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How to flesh and stretch a coyote trapping

From - Posted: Dec 21, 2013 - 5,142 views
Cooking | How to flesh and stretch a coyote trapping | How to flesh and stretch a coyote trapping
How to flesh and stretch a coyote trapping
How to flesh and stretch a coyote trapping
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How to flesh and stretch a coyote trapping
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Coyote Skinning Demo

Check out this instructional video on how to properly skin a coyote in the field
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Removing ear cartilage for fur animals

This is how the big auction houses want the ear cartilages removed
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Fleshing a coyote

the original was age restricted so I'm reposting this
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Preping the Coyote hides part 1

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Skinning a Coyote by Howell Brothers Fur Company

Andrew Howell demonstrating how he skins a coyote.
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Preping the Coyote hides part 2

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4 AWESOME Coyote Hunts!! Coyotes Running Everywhere!

See Field Staffer Jon Collins on 4 awesome coyote hunts from Kentucky.
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Coyote attacks unleashed pet dog.mpg

Action starts at 45 seconds. I encountered this coyote sunning in a field at a very public Park in Dallas (Harry Moss). Lots of dog walkers. Many unleashed. Coyote show his self-confidence when an unleashed pet moves in on his space. Turned out coy had an injured front paw.
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Sewing holes in a coyote

Steve will show how he sews up holes in coyote pelts
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boarding a coyote

this is how to use split boards and the whole process of boarding a coyote
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Skinning a coyote

Sorry that some of the skinning is out of the picture, I'm all alone with noone to hold the camera
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Mike Kain Fleshing Coon, How to Flesh a Raccoon!

In this video John Chagnon joins Mike Kain while he is fleshing a raccoon. Watch as Mike Kain shows some tips and trick on fleshing a raccoon on a beam. To purchase all of your trapping supplies, fur tools, and fleshing equipment visit our website. and don't forget to follow us on https:www.facebook.compagesPcsOutdoors163568760329201
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Fleshing and Boarding a Coyote or Fox

This video contains a detailed description of how to properly Flesh and Board a Coyote and a fox. Only a coyote is used in the video but the procedures are identical for the two animals. Everything you would do on one... you would do to the other
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Air Skinning a Coyote

My first attempt at using compressed air to help seperate the hide from the carcass. It worked well, I plan on doing it every time now. I know some people might be offended, but that's not the intent. This was a responsible harvest and a good thing to do.
437,937 views | Dec 03, 2010

How To Kill Gut Skin and Tan A Rattlesnake Skin

Tanning a Snake Skin. DO NOT DO THIS AT HOME! John shows how to kill, skin, and gut a rattlesnake and also how to tan a snake hide.
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Hair on Tan Coyote

In this video Mike shows us how to an a coyote hide and leave the hair on. Become a fan on Facebook! Subscribe for more videos.
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