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How To gun Blue A Knife Last Man Alive Project

From - Posted: Oct 19, 2013 - 1,843 views
Cooking | How To gun Blue A Knife Last Man Alive Project | How To gun Blue A Knife Last Man Alive Project
How To gun Blue A Knife Last Man Alive Project
How To gun Blue A Knife Last Man Alive Project
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It's amateur hour! Gun blueing my DIY survival file knife, Stops rust, the black oxide provides protection against corrosion if treated with a water-displacing oil. Blah Blah Blah ! Inserted a subliminal message see if you can find it.
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Gun Bluing a Mora Knife Morakniv 511

Just doing my own thang: In this video, I attempt to blue a Morakniv 511 Carbon Steel Utility Knife with some Birchwood Casey Perma Blue. I more or less follow the instructions...
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Backwoods Gourmet Kitchen Knife making

We will show you how to make a kitchen knife from an old saw blade.
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How To Blue a Gun using Birchwood Casey s Perma Blue Liquid D.I.Y. How To Blue a Gun using Birchwood Casey's Perma Blue Liquid Gun Blue Kit Easy to use, all-inclusive kits are the proven way to touch up or completely reblue most guns. Everything you need for a professional-looking, first-class job is included. Choose from the fast-acting Liquid Gun Blue Kit and the deep, dense Paste Gun Blue Kit. Liquid Kit includes: • 3 oz Perma Blue Liquid Gun Blue • Blueing Applicators, Sponge, Service Cloth • 3 oz Cleaner-Degreaser • Barricade® Rust Protection Gun Wipes • 3 oz Blue & Rust Remover • Complete Instruction Guide • 00 Steel Wool Pads Paste Kit includes: • 2 oz Perma Blue Paste Gun Blue • Blueing Applicators, Sponge, Service Cloth • 3 oz Cleaner-Degreaser • Barricade® Rust Protection Gun Wipes • 3 oz Blue & Rust Remover • Complete Instruction Guide • 00 Steel Wool Pads
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How to add patina to a Mora Companion Knife

A demonstration on how to protect a knife blade by adding a patina. The knife that is being used in this demonstration is a Mora Companion MG. A second knife that makes an appearance in this video is the Mora Companion Heavy Duty MG.Also used for the final process is RIG (Rust Inhibiting Grease). A RIG Rag is a terrific product that can be found where guns and firearms are sold.http:4strokerebuild.blogspot.comSBLG43 does not guarantee against unauthorized modifications of this information or improper use of this information. Due to factors beyond the control of SBLG43, no information contained in this video shall create any expressed or implied warranty or guarantee of any particular result. SBLG43 assumes no liability for property damage or injury incurred as a result of any of the information contained in this video. SBLG43 recommends safe practices when working with power tools, electrical equipment, blunt instruments, chemicals, lubricants, or any other tools or equipment seen or implied in this video. Any injury, damage or loss that may result from improper use of these tools, equipment or the information contained in this video is the sole responsibility of the user and not SBLG43.
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What is the Best Survival Blade? Lessons in Knife Evolution by Equip 2...

Annual Update. Adam gets asked all of the time "What is the Best Survival Blade?". In this video he goes through his knife collecting and usage evolution. (Yes, that noise you hear is our new puppy, Ivy)What's the one knife you keep going back to?--------------------------------------------------------- Knife LinksBecker BK-2 - http:amzn.toWrJMuP Hedgehog Leatherworks Becker BK-2 Sheath - http:www.hedgehogleatherworks.comBecker-Series-Knives-s106.htm Tom Brown Tracker - http:amzn.to1nqaKCp Ontario RTAK - http:amzn.to1n47lMX Gerber LMFII - http:amzn.toNI4Pw8 Ka-bar - http:amzn.to1oyX07f Hedgehog Leatherworks Sheath for Ka-Bar - http:www.hedgehogleatherworks.comLeather-Sheath-for-the-Ka-Bar-Classic-Combat-Knife-ph-ap.htm Cold Steel SRK - http:amzn.to14kulNK Mora - http:amzn.to1le8E7m Ontario Black Bird - http:amzn.toSjLTTa Blind Horse Knives (now Battle Horse Knives & LT Wright Knives) Falkniven Idun - http:amzn.toWWTsms Northern Bushcraft Tools by Diving Sparrow Knife Works (Abe Elias) - http:www.dskw.canbs.php Fiddleback Forge Sneaky Pete - http:www.fiddlebackforge.comindex.cfmfiddleback-forge-knives4-inch-bladessneaky-pete Echo 5 from Dogwood Custom Knives - http:dogwoodcustomknives.comknivesEcho-5 WorkSharp - http:amzn.to1aiyt06 --------------------------------------------------------- Other E2E Videos--------------------------------------------------------- Equip 2 Endure Free Membership! Join our community today to be part of our contest & giveaways, join discussions on the forums, news, blog, videos, podcasts and so much more!E2E Store Us on Twitter http:www.twitter.comEquip2Endure Like Us! http:www.facebook.comEquip2EndureE2E Newsletter Sign-Up http:eepurl.commZRO9E2E Newsletter Archives http:www.equip2endure.comViewForumTopic.aspx?id=4536175455924ee3a045b25f5c2370f7
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A look at how I hand file the bevels on my custom knives

It's a little long, but it could be interesting for some people
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Knife Bluing

Using Chemical Bluing on a Mora Knife.
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TOPS B.O.B. Fieldcraft Knife First Impressions

http:tinyurl.commdwx6y6 Preparedmind101 gives a first impression breakdown of the outstanding TOPS B.O.B. (Brothers of Bushcraft) Fieldcraft Knife. Although slightly more expensive than the usual price range reviewed by this channel, for the qulity of this blade, the price is a bargain!
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Swab It Gun Tips Bore Tips

Check out these foam gun cleaning tips! Effective and reusable, they make a great addition to the gun cleaning supplies. The variety of shapes and sizes is perfect for reaching difficult and small spots, and leaves no fibers behind.
2,315 views | Feb 14, 2014

No Nonsense Trail hawk Refinishing

Ok so maybe some nonsense. Just got a trail hawk and its was ugly so a few steps to make it look a lot better. Will be doing some more mods when i have the time and will be making a leather sheath.I had the Birchwood Casey gun kit in the house but all you really need is some stripper, stain, gun blue and true oil.Hope you enjoyed this clip and got some inspiration, all questions welcome just leave a comment.Cheers now, Argo
7,822 views | Jan 25, 2013

Godspeed TOPS B.O.B. Fieldcraft Kydex Sheath

http:tinyurl.commdwx6y6 Preparedmind101 gets another knife outfitted with Godspeed Tactical Kydex...this time the TOPS B.O.B. Fieldcraft Knife. I requested and got a pancake style sheath designed to be worn in the front at a 45 degree cant. Simple, but effective. Done with custom crafted belt loop, not some stupid tek-lock. Firesteel upgrades coming soon (The first kydex Exotac Polystriker sheath add on!)....
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How to Rope file by Ruben Ramos

Step by step procedure to backfiling the spine of a knife.
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Opie and Anthony Jocktober humble and Fred. 2014 StandWithAnt

The Opie & Anthony Show announced a surprise Jocktober on best radio show not on the radio, 4 time best morning show. Humble and Fred. Now thy can join the likes of long time O&A targets like Scott & Todd. Stan, Heidi & Joe. Woody & Jim show or John & Jeff .#jocktober Heres there info if you don't know now you know. http:www.siriusxm.comtheopie&anthonychannel
260 views | Apr 25, 2014

5 Guns The Government Doesn t Want You To Have...

Okay so I will be honest here. Is this one a little far fetched? No...they don't want us having anything more than a sharp stick. I'm glad that you guys enjoy the 5 guns videos. We have many more planned. Some of them are fantasy based, while other reality based, but still, it's an interesting subject. Not all people in the Government are anti-gun. There are many politicians that are pro-gun and fight to protect our rights when they are under attack. Unfortunately, many people in the Government think it is okay for their armed goons to be roaming the street but they want us to be disarmed for our own safety. Think about it people...You give up your guns and you will be giving up everything. Much more on the way guys, EricCHECK OUT OUR NEW WEBSITE! YouTube Hotline: (770)692-9326 Moss Pawn and Gun 6382 Old Dixie Hwy Jonesboro, GA, 30236Like us on Facebook: http:www.facebook.comiraqveteran8888officialFollow us on Instagram: http:instagram.commrsiraqveteran8888Follow us on Twitter: & other Apparel: http:www.reelmen8888.spreadshirt.comRoyalty Free Music by www.premiumbeat.comDisclaimer: Our videos are for entertainment purposes only, imitation or the use of any instruction shown in the videos is solely AT YOUR OWN RISK. Iraqveteran8888 will not be held liable for any injury to yourself or damage to your firearms resulting from attempting anything shown in any our videos.Copyright 2013, 88 Industries, LLC
2,956,593 views | Dec 29, 2013

Hot Bluing Video

45,852 views | Jun 02, 2012

Gunsmithing Bluing a Firearm Gunworks!mainegunworks http:www.facebook.comgunworks Jim Green, gunsmith and owner of GunWorks of Harrington, ME, shows how he blues rifles, pistols, and shotguns at GunWorks.GunWorks is located in scenic DownEast Maine, and Jim Green is a Marine Corps veteran of Desert Storm. GunWorks accepts not only local business, but business outside of the State of Maine. See his website for more information, pictures, hints, and tips!Music: Kevin MacLeodCopyright © 2011 Gunworks
116,025 views | Nov 09, 2011