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Homemade Yogurt Homemade Greek Yogurt Recipe

From - Posted: Aug 15, 2013 - 68,412 views
Cooking | Homemade Yogurt Homemade Greek Yogurt Recipe | Homemade Yogurt Homemade Greek Yogurt Recipe
Homemade Yogurt Homemade Greek Yogurt Recipe
Homemade Yogurt Homemade Greek Yogurt Recipe
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Yogurt making is not rocket-science but it is science and very simple science. Yogurt Curd or Greek Yogurt can be made at home very easily and at a fraction of the cost and to your taste. Follow the steps, make it at home and you'll figure out how simple it is. Ingredients:Milk -- 8 cups Starter -- 2 heaping tbspMethod:1. Boil Milk on a medium high flame, stirring occasionally to avoid burning. 2. Once the Milk comes to a boil, reduce flame to a simmer and cook for another 5-6 minutes. 3. Turn off the stove and let the Milk cool down to lukewarm. 4. Once it's lukewarm, add in the starter and mix well. 5. Transfer into container(s) to set the yogurt. 6. Keep in a warm place and allow the yogurt to set. 7. Setting time may vary depending on the size and material of container, climate and how warm you keep it. 8. We kept it in the oven, with the oven lights on but the but switched off, for 8 hours. 9. Transfer the Yogurt to the fridge and allow it to firm up for atleast a couple of hours and then it's ready to serve. For Greek Yogurt: 1. Take a Paneer Cloth, wet it and squeeze the water. 2. Spread it over a jug (if you want to save the whey) and pour the Yogurt into it. 3. Make a bundle and tie the opposite ends and hang from a ladle. 4. Allow the Whey to drip out until the yogurt is reduced to half. It will take upto 2 hours. 5. Open the parcel and transfer the Yogurt to a container and store till needed. Printable Recipe: http:showmethecurry.comodds-endshomemade-yogurt-homemade-greek-yogurt-recipe.html Check out the ShowMeTheCurry Channel:
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Homemade Paneer Indian Cheese Recipe

Paneer is an Indian cheese which is used in many recipes for appetizers, main courses and desserts. It does not melt when heated. Paneer is very easy to make at home. Try this easy to follow recipe. For the detailed recipe, click: http:www.showmethecurry.com20080317homemade-paneer-indian-cheese
270,162 views | Mar 11, 2008

Beetroot Tikki Indian Vegetarian Recipe

We love the color drama that Beetroots have. Not only are they fun to work with but are healthy for you as well and we am always looking for ways to incorporate them into our everyday meals. These Beetroot Tikkis are always a hit in our homes, and we use them for parties and for week-end lunches. The versatility is amazing, love the fact that they freeze so well and are available to pull out of the freezer. Enjoy these lovely bites of health. Ingredients:Beetroot (Chakundar) - 1kg (2.2lb) Potatoes - 12kg (approx 1lb), boiled Salt - 2tsp or as needed Medium Onion - 12, chopped fine Green Chillies - to taste, cut fine CilantroCoriander Leaves (Dhaniya Patta) - 4-5 sprigs, finely chopped Ginger & Garlic Paste - 1tbsp Roasted Cumin Powder - 2tsp Dry Mango Powder (Amchoor) - 2tsp Unsalted Roasted Peanuts - 12cup All-Purpose Flour (Maida) - 1tbsp Water - 14cup Panko Bread Crumbs - as needed Oil - for shallow fryingMethod:1. Wash and peel the Beets. Shred in the Food Processor or with a grater. 2. Sprinkle Salt and set aside for 10 min. 3. Mash the Potatoes and add in the Onions, Green Chillies, Cilantro, Ginger & Garlic Paste. Mix. 4. Cover and keep aside and work on the Beets. 5. Squeeze the liquid out of the Beetroot and combine the flesh with the mashed Potatoes. 6. Set the liquid aside and use for other dishes. 7. Add in Cumin Powder, Dry Mango Powder, & Peanuts. Mix well. 8. Check the salt and spices and add and adjust as needed. 9. Pinch the amount needed and make tikkis with it. 10. Roll the amount needed in your palms and make a ball and then flatten them a bit. 11. Do the same for all and keep aside. 12. In a separate bowl, mix the All-Purpose Flour and Water. 13. In a flat plate, pour out some Panko Crumbs. 14. Dip the Tikkis in the All-Purpose & Water mixture and then into the Panko. 15. Place on a plate. Once done, cover with plastic wrap and keep in the refrigerator for an hour. 16. Once ready to fry, heat Oil in a skillet on medium flame. 17. When the Oil is hot, carefully place the Tikkis into the Oil and allow to cook for about a minute and a half. 18. When you see the color change, turn the Tikkis and allow to cook on the other side as well. 19. Remove from Oil and transfer into a platter lined with a paper-towel. 20. Serve hot with some Green Chutney or some Tamarind Chutney.Tips: 1. Use Walnuts, Sunflower Seeds or Pumpkin Seeds to substitute or add on tp Peanuts. 2. The uncooked Tikkis freeze really well. 3. If you have gluten allergies, use Rice Powder instead of All-Purpose Flour and skip the Panko or add Gluten-free Bread crumbs. ----------------------------- Printable Recipe: Check out the ShowMeTheCurry Channel:
29,688 views | Aug 21, 2014

How to de seed a Pomegranate tutorial

Pomegranates or Anaar (in Hindi) are fruits that not just have a visual appeal but for so good for your health. They are very high in anti-oxidants and also Vitamin C with absolutely zero fat or cholesterol. It is beautiful looking tropical fruit that is very versatile and great in salads, drinks, reductions, deserts and savory dishes. Here is a quick look at how to most effectively de-seed a Pomegranate. Enjoy! ============== Check out the ShowMeTheCurry Channel:
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Namak Pare Savory Bites Indian Recipe

Namak (Salt) Pare are one of those wonderful snacks that are appropriate anytime of the day, any time of the year. Traditionally, it is important to serve a savory item when a sweet is served for balance, or choice and because "Salt" is such an essential part of life. They are easy to make and need very few ingredients, mostly stuff that we have in our pantry all the time. So this festival season, whip up some of this fried goodness and enjoy with family and friends. ========================== Prep Time: 15 min Cook Time: 20 minIngredients: All Purpose Flour -- 1 cup Carom Seeds (Ajwain) -- 14 tsp Salt -- 12 tsp Clarified Butter (Ghee) -- 2 tbsp Water -- 14 cupOil for deep fryingMethod:1. Heat Oil for deep-frying. 2. Mix the following together: Flour, Salt & Ajwain. 3. Mix in the Ghee and rub well till all the Flour is coated with Ghee. 4. Add a little Water at a time and form a stiff dough. It needs to be stiffer than Chapati dough. 5. Rub a little OilGhee on the dough ball, cover and allow to rest till the Oil is ready (minimum 5 min.) 6. Grease the rolling surface and the rolling pin. 7. Take a part of the dough and form a ball and roll it into a square or a round. 8. It needs to be just a hair thicker than a Chapati. 9. Grease a sharp knife and cut strips, rotate 45 degrees and cut again to form diamond shapes. 10. Fry once the Oil is hot. 11. Allow them to cook on one side and flip allowing them to cook on the other side as well. 12. Once done, take them out onto a paper towel, sprinkle some Chaat Masala. 13. Serve hot (if you want them soft or allow them to cool (if you want them crispy. 14. Once cooled down, transfer into an air-tight container and store at room-temperature. ========================= Recipe: http:showmethecurry.comappetizersnamak-pare-savory-bites.html
180,916 views | Nov 01, 2010

Easy Homemade Oven Yogurt

This recipe makes over 3 litres of yogurt that will keep about a week in the fridge.
167,954 views | Nov 24, 2008

How to make homemade yogurt save money, get healthy

Boil the whole milk in a non-stick pot and let it cool. Mix small amount of store bought yogurt or yogurt made previously at home with sour cream. Add the mixture to the cooled milk and cover the container with thick worm towel. Wait for twenty four hours. The yogurt will be ready then. Store your yogurt in the refrigerator. Enjoy! Yogurt contains probiotics (acidophilus and the like) that are good for intestinal microflora and digestive tract. Yogurt also helps heel fungus in the body.
214,837 views | Aug 26, 2010

How to Make Whole Milk Ricotta Cheese

Sustainable food enthusiast Claudia Lucero, demonstrates an easy recipe for making whole milk ricotta cheese from main ingredients. Whole Milk Ricotta Recipe courtesy of Claudia Lucero of Urban Cheesecraft ( )Ricotta is an example of a fresh farmer's cheese born out of necessity and invention. Traditionally made from the whey left-over from making hard cheeses, this cheese made sure nothing went to waste at the farm. That makes sense if you make cheese in large quantities because you need A LOT of whey, but luckily, we have a way to make it using milk. To make creamy ricotta in under an hour, you will need: INGREDIENTS 12 gallon of whole milk- raw or pasteurized preferred (avoid ultra-pasteurized) 12 tsp citric acid OR 18 cup vinegar of choice OR lemon juice Flake or fine salt and herbs (to taste)SUPPLIES Stainless Steel, Glass or Enamel- Coated Pot (no aluminum or cast iron) Butter MuslinFine Cheesecloth or other tightly woven thin cloth Thermometer that reads accurately to 185°F Large Colander Large Spoon- not aluminum YIELD- about 1lb Step 1- Measure the ½ tsp of citric acid into a ½ cup of water and stir to dissolve. Step 2- Pour your ½ gal of milk into the pot, pour the citric acid solution into the milk and mix thoroughly.Step 3- Heat the milk at medium heat to 185°F (do not allow to boil over). Check the bottom of the pot with your spoon every couple of minutes to check for any stuck milk or scorching, reduce heat if necessary. Avoid breaking up the fragile curds as they form. Step 4- You may see curds begin to form as soon as you pour the solution in and as the milk heats. We are looking for maximum coagulation, however, you will see this at 185°F. The curds and whey will clearly separate- curds are white and whey is yellowish. When you hit that temperature and see this result, turn off the heat. Allow the pot to sit off the heat and undisturbed for 10 minutes. Step 5- Line the colander with your fine cheesecloth (90# if you want to get technical). If you would like to reserve the whey to use in smoothies, soups or pancakes, place a large bowl or pot under the colander to catch it- otherwise, place the colander right in your sink. Step 6- Gently and carefully, pour the pot's contents into the cloth.Drain the curds in the colander for 15-30 minutes, or until the cheese has reached your desired consistency. You can expedite the draining by gathering the corners and hanging the "bag" to drain from a kitchen cupboard handle (with a bowl underneath of course). Step 7- When the cheese has drained to your desired texture (very creamy or firm and crumbly, it's up to you), you can mix in herbs and salt to taste or you can leave it plain and use it for pasta, pizza, crepes, can even let it cool completely and chop in some dark chocolate, dry fruit or nut bits and lemon zest, drizzle it with good honey and you have a fancy dessert cheese. You can shape it in different containers and let it cool in the fridge to retain its shape, or you can just leave it as a spread. The cheese is ready to eat immediately! Store any leftovers in a covered container in the refrigerator for up to 1 week. Enjoy.Food Farmer Earth - a journey of wide discovery about our food to Food Farmer Earth-receive the latest videos Cooking Up a Story for more stories, recipes, photos, and complete written posts http:cookingupastory.comFollow us: Google+ twitter http:twitter.comcookingupastory Facebook http:www.facebook.comcookingupastory Pinterest https:www.pinterest.comfoodfarmerearthWebsite RSS Feed http:cookingupastory.comfeedCooking Up a Story channel on YouTube
136,573 views | May 28, 2012

How to Make Greek

Learn to make Greek Yogurt at home. Greek Yogurt is easy to make and can save you money at the grocery store. Step-by-step intructions.
111,631 views | Dec 23, 2010

Easy Coconut Almond Yogurt Recipe

Raw Grocery List + More Vids Here: http:www.regenerateyourlife.orgfree-gifts *BLENDERS This recipe is delicious, filling, energizing, strengthening and a great transition food as well as useful for long term raw vegan success in the context of getting enough amino acids and fatty acids to stay balanced, strong and radiant! Enjoy! :D *BLENDERS * PROBIOTICS To order probiotics, click the link above or call #1-800-626-5143 and tell em Dan The Man sent you! For questions about enzymes or probiotics call Tyler at #949-690-4002 Email Bruce at: RAWBUNCH@GMAIL.COM to get your truly raw almonds! The cost is $60 for 5 pounds Recipe: 2 Cups Soaked Almonds 2 Cups Coconut Meat 2 Cups Coconut Water 1 Teaspoon NCP Pro-biotics
53,439 views | Dec 28, 2010

How to Make Yogurt at Home without a Yogurt Maker Easy Recipe

How to make yogurt from scratch at home - by the gallon. Easy without a yogurt maker, crock pot, slow cooker, etc. This homemade yogurt recipe is simple and delicious. While the very first batch needs an acquired starter, subsequent batches are self-seeding.Just a few cooking utensils are needed along with some jars & jugs and a cooler. Neither crock pot nor low temperature oven are required.
166,716 views | Aug 17, 2013

Homemade Greek Yogurt using Crock Pot

Hello everyone, Im making homemade greek yogurt using a crock pot. I will be using 2% milk. It may take some time, but its easy to make. ENJOY!!!Join me on or App. if you would like to track my progress and Diet Plan. My User Name is Nursebetty85. Thanks and Good luck!Weight loss pictures can be seen on Instagram: Nursebetty2285.
46,227 views | Aug 19, 2012

Homemade Yogurt Recipe by Manjula

View full recipe at http:www.manjulaskitchen.com20100701how-to-make-yogurt
382,209 views | Jun 30, 2010

How to make homemade Yogurt Curd

For detail ingredients and printable recipe, please visit my site @www.crazy4veggie.comhow_to_make_homemade_yogurt.php
57,318 views | Jul 04, 2012

Making Greek Yogurt.m4v

Making Greek Yogurt. Please excuse the wardrobe malfunctions!
55,858 views | Jul 04, 2011

How to Make Greek Yogurt at Home

I've temporarily turned off the comments option because I somehow attracted the vulgar ire of someone out there who keeps posting profanity. I never thought a yogurt recipe would be so controversial! Enjoy the video. I hope it helps.
358,153 views | Feb 06, 2010

How to Make Healthy Homemade Greek Yogurt FAT FREE

Paula from shows how to make healthy Homemade Greek Yogurt (fat-free)!! For more visit Filmed by
128,970 views | Dec 06, 2011


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