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Minatamis na Kundol

this is onother recipe that I've learned from my mother,this is how my mother made "Minatamis na Kundol"How to make Kundol Preserve (white melon gourd or wax...
1,877 views | Oct 20, 2013


great served with suman antala, other sweets like leche flan or as an added ingredient in Halo-halo.
12,393 views | Mar 28, 2011

‪Ginataang tilapia fish in coconut pinoy food Philippines‬ ‪How to coo... As part of the HOW TO COOK GREAT NETWORK - Also take a look at our channel for other ...
32,348 views | Jan 25, 2013

Ginisang Patola sa Misua at Hipon

Lunch time the Philippines..
896 views | Oct 15, 2013

Ginataang Labong sa Dilaw

Young Bamboo Shoot Cooked in Coconut Milk and Turmeric..Filipino Recipe Simple INGREDIENTS 1 kilo cleaned and cut young bamboo shoot..(LABONG) 3 niyog..or 4 ...
1,608 views | Jun 15, 2013

Orange Cheese Cake

no bake "Orange Cheese Cake" healthy and delicious cheese cake recipe,creamy and with silky smooth texture...
812 views | Oct 15, 2013


Palitaw (rise or float) a small and flat rice cake made from sticky rice (malagkit) serve with grated coconut or sesame seeds,making palitaw is very simple a...
820 views | Aug 11, 2013

Kilawin Puso Ng Saging

kilawin puso ng saging (banana blossom)sauteed in garlic,onions,tomatoes,shrimps or squid,black ground pepper,cooked with vinigar,red chillis (siling labuyo)...
10,774 views | Dec 11, 2012

Ube Pie with macapuno

Ube Pie is another delicious recipe made from Filipinos favorite Ube or purple yam...
691 views | Mar 06, 2014

Ginataang Malunggay

Vegetable food for good friday we are not allowed to eat meat at that time.
2,616 views | Mar 29, 2013

UBE MACAPUNO SALAD Pinoy Gulaman Recipe

For complete recipe, follow the link below: http:pinoygulamanrecipe.blogspot.ca201401ube-macapuno-salad.html Like us on facebook ; https:www.facebook....
1,137 views | Jan 22, 2014

Winter Melon Soup with Shrimps 大蝦冬瓜茸湯

Winter Melon Soup with Shrimps 大蝦冬瓜茸湯by with Joyce Ho. Video shot by Colvin Jason Exconde.
476 views | Jan 01, 2014

Ginataang Tilapia sa kamias Pinoy recipe Fish in Coconut Milk

Ginataang Tilapia is a Filipino dish fish cooked in coconut milk a traditional Filipino style recipe here's my version with kamias and tomato sauce.
3,428 views | May 05, 2013

Beef Caldareta

spicy beef caldareta a classic Filipino dish sauteed in olive oil with plenty of garlic,onions and tomatoes,and added bell peppers ,potatoes,carrots and gree...
760 views | Dec 11, 2012

PINAKBET na may Gata...

Ginataang Gulay..Pinoy Vegetarian Diet...healthy recipes for health conscious people...KAIN NA TAYO!!
7,605 views | Jul 04, 2012

The Rise Of Wintermelon Tea

In this weeks video, we "enjoyed" a fresh wintermelon tea! HOPE YOU ENJOY! --- Background music: Move Forward by Kevin MacLeod http:incompetech.commusicr...
147 views | Aug 18, 2013

【干貝冬瓜(もどし貝柱とトウガンの煮込み)】長坂松夫の運命クッキング 34

煮物に使われることが多い冬瓜(とうがん)を、干した貝柱・シイタケのダシで煮込みました。作りたても、冷やしてもおいしく食べられます。 干貝冬瓜(ガンペイトングゥワ) 材料2人分 トウガン 300g 皮をむき幅4cm厚さ1cmの片にカット 干し貝柱 30g 水カップ4に1時間ほど浸ける 干し椎茸 中3枚...
115 views | Aug 27, 2013

Ginisang Bulaklak ng Kalabasa sa Pork Ribs

Ginisang Bulaklak ng Kalabasa sa Pork Ribs is being presented to you by KainangPinoy through MgaLutoNiMahal. Squash Flowers are sauteed with Pork Spare Ribs ...
11,112 views | Jul 16, 2010

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