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How To gun Blue A Knife Last Man Alive Project

From - Posted: Oct 19, 2013 - 3,001 views
Cooking | How To gun Blue A Knife Last Man Alive Project | How To gun Blue A Knife Last Man Alive Project
How To gun Blue A Knife Last Man Alive Project
How To gun Blue A Knife Last Man Alive Project
Duration: 02 minute 51 seconds 
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It's amateur hour! Gun blueing my DIY survival file knife, Stops rust, the black oxide provides protection against corrosion if treated with a water-displacing oil. Blah Blah Blah ! Inserted a subliminal message see if you can find it.
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Knife Bluing

Using Chemical Bluing on a Mora Knife.
7,663 views | May 12, 2013

Knife making Enzo Black Beaver blue

My thirth EnZo Black Beaver this time with a blue acrylic handle. A Mora knife shape style handle... Enjoy the slideshow of making this knife.
7,948 views | May 26, 2013

how to acid etch a knife

the acid i use is FERRIC CHLORIDEhey guy so i thought i would make a step bu step how to video on acid etching as it is really cool and easier then most people think i no i thought it was gong to be hard but i hope this help if so please like and subscribe as it will really help my channel thanks guys
168,358 views | May 13, 2013

A look at how I hand file the bevels on my custom knives

It's a little long, but it could be interesting for some people
12,933 views | Sep 26, 2012

Gun Bluing using cold blue and heat, Weihrauch HW35 E Restoration

Stumbled upon a method that works by accident. Spent many years trying to get cold blue to look decent but without any real success. The gun was in a terrible state prior to the work so I haven't filmed the 2 hours polishing and de-rusting. I hope you find this useful if you have a plating machine and don't know a pro gunsmith. There's an abundance of vids on here of how to DIY nickel plating without paying for the electronic gear. The gun will be fitted with a Titan mainspring, the stock will be re-furbed and there'll be some 24 carat gold plated mods.
1,643 views | Apr 24, 2014

Cold Steel Bushman Mods Strip and Blue.

I have been getting asked to do some knife mod videos, and this opportunity came up so I filmed the process. This video details how I strip the black coating from knives, then polish and add my own subdued blue finish.
16,125 views | Jan 23, 2013

Knife making Hunting knife with special handle

This is the fourth knife I've made and the second attempt on a video. It's not a tutorial, like the last one, it's more like a documentary.The blade is made of 4034 steel. The handle is made out of pardouk and wenge. The inspiration for this special cut came from thetopicala. The Bolster constists of aluminium.Special thanks to: Stahl Krebs Solingen and C. & E. Rauh Stanzen und Härten von KlingenrohlingenI hope you enjoy the video!
19,832 views | Nov 12, 2014

How to Rope file by Ruben Ramos

Step by step procedure to backfiling the spine of a knife.
2,472 views | Jun 06, 2013

Backwoods Gourmet Kitchen Knife making

We will show you how to make a kitchen knife from an old saw blade.
5,901 views | Sep 28, 2013

Gun Bluing a Mora Knife Morakniv 511

Just doing my own thang: In this video, I attempt to blue a Morakniv 511 Carbon Steel Utility Knife with some Birchwood Casey Perma Blue. I more or less follow the instructions...
2,138 views | Jan 11, 2014

Simple Heat Oil Bluing Method

Careful not to use too much heat...This process required between 600-900 degrees of heat that can draw the temper out of certain steels. Also, I would approach with caution if you considering using this method for treating your reloading dies. The process can leave light scaling on the interior of the die, so it is only recommended for parts where tolerances are unimportant. These dies are push through bullet sizer bodies, and no scaling resulted. Approach with caution and practice practice practice before trying it on a gun part. Not recommended for complete firearms, although it could be used if you are careful.
134,454 views | Sep 18, 2011

Manganese Phosphate and Steel Finish Home Parkerizing Recipe

In this video I show how to get a great black oxide finish on tool steel. I use this finish for knives and for gun parts. It is very durable and is like a hot blue finish, but darker black. For best results I bead-blast or sandblast the parts before soaking them in the hot solution.
39,886 views | Apr 01, 2013

Knife making EnZo Black Beaver

Mayo Knife Making !! A slideshow making the EnZo Black Beaver from I make Bushcraft - Scandi - and do Makeover of old knifes.
3,463 views | Nov 27, 2012

Patinas vs. Coatings Knives

Taking a look at the advantages of a forced patina verses your typical coatings.
13,141 views | May 13, 2012

Making a Custom Knife for the Antarctic Research Mission

A customer approached me quite a while ago with a bit of an unusual request, he wanted a knife made to take with him to Antarctica!This customer is a former Marine, currently works as an EMS Lieutenant, and will shortly be headed to Antarctica to work as a Communications Tech for the research base down there. He wanted a super tough knife to take with him, and requested that I make him a 5" Resolute to fill that need.It was a lot of fun working through the process of making the knife for him!The knife specs: Model name - 5" Resolute Blade steel - A2 tool steel @ 62.5HRC Handle - Black and Toxic Green laminated G10 Sheath - Black Kydex Overall length - 9.6" (243mm) Blade length - 5" (127mm)This video was made over the course of several months (summer was a little slow for me!), the knife itself took about 14-16 hours to make, quite a bit longer than usual because the filming makes the whole process more difficult to coordinate!About 11 hours of footage was taken over the course of making the knife, and then that was condensed down to the video you see above! About 4 days was spent just editing the video!I'm always happy to answer any questions you might have, just ask in the comments!Materials and tools used in this video:Materials - 0.156x1.5x36" A2 Tool Steel: http:amzn.to1DKQ6Dv 14" Black G10 Scales: http:goo.glRDOph7 0.060" Green G10 liners: http:goo.glRja1ET Mini corby bolts: http:www.knifemaking.comproduct-pcp627.htm 0.080" black kydex: http:goo.glGRfKLT Black plated brass rivets: http:goo.glNKlWXgMachinery - Grizzly G0704 milling machine: http:amzn.to1vzCNBs Tormach tooling system: http:goo.gl4KycjQ Grizzly 4x6" metal bandsaw: http:amzn.to1rNl9I8 KMG grinder from Beaumont Metal Works: http:goo.glLaqmoY Evenheat 18" kiln: http:goo.glkgp3Gm Hardness tester: http:amzn.to1wUFpw1 Small wood bandsaw for cutting kydex: http:amzn.to1vzF5k3Tools - Scribe: http:amzn.to1zq87JA Center punch: http:amzn.to1zZCVlB 12" reduced shank drill bit: http:amzn.to1o5dkSY Rotary tool: http:amzn.to1zq8gwx Height gauge: http:amzn.to1zZDqMs Small surface plate: http:amzn.to1tPUboN Rubber mallet: http:amzn.to1wUGrIm Milwaukee M12 cordless drill: http:amzn.to1wX8E29 Rivet press: http:goo.gllUYLCl Rivet dies: http:goo.glUKbPBO Ball peen hammer: http:amzn.to13vjrqBEquipment - Spring clamp: http:amzn.to1t1GCgN North 5400 series full-face respirator: http:amzn.to1xOxhgB Earmuffs: http:amzn.to1t1GQ7u Coleman cooler: http:amzn.to1zZEakP Griddle: http:amzn.to10eLwQU Lansky diamond sharpener: http:amzn.to1o5eL3yConsumables - Layout dye: http:amzn.to1o5eSfu Norton Blaze 2x72" belts: http:goo.glc2roCA ATP-641 anti-scale compound: http:goo.glmD2FbX 309 Stainless foil: http:amzn.to1wUuyW4 West systems epoxy: http:amzn.to10KNppw Water-thin superglue: http:amzn.to1t1ITbR Masking tape: http:amzn.to1rNoTtcShop made tools - Grinding jig: http:imgur.comaffxVM Kydex press: http:i.imgur.comvsUVxL9.jpgDry ice is normally available from places that also supply industrial gasses. Look in your area for suppliers like Praxair, Camcarb and so on.This video was filmed using the Panasonic Lumix G6 w 14-42 Vario X lens: http:amzn.to1vzonRT The knife in my pocket is a CRKT M21 (modifed by me): http:amzn.to1t1yBZo
154,821 views | Oct 03, 2014

Forging a Kabab Barg Knife

This video shows all the steps involved in making a knife for Kabab Barg. The finished knife is 12in long and 2in wide. The back is made from antique wrought iron and the cutting edge from W1 tool steel.Photo of the finished knife: http:goo.glwuOMM
1,542,321 views | Jan 01, 2013

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