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How to flesh and stretch a coyote trapping

From - Posted: Dec 21, 2013 - 5,617 views
Cooking | How to flesh and stretch a coyote trapping
How to flesh and stretch a coyote trapping
How to flesh and stretch a coyote trapping
Duration: 8 minutes  
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How to flesh and stretch a coyote trapping
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cooking | Preping the Coyote hides part 1

Preping the Coyote hides part 1

1,535 views | Feb 11, 2013
cooking | How to flesh rabbit hides Alum tan

How to flesh rabbit hides Alum tan

Home tanning of rabbit skins. The first step after the rabbit is skinned is to cool the hides quickly. I usually freeze our rabbit hides until I have the time to deal with tanning. With this batch, I am tanning 33 hides. I had them in a trash bag in the freezer. I pulled them from the freezer and put them in the bath tub, still inside the trash bag, for a few days. Then I made my first tanning solution, which in this case, for this many hides, was 4 gallons of room temperature water, 2 cups salt, 2 cups alum. Dissolve thoroughly before adding the hides, one at a time. Stir the hides well by gently poking them with a stick or wooden spoon (NO METAL). I put a large tote on top of the tanning solution, to help keep the hides from floating up. Stir the hides a few times per day. At the end of the 2nd day (48hrs), the hides are ready to flesh. This is where this video starts.
2,155 views | Dec 14, 2014
cooking | Air Skinning a Coyote

Air Skinning a Coyote

Air Skinning a Coyote. We shot a coyote while pheasant hunting and tried to air skin it.
2,155 views | Oct 18, 2012
cooking | Hair on Tan Coyote

Hair on Tan Coyote

In this video Mike shows us how to an a coyote hide and leave the hair on. Become a fan on Facebook! Subscribe for more videos.
2,155 views | Feb 13, 2011

cooking | Heavy Magnum® Coyote from Hornady®

Heavy Magnum® Coyote from Hornady®

http:www.hornady.comstoreHeavy-Magnum-Coyote-NewThe Hornady® Heavy Magnum® Coyote shotgun loads deliver lethal results and minimal pelt damage out to 50 yards! Loaded with 1 ½ ounces of nickel plated lead shot in your choice of either a BB or 00 buckshot offering, these 3 inch, 12 gauge shotshells are the perfect answer for close range predators.
2,155 views | Nov 06, 2012
cooking | Coyote Hunting Tips Stand Set Up

Coyote Hunting Tips Stand Set Up

Nearly every failed stand is a result of poor preparation or stand setup. Watch Ross explain how he sets up on his stand to help him put more fur on the ground.
2,155 views | May 05, 2014
cooking | Road Runner Wile E Coyote 2014

Road Runner Wile E Coyote 2014

Road Runner Wile E Coyote 2014Road Runner Wile E Coyote 2014Road Runner Wile E Coyote 2014Road Runner Wile E Coyote 2014
2,155 views | Aug 31, 2014
cooking | Coyote Attacks Dogs I Shoot With Glock 26

Coyote Attacks Dogs I Shoot With Glock 26

A coyote attacked my two dogs this morning. I ran to assist, pulled my Glock 26 and shot the coyote. Will follow the blood trail and try to locate the carcass. Subscribe! - http:goo.gl09W6xlLIKE us on FACEBOOK! http:goo.gl42trk7 FOLLOW us on TWITTER! https:twitter.comwranglerstar FOLLOW us on INSTAGRAM! https:instagram.commrwranglerstar FOLLOW us on TUMBLR: BUY WRANGELRSTAR GEAR! T-SHIRTS & HATS!
2,155 views | Jul 18, 2013

cooking | KS Coyote Hunt

KS Coyote Hunt

Western KS Coyote Hunt
2,155 views | Mar 04, 2013
cooking | Coyote Trapping Journal part 1

Coyote Trapping Journal part 1

This is the first of a series of videos that I will be posting regarding coyotes in the southeastern United States. Particularly Georgia, where I reside.This video follows me down my first trap line. What brought me into the world of trapping was the increasing numbers of encounters I found myself having during deer season. Curious as to whether or not coyotes were indeed as threatening to deer, and other wildlife populations as believed by many fellow outdoorsmen, I decided to immerse myself into the research. After a few days of endless reading of articles, University studies and online forum consensus (particularly Georgia Outdoor News Forum) I felt comfortable enough with myself to conclude that these animals indeed need managed. So I decided I would hunt them and I would trap them. I determined that no matter how the data was spun or twisted, there was one undeniable fact: killing coyotes will save the lives of deer, especially fawns.I use the mb550 traps and bought all of my equipment from Minnesota Trapline Products. All coyotes were caught on flat dirt hole sets and were shot with a .22 caliber rifle.If you enjoyed this video and want to see more, please remember to like and share because it helps me out more than you may realize. This will be more than a trapping channel. Please look forward to hunting, fishing and many other outdoor content.Like us on facebook: https:www.facebook.comthehuntinghippies
2,155 views | Mar 14, 2014
cooking | Coyote Hunting

Coyote Hunting

Coyote hunting in Van Buren County, Michigan with some avid coyote callers.
2,155 views | Feb 15, 2013
cooking | Coyote Hunting Dirt Naps 3

Coyote Hunting Dirt Naps 3

Coyote hunting at it's finest. WARNING: slow motion kill shots - enjoy the show.
2,155 views | Feb 11, 2015

cooking | Trapping Eastern Coyotes

Trapping Eastern Coyotes

Join professional trapper Darin (the "Animal") Freeborough on his eastern coyote line. This instructional video was filmed in Pennsylvania in the Allegheny Mountains under live, true-catch scenarios! You'll get to know the "Animal" as a neighborhood buddy you want to hang out with! He's an average guy like you who really knows how to stack them up! He will cover all aspects of trapping canines and has a game of "Counting the catches" while you watch it! This is a cut above the average trapping video. Of course, there are many coyotes, red fox and grey fox catches, but also several Pennsylvania fisher and bobcats! This two-hour DVD will keep you on the edge of your seat! Darin wanted to create a video that is just as entertaining as it is educational. He is continually describing what you need to know to be successful while giving you great angles of his sets so you can really see what is going on. You'll be up right up close to the action and will enjoy what he has to show you. Visit to see more and shop in our online Animalistics Store!
2,155 views | Jan 19, 2012
cooking | Coyote hide tanning part 1

Coyote hide tanning part 1

preparing a fresh hide for tanning MVI_0626.MOV
2,155 views | Sep 13, 2012
cooking | Midwest Coyote Hunting Good Night DownWind Outdoors

Midwest Coyote Hunting Good Night DownWind Outdoors

For more information on the calls used in this video, please visit us at http:www.downwindoutdoors.comDownWind Outdoors summer vacationed to the capital of big bucks, South Fork Outfitting in Western Illinois, for some deer scouting, tree stand work, and of course, a coyote hunt or two. With coyotes being off-limits in the off-season of New York State, it was a great opportunity to feed the addiction while visiting our "home away from home." Tad Peter, the founder and owner of South Fork Outfitting, was camo'd up and ready for his first official coyote hunt. Eric and Andy were on scene hoping to guide Tad for a change of pace. Tad manages and guide whitetail hunters over hundreds of properties spanning across the "Golden Triangle" of Illinois in Pike, Adams, and Hancock counties during the fall months. Details on his hunts, accommodations, and success can be found at: today, it was about the elusive mid-west coyote. After a long evening set in the brutal heat, finally, a taker came charging in before dark at the Mojo decoy. The Mojo decoy was able to bring this coyote in within 10 yards of the decoy for an exciting hunt.Shooter: Tad Peter Videographer: Andy DelliVeneri Caller: Eric LawlerSpecies: Mid-Western Coyote Weight: 18 Pounds Sex: Male Date: 732012 TOD: 8:40 pm Wind: 8mph SW Temperature: 95°Call: DWO Signature Series by Crack Predator Calls Crack Howler Decoy: "Double Trouble" Mojo decoy and e-caller Rifle: Remington Model 700 ADL 6mm Scope: Leupold 6.5-20x44mm Bipod: Harris 13.5-27" pivot Camera 1: HDR-FX1000 Camera 2: HDR-CX500vWatch all our free coyote hunting videos at:
2,155 views | Jul 12, 2012
cooking | coyote attack video top 10 HD

coyote attack video top 10 HD

coyote attack top 10 HD coyote attack top 10 HD
2,155 views | Feb 12, 2015


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