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How to Cook Fried Chicken a la Jollibee

From - Posted: Aug 16, 2012 - 489,883 views
Cooking | How to Cook Fried Chicken a la Jollibee
How to Cook Fried Chicken a la Jollibee
How to Cook Fried Chicken a la Jollibee
Duration: 9 minutes 56 seconds 
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Award winning food blogger Malou Perez-Nievera shows you how to make a perfect crispy fried chicken ala Jollibee. Join her in her Skip to Malou FB page at https:www.facebook.comSkiptoMalouPage. For Fried Chicken ala Jollibee recipe click here: http:www.skiptomalou.net201105she-handed-me-apron-as-welcome-gift.html
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KFC original gravy recipe.
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HOW TO COOK FRIED CHICKEN ALA JOLLIBEE is Malou Perez-Nievera's video tutorial as she shares a recipe of the beloved Chickenjoy ala Jollibee. The "crispy-licous" and the tender juicy chicken will definitely take you back home. She shares techniques and tips to get the best FRIED CHICKEN you've ever made.
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This is our own version of the famous Jollibee Spaghetti. Get the details of this recipe here http:panlasangpinoy.com20130912jollibee-style-spaghetti-recipe
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How to Cook Lechon Kawali by Chef Sandy Daza MAGGI MAGIC Sarap Nestlé ...

Nothing sounds better than biting into the crispiest Lechon Kawali. It's a Pinoy dish that both kids and adults will enjoy!
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Get the details of this crispy pata recipe here: http:panlasangpinoy.com20110202crispy-pata-pulutan-recipeCrispy Pata is a Filipino crispy pork dish. This crispy pata recipe makes use of pork leg. The leg is boiled along with seasonings and spices until tender. Afterwards, it is deep fried until it turns crispy. This is eaten as a main dish along with a dip of vinegar. It is also best with beer.
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How to cook Fried Chicken the Panlasang Pinoy way. Visit us at
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cooking | Copycat KFC Kentucky Fried Chicken Original Recipe, Secret ingredients

Copycat KFC Kentucky Fried Chicken Original Recipe, Secret ingredients

Follow us on Facebook ! https:www.facebook.comtheleachannelSecret ingredient: -1 TEASPOON ground Oregano -1 tablespoon ground Basil -1 TEASPOON ground Tarragon -1 tablespoon ground Marjoram -1 tablespoon ground Sage -1 tablespoon ground Black pepper -1 tablespoon ground White pepper -1 TEASPOON ground Chili -1 tablespoon ground Paprika -3 tablespoon ground Salt -1 tablespoon Onion Powder -3 tablespoon granulated garlic -3 Cup All-purpose Flour (375 grams) Batter process: -2 eggs -Cup milk Frying process: -1 Gallon of Corn Oil (first 8 to 10 minutes at 320 Fahrenheit, maximum temperature for 1-3 minutes)******************************************************************************************************************** Music information Song 1:Kevin_MacLeod_-_Cattails Download link:http:incompetech.commusicroyalty-free?keywords=cattails Song 2-3-4: Jason_Shaw_-_JENNYS_THEME Jason_Shaw_-_MOUNTAIN_SUN Jason_Shaw_-_TENNESEE_HAYRIDEDownload link:http:freemusicarchive.orgmusicJason_ShawAudionautix_AcousticAll of them License with the a commercial purpose under http:creativecommons.orglicensesby3.0 Special thanks for those producer and their fantastic music!gordon ramsay
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Max s style Fried Chicken

Get the details of this Max’s Style Fried Chicken here: http:panlasangpinoy.com20090827filipino-food-max-style-fried-chicken-recipeMax’s Style Fried Chicken or Max Fried Chicken is our own version or a copycat of the famous Fried Chicken Recipe of Max’s Restaurant in the Philippines. The chicken recipe calls for Spring Chicken or Cornish game hen, which are smaller than your ordinary chicken. This quick and easy fried chicken recipe will need you to steam the chicken first before frying. This method gives Max’s Fried Chicken (our copycat version) the nice crisp texture. It also absorbs the flavor of the seasonings and spices added while steaming. Max’s Fried chicken is best eaten with Worcestershire sauce and Jufran Banana Ketchup. It is also eaten with a side of Kamote fries (Sweet Potato Fries).
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Sweet Chicken Asado is a delicious and flavorful chicken dish. Get the recipe here http:panlasangpinoy.com20140726sweet-chicken-asado-recipe
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Get the details of this recipe (in English) here http:panlasangpinoy.com20110720yang-chow-fried-riceYang Chow Fried Rice (Yeung Chow) is a complete Asian Fried Rice Recipe that can be considered as a meal itself. It includes the white rice, barbecued pork (Char Siu), shrimp, green peas, green onion, and eggs. The barbecued pork used in this recipe is called char-siu. It usually makes use of Hoisin sauce as the marinade.This Yang Chow Fried Rice cooking video shows you how to prepare yang chow fried rice from ground up. Yang Chow fried rice goes well with different dishes. The following are some recommendations:Beef with Broccoli http:youtu.benZte1qQGSK8 Chicken Lollipop http:youtu.beTe0ap966gZM Embutido http:youtu.beSCnkwOof8Fs Hardinera http:youtu.beMghztJNlx4w Max’s Style Fried Chicken http:youtu.be0TPLFWy9CrQ ChopSuey http:youtu.be5czlz9Uexng and Squid Ball ChopSuey http:youtu.beDR3w4FNiVac Camaron Rebosado http:youtu.beLCPPk3Fgm-0Aside from using barbecued pork for this fried rice recipe, you can also use Filipino ingredients as substitutes such as Pork Tocino (http:panlasangpinoy.com20140929homemade-pork-tocino-recipe) or Longganisa (http:panlasangpinoy.com20090615how-to-make-longganisa).
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Ulam Pinoy 1 CRISPY PORK BELLY Liempo

More at Ingredients for 3 persons: 1 kg. Pork belly (whole cut) 3 gloves garlic 3 bay leaves Salt and pepper Water
2,080 views | Jul 22, 2011
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Crunchy Korean fried chicken Dakgangjeong 닭강정 English Caption 영어자막

The full recipe is on my website: http:www.maangchi.comrecipeeasy-dakgangjeong This crispy, crunchy,spicy Korean fried chicken is incredibly delicious! You're going to love it, I guarantee, and take this chicken to a party and everyone will give you compliment: "Whoo ah~ this crispy chicken is crunchy crunchy like candy!"If you like this recipe, also check out my original dakgangjeong recipe, which is a lot chunkier and stickier: http:www.maangchi.comrecipedakgangjeongand also my spicy, seasoned can't-fail yangnyeom-tondak: http:www.maangchi.comrecipeyangnyeom-tongdak
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Spaghetti Jollibee Pinoy Style

I have learned a lot of style cooking spaghetti using different kinds of ways and recipes.But this style is the most favorite of my children .The taste is so yummy and delicious.
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The World s Best Fried Chicken Recipe How To Fry Fried Chicken Wings

How To Make Fried ChickenSeason cleaned chicken with Seasoning salt, Garlic Powder, Paprika, Black Pepper and Oregano seasoningSit and allow it to marinate overnightCoat with flour... and shake off excess flour then let them sit for 20 minutes.Place pot of oil over med heat and let it pre heat for 10 minutesAdd chicken pieces and fry until they float to the top or for 15 minutes
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How to Cook The Best Maja Blanca Recipe English

The best Maja Blanca Recipe in EnglishIngredients1 12 cups of cream corn 1 cup of cornstarch 3 12 cups of coconut milk (1 12 cups of first extract and 2 cups of second extract) 34 cup of sugar 380g condense milk Thanks for Watching I hope you enjoyed MAJA BLANCA RECIPEClick Here to subscribe for more upcoming Filipino Recipes!Follow MeFacebook https:www.facebook.compagkaingpinoytv1 Google+ Twitter https:twitter.comPagkaingPinoyTV
2,080 views | Sep 17, 2013

COPYCAT KFC FRIED CHICKEN HOMEMADE -- OFFICIAL WEBSITEhttp:www.redbubble.compeoplenickoskitchen -- OFFICIAL MERCHANDISE ***PLEASE NOTE***This recipe has been modified and is NOT the KFC recipe, it has been modified for legal reasons but the taste will be similar. Ingredients:8 pieces of chicken wing and drumstick 1 egg 1 cup milk 2 cups flour 2 tsp pepper 3 tps salt 4 tsp garlic powder 1 tsp paprika vegetable oil for fryingENJOY!~ NickoIntro theme to Nicko's Kitchen is from TwistedTime01 and Bertofski Music from Nicko's Kitchen is from Used with permission
2,080 views | Aug 04, 2011


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