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How to cook Pigar Pigar

From - Posted: Feb 18, 2012 - 23,478 views
Cooking | How to cook Pigar Pigar | How to cook Pigar Pigar
How to cook Pigar Pigar
How to cook Pigar Pigar
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In this video I will be cooking Pigar Pigar the way I remember back in 1990. Pigar Pigar is Dagupan's City version of beef and vegetable stir fry, It is usually served during night at one of busiest road in Dagupan along Galvan street.
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happy fathers po sa lahat ng mga tatay! sana magustuhan niyo.. pag naglagay kayo pala ng sibot, konti lang ha. huwag ilagay buong laman ng plastic... follow me on facebook.comfoodtrip28
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