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Starting a Wood Fire Review of Camping Wood Stove

My review of the Portable Military Camping Tent Steel Wood Stove Heater (STOVE-2346) and my attempts to cook chicken on the stove by burning wood. 1.
67,369 views | Aug 07, 2011

Portable Wood Stove Heat, Cook, Bake, Grill, BBQ, Hot Water

http:www.surefirewoodsman.comindex.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=110&Itemid=124 Whether you're riding out a storm at home, bugging out or just camping in the wild, our stoves are...
55,542 views | Jul 05, 2011

Winter Hot Tent Trip Kawartha Highlands Provincial Park

Kevin heads out with friends (Andy and Tim) on another winter camping trip, equipped with a hot tent. Temperatures went as low as -28 but they were toasty warm in their canvas prospector tent...
8,705 views | Jan 31, 2014

Seek Outside Titanium Tent Stove Set Up First Burn

Here is the link to the stove http:seekoutside.comwood-stoves Here is the link to the MSR Tent from Amazon ...
1,221 views | Feb 27, 2015

Eldfell Wood Burning Stoves

Excellent Eldfell wood burning stove assembly video. Nothing heats a Tentipi Nordic tipi like an Eldfell wood burning stove. Eldfell is the natural heart of the Nordic tipi and a faithful...
2,879 views | Nov 06, 2012

My version of the ultimate ammo can tent stove

For all your life on the road, boondocking and prepping needs buy your products at below wholesale prices with no shipping fees. http:www.tmart.comsl53ed7f8485d99 I've been buying gear...
44,756 views | Sep 06, 2012

Ammo box wood stove

Fantastic little tent stove! Great for camping in the outdoors. It cooks your food, heats your tent and you can use it as a BBQ outside your tent or tipi. For more information write me an email.
25,890 views | Apr 15, 2012

Homemade wall tent stove

homemade sheet metal stove for hunting. Long burn times desired and obtained!
31,604 views | Oct 28, 2012

Cabelas Ultimate Alaknak Tent with Wood Stove at Snake Lake Camping De...

This is our first deer hunt with the Cabelas Ultimate Alaknak Tent. Our new Colorado Cylinder Stove kept things nice and warm inside the tent while the temperature dropped down around 25 degrees...
68,718 views | Nov 19, 2012

tent stove

2,624 views | Dec 30, 2011

Campfire Tent Vehicle SAFE Heater

No worries of CARON MONOXIDE poisoning. Heat source can be virtually ANYTHING: Propane stove, campfire, rocket stove, Sawdust stove, Charcoal, etc TEST IT OUT: http:youtu.beHDl_E1fWsro...
9,876 views | Apr 17, 2014

DIY Tent Stove Project

Need to buy Survival Gear then please support my channel and shop at my store http:meatmangary.yolasite.comSURVIVAL-STORE.php Hey guys, I have been working on a project my new DIY Tent...
13,988 views | Jan 28, 2013


mod to legs...chimney fine incredible.
116,719 views | Nov 07, 2011

2 2 DIY TEST BURN how to portable, tent, emergency, wood stove 40 easy...

22 DIY TEST BURN how to portable, tent, emergency, wood stove $40 easy project with basic tools. Walmart Grill $17 plus a few other materials you could find around the garage and do this...
3,969 views | Oct 19, 2014

Cooking on a Rocket Stove. The Basics

First time fire up of a new rocket stove. Cooked an egg, and turned on the camera to cook another one. Cook your food storage while using the least amount of wood. Rocket Stove http:stovetecsto...
7,928 views | Nov 17, 2013


This is a simple design for a survival heater.My son came up with this idea using only hand tools,in case of a grid down situation.Most of the ammo can stoves we have seen only show the stove...
14,349 views | Feb 17, 2012

Flat Cat Gear s Lynx Alcohol Stove Boil Test 1

Jon Fong, the owner of Flat Cat Gear, gifted me several of his stoves to play with, which included an ISO-Clean 2 stove (isopropyl alcohol), two Lynx stoves (alcohol) (one for me and one to...
1,328 views | Feb 17, 2013

Barrel Stove Wood Heater Oven Cooking Demonstration

Cooking a pork tenderloin, baked potatoes and dinner rolls in the DIY Barrel Stove Oven for Thanksgiving Dinner. You can cook your meals in this DIY Oven while you heat your home or camp without...
7,925 views | Nov 22, 2012

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