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How To Solve Parity On The Last 7x7x7 Edge

From - Posted: Apr 05, 2010 - 55,917 views
Cooking | How To Solve Parity On The Last 7x7x7 Edge | How To Solve Parity On The Last 7x7x7 Edge
How To Solve Parity On The Last 7x7x7 Edge
How To Solve Parity On The Last 7x7x7 Edge
Duration: 02 minute 53 seconds 
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On my "How I Solve The Last Four 7x7 Edges" I didn't cover one of the parity cases you get when trying to solve the last edge, so I just made them all in this video. First case algorithm: 3R U2 3R x U2 3R U2 3L' x' U2 3L U2 3R' U2 3R U2 3R' U2 3R' (XXOXX)Second case algorithm: 3R U2 3R x U2 3R 2R' U2 x' 3L' 2L U2 2L' 3L U2 3R' 2R U2 3R 2R' U2 3R' U2 3R' (OXOXO)Third case algorithm: 2R U2 2R x U2 2R U2 2L' x' U2 2L U2 2R' U2 2R U2 2R' U2 2R' (XOOOX)
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How I Solve The Last Four 7x7 Edges

This is what I do for the last four edges on a 7x7. I provide you with three examples of what I do. Algorithm for outer edge parity case: 2R U2 2R x U2 2R U2 2L' x' U2 2L U2 2R' U2 2R U2 2R' U2 2R' Algorithm for inner edge parity case: 3R U2 3R x U2 3R 2R' U2 x' 3L' 2L U2 2L' 3L U2 3R' 2R U2 3R 2R' U2 3R' U2 3R' Hope this isn't too confusing!
29,057 views | Dec 24, 2009


This is a review on my new V-Cube 7 Dazzler puzzle that I got for Christmas today! :) Purchase here: https:v-cubes.comecomproduct.php?productid=16143&cat=248&page=1
30,383 views | Dec 25, 2009

11x11 Rubik s Cube Solve 27 23.41

My best time so far for the 11x11 cube. When I finally get used to the many center pieces, my times should improve!Approximate Splits: Centers: 19:22Edges: 6:513x3: 1:10 (lol)
547,911 views | Dec 29, 2010

How I Solve 7x7 Last Two Centers

This video has three example solves of the last two centers on the 7x7. Please comment if you're confused on anything!
27,010 views | Dec 24, 2009

V Cube 7 Illusion Unboxing Update

Hey guys, today I'm back with a new video of me unboxing the V-Cube 7 Illusion. I got this as a gift from my parents from Amsterdam and this is actually a really cool puzzle. IT turns a lot better than my regular V-Cube 7! In this video I go over factors such as the turning and I determine the difficulty of the puzzle! Facebook Page : http:www.facebook.comharibo41296CubingThanks for watching and subscribe for more videos!
29,320 views | Apr 06, 2013

20x20x20 Rubik s Cube Solve

!!CLICK MORE FOR INFORMATION!!My second solve of a virtual 20x20x20 Rubik's Cube on the Gabbasoft Cube simulator.I have received quite a bit of feedback, and I thank you all for your positive comments. Those of you who doubt that this is possible, please do not comment unless you have something substantial to say. I have said it before; there is a reliable method of solving big cubes, it just takes time.As of the recent change in how YouTube operates, by which a Google+ account is required to comment on videos, I have decided to disable comments on several of my videos. I am no longer able to moderate the comments (due to having to log in) and also wish to express my dissatisfaction with the change.
8,203,107 views | Jun 04, 2007

Construction of Tony Fisher s Micro 3x3x3 Ball Puzzle

I made this puzzle from a white plastic 19mm micro Rubik's Cube. Although a bit fiddly shaping the ball wasn't too difficult. Cutting and applying the stickers was far more difficult. Update: This puzzle is not for sale since the amount of work involved means the price would be very high. In addition the stickers do not stay on very well so even if someone paid the high price they would most likely want their money back when all the stickers fell off. The puzzles I do have for sale are here- puzzles are available here- http:tonyfisherpuzzles.netpuzzleshop.html
1,412,323 views | Oct 29, 2009

How to solve a V CUBE 7x7x7 PART 8

Part of my turtorial on how to solve a V-CUBE 7x7x7. Algorithms (Rr)2 B2 U2 (Ll) U2 (Rr)' U2 (Rr) U2 F2 (Rr) F2 (Ll)' B2 (Rr)2 (Ll)' U2 (Ll)' U2 F2 (Ll)' F2 (Rr) U2 (Rr)' U2 (Ll)2
32,174 views | Nov 16, 2008

V Cube 7 Last 4 Edges and Parity Tutorial

Shows how to solve the last four edges and parity on the v-cube 7.
36,869 views | Jan 03, 2009

Solving the V Cube 7 too Fast!

Ugh... Behind the scene!
165,512 views | Jun 25, 2011

New Edit WORLD RECORD 7x7x7 Rubik s Cube solve 2.39.41 by Lin Chen usi...

Video uploaded with permission. Original upload by Chunyu Zhang. Check out his channel- Buy 7x7x7s here- http:tonyfisherpuzzles.netPuzzleShopVCubes.html
24,651 views | Mar 15, 2014

7x7 Tutorial Last 4 edges

Facebook https:www.facebook.comCrazyBadCuberFlipping algorithm R U R' F R' F' RThe music at the end of the video is written and performed by "TENANT"Find Tenant here https:www.facebook.comTenantBand?fref=tsGet Tenant's Music here
23,959 views | Nov 19, 2012

V Cube 8 Unboxing and First Thoughts

V-Cube 8 from In this video I unbox and give my first thoughts on the V-Cube 8. The puzzle cost 50 euros with 13 euros shipping. Total price: €63.85 or $86 My facebook: http:facebook.comredKB.FB My twitter: http:twitter.comKennethBrandon My google+: My instagram: http:instagram.comred.kb
73,974 views | Jan 19, 2014

7x7x7 Center Tutorial

Lucas Garron requested some kind of centers tutorial. Sorry if I'm a bit amateurish, I don't usually do tutorials :)
21,944 views | Feb 04, 2009

11x11 Unboxing!! New Cubes!!!

Check out my vlog channel - youtube.comcamcuberdaily I got an 11x11 and love it! A review should be up fairly soon.
233,348 views | Jun 20, 2010

7x7 Official former world record 3 13.19 single

First mean of 3 was 3:28 Next day I messed up last solve and I had 3:26 mean of 3.
23,029 views | Aug 18, 2011


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