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How to flesh and stretch a coyote

From - Posted: Dec 21, 2013 - 1,847 views
Cooking | How to flesh and stretch a coyote | How to flesh and stretch a coyote
How to flesh and stretch a coyote
How to flesh and stretch a coyote
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How to flesh and stretch a coyote
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Preping the Coyote hides part 2

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Hair on Tan Coyote

In this video Mike shows us how to an a coyote hide and leave the hair on. Become a fan on Facebook! Subscribe for more videos.
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Fleshing and Boarding a Coyote or Fox

This video contains a detailed description of how to properly Flesh and Board a Coyote and a fox. Only a coyote is used in the video but the procedures are identical for the two animals. Everything you would do on one... you would do to the other
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Skinning a coyote

Sorry that some of the skinning is out of the picture, I'm all alone with noone to hold the camera
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MB 550 Fox and Coyote Trap

Ohio Outdoor Journal showing off a box of brand new MB 550 offset coilspring traps. We will use these this year for fox and coyote trapping.
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