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How To Eat tropical fruits

From - Posted: May 21, 2013 - 12,755 views
Cooking | How To Eat tropical fruits
How To Eat tropical fruits
How To Eat tropical fruits
Duration: 14 minutes 20 seconds 
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Watch me eat a variety of tropical fruits. I discuss a bit about how to eat them, how to know they are ripe, and what they taste like. Fruits I eat in this video are mangosteen, rambutan, custard apple, passion fruit and dragon fruitTHUMBS UP if you noticed Duncan pulling a face in the background at the end when I mentioned his name :)
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cooking | Unusual Fruits Thailand

Unusual Fruits Thailand

http:www.facebook.comquaoarpower OK folks, I hear you, it's not a longan. Also, I'd like to warn you about companies advertising therapeutic effects of mangosteen. These people are selling the useless rind of the mangosteen and are scamming a public hungry for miracle cures. ) Fruits of the tropics, including durian, mangosteen, mango, rose apple, dragonfruit, salak, custard apple, sop
4,440 views | Feb 20, 2009
cooking | Picking Tropical Fruit for Breakfast Rollinia, Tamarillo, Avocado Kailua Kona, Hawaii HD

Picking Tropical Fruit for Breakfast Rollinia, Tamarillo, Avocado Kail...

Visit my website at - this is not fast food, this is slow food. I'm wandering around the farm picking fruit for my breakfast. The big yellow fruit is a rollinia. The tree tomato is also known as a tamarillo. Video was taken at our farm in Kona, Hawaii. Please rate and comment, thanks!
4,440 views | Dec 06, 2012
cooking | Today s Exciting Fruit Buys AND Jackfruit My First Time! Learning How to Cut Eat Jackfruit.

Today s Exciting Fruit Buys AND Jackfruit My First Time! Learning How ...

My first time cutting and eating jackfruit, and seeing what the inside of a jackfruit looks like. Also, what we got from the market and farm today!CHECK OUT MY NEW BOOK!!! Healing Diabetes with Fruit: Ex-Type 2s on a Fruit-Based Diet by Tasha Lee: Want to be inspired daily to live a fruitful, fruit-filled life? Keep up with Tasha here: Facebook Page: Tasha Lee's Personal Facebook Page: http:www.facebook.comtashaleeministry Tasha Lee's Eating Disorder Recovery Story & Help: http:www.tashalee.orgeating-disordersDiabetes & Fruit Facebook Page: http:www.facebook.comhealingdiabetesTasha Lee's Type 1 Diabetes Facebook Page: http:www.facebook.comtype1tasha Tasha Lee's Fruit & Diabetes Video Logs: Tasha Lee's Bio: http:www.tashalee.orgabout Tasha Lee's High-CarbLow-Fat Plant-Based Healing Inspiration & Information: http:www.tashalee.orginspirationTasha Lee's Fruit-Based Raw Food Diet Health Improvements: http:www.tashalee.orghealth-improvements Tasha Lee's Low-Fat, Fruit-Based Raw Vegan Recipes: http:www.tashalee.orgrecipesTasha Lee's Vitamix vs. BlendTec Review: http:www.tashalee.orgproduct-reviews Tasha Lee's Resolving Raw Vegan & Fruitarian Health Problems Video Playlist: Kitchen Equipment & Supplements I Use (to Prevent Raw Food Health Problems & Deficiencies): http:www.tashalee.orgrecommended-products Flat Belly Fruit & Veggie Challenge (Free Online Fruit-Based Raw Food SupportAccountability Group): http:www.facebook.comgroupsflatbellychallenge Fruit & Diabetes Facebook Group (Free Online Support Group for Type 1 & Type 2 Diabetics Eating a High-FruitHigh-CarbLow-Fat Plant-Based Diet for Healing): http:www.facebook.comgroupsdiabetes.fruit Florida Fruit-Lovers Meetup Facebook Group: https:www.facebook.comgroupsfloridafruitmeetupTasha Lee (Health) YouTube: Lee (Type 1 Diabetes) YouTube: Tasha Lee (Signed Music & American Sign Language (ASL) Interpreted) YouTube: & Editing by Tasha Lee and Seth the Apartment Gardener:
4,440 views | May 06, 2013
cooking | How To Eat A Durian AKA The King Of Fruits

How To Eat A Durian AKA The King Of Fruits

Video intro courtesy of Derek Howlett from Unreal Living HQ - http:fiverr.comthehowlercreate-a-youtube-intro-video-in-720pBananiac shows how to eat a durian aka the king of fruits! Durian is an exotic fruit that grows in tropical climates such as Thailand and Malaysia. This particular durian I got from the Woodstock Fruit Festival which had to have been frozen to be shipped to the United States from Asia but it was still killer! They can be found in Asian markets in the United States. This is seriously one of my favorite fruits! I could honestly live in a durian tree for the rest of my life :p That is how epic this fruit is! I highly recommend people try durian. The taste of it like a mix of vanilla and pepper. It sounds worst then it actually is. The texture of it is really creamy yet it still have a slight firmness to it. Inside the flesh are big seeds about the size of your thumb. A ripe durian will split open on it's own naturally where there are bumpy areas. A lot of people think the smell is awful and it is actually illegal to posses durian in some places of the world but I don't think it smells bad at all! The fat content of durian is a bit higher than most fruits since 30% of it's calories are from fat but it's still relatively low compared to avocados. This fruit can actually be eaten every day on a raw vegan diet or a fruitarian diet and still be low fat as long as you don't eat too many of them. I highly suggest traveling to Thailand or Malaysia where the durian is fresh and that has the most flavor and nutrition. They come in all sorts of tastes, colors, sizes, and shapes. You know you've made it when you eat durian ;)Ⓥ CONNECT Ⓥ Facebook - http:www.facebook.combananiac Twitter - http:www.twitter.comTheBananiac Instagram - http:instagram.combananiac 30 Bananas A Day - http:www.30bananasaday.comprofilebananiac Strava - http:www.strava.comathletesbananiacThe three fundamentals for sustaining a long and healthy life is getting enough water, sugar, and sleep DAILY! Once that is established, getting some sunshine and sport during the week will make you go even further. A plant-based diet consisting of at least 80% of calories from carbohydrates will give you the edge you need to reach your potential. Go Vegan; for the people, for the animals, for the planet."Let Food Be Thy Medicine" ~ Hippocrates, Father of MedicineFAIR USE NOTICE: This video may contain copyrighted material. Such material is made available for educational purposes only. This constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in Title 17 U.S.C. section 106A-117 of the US Copyright Law.
4,440 views | Sep 15, 2013

cooking | Icecream Bean Weird Tropical Fruit

Icecream Bean Weird Tropical Fruit

I'm going to show you some Inga Beans, AKA Icecream Beans. You will learn about the taste of the fruit, a bit about the trees they grow on, and tips about seed germination of this tropical fruit! Click the following link to see how the seeds grew in 4 months http:youtu.betubEP73Zwek Don't forget to visit me on facebook! http:www.facebook.comthekiwigrower
4,440 views | May 28, 2012
cooking | How To Peel and Pit Peaches Southern Living

How To Peel and Pit Peaches Southern Living

Try these tasty peach recipes: http:bit.ly1rE2KzKSummer's peach harvest is upon us and that means we're uncovering the best way to peel, slice, and eat these sweet and juicy gems. Check out more how-to videos from our test kitchen here: http:bit.ly1qk7jl7To blanch or not to blanch? That is the question. If you’re peeling a peach that isn’t too soft but is still ripe enough to eat, don’t blanch. Use a Swiss peeler it's easier to hold. To blanch or not to blanch? That's the question. If you’re peeling a firm peach, don't blanch, use a Swiss peeler. Swiss peelers are easy to hold and their blades stay sharp for a long time.If the peaches are on the softer side, try blanching instead. Cut a shallow X in the bottom of each peach, and place in boiling water for 30 seconds. Immediately transfer to an ice bath using a slotted spoon. Once they’re cool enough to touch, you can slip the skin and fuzz right off.The secret to easy pitting is to select the right peach. A freestone peach is easiest because once you slice into it, you can pull the pit right out. A clingstone peach is attached it's pit, so you have to cut around it. Now you’re ready to make jam, pies or have a snack.
4,440 views | Jun 27, 2014
cooking | GAC Fruit How to Grow, Pollinate Eat this Strange Tropical Fruit

GAC Fruit How to Grow, Pollinate Eat this Strange Tropical Fruit

John from visits an amazing Tropical Food Jungle in Hawaii and shares with you the growing culture of the Strange, Exotic and Rare GAC Fruit. In this episode, you will learn how to grow, pollinate and eat this powerful fruit with a strange name aka Momordica cochinchinensis. You will discover the reason why the GAC fruit is classified as a superfood with a carotenoid content that is higher than most other foods on earth and make it one of the most nutrient dense fruits. The GAC fruit is 70 times higher in lycopene than tomatoes and contains 10 times more beta carotene than carrots. After watching this episode, hopefully you will be motivated to start growing and eating some of this Southeastern tropical fruit in your garden if you are in zone 8b or better.Learn more about Coconut Chris and his amazing food jungle at
4,440 views | Feb 03, 2014
cooking | Tasting Exotic Fruit Found In The Philippines

Tasting Exotic Fruit Found In The Philippines

I picked up these fruits from the local market in the Philippines and wanted to share them with you. I have my daughter Kaia to help me out!
4,440 views | Jul 22, 2014

cooking | How to Eat the Exotic and Rare Monstera Deliciosa

How to Eat the Exotic and Rare Monstera Deliciosa

This video covers how to know when Monstera Deliciosa is ready to eat. It also covers some important tips about this amazing and incredibly tasty tropical fruit which tastes like a blend between a pineapple and a banana!
4,440 views | May 07, 2012
cooking | Exotic Fruits in Sydney Australia 270

Exotic Fruits in Sydney Australia 270

Today my hosts take to me visit the Asian communities of Sydney so I can get some fruits of South East Asia.
4,440 views | May 17, 2010
cooking | Jakfruit with the Tropical Fruit Growers of South Florida

Jakfruit with the Tropical Fruit Growers of South Florida

The Tropical Fruit Growers of South Florida present - Jakfruit- with your host, Julian Lara.
4,440 views | Aug 17, 2009
cooking | Exotic fruits and how to eat them

Exotic fruits and how to eat them

Summary below… Join Louise's email list: Get Louise's free 'Top 5 Tips': http:fruitylou.comtop-five-tips Get Louise's 'Get Started Guide': http:fruitylou.comget-started-guide Instagram: http:instagram.comfruitylouise Twitter: http:twitter.comFruityLouise Facebook: http:www.facebook.comFruityLouise Tumblr: SUMMARY ---------------Are you eating the same five or six fruits every day? This video will inspire you to try out new fruit and get some more variety into your diet. You will learn about asian fruits like mango, papaya, rose apples, dragon fruit, sapodilla, snake skin fruit, jackfruit, tamarind and mangosteen. These are the fruits I eat on a regular basis when I'm in Thailand and some of them you can even find in your local asian stores back home.----------------------------------- ABOUT FRUITY LOUISE -----------------------------------Louise aka FruityLou is a Danish coach, speaker, author, television journalist and event maker. She used to be really ill herself but got well through a diet and lifestyle change. She has written the two most comprehensive books on natural healing and the 801010 raw food diet published in Scandinavia. On top of that she has also written three e-books in Danish where her first one, the 'Get started Guide' has been translated into English - http:fruitylou.comget-started-guide. Louise is a certified coach with years of experience helping people improve their health through mental and dietary changes. She is the organizer of the international and longest running 801010 fruit festival in the world - the Fresh Food Festival. As a speaker she has spoken on several stages both in Scandinavia and abroad including the Fresh Food Festival of course. As a journalist she has interviewed some of the most knowledgeable pioneers within the 801010 HCLF movement and she constantly work to keep herself updated with the latest information.------------------ LOUISE'S STORY ------------------For many years Louise suffered from both adrenal fatigue, liver problems, gout, low hormone production, anxiety attacks, depression, insomnia, low back pain, PMS, brain fog and about 30 other symptoms. Amongst others the doctor told her she had so severe cell and DNA damage that she was close to cancer and that she probably could not get pregnant either. Being a television journalist she knew that she had to research to find a new solution. She promised herself that if she ever got well she would use it in a positive way to help others and luckily she did. In 2009 she came across a super healthy diet and lifestyle that became the turning point in her entire life and in only a few years she healed herself naturally without any treatment or medication. Today she feels better than ever and she has dedicated her life to inspire and help others get their life and happiness back too. Thousands of people around the globe have already followed her inspirational tips and her 'Get started Guide' has been downloaded more than 2500 times. Her most inspiring Youtube video has been watched more than 700.000 times and her channel is all about living a super healthy diet and lifestyle. Read more about Louise here: http:fruitylou.comabout-meLearn more about the diet with Louise's 'Get Started Guide': http:fruitylou.comget-started-guide
4,440 views | Mar 26, 2014

cooking | How to open and eat Tamarillo

How to open and eat Tamarillo

How to open and eat Tamarillo MT World are in Bali, we open this fantastic fruit called Tamarillo! Now we going to try it for you and see how it taste like. This fruit we bought in the farmers market in bali, farmers market in ubud. It´s organic tropical fruit and Exotic fruit. You can have it in a sallad or eat it like it is, also you can make Tamarillo juice. This is a raw food fruit so when you raw food travel in Bali you will find this.
4,440 views | May 29, 2014
cooking | Mamey Sapote with The Tropical Fruit Growers of South Florida

Mamey Sapote with The Tropical Fruit Growers of South Florida

The Tropical Fruit Growers present - Mamey Sapote - with your host, Julian Lara.
4,440 views | Dec 07, 2009
cooking | How to Cut and Prepare Durian Fruit

How to Cut and Prepare Durian Fruit

For those of us that have not worked with it before the spiky exterior and rich scent of the durian fruit can make it seem like a bit of an intimidating fruit to work with at first glance. In this how to installment, cookbook author and owner of Saffron Restaurant, Su-Mei Yu shows us how to properly cut and prepare this fascinating and delicious tropical fruit.
1,337 views | Jun 15, 2011
cooking | Tropical Fruit Trees

Tropical Fruit Trees

A collection of mangoes, custard apples, wax jambu's, dragon fruits, persimmons and pomelos.
1,337 views | Mar 19, 2010


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