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Homemade Shake and Bake! Pork Chop Coating Recipe Noreen s Kitchen

From - Posted: Aug 30, 2012 - 21,569 views
Cooking | Homemade Shake and Bake! Pork Chop Coating Recipe Noreen s Kitchen | Homemade Shake and Bake! Pork Chop Coating Recipe Noreen s Kitchen
Homemade Shake and Bake! Pork Chop Coating Recipe Noreen s Kitchen
Homemade Shake and Bake! Pork Chop Coating Recipe Noreen s Kitchen
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Greetings! I decided to make some pork loin chops for dinner this evening and I was going to use the box of Shake and Bake, because it was quick and easy. I decided to read the ingredients, and while it really wasn't that bad, it still has "spices" and yeast extract and a couple other things that I figured we didn't need. So I'll put this box in the pantry and give it to the food bank when the school has their holiday food drive.I threw together this quick and easy coating mix with little effort and it was simply delicious! I used spices to compliment the pork but you could use this for chicken or even cubed steaks. It was quick easy and delicious. I will use this coating mix from now on and forgo the corporate store bought creation that is kind of expensive to begin with.You can use good quality store bought bread crumbs or some of your own homemade bread crumbs along with spices of your choice. I used about 2 cups of bread crumb and 1 teaspoon each of salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, Italian seasoning and poultry seasoning. I also added 1 tablespoon of sunflower oil and blended it all up in a plastic bag until it looked just like the store bought stuff. I simply used it like I would the regular coating mix, and baked my pork chops for 30 minutes. They were succulent and flavorful!I hope you give this idea a try the next time you want to "oven fry" a delicious cut of meat like pork chops, chicken or even round steak!I hope you try this and I hope you love it!Happy Eating!Homemade Shake and Bake Mix, Shake and Bake, Homemade Pork Chop Coating, Oven Coating Mix, Oven Fried Pork Chops, Seasoned Bread Crumbs, Onion Powder, Garlic Powder, Italian Seasoning, Poultry Seasoning, Pink Salt, Cracked Black Pepper, Sunflower Oil, Quick and Easy, Economical, Budget Friendly, Make Your Own, Make a Mix, Kitchen, Food, Cooking, Eating, Recipe, Recipes, Howto, How to, How-to, YouTube, Tutorial, Food Storage, Pantry Ideas, Corporate Food, Learn to Cook, Noreen's Kitchen, Homemade, Home Made, Noreen, Atticus9799
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Peanut Butter Sheet Cake Recipe Noreen s Kitchen

Greetings! Here is a blast from the past for me! I was inspired to make this after watching a video on YouTube that reminded me of the sheet cakes my mom and my ex-husband's grandmother used to make! Those were both chocolate based cakes, but this one TAKES the cake! The peanut butter cake that is!This one is certainly for the peanut butter lovers out there! You could easily make this a peanut butter and chocolate cake by fixing chocolate frosting with peanut butter cake or vice versa. That would be an amazing taste treat!This one is really easy and really quick. This will feed at least 16 servings and is great to take to a potluck or picnic because it will feed lots of people and is guaranteed to disappear!If I had some honey roasted peanuts on hand, I would have scattered some all chopped up on top of this warm frosting. it would add just the right amount of crunchy goodness to this already delicious cake! This is super rich and you don't need a big piece to feel satisfied!I hope you try this and I hope you love it!Happy Eating!Get the recipe here: http:bit.lyV5tlKWSign up for my weekly newsletter and get exclusive recipes, video tutorials and articles! http:eepurl.comTZCV5Find great recipes on my website! http:bit.lyNkitchenDon't forget to subscribe! New videos Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday! http:bit.ly17JVMTPSubscribe to Noreen's Garden Channel on YouTube! New videos every Tuesday! http:bit.ly1ltMjAmSubscribe to Rick's Tips Channel for Home Improvement and DIY Tips! New videos every Saturday! http:bit.ly1ixCK8WComing soon! Noreen's Crafting Corner! New videos will be posted every Thursday when we get that ball rolling!Check me out on social media!Facebook: http:on.fb.me12bdibtTwitter: @noreenskitchenInstagram: http:bit.ly12bdqrpGoogle + http:bit.ly1o5GMYyRead my Blog: http:bit.ly15R5GvV***Noreen's Kitchen Cookbooks!***** Cocoas & Cookies & More Galore!! http:bit.ly19HJx85Don't forget Noreen's Kitchen Holiday Helper! http:bit.ly1afz8mN***MAILING ADDRESS**** Noreen's Kitchen PO Box 14173 New Bern, NC 28561Have a question for me? Send me an email: info@noreenskitchen.comBusiness Inquiries can be sent to: inquiry@noreenskitchen.comNoreen's Kitchen Community Guidelines (The Rules) http:bit.ly1gZcwJFProduced by Noreen's Kitchen ©2013 all rights reserved All embeds must live link to Noreen's Kitchen channel. No Editorial Excerpts without permission, Violators agree to pay $5,000 per second + $10 per view + all collections & lawyers fees.
38,000 views | Aug 21, 2012

How to Make Magic Mix with Recipe! Noreen s Kitchen

Greetings! Today I am sharing with you how to make your own Magic Mix. If you are unfamiliar with what that is, it is a blend of dry milk, flour and butter that can be used as a base for a white sauce, cream soups, pudding, Popsicle and much more! The main reason I want to do this is because I want to get away from using envelope mixes and canned cream soups in some of my favorite recipes. The reasons are three fold. First I want to get away from as much corporate food as possible. Second it is better for me and my family because I know that the ingredients are chemical free. Third, the benefits to rotating my food storage by using what I already have.I was introduced to Magic Mix a long time ago by Crystal Godfrey of the everydayfoodstorage channel here on YouTube. My fellow Honey, Katzcradul has also done a video of Magic Mix where she used it to make some decadent chocolate pudding!I have to say that this is a great item to have on hand and you will find yourself reaching for it over and over again for a number of different recipes.Make sure you store this in the fridge or freezer because of the butter. I hope you try this and I hope you love it. Look for more upcoming videos where I will show you how you can use this to make your own:Cream of broccoli soup Cream of mushroom soup Cream of chicken soup Cream of celery soup Cream of asparagus soup Chocolate Pudding Vanilla pudding Butterscotch pudding Fudgesicles White sauce Cheese sauce Macaroni and cheese Alfredo sauce Vodka sauce and more!Happy Eating!Katcradul's Magic Mix Chocolate Pudding:http:youtu.bed3ZqaRGZPycCrystal Gofrey's Everydayfoodstorage channel" Mix, How to Make Magic Mix, Magic Mix Recipe, Homemade Mix, White Sauce Mix, Cream Soup Mix, Powdered Milk, All Purpose Flour, Softened Butter, Cooking, Eating, Cream of Broccoli Soup, Cream of Mushroom Soup, White Sauce Recipe, Kitchen, Food, Eating, Food Storage, Food Storage Rotation, Pantry Rotation, Prepper's Pantry, Noreen's Kitchen, What's for Dinner?, Budget Friendly, Economical, Quick and Easy, How-to, Howto, How To, YouTube, Tutorial, Homemade, Home Made, Noreen, Atticus9799
17,396 views | Jun 10, 2012

Traditional Texas Sheet Cake! Noreen s Kitchen

Greetings! Last week I make the peanut butter sheet cake. A few days later I made a chocolate Texas Sheet cake and posted a picture on Facebook. That was a mistake I will never make again because I did not make a video at that time and tons of people asked when I would be posting it. Well, here it is! Texas Sheet Cake.This recipe is very similar to the peanut butter sheet cake and in fact this recipe concept could be adapted to just about anything you like. I am going to try it with orange and also with crushed strawberries, just for fun!This is quick and delicious and it feeds a crowd. Great for picnics, family dinners and any time you need to feed a bunch of people a dessert or snack.I hope you give this a try and I hope you love it!Happy Eating!Texas Sheet Cake, Texas Sheet Cake Recipe, Chocolate Sheet Cake, Chocolate Sheet Cake Recipe, Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Cake Recipe, Quick and Easy, Budget Friendly, Economical, Cooking for a Crowd, Potluck Supper, Dessert Recipe, Kitchen, Food, Cooking, Eating, Recipe, Recipes, Howto, How to, How-to, YouTube, Tutorial, Food Storage, Pantry Ideas, Self Sufficiency, Learn to Cook, Old Fashioned Sheet Cake, Coca Cola Cake Recipe, Noreen's Kitchen, Homemade, Home Made, Noreen, Atticus9799
6,255 views | Aug 29, 2012

Homemade Hawaiian Style Sweet Bread! Noreen s Kitchen

Look for this recipe on my website: http:bit.ly1ytzgZZWhat's for Dinner Facebook fan page: http:www.facebook.comNoreenskitchen?ref=hlThe Holiday's Are Coming Facebook fan page http:www.facebook.compagesThe-Holidays-are-Coming138278192938817?ref=hlThe Homestead Honey Hour Facebook fan page: http:www.facebook.comHomesteadHoneyHour?ref=hlNoreen's Kitchen on Twitter: @noreenskitchenWhat's for Dinner Blog: http:whatsfordinner-noreen.blogspot.comNoreen's Kitchen on Instagram: http:instagram.comnoreenskitchenGet Noreen's Kitchen Holiday Helper cookbook: http:www.lulu.comspotlightnoreenskitchenGreetings! Homemade is always better and when we enjoy things that we have purchased from the grocery store for years, we don't think about making them for ourselves. This is the case with the King's Hawaiian Sweet Bread. It is excellent, but it does contain some ingredients that I choose to stay away from like hydrogenated oils and Microcrystaline Cellulose (code name for sawdust). So I set out to make my own.It turned out amazing and delicious and tastes better than the bread from the store. I hope that you will give this a try and I hope you love it!Happy Eating!
93,430 views | Jan 24, 2013

Making Onion Powder

Using onions I grew in my garden, I dehydrated and made my own onion powder. Please rate, comment and subscribe. If you don't like my video, tell me why so I can improve.
23,231 views | Jul 16, 2011

Southern Fried Pork Chops

DW's, Southern Fried Pork Chops,Fried Cabbage,Salt Potato's How To Fry Pork Chops Different Ways To Bread Your Pork Chop's How To Cook Fried Cabbage
17,885 views | Sep 27, 2014

Betty s Oven Baked Pork Chops with Homestyle Gravy

Betty demonstrates how to make her Southern Oven-Baked Pork Chops with Homestyle Gravy recipe. The pork chops are super tasty and the gravy is smooth and velvety--a hearty, filling entree!Please subscribe: Pork Chops with Homestyle Gravy1.25 pounds of boneless pork chops (about 3 or 4) meat tenderizer, to taste 1 cup flour (for dredging) ground black pepper, to taste 14 cup peanut oil 12 cup flour (leftover from the dredging) 2 cups water 1 cup milk salt, to tasteSprinkle meat tenderizer on top and bottom of all of the boneless pork chops (to taste). Put 1 cup of flour in a zip lock bag for coating the pork chops. Now, put 14 cup peanut oil in an oven-proof skillet and begin heating it. Watch it carefully, and make sure it does not burn or smoke. Now take one pork chop at a time, place them in the flour in the zip lock bag, shake the bag to coat the pork chops with flour, and place the pork chops in the heated peanut oil. Use a fork to turn the pork chops once, when they are beginning to brown, and then place the skillet in an oven that has been preheated to 400 degrees. Bake for 20 to 25 minutes, checking occasionally, and turning when it seems appropriate. When the pork chops are done, remove the skillet from the oven and place it back on the cooktop. Remove the pork chops to a serving dish. (You may want to drain any excess oil on paper toweling.) Before making your gravy, discard all of the grease from the skillet, saving only the crumbs that stick. Now, combine 12 cup of flour (leftover from the zip lock bag), and 2 cups of water in the skillet of crumbs. Stir and scrape the mixture in the skillet before you turn on the heat. Add 1 cup of milk and salt to taste, and then place the skillet over medium heat. After a bit, turn the heat to low. Continue to cook and stir, removing all lumps of flour before it gets too hot. Keep cooking the gravy until it is brown and bubbly, and add more water if it thickens too much. When it is done, pour it into a serving bowl, and serve along with the oven baked pork chops. A super entree!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~NEW Cookbook:  "Betty's Kitchen Cookbook:  2013 Recipes" (c) 2014Also available:  "The Betty's Kitchen Collection:  Second Edition" (c) 2013*Both can be ordered from or's Website: places to watch Betty's Kitchen:Facebook:  https:www.facebook.compagesbettyskitchen166973502092Pinterest:  http:www.pinterest.combettyskitchenbettyskitchenTwitter:  https:twitter.comMyshineGoogle+:  http:www.ifood.tvbettyskitchenRoku:  http:www.rokuguide.comchannelsbetty%27s-kitchen​
89,372 views | Mar 29, 2009

Baked Boneless Pork Chops

This dish was DELICIOUS. SO simple too. I found it here: http:www.cooks.comrecview0,1827,151181-228205,00.html12 c. all-purpose flour 2 tsp. paprika 1 12 tsp. salt 14 tsp. pepper 2 lbs. boneless pork chops 12 c. butter 1 minced sm. onion 12 c. minced green pepper 1 can (4 oz.) sliced mushrooms, drained 2 c. milk Juice of 1 lemonMix 14 cup flour, paprika, salt and pepper. Dredge chops lightly in mixture. Brown chops on both sides in butter.Transfer to shallow baking dish. Add onion, green pepper and mushrooms to skillet. Cook until onion is soft and golden.Stir in remaining 14 cup flour. Blend in milk, stirring constantly and cook until sauce is smooth and thickened. Remove from heat; stir in lemon juice. Pour sauce over chops.Bake, uncovered, in preheated oven 350°F for 1 hour.Makes 4-6 servings.
15,039 views | Feb 15, 2012

How to Make Oven Fried Pork Chops

Get the 5-star recipe @ http:allrecipes.comrecipeoven-fried-pork-chopsdetail.aspxWatch how to make a tender and juicy, top-rated pork chop recipe. Simply bread your pork chops using a stuffing mix and then bake them until golden brown. It's so quick and easy! And best of all, dinner's ready in just 30 minutes! Facebook http:www.facebook.comAllrecipesTwitter @AllrecipesvideoPinterest http:pinterest.comallrecipes
22,967 views | Aug 03, 2012

Delicious and Easy Bone In Pork Chops

I love steak, but if a pork chop is cut properly and grilled to perfection, the end result can rival any fine cut of grilled steak. And at a much better price.
13,727 views | Oct 15, 2007

Home Made Onion Powder

See http:www.urbanhippy.caonionpowder for details
29,946 views | Jul 13, 2010

Oven Roasted Pork Chops Moist Tender Juicy Punjabi Style Pork Recipe

How To Cook Tender & Juicy Pork Chops in Easy Steps in Oven with IndianPunjabi Style.Ingredients: 7= Big Pork Chops 3= Tbsp. AP Flour 3= Tbsp. Lemon flavored store bought seasoning 1½= Tsp Salt 3= Tsp Black Pepper Olive oil for coating. Showed comparison traditional cooking vs. Easy Steps cooking method. Please watch video for Tips to improve your cooking and bring excitement to your food. Fill bottom tray with water and place Pork Chops tray on top of it and Pre heat Oven and cook - Bake @400°F 204.4ºC for 20 minutes, turn it over and then cookbake for another 15 to 20 minutes. Take out of the Oven and ENJOY.Please cook and enjoy with your familyfriends. Please share your experiences with me, I would like to hear from you, Thank You.Thanks for watching, Enjoy, and please don't forget to: LIKE, COMMENT, FAVORITE, SHARE and SUBSCRIBE. Please SUBSCRIBE, If you haven't done so yet, take a look around. If you like what you see be sure to Subscribe to be notified when new content is posted. Thanks again for visiting! Easy Steps*Disclaimer: This Video is for personal and educational purposes only. **Disclaimer: This Recipes to nourish is purely for informational and educational purposes only. If you have any questions about food, diet, nutrition, natural remedies or holistic health then please do your own research and consult with your health care practitioner.
18,196 views | Mar 30, 2014

How to Bake Pork Chops

See how to make easy, tender baked pork chops. Coated with egg and crunchy crumbs, they bake to a tender consistency that makes them irresistible. Get the recipe for Famous Pork Chops @ http:allrecipes.comrecipefamous-pork-chopsdetail.aspxFacebook http:www.facebook.comAllrecipesTwitter @AllrecipesvideoPinterest http:pinterest.comallrecipes
42,089 views | Jun 12, 2012

Bread Crumb Pork Chops

Episode 144
30,056 views | Nov 24, 2007

Balsamic Rosemary Pork Tenderloin Recipe by Laura Vitale Laura in the ...

To get this complete recipe with instructions and measurements, check out my website: Official Facebook Page: http:www.facebook.comLauraintheKitchen Twitter: @Lauraskitchen
168,116 views | Apr 25, 2011

Jamaican Oven Baked Pork Chops Recipe Video New cooking lesson videos posted weekly! Jamaican-style pork chops are full of flavour! That's because they're marinated overnight in seasonings. This Jamaican recipe is as easy as they get. Just pop the chops in oven, make my easy gravysauce and you're good to go! Visit my website to get this recipe and much more! Please SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube Caribbean cooking channel and join me on the journey. http:www.YouTube.comCookLikeAJamaican. My name is Fay DeLeon and I'm a Jamaican grandmother who loves to cook for her family. I started making Jamaican cooking lesson videos to teach my daughters how to make traditional Jamaican recipes. Thank you for letting me into your kitchens too!
22,162 views | Mar 02, 2013

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