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How To Solve Parity On The Last 7x7x7 Edge

From - Posted: Apr 05, 2010 - 54,451 views
Cooking | How To Solve Parity On The Last 7x7x7 Edge | How To Solve Parity On The Last 7x7x7 Edge
How To Solve Parity On The Last 7x7x7 Edge
How To Solve Parity On The Last 7x7x7 Edge
Duration: 02 minute 53 seconds 
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On my "How I Solve The Last Four 7x7 Edges" I didn't cover one of the parity cases you get when trying to solve the last edge, so I just made them all in this video. First case algorithm: 3R U2 3R x U2 3R U2 3L' x' U2 3L U2 3R' U2 3R U2 3R' U2 3R' (XXOXX)Second case algorithm: 3R U2 3R x U2 3R 2R' U2 x' 3L' 2L U2 2L' 3L U2 3R' 2R U2 3R 2R' U2 3R' U2 3R' (OXOXO)Third case algorithm: 2R U2 2R x U2 2R U2 2L' x' U2 2L U2 2R' U2 2R U2 2R' U2 2R' (XOOOX)
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How I Solve The Last Four 7x7 Edges

This is what I do for the last four edges on a 7x7. I provide you with three examples of what I do. Algorithm for outer edge parity case: 2R U2 2R x U2 2R U2 2L' x' U2 2L U2 2R' U2 2R U2 2R' U2 2R' Algorithm for inner edge parity case: 3R U2 3R x U2 3R 2R' U2 x' 3L' 2L U2 2L' 3L U2 3R' 2R U2 3R 2R' U2 3R' U2 3R' Hope this isn't too confusing!
28,624 views | Dec 24, 2009

3 37 7x7 Single Vancouver Open Summer 2012

Cube isn't in good view so sorry for that, will probably get a tripod or someone to film next time.Good solve for me!
6,661 views | Aug 12, 2012

How I Solve Parity on Big Even Cubes 4x4,6x6

So this is how I do parity on big even cubes. Don't know if i would want to do this on an 8x8 however. :P But let's not worry about that for now. The algorithms should be in the annotations in the video. If you're trying to learn one and you come upon one, please pause the video. I'm not sure if my notation calling the inner layer's lowercase was the best idea, but hopefully you can still follow it. Enjoy.
12,494 views | Jul 02, 2010

First Rubik s Cube Solve of 2011!!

Haha yeah, plus random stuff. It was a good solve of 11.97
15,423 views | Jan 01, 2011

7x7 Tutorial Last 4 edges

Facebook https:www.facebook.comCrazyBadCuberFlipping algorithm R U R' F R' F' RThe music at the end of the video is written and performed by "TENANT"Find Tenant here https:www.facebook.comTenantBand?fref=tsGet Tenant's Music here
22,185 views | Nov 19, 2012

How to solve a V CUBE 7x7x7 PART 8

Part of my turtorial on how to solve a V-CUBE 7x7x7. Algorithms (Rr)2 B2 U2 (Ll) U2 (Rr)' U2 (Rr) U2 F2 (Rr) F2 (Ll)' B2 (Rr)2 (Ll)' U2 (Ll)' U2 F2 (Ll)' F2 (Rr) U2 (Rr)' U2 (Ll)2
31,930 views | Nov 16, 2008

6year old girl solved V CUBE7

Japanese 6year old girl solved V-CUBE7.
1,952,562 views | Dec 10, 2008

V Cube 7 Last 4 Edges and Parity Tutorial

Shows how to solve the last four edges and parity on the v-cube 7.
36,157 views | Jan 03, 2009

New Edit WORLD RECORD 7x7x7 Rubik s Cube solve 2.39.41 by Lin Chen usi...

Video uploaded with permission. Original upload by Chunyu Zhang. Check out his channel- Buy 7x7x7s here- http:tonyfisherpuzzles.netPuzzleShopVCubes.html
23,163 views | Mar 15, 2014

Solving the V Cube 7 too Fast!

Ugh... Behind the scene!
142,772 views | Jun 25, 2011

World Record Smallest 7x7x7 Rubik s Cube Puzzle ever made

Matt Bahner's channel- Olivér's Stickers-
89,522 views | Sep 28, 2014

How to solve a V cube 7 Edge pairing and final solve parity

Explains the final steps to solving a V-cube 7. I have not yet made a notation video. Hopefully I will be able to create and post one soon.
10,595 views | Jan 01, 2009

Re How to solve parity on big cubes

This shows how you can solve the edge parity on a 7x7 cube without doing the algorithm twice.
10,121 views | Jul 24, 2008

Construction of Tony Fisher s 7x7x7 V Sculpture Puzzle

Watch me make a 11x11x11 V-Ball - This is my third 7x7x7 V-Cube transformation. You can see how I sculpted it using a Dremel. No rapid prototyping or moulds were used. This hands on approach is my favourite way of making puzzles. One slip and you know the whole thing will be messed up. If it turns out well though it's very satisfying. It was more difficult than both my 7x7x7 V-Barrel and 7x7x7 V-Ball to shape since I had no rules to follow. You know when you've finished a ball or barrel but only I could decide when this puzzle was finished. In fact you can see in the construction video where I changed my mind and the final creation is somewhat different to what I originally planned. I am very happy with the quality and despite the deep Dremelling it works very well. Rotational movement is pretty smooth though it probably wouldn't stand up to rough treatment. I really did cut it to the absolute limit in places which never helps a puzzle's stability. Because it's symmetrical it maintains it's shape. This makes it less confusing to solve than my 7x7x7 Barrel though possibly more enjoyable since on the Barrel and Ball it can sometimes be frustrating constantly lining up the layers. I have used Rubik's Cube style stickers with each of the 12 'edge' areas coloured differently. See for photos and more information.
420,144 views | Nov 13, 2009

Almost 6x6 Official World Record Explosion

New official world record 1:49.46: Unofficial world record is 1:48.xx by me. V-Cube with an adjustable core, cut obliques, sanded internal pieces, pins, and maru lube.
120,345 views | Mar 20, 2011

V Cube 3 Modification turning a v cube into a guhong

Facebook https:www.facebook.comCrazyBadCuberSkype Name - CrazyBadCuberIn this video you watch me invent a modification to the V Cube 3. I went into the mod not knowing what I was going to do to it. Once I understood HOW to Dayan Guhong was superior to the V Cube 3 I used the Guhong as a guide or template for the modification.So, I've had the cube for a few days now and I have to say, it's still garbage. I mean it's better sure, but it's still a piece of crap. Period.
108,501 views | Feb 15, 2012


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