Cooking How To Clean Pork Intestine

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how to clean intestines for kokoretsi or garthoubes

Cleaning lamb intestines is essential prior to cooking any of the greek recipes that require them.
21,404 views | Sep 23, 2011

Cookin Wit Tittle Chitlins Hog Maws Clean n,Cook n Eat n

La Donna Tittle is the first Black woman to cook and clean Chitterlings on major TV. In Chicago on CAN-TV, Ch. 19 when she began her first TV show,"The La Do...
5,064 views | Oct 17, 2013


INGREDIENTS for Chicharon Bituka: 1 kg pork intestines (washed very well) 1 liter water 1 tablespoon salt 1 tablespoon black peppercorns 3-4 bay leaves 3-4 c...
11,573 views | Oct 20, 2012

Cooking How to clean and prepare raw squid for cooking

I haven't prepared squid in a number of years, but they looked pretty good at the Asian market today. In case you haven't tried cooking with fresh squid befo...
13,747 views | Oct 26, 2010

Pork intestine Ziro village Arunachal Pradesh

The footage shows an old man cleaning porks intestine .Pork intestines are consumed as a delicacy in many parts of the world. Here the Apatani tribe of Ziro ...
1,684 views | Dec 10, 2011

Thai Food Deep Fried Pork Intestines Sai Pa Lo Tod Grob

[Thai Food] Deep Fried Pork Intestines (Sai Pa Lo Tod Grob) Fry them in very hot oil or until crispy. And just serve with black soy sauce for full flavored. ...
1,454 views | Jun 27, 2013

Cooking With Elaine Chitterlings and Hamhocks with Rice

ATTENTION *** Use Uncle Ben's rice or any parboiled rice. Use a total of 4 cups of hamhock broth and 1 cup of water. Don't forget to like and subscribe!
243 views | Dec 30, 2013

ホルモン焼き♪ Horumon yaki♪ grilled beef entrails

動画の裏話やデータ(The report in my blog ) :http:ameblo.jpcooking-s-papaentry-11532978202.html 詳しいレシピ(recipe):http:cookpad.comrecipe2035343 <Ingredients> (for...
9,340 views | May 31, 2013

Pork intestines being cut into pieces

An old man cleaning pork intestines and looking at them very lovingly. Pork intestines are consumed as a delicacy in many parts of the world. Here the Apatan...
1,815 views | Dec 12, 2011

How To Wash Pig s Maw Stomach

Sprinkle some flour over the pig's maw and drizzle some cooking oil over it before proceeding to rub the pig's maw stomach until the lining is clear of imp...
15,992 views | Oct 25, 2007

Chef Dwight Evans of Moo Oink How to make Citlins Chittelrings Recipe

Chef Dwight Evans, corporate chef with Moo & Oink, makes Pork Chitterlings on the Live Well Network's cooking show, Let's Dish. His chitlins recipe consists ...
4,627 views | Nov 19, 2012

Hog Maws and Chittlins Chitterlings ...My Way!!!

Cooking Hog Maws and Chitterlings using my recipe and technique.
37,796 views | Jun 17, 2012

Cookin Chitlins Mizippihippi Style...Easy, Easy, Easy!

Mizippihippi enjoyin' a leisurely Sunday afternoon paintin' and cookin' chitlins. If you've never cooked chitlins and you don't want to, but somebody close t...
37,239 views | Feb 14, 2010

Cleaning Chiterlings Chitlins 101

Learn how to clean and cook Chiterlings (Chitlins) using those purchased in the red bucket.
63 views | Dec 24, 2013


Hope this video helps for your holiday cooking. If you missed out on this recipe for Thanksgiving and Christmas.... There's always New Years. If he loves chi...
38,492 views | Dec 24, 2010

Exotic Zombie Foods Intestines 247 OutDoor Addiction

Members Konerri and Hybrid take a last minute road trip to the Hmong July 4 2012 tournament in Minnesota. While we were there we visited the famous Hmong Vil...
1,104 views | Jul 10, 2012

Pork Intestine With Pickled Cabbage Soup Recipes. ตือฮวนเกียมฉ่าย

This recipes is not difficult. But It took very long time to clean for smell gone. If the pork Intestine smell is still, this menu will not delicious. ตือฮวน...
11 views | Mar 31, 2014

Pigs intestines, ginger and sour pickle stir fry 酸菜炒大腸

Ingredients: Pig intestines + vinegar to wash Rice wine, pickled jai-tsai, sesame oil Ginger, spring onion, garlic, chili, vinegar, sugar *** You can find ou...
918 views | Feb 20, 2014

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