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From - Posted: Sep 18, 2013 - 2,116 views
Cooking | How to make OAT BRAN FRENCH BREAD. | How to make OAT BRAN FRENCH BREAD.
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Ingredients: Poolish = 750g.Bread flour (strong bakers flour) 750gmils of water & 14tsp.Instant dry yeast...12-14 hours later, Final mix = Poolish + 1cup oat bran & 1 cup of water. (For 65% hydration dough) also 1.5kg Bread flour & 710gmils of water & 5tsp.or 40g. of salt.. For normal French bread dough, delete the oat bran & extra cup of water.
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Richard Bertinet making bread DVD from the book DOUGH

World renown baker Richard Bertinet reveals his bread making techniques. This DVD came with his book DOUGH.Publisher "Kyle Books" ( owns all the rights to this video. If your interested in bread making you should buy the book
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Homemade Oatmeal Bread 1 of 2

How to video of making homemade oatmeal bread.
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NOEL Christophe Baguettes de tradition française sur poolish

Baguettes de tradition française sur poolish
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Making Bread

Thanks to Chad Robertson and his book Tartine Bread. I use half the recipe and make one loaf at a time. My version differs from Chad's instructions in the way he creates the leaven. I take 100grams directly from my sourdough starter. This video does not show some of the bulk fermentation turns but I do them all. At the end of the video you can hear me giving computer support to my mother.Here's more detail about the recipe:mix: 100 grams of starter 350 grams wateradd: 500 grams of flour ( I use about 50 grams of whole wheat flour and 450 grams of white bread flour ) mix that together, then let that sit for 40 minutes.add: 25 grams of water 10 grams of salt mix that together, then transfer to a container that you can cover and perform the "turns" in.This is the bulk fermentation phase. The dough will be in this container for 4 hours. During the first 2 hours, "turn" the dough (see video, 1:58) every 30 minutes. On the 3rd hour turn the dough again. After 4 hours of bulk fermentation, scrape the dough on to an unfloured counter. Sprinkle flour on top. Use a metal scraper to flip the dough over onto the floured surface. Fold the dough in half, then shape the dough as seen in the video (3:30).Cover with a towel and let sit for 20 to 30 minutes.Sprinkle flour on top, flip the dough over, then make the series of folds and shape the dough as in the video (3:58). Transfer upside down into a floured basket. Cover with a towel and let sit for 2 to 4 hours.Preheat the oven with your cast iron pot and lid in the oven to 500 degrees.Take the preheated cast iron pan out of the oven. Transfer the dough on to the pan. Score the dough. Put the lid over the dough and place in the oven. Immediatly lower the oven temp to 450 degrees. Bake for 20 minutes. Remove the lid. Bake for another 20 minutes or until the crust looks dark brown.
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East Bristol Bakery An Artisan Bakery in Easton.

Made in Easton - episode 1.Feature about the East Bristol Bakery in St Mark's Road, Easton, Bristol.Alex Poulter is 28 years old. He decided to open a bakery at 27 having only been baking for 3 years. This video is made to serve as an inspiration to anyone , particular young people who are thinking about starting their own business.The feature was made to mark their first anniversary, which neatly coincides with the anniversary of the 'Bristol Pound'.The emphasis of the piece is on Bristol, it's communities, and it's independent businesses and the role they all play in the Bristol Pound's success.Special thanks to the staff at East Bristol Bakery Alex Poulter Polly Frost Nikki Harold William HardingProduced by PapaSchmoo ProductionsShot and Cut by Simon Weintroub
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Dukan Oat bran Cookie

Dukan Diet cookie to get your oatbran
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Wayne Caddy Traditional Baguettes

Master baker Wayne Caddy describes how he made a traditional baguette that was made for the Great British entry into the World Cup of Baking
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Whole Grain Many Seeded Rolls Sandwich Bread German Mehrkorn Brötchen

This is a light, delicious, and perfect bread to all-around enjoy and have. It is quite healthy and may just be a new favorite, whole grain and seeded bread of yours. It calls to be made ahead and be fermented in the refrigerator overnight (or up to a few days), but you could make it all on the same day if you really wanted, allowing it to rise once for an hour or two before shaping and allowing the rolls to rise, then thereafter, for 1 hour. The recipe reflects that of a popular bread found here in Germany called Mehrkorn Brot, meaning more seeds or more grains bread.The Ingredients and Measurements:553g of White Flour (4 and 13 cups) 170 g Whole Wheat or Rye Flour (1 and 13 cups)100g of seed mix (pumpkin, sunflower, and sesame) OR, 25g sunflower, 25g pumpkin, and 50g sesame seeds25g Flax Seeds (3-4 Tablespoons) (something I didn't have : ) 17g Salt (2 and 14 teaspoon) 14g Instant Yeast (1 and 12 Tablespoons) 57g Honey (3 Tablespoons) 340g or ml of Lukewarm Water 95-100F (1 and 12 cups) 170g or ml of Lukewarm Milk 95-100F (34 cup) Sesame andor Poppy Seeds for Garnish
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Honey Oat Bread Recipe Laura Vitale Laura in the Kitchen Episode 724

To get the recipe, check out my website: Laura's Beauty Channel: DAILY VLOGS:: Facebook Page: http:www.facebook.comLauraintheKitchenTwitter: @LauraskitchenMy Blog: http:www.LauraVitalesBlog.comInstagram: http:www.instagram.commrsvitale
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How to make Homemade Honey Oat Wheat Bread 1080P HD !!

Here I reveal my personal recipe for making great tasting and soft Honey Wheat Bread with rolled oats sprinkled on top. I don't use my Kitchenaid mixer (even though I have a commercial one), 'nor do I use a bread machine. I show you step by step exactly how I do it all by hand, from activating the yeast and what kind of yeast to buy - all the way to slicing into it for that first amazing taste!It runs a little bit longer then I had hoped at about 38 minutes, but I did cut out a lot to speed it up as it came in over an hour before I edited it. Here is my personal recipe that I have came up with that makes FOUR LOAVES. (In the video I experiment with it and make 3 loaves and 9 whole wheat rolls with the same dough)INGREDIENT LIST: 2 TBSP - Dry Active Yeast (Not quick rising) 2 tsp - Sugar 4 Cups - Very Warm Tap Water 1 Stick (12 Cup) - Butter (Unsalted, and metled) 1 Cup - Honey (non-crystallized) 13 Cup - Vital Wheat Gluten ("Bob's Red Mill" Brand recommended) 6 Cups - Whole Wheat Flour 4 to 5 Cups All Purpose Flour (Not self-rising) 2 TBSP Olive Oil 2 TBSP Rolled Oats (if desired on top of loaves) --------------------------------------------- 1) In a large bowl (that holds at least 18 cups) mix the yeast, sugar, and 2 Cups of your very warm water (105-115 degrees F). Stir well. Let this stand 5 to 10 minutes until bubbly andor frothy. 2) Now add the remaining 2 Cups of very warm water, 1 Cup of honey, the 2 tsp of salt, and the cup of melted butter. Stir this well making sure to scrape up all the honey from the bottom of the bowl to get it mixed in. 3) In a separate medium sized bowl, put 4 Cups of the wheat flour and the 13 cup of vital wheat gluten and stir these together well. 4) Pour this wheat flour and gluten mixture into your wet ingredients all at once and stir just until no more dry flour is seen (batter will be "clumpy") Do NOT over-stir! 5) Now add remaining 2 cups of whole wheat flour, and again stir in until dry flour is no longer seen. 6) Now add 2 cups of the all-purpose white flour and stir in. 7) Add additional 2 cups of all-purpose flour and stir in as well as you can. 8) Use your hands now to mix and start hand kneading the dough. Here, if the batter is sticky and sticking to your hands a lot and very messy... add up to an additional cup of flour as needed. Knead for minimum of 5 minutes. Keep in mind that it is very hard to over-knead bread dough by hand, but very easy to over knead it with an electric mixer. 9) Rinse out and clean that large mixing bowl you used and dry. 10) Evenly spread 1 TBSP of the olive oil on the bottom and sides of the large bowl. 11) Place kneaded dough ball into this large bowl again and spread remaining 1 TBSP olive oil over the top of the dough. (This adds flavor but also helps to prevent bread dough from drying out in it's rising process) 12) Cover dough with a clean, dry towel and let rise until doubled in size (usually an hour is sufficient) 13) When dough has doubled in size, remove towel and punch down dough to remove air. Now use a knife to cut dough into 4 equal parts. 14) Knead each quarter section of dough briefly (1 to 2 min) before placing into a greased 5x9 bread loaf pan. Spread about 12 TBSP of rolled oats evenly on the top of each loaf of bread (if desired). 15) Cover all 4 bread loaf pans with clean, dry towels and let rise 30 to 45 minutes. 16) 10 minutes before bread loaves dough is done rising, preheat oven to 350 degrees if using metal loaf pans -OR- preheat oven to 375 degrees if using glass loaf pans. 17) Place pans into preheated oven and let cook for 25 to 30 minutes or until a beautiful golden brown color on top. (You can also check for internal temperature of 180 degrees F with an internal meat thermometer) 18) Immediately remove bread from pans and let cool on cooling racks. Here, you can spread some butter or margarine over the top of the hot bread to give it a nice butter top color and added butter flavor! ...Please allow bread loaves to cool at least 30 minutes before slicing your bread. * Slicing too soon can cause crumbling and tearing of bread when you try to slice it - trust I know this from personal experience! ;-) 19) By far the most important step of all.... ENJOY!NOTE: This bread lasts me at least a week left out at room temperature in plastic air-tight containers. It doesn't seem to spoil or mold nearly as quick as it seems to get eaten! :-)
25,427 views | Jun 07, 2012

Baguette with a 80 hydration dough

Baguette with a 80% hydration dough without mixing only using autolyse and the stretch and folds technique to strengthen the dough. The baguettes are baked in a Rofco hearth bread oven. See for the recipe.
130,320 views | Sep 15, 2010

Хлеб из отрубей по Дюкану. Bran Bread Dukan Diet Recipe.

!!! Дорогие мои, я оговорилась! 10 столовых ложек ОВСЯНЫХ отрубей!!! А то я сказала 2 раза пшеничных:D Вконтакте: http:vk.comkatya_dukandiet instagram: http:instagram.comkatya_dukandietРецепт хлеба: 10 ст.л. овсяных отрубей, 6 ст.л. пшеничных отрубей, 6 ст.л. мягкого творога, 4 яйца, 34 пакетика сухих дрожжей(пакетик 10 гр.), соль, перец, специи по вкусу (я добавляю:прованские травы, розмарин, семена льна). Всё перемешать, дать постоять 10-15 минут, выпекать при 180'С до готовности.
13,196 views | Dec 09, 2013

Home made Milk Bread Very soft and easy

To get the recipe & visit my blog click here. more bread like this go bread is very soft , light and moist. Follow the recipe exactly. If you dont like the sweetness add less sugar.
333,579 views | Feb 27, 2014

気泡のあるフランスパン パート2

This video is how to make French bread with lots of holes. Please watch part1 first. パート1(part 1)からご覧ください。
72,701 views | Nov 14, 2009

How to Make Bread from Scratch NO BREADMAKER NEEDED

In this video I show you step-by-step the way I was taught to make your own bread at home with no fancy equipment or machines. This method and recipe is super easy to do and anyone can do it. It is also a versatile recipe that allows you to throw in any extra ingredients or mix-ins like fresh or dried herbs, spices, purees, etc. Let me know what ingredients you put in your bread when you try out this recipe! I love to hear from you!INGREDIENT LIST:1 12 cups of hot water (103-108 degrees F) 12 teaspoon of honey or sugar 1 12 teaspoons of dry yeast 1-2 teaspoons of salt (start with 1 tsp if you don't like it salty) 1 tablespoon of oil (any oil is fine... olive oil, canola oil, peanut, etc.) 12 cup of whole wheat flour white bread flour added in 12 cup increments until needed consistency is reached any extra ingredients- fresh or dried herbs, spices, seasonings, oats, raisins, pumpkin puree, etc.
1,249,463 views | Apr 03, 2011

Simple Homemade French Bread

Welcome to day 3 of vegan month of cheese. So what does french bread have to do with it? Well if you're going to put all that effort into making cultured cheese, you'd better have some damn good bread to put it on. And this is damn good bread.*************************************************************************** Simple, Everyday French Bread At HomeINGREDIENTS1 cup warm water 2 14 teaspoons traditional or instant yeast 1 teaspoon salt 2 12 cups all-purpose white flour (plus more for kneading)DIRECTIONSCombine water with yeast and let bloom for 10 minutes.Add a half cup of flour and salt to the yeast mixture and whisk together until smooth.Add two more cups of flour and stir together until the dough comes together.Using clean hands, knead the dough into a ball. You may do this right in the bowl or turn it out to a floured surface. It may be stiff; just work it until it's a cohesive ball.Place the dough into a clean bowl, cover and let rest for 15. This lets the gluten in the flour relax, making it easier to knead.Turn the dough out on to a lightly floured surface and knead until smooth and elastic. Ideally you would knead this for 10 minutes.Place the dough back in the bowl, cover and let rise for in a draft-free, warm location for one hour or until the dough has doubled in size. A good place for this is in the oven with just the oven light on.Punch down the dough and knead again for a few minutes.Place the dough back in the bowl to rise for a second time. Again, let it rise for one hour or until doubled in size in a warm location.Remove the dough from the bowl, punch it down and divide the dough into equal pieces. You can make two large loaves or four smaller loaves.Shape them into long loaf shapes and place them on a baking pan lined with parchment paper.Cover the loaves with a damp, lint-free cloth and let rise for 45 minutes or until the loaves have doubled in size.Place a baking pan on the bottom rack in your oven. Place the second rack in the middle of the oven.Preheat the oven to 450 F (232 C).Prepare a spray bottle with water and, separately, a cup of cool or room temperature water.When the oven is hot, remove the cloth from the dough carefully. If the dough sticks to the cloth, drip some water on top of the cloth to help it release.Make slashes on the top of the loaves, either a few diagonally across the loaves or one slash down the length.When the oven is well-heated, place the loaves on the middle rack and quickly pour the cup of water in the baking pan below and close the oven door. Be careful as there will be steam.Bake for 25 minutes.Remove the loaves from the oven and cool them on a wire rack. The tops of the loaves should be golden brown and they should sound hollow when tapped on the bottom.Wait at least a half hour before slicing.Enjoy!************************************************************************* Connect with me on: Instagram; http:instagram.commarystestkitchen Twitter: http:www.twitter.commarystestktchn Facebook: http:www.facebook.commarystestkitchen Check out for more frequent vegan recipes, crafts, DIY ideas, and other randomness.
33,913 views | Sep 04, 2014


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