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How I finally GREW MY THINNING EDGES if I can do it, you can do it

From - Posted: Sep 25, 2012 - 24,701 views
Cooking | How I finally GREW MY THINNING EDGES if I can do it, you can do it | How I finally GREW MY THINNING EDGES if I can do it, you can do it
How I finally GREW MY THINNING EDGES if I can do it, you can do it
How I finally GREW MY THINNING EDGES if I can do it, you can do it
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I finally grew back my edges after 5+ years of trying. ✔ EXPLORE: ‪ ✔ FOLLOW: ‪http:twitter.comudothegirl & ✔ PIN: ‪http:pinterest.compeaceudo ✔ SUBSCRIBE: http:youtube.comsubscription_center?add_user=peaceudoStep one: Go natural. No weaves, no braids, no perms, no nothin! Step two: Use natural products Step three: Be patient, diligent, and love what you've already got
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How to Regrow Edges and Nape Area Naturally!

Regrow edges starting today! Yes you can regrow edges! Thinning edges on black hair is not something you need to worry about anymore once you start this process.Find out why all your edges are falling out or thinning here:http:www.naturallylonya.comRegrowing_edges.htmlThen you can read this to get more details on how to regrow edges: http:www.naturallylonya.comregrow_edges.htmlAlthough you might have lost or thinned out your edges from other processes, these methods can help regrow and thicken your edges and nape area.Regrowing thinning black hair is something that I see many African American women struggle with but it is not something that can not be fixed.Always remember to do what is best for your hair and hair type. I discover this regrowing hair method while I was growing out my 4c natural hair. Do not let another day go by without starting to take action with your hair. Natural black hair care has truly helped me over come all problems associated with losing my hair from radiation.An African American Hair Care Action Guide for stronger, longer, and thicker hair: http:www.naturallylonya.comAfrican_American_Hair.htmlThanks so much for watching! I will see you soon, God Bless!
52,100 views | Apr 20, 2012

My Hairline Grew Back In 3 WEEKS Pics!

I HAD to do a follow up on my hair growth and repair after the dye for the products I use to grow back my Bald spot in 3 weeks!
90,868 views | Nov 01, 2012

Regrow Your Edges Naturally In As Little As 10 Weeks!!

This is a video showing my edge regrowth in less than 10 weeks! I went from no edges to fuller edges! This product truly does work!Where you can find Pure Refined Emu Oil: http:www.vitaminshoppe.comstoreenbrowsesku_detail.jsp?id=LW-1001#.UQiMA0pFcoYLink for Dermaroller on amazon: business inquiries: Visit my blog at Follow me on Instagram @minahbe http:www.instagram.comminahbe Follow me on Twitter @lisagivenchy http:www.twitter.comlisagivenchy Like my Facebook page http:www.facebook.comNaturalHairWeaves*** If you leave negative comments they will be deleted! I do not need you to tell me what I should be doing such as not wearing weaves and etc. I experienced breakage because of a skin issue, I am just sharing my story to help someone else!! ***
241,409 views | Jan 29, 2013

Request How i grew my edges back

REQUEST: This video shows contains information of how i grew my edges back
31,619 views | Jun 27, 2012

Edges, Edges, Edges...

Heys guys! Today we are talking abt edges & the lack there of! It seems like ERRDAY on IG, Twitter & in person, I see ppl with jacked up ass edges so I decided to give some tips to save the lil we got left! Ha!Nobody aint tryna look like Naomi Campbell...OKAY!! Dont nobody got time for dat!! Haha! I hope that its helpful for yall! Enjoy!How to Retwist: nobody got time fo dat: http:youtu.bebFEoMO0pc7k YUSSSSSSSSSSLogo & jingle by: Hibiscus Creative LLCInstagram: love jahlicia Facebook: https:www.facebook.comLoveJahlicia Twitter: http:www.twitter.comJahlicia
11,686 views | Oct 06, 2012

How To Keep Your Edges From Thinning or Balding DO s and DON Ts

Twitter: https:twitter.comLilBitakaTrecey Facebook Fan page: https:www.facebook.comTrecey920Hey I did this video because I have really been seeing so many people that's dealing with this issue. I wanted to come on with some DO's and DON'Ts hopefully it will help.If I'm going to fast in this video, it's because I didn't' want the camera to shut off on me like it did before. I will upload the caption to this video later on. it will be where you can see what I'm saying. If there's any questions, please leave in comment section.Here's The Organic Root Stimulator Temple Balm on Amazon, to show you what it looks like. But you can get this from Sally's, or your neighborhood beauty supply store.'s the Elixir, it's really called the Fertilizing Serum, but I calls it Hair Elixir. Root Simulator has a whole line of different products as well.
5,846 views | Aug 29, 2012

Natural Hair Ponytail for thin edges

I made this video to show you how I put my natural hair in a ponytail and my attempt to conceal my thin edges. I do not wear ponytails often. Just on my lazy day. (: I used water and eco styler gel to achieve this look. Sorry for it being cut off. I make these videos on my phone and sometimes they are interrupted with a phone call. lol Hope you enjoy.... thanks for watching!
10,481 views | Mar 30, 2012

4 Ways I Disguise my thin edges!!!

Hi ladies..sharing my secrets to rockin my TWA and OTHER STYLES with thin edges!! (((((( OPEN FOR MORE INFO )))))))) NO TIME TO BE SHAME!!!!!! IM ROCKIN A NEW LEVEL OF CONFIDENCE thin edges and ALL!!! Oh Yeah!!!! Ive been using Jamaican Black Castor Oil on my edges and the results are AMAZING! Check out my vid.... http:youtu.begTbJwkl667Q... to see me n my roommate castor oil hair challenge to grow our edges back!
104,429 views | Apr 17, 2013

Hair growth acceleration with Emu Oil

Emu oil can grow your hair back, by lengthening its growth cycle. It has grown mine. purchased at Roll choyce essentials.
15,542 views | Apr 14, 2012

Emu Oil On Hairline Update

Took a break from using the onions and garlic. Started using Emu Oil on my hairline I'm over 4 years natural as of May 2012. Thank You For Watching **Send me LettersLove** Sharmeta P.O. Box 2646 Gardena,CA. 90247 BUSINESS INQUIRIES-
20,716 views | Nov 06, 2012

How To Apply Pure Refined Emu Oil For Hair Growth!

This is a quick demonstration on how I applied my Emu Oil to my edges for hair growth! Here is where I purchased mine from: http:www.vitaminshoppe.comstoreenbrowsesku_detail.jsp?id=LW-1002#.US1qNet359kDermaroller link:*** If you leave negative comments they will be deleted! I do not need you to tell me what I should be doing such as not wearing weaves and etc. I experienced breakage because of a skin issue, I am just sharing my story to help someone else!! ***
18,006 views | Feb 26, 2013

How I Started my Thinning Edges to Growing Natural Hair

This is how I got my thinning and breaking edges to grow! It's not rocket science, Find the problem, eleminate the problem and stimulate & retain growth. If you are still having problems after 2 or 3 months then you may need to see your physician.
41,768 views | Apr 10, 2011

Beginning Again Natural Hair Journey balding edge

I went natural from '04-'06 and got a relaxer for my wedding. This time it's permanent!
39,042 views | Sep 20, 2010

You CAN grow back thinning edges and balding crowns! http:www.facebook.comshalenadiva http:www.shalenadiva.comarchives3953 Click on the link to join the Shalena D.I.V.A. healthy hair boot camp! In this video, Shalena D.I.V.A. shows you how to grow back your thinning edges and balding crowns in 30 days in a healthy way that will benefit your entire body with 5 simple tips! You can find the products she mentioned in another video of hers called "How to Find Healthy Hair Products!" Follow the D.I.V.A. on facebook at :www.facebook.comdivaunleashed or Twitter at www.twitter.comshalenadiva.Be encouraged!!!!
38,722 views | Jul 02, 2012

68 ♥ Single Flat Twist Updo Protective Hair Style for Relaxed or Natur...

♥Simple, quick and easy protective hair style for those who are on the go!♥This style is great for protecting your ends of your hair during the winter months and a cute hair style for working out! I
20,069 views | Sep 25, 2012

How To The Secret to Growing Your MY Edges

To order a BOSSY Wig™ or book and appointment for a sew-in or eyelash extensions visit http:www.styleseat.combossybeautylounge or email elitecustomtresses@gmail.comTwitter http:www.twitter.comMissBossyLIVE Instagram @missbossylive Facebook BOSSY Wigs Facebook http:www.facebook.comBOSSYWigs Keek @missbossyliveThis is how I make my growth oil that has worked wonders for meYou can check out my previous video here to see how my edges looked less than 1 year ago (not about edges, but you can see clearly how thin they were) Emu oil Castor oil Eucalyptus oil Sublimed Sulfur powderHair I am wearing in this video is Senghori Shells Natural Rhythms installed on a BOSSY Wig™
360,948 views | Nov 16, 2011

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