facebook: http:facebook.comredKB.FB My twitter: http:twitter.comKennethBrandonMissed the live stream?? Watch it here: http:www.vokle.comevents47595-live-twisty-puzzle-unboxingIn this video I unbox and review the flat and pillowed white V3s from
141,774 views | Feb 12, 2012

How to solve a V CUBE 7x7x7 PART 8

Part of my turtorial on how to solve a V-CUBE 7x7x7. Algorithms (Rr)2 B2 U2 (Ll) U2 (Rr)' U2 (Rr) U2 F2 (Rr) F2 (Ll)' B2 (Rr)2 (Ll)' U2 (Ll)' U2 F2 (Ll)' F2 (Rr) U2 (Rr)' U2 (Ll)2
29,964 views | Nov 16, 2008

11x11 Unboxing!! New Cubes!!!

Check out my vlog channel - youtube.comcamcuberdaily I got an 11x11 and love it! A review should be up fairly soon.
226,311 views | Jun 20, 2010

Pure VS Impure Paritys on Big Cubes

This is a video on pure, impure, and other parity algorithms. Question of the Day! What times must be achieved in order to be considered an 'advanced cuber'? For all 2x2-7x7 For example: Cube X Beginner: Above 37 Intermediate: 13-37 (woo 1337) Advanced: Below 13 The algorithms are as follows: 4x4 OLL Parity: r2 B2 U2 l U2 r' U2 r U2 F2 r F2 l' B2 r2 4x4 PLL Parity: u2 l2 U2 (l2 L2) U2 l2 u2 5x5 Adjacent Wing Edge Parity: r2 B2 U2 l U2 r' U2 r U2 F2 r F2 l' B2 r2 5x5 Opposite Wing Edge Parity: l' U2 l' U2 F2 l' F2 r U2 r' U2 l2 Impure is given, Pure is just turning inner layers on all R and L turns.
13,600 views | Jul 15, 2009

V Cube 7 Last 4 Edges and Parity Tutorial

Shows how to solve the last four edges and parity on the v-cube 7.
33,052 views | Jan 03, 2009

How to Solve the V Cube 7 Edges Part 2

Part 1 is here: The brief tutorial is here: Like to learn how to take this apart? Click here: More solving tutorials are here: The Gabbasoft cube simulator download is here: http:www.4shared.comgetwcvZxahfGabbasoft.html (Sorry for all the advertising clutter on there. The main website was shut down for some reason.)
39,725 views | Jul 12, 2009

V Cube 5 Unboxing and Review

My review of the 5x5 V-cube 5 invented by Panagiotis Verdes. I bought the cube from the V-cube website, The cube is a very sturdy 5x5 cube and I give a few comparisons to both the Eastsheen and Rubik's brand cubes. I find that the V-cube 5's layers are smooth and are able cut corners very well. After only 1 hour of solving the V-cube 5, I was able to beat my record time on the 5x5 cube by almost 30 seconds
52,628 views | Oct 25, 2008