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How to make Cajun cracklins

From - Posted: Oct 14, 2009 - 32,536 views
Cooking | How to make Cajun cracklins | How to make Cajun cracklins
How to make Cajun cracklins
How to make Cajun cracklins
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Regan Breaux shows how he cooks pork cracklins. Cracklins are a Cajun tradition in South Louisiana. This was shot for finding at the Voice of the Wetlands festival in Houma, La.
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How to make Crispy Roasted Pork Belly can also be used for Liempo Siu ...

This is my favourite recipe for crispy roasted pork belly. There are many different recipies for making crispy pork belly like, Liempo, Cracklin, Siu Yuk and Lechon, but the technique is almost the same. Here I use a simple Vietnamese recipe.Get your cast iron grill grate on amazon -- http:amzn.to1mKPDMA Get your gill grate extender on amazon --http:amzn.toU19LP8 Get your weber kettle on amazon -- http:amzn.to1zxUlTGLike me on facebook! https:www.facebook.compitmaster.pitmasterx Check out my other videos! rub mix * 1 teaspoon salt * 2 teaspoons sugar * 1 teaspoon 5 spice powder * 12 teaspoon pepperCure for the pork skin * 2 teaspoons salt * 1 teaspoon vinegar* 500 gram pork belly ( 1 lbs)How To (can be done in an oven as well as on a barbecue) * Score the pork belly 1 finger deep * Rub it with the dry rub * Clean and dry the pork skin * brush it with the cure * Leave it in the fridge over night or at least 8 hours * set the oven or barbecue on 200 degrees Celcius or 400 degrees Fahrenheit * Cook the pork pelly to almost finished ( about 45 minutes) * Roast the skin until crisp and the core temperature reaches 68 degrees Celcius 154 degrees Fahrenheit.Roasting in the oven can be done by just giving it heat from above.Music courtesy of Audio network Royalty free music Title: Ghetto Blues Artist: Lincoln Ground, Bob Bradly, Steve Dymond
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Boudin has a soft consistency and the methods and recipes vary greatly kitchen to kitchen. While there are many varieties, there are some commonalties in that traditional Boudins contain liver (traditionally pork) and rice. Stuff into casings in either rings or as 5 inch links. Alternately, can be eaten as is or mashed into patties and fried. Package and freeze or cook immediately.
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i juander july 10 2013 chicharon Pork Rinds

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Where does bacon come from? Watch this video and learn about all the primal cuts of pork as Chef Pascal Beric demonstrates pig butchering to culinary students of The French Culinary Institute.
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How to make Cracklin Cornbread

This is a request from Facebook. out of my food log. http:directorzone.cyberlink.comvideo59918
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How to make the best pork crackling
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How to cook Pork Rinds

Kate's blog: -- Today Kate shows you how to cook pork rinds. A tasty treat made from pork belly. Kate's Facebook: http:facebook.comKate34
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How to Make Cajun Cracklins This video shows you how to make cajun style cracklins. From our cookbook "Down-Home Cajun Cooking Favorites" found at music by Tony Trahan and his band BlueKrewe. Listen to more of their music at You can buy the Ebook online at https:www.smashwords.combooksview5442?ref=jjbooks
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Making Cracklins II

Brother Danny made some cracklins again on Monday, Lundi Gras the day before Mardi Gras. Used the lard to fry alligator, too! Spencer made himself useful by taking care of leftover crawfish. Sorry for the drool on the lens. Wish you could smell these things.
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