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How To gun Blue A Knife Last Man Alive Project

From - Posted: Oct 19, 2013 - 2,542 views
Cooking | How To gun Blue A Knife Last Man Alive Project | How To gun Blue A Knife Last Man Alive Project
How To gun Blue A Knife Last Man Alive Project
How To gun Blue A Knife Last Man Alive Project
Duration: 02 minute 51 seconds 
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It's amateur hour! Gun blueing my DIY survival file knife, Stops rust, the black oxide provides protection against corrosion if treated with a water-displacing oil. Blah Blah Blah ! Inserted a subliminal message see if you can find it.
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Gun Bluing a Mora Knife Morakniv 511

Just doing my own thang: In this video, I attempt to blue a Morakniv 511 Carbon Steel Utility Knife with some Birchwood Casey Perma Blue. I more or less follow the instructions...
1,766 views | Jan 11, 2014

Gun Blue Handle Scales By 3 River Blades

3,181 views | Apr 13, 2014

Patinas vs. Coatings Knives

Taking a look at the advantages of a forced patina verses your typical coatings.
11,952 views | May 13, 2012

how to acid etch a knife

the acid i use is FERRIC CHLORIDEhey guy so i thought i would make a step bu step how to video on acid etching as it is really cool and easier then most people think i no i thought it was gong to be hard but i hope this help if so please like and subscribe as it will really help my channel thanks guys
150,656 views | May 13, 2013

Knifemaking Damascus steel knife

My own damascus knife https:www.facebook.compagesPave-custom-knives612797175432902?bookmark_t=page Music by The Glitch Mob
136,834 views | Oct 23, 2013

Simple Heat Oil Bluing Method

Careful not to use too much heat...This process required between 600-900 degrees of heat that can draw the temper out of certain steels. Also, I would approach with caution if you considering using this method for treating your reloading dies. The process can leave light scaling on the interior of the die, so it is only recommended for parts where tolerances are unimportant. These dies are push through bullet sizer bodies, and no scaling resulted. Approach with caution and practice practice practice before trying it on a gun part. Not recommended for complete firearms, although it could be used if you are careful.
125,068 views | Sep 18, 2011

Knifemaking How to make a knife bevel

Short tutorial how to make a nice bevel using very simple wood jig.
720,494 views | Feb 02, 2013

How to add patina to a Mora Companion Knife

A demonstration on how to protect a knife blade by adding a patina. The knife that is being used in this demonstration is a Mora Companion MG. A second knife that makes an appearance in this video is the Mora Companion Heavy Duty MG.Also used for the final process is RIG (Rust Inhibiting Grease). A RIG Rag is a terrific product that can be found where guns and firearms are sold.http:4strokerebuild.blogspot.comSBLG43 does not guarantee against unauthorized modifications of this information or improper use of this information. Due to factors beyond the control of SBLG43, no information contained in this video shall create any expressed or implied warranty or guarantee of any particular result. SBLG43 assumes no liability for property damage or injury incurred as a result of any of the information contained in this video. SBLG43 recommends safe practices when working with power tools, electrical equipment, blunt instruments, chemicals, lubricants, or any other tools or equipment seen or implied in this video. Any injury, damage or loss that may result from improper use of these tools, equipment or the information contained in this video is the sole responsibility of the user and not SBLG43.
31,641 views | Jan 09, 2013

Making a Custom Knife for the Antarctic Research Mission

A customer approached me quite a while ago with a bit of an unusual request, he wanted a knife made to take with him to Antarctica!This customer is a former Marine, currently works as an EMS Lieutenant, and will shortly be headed to Antarctica to work as a Communications Tech for the research base down there. He wanted a super tough knife to take with him, and requested that I make him a 5" Resolute to fill that need.It was a lot of fun working through the process of making the knife for him!The knife specs: Model name - 5" Resolute Blade steel - A2 tool steel @ 62.5HRC Handle - Black and Toxic Green laminated G10 Sheath - Black Kydex Overall length - 9.6" (243mm) Blade length - 5" (127mm)This video was made over the course of several months (summer was a little slow for me!), the knife itself took about 14-16 hours to make, quite a bit longer than usual because the filming makes the whole process more difficult to coordinate!About 11 hours of footage was taken over the course of making the knife, and then that was condensed down to the video you see above! About 4 days was spent just editing the video!I'm always happy to answer any questions you might have, just ask in the comments!-Aaron
48,266 views | Oct 03, 2014

Knifemaking knife from a wood saw

I have old big wood saw which is made of high quality carbon steel. So I made a chopper knife using this steel. Music is composed and performed by my friend - Jarek Mistarz. Enjoy
1,255,649 views | Dec 13, 2012

Shun Blue Steel Knives with Chris Cosentino

http:www.cutleryandmore.comshun-blue-steel?src=YouTubeShun Blue Steel is the newest line of fine kitchen cutlery, developed in partnership with award-winning Chef Chris Cosentino. Crafted from Japanese san mai construction consisting of a "blue" carbon steel core sandwiched between two layers of stainless steel. This combination of steels equates to a 61 Rockwell Hardness providing incredible sharpness & edge retention; all the benefits of carbon steel without the additional maintenance. In addition, Blue Steel knives feature a unique knife blade shape that works well when preparing or cutting proteins. Each blade features a beautiful mirror polished finish complemented with a traditional Japanese PakkaWood handle. Shun Blue Steel knives are perfect for the professional & avid home chef. Made in Japan.
5,352 views | Jul 15, 2013

Knife Bluing

Using Chemical Bluing on a Mora Knife.
6,546 views | May 12, 2013

What is the Best Survival Blade? Lessons in Knife Evolution by Equip 2...

Annual Update. Adam gets asked all of the time "What is the Best Survival Blade?". In this video he goes through his knife collecting and usage evolution. (Yes, that noise you hear is our new puppy, Ivy)What's the one knife you keep going back to?--------------------------------------------------------- Knife LinksBecker BK-2 - http:amzn.toWrJMuP Hedgehog Leatherworks Becker BK-2 Sheath - http:www.hedgehogleatherworks.comBecker-Series-Knives-s106.htm Tom Brown Tracker - http:amzn.to1nqaKCp Ontario RTAK - http:amzn.to1n47lMX Gerber LMFII - http:amzn.toNI4Pw8 Ka-bar - http:amzn.to1oyX07f Hedgehog Leatherworks Sheath for Ka-Bar - http:www.hedgehogleatherworks.comLeather-Sheath-for-the-Ka-Bar-Classic-Combat-Knife-ph-ap.htm Cold Steel SRK - http:amzn.to14kulNK Mora - http:amzn.to1le8E7m Ontario Black Bird - http:amzn.toSjLTTa Blind Horse Knives (now Battle Horse Knives & LT Wright Knives) Falkniven Idun - http:amzn.toWWTsms Northern Bushcraft Tools by Diving Sparrow Knife Works (Abe Elias) - http:www.dskw.canbs.php Fiddleback Forge Sneaky Pete - http:www.fiddlebackforge.comindex.cfmfiddleback-forge-knives4-inch-bladessneaky-pete Echo 5 from Dogwood Custom Knives - http:dogwoodcustomknives.comknivesEcho-5 WorkSharp - http:amzn.to1aiyt06 --------------------------------------------------------- Other E2E Videos--------------------------------------------------------- Equip 2 Endure Free Membership! Join our community today to be part of our contest & giveaways, join discussions on the forums, news, blog, videos, podcasts and so much more!E2E Store Us on Twitter http:www.twitter.comEquip2Endure Like Us! http:www.facebook.comEquip2EndureE2E Newsletter Sign-Up http:eepurl.commZRO9E2E Newsletter Archives http:www.equip2endure.comViewForumTopic.aspx?id=4536175455924ee3a045b25f5c2370f7
22,991 views | Mar 07, 2014

Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate PRO Survival Knife REVIEW Best Gerber Surv...

FULL Video Review and Demonstration of the Bear Grylls Ultimate PRO Survival Knife from - Is the Bear Grylls Ultimate PRO Survival Knife the Best Knife for Survival in the Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Series Line Up? Let's see... 31-001901 _________If you found this review to be Helpful and are Ready to Check Out or Buy Any Gear, I'd be Honored if You Use the following link to Search for Your Best deals on Amazon: http:tinyurl.comAmazon-UST _________As Promised... Here are Links to the Gear Mentioned in this Video:Bear Grylls Ultimate PRO Survival Knife: http:tinyurl.comUltimate-PRO-Knife-BGPBear Grylls ORIGINAL Ultimate Survival Knife: Amazon: http:tinyurl.comUltimate-Knife-Original-BGP YouTube: http:youtu.bewjDp8e5wsLEKa-Bar Becker BK-2 Survival Knife: http:tinyurl.comKa-Bar-BK2-BGPCold Steel SRK Survival Kit: Amazon: http:tinyurl.comCold-Steel-SRK-BGP YouTube: http:youtu.bePoOSd09ajFgSOG Seal Team Elite - Tactical, Combat, Survival Knife: Amazon: http:tinyurl.comSOG-Seal-Team-Elite-BGP YouTube: http:youtu.be26dBt2nigvsGerber LMF II - Survival Knife: Amazon: http:tinyurl.comGerber-LMF-II-BGP YouTube: http:youtu.be8rd-Wq1q2J0Gerber LHR - Combat, Fighting, Survival Knife: Amazon: http:tinyurl.comGerber-LHR-BGP YouTube: http:youtu.beJQWA3ISPBDISchrade Extreme Survival Knife Amazon: http:tinyurl.comSchrade-Extreme-Survival-BGP YouTube: http:youtu.beg_B0SRsP_agSOG Creed - Modified Survival Bowie Knife http:tinyurl.comSOG-Creed-BGPSmith and Wesson Homeland Security Knife http:tinyurl.comSmith-Wesson-HLS-Knife-BGPBuck Hoodlum Survival Knife http:tinyurl.comBuck-Hoodlum-BGP______JOIN our Growing Facebook Community.... Just Do It... You'll be glad you did!It's EASY...Simply "LIKE" our Facebook page and you should get updates when we post answers to YOUR questions and Other Cool Stuff...HERE's the LINK to FACEBOOK: http:www.facebook.comUltimateSurvivalTips_______Be SOCIAL! Please Comment, Like & Share this video (Thanks!!!) http:youtu.bemQ5bUdfbJZMSubscribe to this Channel for more Great Gear Reviews and Survival Tips: Ultimate Survival Tips on Twitter: http:www.twitter.comultsurvivaltips_______Some of Our OTHER GEAR REVIEW and TIPS VIDEOS:- David's Every Day Carry (EDC) - #1: http:youtu.be00TT1saKsBo - Knife Sharpening Boot Camp - Session 1: http:youtu.be00TT1saKsBo - Bug Out Basics - Session 1: http:youtu.bezSQAe89iCSg - Survival Quick Tip - Paracord Basics: http:youtu.be7uXSHiIytZU - Ambient Weather Survival Radio: http:youtu.be1ytifvy7268 - SOG Creed Knife: http:youtu.beu9jw1mf_f1I - Cold Steel SRK Survival Knife: http:youtu.bePoOSd09ajFg - Bear Grylls Ultimate Paracord Knife: http:youtu.behRpwNB8neVs - Schrade Extreme Survival Knife: http:youtu.beg_B0SRsP_ag _______Our FTC Disclosure: http:ultimatesurvivaltips.comftc-disclosure_______Thanks for hangin' out! ~ David http:youtu.beKw8JxaDQ9ZY
640,695 views | Mar 26, 2013

Spyderco Controversy, Gayle Bradley, and CPM M4

A little bit more of this turned out to be controversy discussion than I'd have liked, but c'est la vie. READ THE DESCRIPTION. CPM-M4: great steel. The mainstream knife consumer, in so many ways, seems to avoid this steel. Maybe its due to the perception of corrosion problemsfears of buying a non-stainless blade? I don't know. Regardless its a fine steel, and certainly one of my favorites for a folding pocket knife. The day an M4 Para2 is announced I'll cough up for one despite the para2's lack of pocket time for me. It has a higher stable sharpness, or working edge as its come to be termed, than the ubiquitous steels like S30v and yet due to its toughness seems to retain an edge longer than the pure wear resistance steels such as S90v. Certainly if you were going to go F1 racing, this would be your car of choice. Of course some users cut merely cardboard and rope, and they'd be poorly served by such a blade. Gayle Bradley: There is controversy surrounding this knife's scale material. Certainly though at this price I'd not hesitate for a moment to buy a knife with this level of fit and finish in this super steel. Wonderfully egronomic, the "edges" formed by the frame and, what could almost be called carbon inlays rather than scales, aids in resisting rotation. The more gentle scalloped jimping is easier on the thumb, causing less pain for soft palmed users and creating less roughness in more calloused hands (you know the "scratchy hands" your wife complains about) I still maintain that inadequate rounding was done on the edges of the spyder hole and edges of this jimping. Thats not to say its razor sharp, but breaking the edges further would have been preferred. Access to the spyder hole, while not difficult per se and certainly easier than on many thumb stud knives, is never the less not as positive as on some of spyderco's other models such as the paramilitary2, manix 2, endura, caly, dragonfly, rocklobster (right hand only), military, etc. Spyderco has taken their exceptional opening system, and moved it more toward average. That said its not difficult to open, and not without perks. The blade gains a slimmer easier to draw profile, and to my eyes some aesthetic appeal particularly when closed. I don't seem to suffer from the same irritation from pocket clips as other people, most notably Cliff Stamp who has noted annoyance with this on multiple occasions, and this clip is broadly without note in this case. It functions as it should, has rounded edges, and just sort of exists without particularly making itself known, at least to my hands. My two complaints are the lock disengagement, as the edge is a bit sharp and access less than perfect making it painful to repeatedly flick (my problem) or disengage with gloves, and the lack of overall anti-forward-slip retention on the blade. The end of the knife is rather pointy and the handle profile, particularly the frame edges, quite smooth. This plus a lack of any sort of taper contour or quillion and your index finger's proximity to the blade combined with a handle relatively in line with the blade, meaning no force in a stab would be deferred to your palm as you grip, makes the knife rather perilous to apply significant force to the tip with. While some may say this is only an issue if you intend to go on a stabbing spree, I would not state that a such an "irrelevant" use is so irrelevant as stabbing may be necessary in a knife's use granted hopefully not on a human, it also will enhance fatigue if extensive tip work is being done. Mule M4:Egronomics are no different than any other spyderco mule. They're a bit hand size specific, and desperately needing a properly contoured handle, but other than that are quite nice geometry wise. This one in particular seems to have come out a smidge on the hard side. Without a rockwell tester its hard to say of course, but compared to my other M4 blades it does indeed seem harder. Never the less it is a stellar performer. This particular blade hadn't been treated properly by its owner, and corrosion had been allowed to develop, so it was acid etched to remove the rust and hypothetically guard against future corrosion. Surprisingly the surface appeared not to etch. It wasn't until it was picked up, and a shiny surface literally was rubbed off, that the etch was revealed. I am unaware of what mechanism caused this, although I speculate it was somehow related to either the paste wax or Tuff Glide it was treated with. It certainly was one of the more surprising things I've yet encountered.
3,411 views | Feb 04, 2013

10 Best Folding Knives

Here are some of the best folding and EDC knives available. Please share your picks and comments too! 0:25 1) Kershaw Knockout 1870; 7.87"; 3.25"; Sandvik 14C28N; 3.6 oz; $65. 3:01 1a) Kershaw Leek 3:35 2) Sebenza 21 Large - 8.33"; 3.625"; S35VN and 6A14V; 4.7 oz; $410. 6:25 3) Flash II - 8'; 3.5"; AUS8 HRC 57-58; 3.1 oz; $55. 7:58 4) Sage II - 7.5"; 3"; S30V; 3.6oz; $155. 11:10 5) Spyderco Tenacious G10 - 7.75"; 3.375"; 8CR13MOV; $35. 18:18 6) Spyderco Endura; 8.75"; 3.75"; 3.4oz; VG10; Japan $60. 12:08 7) Boker Plus Subcom Titanium - 4.625"; 1.875"; 440C; 2.3oz; $35. 13:52 8) Zero Tolerance 0560 - 8.8"; 3.75"; 5.8oz; Elmax; $260. 17:10 9) Kershaw Blur; 7.87"; 3.4"; 440A; 4.2oz; $69. 10) Scientist - No longer available new - buy knives at and
480,688 views | Aug 31, 2012

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