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How to Make Deep Fried Tender Chicken Gizzards. ...Cajun Style!

From - Posted: Apr 29, 2012 - 17,970 views
Cooking | How to Make Deep Fried Tender Chicken Gizzards. ...Cajun Style! | How to Make Deep Fried Tender Chicken Gizzards. ...Cajun Style!
How to Make Deep Fried Tender Chicken Gizzards. ...Cajun Style!
How to Make Deep Fried Tender Chicken Gizzards. ...Cajun Style!
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Chef Ted Bourque' cooks up Fried Gizzards that are so tender, no teeth are required..
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How to Fry Catfish...Cajun Style!

With a special appearance from Urban Treasure Hunter, Chef Ted Bourque' teaches you how to fry catfish!
17,393 views | May 03, 2012

Deep Fried BBQ Flavored Tender Gizzards No Teeth Are Required! Aieee!

Join me as I make my mustardized deep fried gizzards like you've never seen them fried before. The main ingredients are Gizzards and BBQ Basting Sauce. Aieee! You don't even need teeth to eat these tender gizzards. http:karysroux.comshop
215 views | Nov 16, 2014

Deep Fried Cornish Game Hen ...Cajun Style!

Enjoy yourself as you watch Chef Ted Bourque', or as he is sometimes mistaken for, the Swedish Chef, prepares his world famous deep fried cornish hens for Mother's Day. The breasts are injected with a cajun butter sauce, but the best yet is the chopped garlic stuffed spicy breasts. This is the shorter version without guest appearances...AIEEE!
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Deep Fried Gizzard Nuggets. Cajun Style!

Join Chef Bourque as he makes his tender deep fried chicken gizzard chips. These chips are excellent on french fried potato sandwiches. This dish is a part of his "Back Up Baby" Comfort Food Series.
406 views | Apr 23, 2014

Nigerian Peppered Gizzards

A delicious part of Nigerian "Small Chops" Appetizers. Watch Yeti demonstrate how to cook and serve this sweet, spicy and delicious party favorite! Serve as a separate dish during a cocktail party or as a side with any main meal.
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great appetizer for any occasions. try them with blue cheese
10,745 views | Feb 01, 2014

Chicken Gizzards Rice and Gravy Southern Style Soul Food

This is one of my recipes for Chicken Gizzards This one includes Gravy, Rice and Mixed Veggies.
11,812 views | Jun 12, 2013

Oven Fried Chicken That Tastes Like Deep Fried! Way Healthier Easy Cle...

Try my version of oven fried chicken. It tastes every bit as good as deep fried and is so much healthier for you! Even better is the easy clean up. No left over oil to dispose of and no grease splatter on the stove to clean up. Visit: Free Newsletter: with me on FACEBOOK yet? http:www.RobinInTheKitchen.comTWITTER:!Robin_Rockin So if you love Southern fried chicken, but you are looking for a healthier version, this is it. I show you how to make it with less fat and calories. The flavor is amazing by using Italian herbs such as dried parsley, and rosemary. Topping each piece with a little bit of butter makes the crust crispy and delicious.The Italian seasoned bread crumbs is where it's at. Then we place a little bit of butter on top of each piece of chicken so that you end up with a nice crispy texture just like when it's deep fried.Baking the chicken is definitely the way to go. This makes clean up so easy and no left over grease to get rid of. Oven fried chicken: 6 to 8 pieces of chicken, I like thighs the best 1 cup Italian seasoned bread crumbs (see recipe below if needed) 14 cup white flour 1 egg, beaten butter salt and pepperHere is a little recipe to whip up your own Italian bread crumbs in case you have a hard time finding some at the store, or you just want to make your own from scratch.Italian bread crumbs: ! cup of plain bread crumbs 12 tsp. onion powder 12 tsp. garlic powder 1 tsp. dried basil 14 tsp. salt 14 tsp dried rosemary 14 tsp. dried marjoramIf you would like to find more chicken recipes on my channel, here is a playlist of them all: for watching my videos! If you like my channel, please subscribe by clicking this link: a great day! Rockin Robin P.S. Please share this video by embedding it on your Facebook page or Pinterest by embedding this link. http:youtu.be7-WEdqJBXoQ Thanks so much! Music by Kevin MacLead License terms: http:creativecommons.orglicensesby3.0 http:creativecommons.orglicensesby3.0legalcode
52,386 views | Aug 08, 2013

How to make Plantain and Gizzard Gizdodo Nigerian food This video will show you how to make gizzard and dodo or gizzard and plantain as some people call it. Eat and enjoy this spicy dish with friends and family. It is most enjoyable with a glass of wine or juice
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How to Properly Clean Cook Chicken Gizzards Part 1

This video is an introduction on how to properly clean and to cook chicken gizzards.
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Southern Fried Chicken Gizzards and Hearts

Easy recipe the family loves Southern Fried Gizzards and Hearts. All you need is some buttermilk for a tenderizer and seasoned flour to dredge the Gizzards and Hearts in. Hot oil (350 degrees).
11,779 views | Sep 23, 2013

Southern Style Buttermilk Brined Chicken Gizzards

A delicious way to make oven fried gizzards that are soft and tender without having to boil them first, Plus being oven fried they are not greasy.
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RINSE GIZZARDS IN COLD WATER SEASON AND BOIL DISCLAIMER: All items used in this video was purchased by myself.
46,208 views | Nov 23, 2011

How to fry chicken

Martha Lou Gadsden of Martha Lou's Kitchen shows how she makes her fried chicken. Filmed for The Charleston City Paper's year-end how-to guide on 121511. For more videos and information visit
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How to make FRIED CHICKEN GIZZARDS recipe This was made with Larry the Cable guy SPICY chicken batter but you can use any other kind of batter.You can now follow me on Twitter! Just click on the link below! https:twitter.comMyYoutubeShow
22,044 views | Nov 16, 2013

Smoking 3 briskets and 10 pounds of chicken

http:www.perfectunion.comvbbbq-cooking-forum83957-smoking-briskets.html Cooking 4 briskets on a smoker and 10 pounds of chicken quarters for my uncles wedding.
175,072 views | May 20, 2011

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