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How To Eat tropical fruits

From - Posted: May 21, 2013 - 3,355 views
Cooking | How To Eat tropical fruits | How To Eat tropical fruits
How To Eat tropical fruits
How To Eat tropical fruits
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Watch me eat a variety of tropical fruits. I discuss a bit about how to eat them, how to know they are ripe, and what they taste like. Fruits I eat in this video are mangosteen, rambutan, custard apple, passion fruit and dragon fruitTHUMBS UP if you noticed Duncan pulling a face in the background at the end when I mentioned his name :)
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Jakfruit with the Tropical Fruit Growers of South Florida

The Tropical Fruit Growers of South Florida present - Jakfruit- with your host, Julian Lara.
64,845 views | Aug 17, 2009

Exotic Fruits of Hawaii Abiu, Surinam Cherry, Longan, Sweetsop, Peanut...

http:www.kat-green.comI wish you could taste these delicious fruits! I did my best to share about my new and wonderful taste experiences. Eating low fat raw vegan is anything but boring, here is a sampling of fallwinter fruit in Maui, Hawaii.1. Abiu - The outside is quite smooth, but strong like leather or plastic, and contains a sticky latex - The inside is jelly-like, translucent flesh - The taste is really sugary with an almost vanilla, caramel flavour - I've read about calories ranging from 62-140 per 100g of edible flesh2. Surinam Cherry - Comes from a large shrub - Has many ribs, is thin skinned, and contains 1-3 seeds - Taste is quite tart, however the darker, softer ones (the ones that are easier to pick off the plant) are sweeter - Check underneath because bugs like to hang out in their little hole - I've read calories are 43--51 per 100g edible portion, or 57 calories per 1 cup (173 g)3. Velvet Apple (aka Mabola) - Outside is really like velvet in texture - Potent scent and taste - very florally - Inside texture is kind of like a cheese and inside there is no big pit or seed - Calories are between 70 and 80 calories each or 500 cal 100g4. Longan (aka Dragon Eye) - Has a thin, firm shell, like a bark - Translucent white flesh inside - Related to lychees and are similar, but they're sweeter and not as juicy - Black seed inside, which you don't eat - Eat when hard (soft ones often mean they've fermented) - Calories are 60 per 100g5.Sweet Sop (aka Sugar Apple or Custard Apple) - Reptilian-like, dragon skin, with many knobs - Eat when soft and able to tear open - Inside has a delicious creamy, white flesh, which has a texture is like a key lime pie filling or a custard - The taste is like it's relatives (i would say a combination of a cherimoya and a soursop), but if you haven't tried those I would say it is like a sweet sorbet from nature - Calories are 94 per 100g6. Peanut Butter Fruit - Has a thin skin and should be eaten when quite soft, almost like you would a hychiya persimmon - Inside the texture is a little pasty...a little gooey. It is like a mix between a ripe persimmon and an egg fruit - The taste is not overwhelming, but it is nutty, and enjoyable - There are 1-2 seeds inside which are quite large relative to the size of the fruit.* If you are interested in transitioning to a plant-based or fruit-based diet I have recipe books available at http:www.kat-green.come-booksMusic by Jahzzar http:freemusicarchive.orgmusicJahzzarSunlight08_-_Octopus
5,470 views | Dec 09, 2013

100 Squats a Day form tips

Watch me do 100 squats (because what else could be more entertaining?). After finally working up the courage to record myself doing this I highly recommend it! I noticed things on camera for me to improve that I didn't notice in real life.
1,810 views | May 19, 2013

Icecream Bean Weird Tropical Fruit

I'm going to show you some Inga Beans, AKA Icecream Beans. You will learn about the taste of the fruit, a bit about the trees they grow on, and tips about seed germination of this tropical fruit! Click the following link to see how the seeds grew in 4 months http:youtu.betubEP73Zwek Don't forget to visit me on facebook! http:www.facebook.comthekiwigrower
52,277 views | May 28, 2012

Longans with the Tropical Fruit Growers of South Florida

The Tropical Fruit Growers of South Florida present - Longans - with host Julian Lara.
68,537 views | Aug 17, 2009

Picking Tropical Fruit for Breakfast Rollinia, Tamarillo, Avocado Kail...

Visit my website at - this is not fast food, this is slow food. I'm wandering around the farm picking fruit for my breakfast. The big yellow fruit is a rollinia. The tree tomato is also known as a tamarillo. Video was taken at our farm in Kona, Hawaii. Please rate and comment, thanks!
31,553 views | Dec 06, 2012

Unusual Fruits Thailand

http:www.facebook.comquaoarpower OK folks, I hear you, it's not a longan. Also, I'd like to warn you about companies advertising therapeutic effects of mangosteen. These people are selling the useless rind of the mangosteen and are scamming a public hungry for miracle cures. ) Fruits of the tropics, including durian, mangosteen, mango, rose apple, dragonfruit, salak, custard apple, sop
557,058 views | Feb 20, 2009

Mamey Sapote with The Tropical Fruit Growers of South Florida

The Tropical Fruit Growers present - Mamey Sapote - with your host, Julian Lara.
97,050 views | Dec 07, 2009

Exotic Fruits in Sydney Australia 270

Today my hosts take to me visit the Asian communities of Sydney so I can get some fruits of South East Asia.
3,318 views | May 17, 2010

How to Prepare and Eat a Dragon Fruit

I will show you how to prepare and eat the exotic looking dragon fruit. I also describe this fruit in this video.
22,180 views | Aug 15, 2012

What is a Mountain Malay Water Wax Rose Apple?

http:www.kat-green.come-booksAfter coming to a low fat raw vegan diet and travelling to the tropics I have discovered so many new types of fruit! Here we harvest mountain apples and I talk a little bit about the fruit's nutrition and tree. (They are also known as malay apples, water apples, rose apples, or syzygium malaccense.)These rose apples thrive in Maui, Hawaii in the humid weather. Their high water content and crunchy texture make a great snack on a hot day.This is one of the many exotic fruits that keep me interested in the 801010 way of eating. Having mono meals I am able to really appreciate each and every fruit with all my senses. I feel fully satisfied with each simple meal, and strive for variety over the course of the year.A diet rich in carbohydrates and low in fat is beneficial on countless levels. The main aspects people reference are regarding their improved fitness level, weight (fat) loss, and mental clarity.Music by Dengaz http:freemusicarchive.orgmusicDen... and Broke for Free http:freemusicarchive.orgmusicBro...
2,226 views | Aug 08, 2013

Tropical Fruit Buffet Weird Fruit Explorer Episode 5

Its a fruit field trip in this installment of the Weird Fruit Explorer. I visited the Tropical Fruit Farm in Penang, Malaysia. After seeing a tour of all the various rare and exotic fruit trees growing at the farm, I was then brought to an amazing fruit buffet! Unfortunately the place was loud, I was exhausted, and the battery on my camera was on its last bar. So I go through these great fruits in rapid succession: Eggfruit, Acerola, Passion fruit, Green orange and Sour sop. In future episodes I will review these fruits in more detail, but for now, enjoy!
1,412 views | Apr 14, 2013

Banana Island!

I'm in a fruit eaters paradise but still want to do banana island, why?! - Sorry if this is long-winded for some of you, I accidentally uploaded the full uncut version. Oops!
999 views | Jun 02, 2013

Jackfruit Cleaning Instructions Excalibur Fruit Trees Palm Beach Rare ...

Learn how to clean a jackfruit. Thank you to Excalibur Fruit Trees Lake Worth for the donation of the jackfruit for this video. Palm Beach Rare Fruit Council 2009-2011 President Lori Vinikoor
176,528 views | Oct 21, 2010

Como germinar Fruta del Dragón o Pitaya

Es originaria del sur de México, pero actualmente se cultiva en muchas partes del mundo: El Salvador, Costa Rica, Panamá, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Brasil, Uruguay, Australia, Taiwán, Israel, Vietnam, (De donde es originaria esta fruta que tengo en mis manos), Hawaii, entre otros lugares. (Para la gente que me manda mensajes obscenos diciendo que es de México bleep y bleep, Sï, pero esta fruta que tengo en mis manos fué cultivada originalmente en Vietnam, por eso lo menciono en el video y así lo dice la etiqueta. Gracias y que triste que prefieran pasar un mal rato discutiendo con la gente. Saludos) Para todos los demás grácias por sus comentarios, se agradece y se les desea que funcione para ustedes también este método. Este es un video donde muestro como germinar semillas de fruta del dragón o también conocida como pitaya. Este método sirve también para el Kiwi, entre otras frutas en general. Mucha suerte si se animan a hacer este experimento. Esta fruta es super fácil de germinar, y es deliciosa! Que tengan un excelente día y si ya están plantando sus pitayas, esperamos tengan muchos frutos! (Este video se tomó el 6 de Julio 2013) Facebook: https:www.facebook.compagesThe-Lopez-Garden200437016775577 Twitter: @thelopezgarden
39,921 views | Jul 15, 2013

Fruit Trees and Ornamental Bedding

Episode 9 of 10 Toby Buckland wants to put homegrown fruit back into Britain's gardens. On his revival he meets a fruit tree conservationist who rescues species that are close to extinction, as well as a family in Kent whose passion for fruit has resulted in the creation of the largest collection of different fruit trees in the country. Toby gives his tips and advice on how easy it can be to plant and care for fruit trees. He shows how to cordon a pear tree, prune espaliered apple trees and the best ways to store the results of the autumn harvest. Christine Walkden gets behind the Victorian craze for ornamental bedding. On her campaign she meets the passionate people working hard to keep this gardening heritage alive. She discovers the innovations in plant breeding which are breathing new life into bedding and in Bournemouth she finds out how the council are encouraging the local people and visitors alike to develop a taste for ornamental bedding, with their edible displays. Throughout the show Christine shares her tips and advice - she shows how to create a portable carpet bed and how to grow one of the most popular bedding plants, the geranium, from cuttings.
3,531 views | Feb 22, 2014

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