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How To Eat tropical fruits

From - Posted: May 21, 2013 - 10,224 views
Cooking | How To Eat tropical fruits | How To Eat tropical fruits
How To Eat tropical fruits
How To Eat tropical fruits
Duration: 14 minute 20 seconds 
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Watch me eat a variety of tropical fruits. I discuss a bit about how to eat them, how to know they are ripe, and what they taste like. Fruits I eat in this video are mangosteen, rambutan, custard apple, passion fruit and dragon fruitTHUMBS UP if you noticed Duncan pulling a face in the background at the end when I mentioned his name :)
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Today s Exciting Fruit Buys AND Jackfruit My First Time! Learning How ...

My first time cutting and eating jackfruit, and seeing what the inside of a jackfruit looks like. Also, what we got from the market and farm today!CHECK OUT MY NEW BOOK!!! Healing Diabetes with Fruit: Ex-Type 2s on a Fruit-Based Diet by Tasha Lee: Want to be inspired daily to live a fruitful, fruit-filled life? Keep up with Tasha here: Facebook Page: Tasha Lee's Personal Facebook Page: http:www.facebook.comtashaleeministry Tasha Lee's Eating Disorder Recovery Story & Help: http:www.tashalee.orgeating-disordersDiabetes & Fruit Facebook Page: http:www.facebook.comhealingdiabetesTasha Lee's Type 1 Diabetes Facebook Page: http:www.facebook.comtype1tasha Tasha Lee's Fruit & Diabetes Video Logs: Tasha Lee's Bio: http:www.tashalee.orgabout Tasha Lee's High-CarbLow-Fat Plant-Based Healing Inspiration & Information: http:www.tashalee.orginspirationTasha Lee's Fruit-Based Raw Food Diet Health Improvements: http:www.tashalee.orghealth-improvements Tasha Lee's Low-Fat, Fruit-Based Raw Vegan Recipes: http:www.tashalee.orgrecipesTasha Lee's Vitamix vs. BlendTec Review: http:www.tashalee.orgproduct-reviews Tasha Lee's Resolving Raw Vegan & Fruitarian Health Problems Video Playlist: Kitchen Equipment & Supplements I Use (to Prevent Raw Food Health Problems & Deficiencies): http:www.tashalee.orgrecommended-products Flat Belly Fruit & Veggie Challenge (Free Online Fruit-Based Raw Food SupportAccountability Group): http:www.facebook.comgroupsflatbellychallenge Fruit & Diabetes Facebook Group (Free Online Support Group for Type 1 & Type 2 Diabetics Eating a High-FruitHigh-CarbLow-Fat Plant-Based Diet for Healing): http:www.facebook.comgroupsdiabetes.fruit Florida Fruit-Lovers Meetup Facebook Group: https:www.facebook.comgroupsfloridafruitmeetupTasha Lee (Health) YouTube: Lee (Type 1 Diabetes) YouTube: Tasha Lee (Signed Music & American Sign Language (ASL) Interpreted) YouTube: & Editing by Tasha Lee and Seth the Apartment Gardener:
62,496 views | May 06, 2013

Mamey Sapote with The Tropical Fruit Growers of South Florida

The Tropical Fruit Growers present - Mamey Sapote - with your host, Julian Lara.
123,312 views | Dec 07, 2009


Free raw and vegan recipes: http:www.leegaines.comrecipes SUBSCRIBE: http:bit.lysubtoleeToday I went on an adventure, looking for fresh fruit in Chanthaburi, Thailand. We started at home (River Guesthouse), biked about 7 kilometers to a big fruit market on the highway. On the way we found some fresh sugar cane juice along the roadside. When we got to the market we explored the many booths that were selling different kinds of durian, mangosteen, salak (snake fruit), longans, baby mangos, and much more. I picked up a bunch of mangosteen there and then we headed to Nam Phu market near downtown Chanthaburi. I found a place where you can get mangos for 20 baht (~$0.65) per kilo! So we loaded up on some mangos then headed back to River Guesthouse to eat. Overall it was an awesome day! Check out Jake's channel at offer support and guidance to people wanting to transition into a happier and healthier way of being. Through my counseling program I empower individuals to make positive lifestyle changes by providing useful resources, practical strategies and dedicated, compassionate support.Check out my website, for information on my online counseling program, healthy recipes, nutrition education and more. Be sure to like this video, comment, share and subscribe if you can dig it!I'm on facebook: http:www.facebook.comleetgaines And tumblr: http:rawlee.tumblr.comPeace.
32,128 views | Apr 10, 2013

Exotic fruits and how to eat them

Are you eating the same five or six fruits every day? This video will inspire you to try out new fruit and get some more variety into your diet. You will learn about asian fruits like mango, papaya, rose apples, dragon fruit, sapodilla, snake skin fruit, jackfruit, tamarind and mangosteen. These are the fruits I eat on a regular basis when I'm in Thailand and some of them you can even find in your local asian stores back home.Get more information about the diet and lifestyle at http:www.FruityLou.comFacebook: http:www.facebook.comFruityLouise Youtube: Instagram: http:instagram.comFruityLouise
555,439 views | Mar 26, 2014

Exotic Fruits in Sydney Australia 270

Today my hosts take to me visit the Asian communities of Sydney so I can get some fruits of South East Asia.
4,322 views | May 17, 2010

Unusual Fruits Thailand

http:www.facebook.comquaoarpower OK folks, I hear you, it's not a longan. Also, I'd like to warn you about companies advertising therapeutic effects of mangosteen. These people are selling the useless rind of the mangosteen and are scamming a public hungry for miracle cures. ) Fruits of the tropics, including durian, mangosteen, mango, rose apple, dragonfruit, salak, custard apple, sop
672,854 views | Feb 20, 2009

How to Eat the Exotic and Rare Monstera Deliciosa

This video covers how to know when Monstera Deliciosa is ready to eat. It also covers some important tips about this amazing and incredibly tasty tropical fruit which tastes like a blend between a pineapple and a banana!
131,206 views | May 07, 2012

Icecream Bean Weird Tropical Fruit

I'm going to show you some Inga Beans, AKA Icecream Beans. You will learn about the taste of the fruit, a bit about the trees they grow on, and tips about seed germination of this tropical fruit! Click the following link to see how the seeds grew in 4 months http:youtu.betubEP73Zwek Don't forget to visit me on facebook! http:www.facebook.comthekiwigrower
132,184 views | May 28, 2012

Jakfruit with the Tropical Fruit Growers of South Florida

The Tropical Fruit Growers of South Florida present - Jakfruit- with your host, Julian Lara.
103,346 views | Aug 17, 2009

Exotic Fruits of Hawaii Abiu, Surinam Cherry, Velvet Apple, Longan, Sw...

http:www.kat-green.comI wish you could taste these delicious fruits! I did my best to share about my new and wonderful taste experiences. Eating low fat raw vegan is anything but boring, here is a sampling of fallwinter fruit in Maui, Hawaii.1. Abiu - The outside is quite smooth, but strong like leather or plastic, and contains a sticky latex - The inside is jelly-like, translucent flesh - The taste is really sugary with an almost vanilla, caramel flavour - I've read about calories ranging from 62-140 per 100g of edible flesh2. Surinam Cherry - Comes from a large shrub - Has many ribs, is thin skinned, and contains 1-3 seeds - Taste is quite tart, however the darker, softer ones (the ones that are easier to pick off the plant) are sweeter - Check underneath because bugs like to hang out in their little hole - I've read calories are 43--51 per 100g edible portion, or 57 calories per 1 cup (173 g)3. Velvet Apple (aka Mabola) - Outside is really like velvet in texture - Potent scent and taste - very florally - Inside texture is kind of like a cheese and inside there is no big pit or seed - Calories are between 70 and 80 calories each or 500 cal 100g4. Longan (aka Dragon Eye) - Has a thin, firm shell, like a bark - Translucent white flesh inside - Related to lychees and are similar, but they're sweeter and not as juicy - Black seed inside, which you don't eat - Eat when hard (soft ones often mean they've fermented) - Calories are 60 per 100g5.Sweet Sop (aka Sugar Apple or Custard Apple) - Reptilian-like, dragon skin, with many knobs - Eat when soft and able to tear open - Inside has a delicious creamy, white flesh, which has a texture is like a key lime pie filling or a custard - The taste is like it's relatives (i would say a combination of a cherimoya and a soursop), but if you haven't tried those I would say it is like a sweet sorbet from nature - Calories are 94 per 100g6. Peanut Butter Fruit - Has a thin skin and should be eaten when quite soft, almost like you would a hychiya persimmon - Inside the texture is a little pasty...a little gooey. It is like a mix between a ripe persimmon and an egg fruit - The taste is not overwhelming, but it is nutty, and enjoyable - There are 1-2 seeds inside which are quite large relative to the size of the fruit.* If you are interested in transitioning to a plant-based or fruit-based diet I have recipe books available at http:www.kat-green.come-booksMusic by Jahzzar http:freemusicarchive.orgmusicJahzzarSunlight08_-_Octopushttp:creativecommons.orgns# http:purl.orgdcterms http:freemusicarchive.orgmusicJahzzarSunlight08_-_Octopus http:freemusicarchive.orgmusicJahzzar http:creativecommons.orglicensesby-sa3.0
20,164 views | Dec 09, 2013

TOP 10 Super Strange Exotic Fruits

DYK-DIdYouKnow?Thanks For Watching. Please Subscribe, Like, Share and
18,202 views | Aug 01, 2014

Penang Tropical Fruit Farm Star Apple, Coffee berries, Araza, Surinam ...

My friends at the Penang Tropical Fruit Farm were kind enough to take me on a tour to try several rare tropical fruits. In this video I review several fruits I've never tasted. There is also information about the candlenut, which is not edible.
17,340 views | Apr 15, 2014

World s 10 Most Expensive Fruits

Here are 10 of the most expensive fruits in the world.Sure fruit is awesome, packed with all sorts of vitamins, antioxidants, and, of course, lip-smacking flavor.Depending upon season and type, it's also pretty reasonably priced. Well, most of it is, anyway.There are a few out there that could put a dent in even particularly lush grocery budgets.Here are 10 of the most expensive fruits in the world.Number 10. Densuke watermelon. Praised for its unique sweetness, this melon also has a very distinctive look. All black and lacking stripes, this beauty is definitely a grocery store stand-out. At its price point, it should be. In 2008 a 17-pounder sold at auction for 61 hundred dollars. Number 9. Pineapples from the Lost Gardens of Heligan. Thank goodness pineapples have thick skins, because these ones are grown under straw, horse urine, and manure. To be fair, they hail from chilly England, so extreme measures are warranted. They're given to staff as gifts, but their estimated value is 16 hundred dollars. Number 8. Yubari King Melon. A serious amount of effort goes into making sure that these cantaloupes are perfect. Each vine is trimmed to limit its yield to one. Once sprouted, each melon is given a little hat to protect it from the sun. When picked the stems are trimmed to a tidy 'T' shape. One ideal specimen pair fetched around 23 thousand dollars at auction.Number 7. Taiyo-no-Tamago Mangoes. The going rate for these beauties is 3 thousand dollars. To be fair, the price is for a box that includes 2. To earn the special distinction, the individual fruits must weigh at least 12 ounces and be high in sugar. Number 6. Ruby Roman grapes. They're perfectly round, extra sweet, and about the size of a ping pong ball, all of which are apparently extremely desirable qualities. People are willing to pay in excess of 4 thousand dollars to get their hands on a bunch.Number 5. Square watermelons. Sure, it sounds cool, but is it over 800 dollars worth of awesome? That's the price some Russians have been known to pay for the Japanese melons. To achieve the unique shape, farmers grow the fruit in plastic containers. Number 4. Dekopon citrus. A cross between a mandarin and an orange, the membranes between the sections are known for their thinness and melt-in-your mouth quality. The flavor keeps happy customers combing back as well, as they hit an ideal balance between sweet and tart. A pack of 6 runs around 80 dollars. Number 3. Sekai-ichi apples. The making of the 21-dollar apple -- that's a piece, not per pound -- is far from left to nature. Fields are hand pollinated and each apple is washed in honey and hand stamped. Number 2. Sembikiya Queen strawberries. Named for the swanky fruit store in Tokyo that sells them, each box of twelve is hand selected and perfectly matched. Even with a price tag of about 85 dollars, the retailer rings up at least 50 units a day. Number 1. Buddha-shaped pears. Molds are placed on the pears as they grow from the trees, resulting in a piece of fruit that looks much like a small, decorative statue. People don't seem to mind the 9-dollar price, and rush to buy them as soon as they're picked.
2,785,325 views | May 30, 2014

Jackfruit Cleaning Instructions Excalibur Fruit Trees Palm Beach Rare ...

Learn how to clean a jackfruit. Thank you to Excalibur Fruit Trees Lake Worth for the donation of the jackfruit for this video. Palm Beach Rare Fruit Council 2009-2011 President Lori Vinikoor
283,486 views | Oct 21, 2010

Passion fruit juice extraction

Passion fruit juice extraction plant made by Fratelli Indelicato. Equipped with VS 300 washing tank, Elevator, Polyfruit juice extractor, 2 EPV juice finisher. Working capacity 4 th. By using additional kits for the Polyfruit juice extractor, the same plant is able to process other varieties of exotic fruits (pineapples, papayas, guavas, melons) or citrus fruits. For further informations visit our website:
16,235 views | Feb 25, 2013

7 Fastest Growing Tropical Fruit Trees that will Produce Fruit in Unde...

John from interviews fruit expert, Ken Love and he shares which 7 tropical fruit treesplants can be grown from seed or cutting and that will produce in under 3 years. In this episode you will which tropical fruit trees vines and plants you should plant so you can start eating out of your tropical garden sooner rather than later. This episode is geared towards people that live in tropical climates, and may not apply to growing tropical fruits in Northern (cold) climates. After watching this episode you will discover the fastest growing fruiting crops as well as some interesting information about them.To learn more about Ken Love and purchase some of his awesome posters visit:
78,512 views | Aug 30, 2013


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