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Homemade Babington Ball Waste Oil Burner Boiler Furnace Part 1

From - Posted: Jun 24, 2010 - 88,679 views
Cooking | Homemade Babington Ball Waste Oil Burner Boiler Furnace Part 1 | Homemade Babington Ball Waste Oil Burner Boiler Furnace Part 1
Homemade Babington Ball Waste Oil Burner Boiler Furnace Part 1
Homemade Babington Ball Waste Oil Burner Boiler Furnace Part 1
Duration: 02 minute 11 seconds 
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First run of my Babington Ball Burner. My plans are to incorporate the controls from a Becket oil gun and the boiler it was installed in to make this turn on and off automatically.
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Homemade Babington Ball Waste Oil Burner Boiler Furnace Part 2

I've mostly finished the Babington ball burner which I am mounting into a boiler. In this video I show it working while installed in the burner and connected to my wood burner. Update: I scrapped the project, but I'll leave the video here for others to get ideas.
9,557 views | Jul 12, 2010

1 2 inch Burner construction

Video number 2 - Modifications to the basic home made Mikey Burner. Do this at your own risk.
88,101 views | Nov 07, 2010

Waste Oil Burner Assembly and how it was made.wmv

After many question on how the burner works i did a short video on its construction and the parts in it and where i got the parts form I hope its imformative and helpfull for those looking to construct something similar After it was pointed out to me the nozzle is rated at 1 GAL per hr or 4 ltrs per hr but but with the low volume of air i use it uses about 1 ltr per her.. thanks to thetrailstop
186,995 views | Jul 02, 2011

Burner test fire.

Do try this at home kids.
183,575 views | May 28, 2006

Ozzirt style Waste oil Heater Lighting from Cold Start

Full video of lighting my Ozzirt style Waste Oil Heater from a cold start without any wick or opening the furnace. I do open the burn pot to simply show that I have no wick material in there and that it's cold. This video does a good job at showing my Sidekick feature that I added and why it's valuable to the heater project.
141,354 views | Jan 30, 2012

Creating the flash steam boiler for Hydroplane.AVI

Test of burners without cladding.
297,998 views | Jun 18, 2011

Babington burner 01 waste oil

Babington burner, testing, waste motor oil, 38 flare cap, #80 bit holes, 55 psi, Ambient temp ~75 deg F. Waste motor oil, diesel #2 fuel oil, mineral spirits, turpentine, and blend ratios of waste oil : diesel #2 fuel oil, mineral spirits, turpentine tested for cold start performance. Waste motor oil works after burner is hot (prime burn of about 1 fl oz lower flashpoint fuel, or blend). Precautionary advise- Not use a fuel with a flashpoint below 100 deg F neither by itself, Nor as a diluent for blends. 100 deg F is derived from Commercial Babington burner list with DF-A at the low end with a flashpoint of 100 deg F. Turpentine is listed at 90 deg F, and is a touch below the line, mine being 20 years old, and some of the mineral spirits were from brush washings saved to a gallon container, and allowed to settle, and the seperated mineral spirits on top was decanted off for use. Small batch testing via 1 fl ounce medicine cup with 3-4 fl ounces at the max. for testing, with a fire extinguisher (ABC type) handy close by.
44,042 views | Aug 07, 2009

Waste oil Burner.wmv

Oil burner and Foundry This is the waste oil burner i was working on in the last video It works on wvo and wmo, it runs on duel fuel LPG to start with the Veg oil, Veg oil burns so much hotter than LPG, It runs on air from about 3psi to 10 psi the higher the pressure the greater the oil consumption { around 3 Ltrs per hr } The oil reservior holds 18 Ltrs and is heated with a 2000w haeting element in the bottom , the oil was heated to about 30c , I am thinking of using the burner to pre heat the oil in reservior via tube welded into it The Compressor was an old LPG cylinder out of a car { I DO NOT RECOMMEND THAT YOU JUST CUT INTO A GAS CYLINDER IN ANY FORM THIS IS EXTREMELY DANGERIOUS} The furnace is a couple of old kegs cut and filled with heat resistant concrete Most of the Stuff is made from recycled Stainless steel collected from either the Local Recycle centre or the scrap merchant for a few bucks Please comment and share this video with other like minded as your self Thanks for watching
385,311 views | Oct 17, 2010

Waste Oil stove heater over 800 degrees F in just a few minutes.

Check out the new website Very easy to setup, fire-up and switch off Ozzirt type waste oil stove heater. This multi fuel burner is running on waste veggie oil which I just filtered through an old sweater. I used some petrol to get it started as I had it available but I recommend using a small quantity of kerosene, white spirit, paraffin oil or similar flammable liquid to get it started. Petrol is just too volatile. You can even start it with paper and kindling if you want. To see how I made the burner follow this link. http:youtu.bemh3cljTTJ2oGood luck.
28,576 views | Nov 23, 2013

How to make a waste oil Heater

Short video of the waste oil burner I made for my workshop.Runs on used engine oil. this is an early set of clips, there was still some fine tuning to do to get it even hotter and burner clean. Lots of heat from it and completely free!
118,742 views | Nov 26, 2013

9mm Atomizer Burner Update

In this video, I rig up the atomizer to shoot water.
23,223 views | Apr 24, 2011


This is an animation of a waste oil burner I'm experimenting with and building. I hope to have a video of actual burner soon.
117,600 views | Jan 15, 2009

Cylinder head melted in mega crusible.wmv

This was a bit of an experement, I was finding it very difficult to break up aluminium cylinder heads from motor cars I use these as they have the best grade of alloy to cast with So i was wondering how long it would take to melt a complete cylinder head seeing as i never had a top section to put on the furnace I was guessing may be a couple of hrs as most of the heat was escaping out the topAny way i have had lots of question as to what im going to do with the alloy, well i am going to cast headstone plaques for long forgoten family members, so if any body knows of a page or site the showes how they are made please direct me that way.... Thanks
587,286 views | Oct 30, 2010

Waste oil furnace

A demonstration of the waste oil furnace that I built. This one is based on a beckett AFG burner in a Bryant furnace. It uses a compressed air driven siphon nozzle, and will run on almost any type of waste mineral or biofuel oil. If you want to just skip to where the furnace lights up, here's where to go: 8:46 If you want a more complete "how to", I have a writeup on a couple of furnace projects here: http:www.garagejournal.comforumshowthread.php?t=24280
74,526 views | Sep 08, 2012

waste oil burner for scrapping construction and first fire up

DIY Waste Oil Burner for high power heating and Melting for scrapping. Build demonstration and first firing up to show running. Don't forget to check out my other burner Vids! UPDATE: Burner with large blower shown here: oil burner designed for melting scrap aluminium and maybe copper as well as foundary use. The burner will run on any waste oil including used engine oil, waste vegetable oil, transmission fluid or even liquid lard. The oil burner was built from an old fire extinguisher bottle and some car exhaust pieces. The only measurements taken were that of the exhaust pipe which is 50MM. The positioning of the inlet and outlet was simply eyeballed. As can be seen by the paint burning off, the waste oil burner was built and then fired up successfully from the very first lighting. To preheat, a piece of old oily rag is used. This wicks up the oil in the bottom of the burner and pre heats the oil to vaporise and burn. With a stronger blower and without excessive oil in the burner when lit, startup will normally be much quicker and output far stronger. The blower is from a car and was very underpowered for the potential of this burner. The pulsing flame on startup is due to the weak air supply and when Filming the vid I forgot to turn the oil off so upon lighting had a large pool in the bottom. As can be seen later in the Vid, once the excess oil has burned off the flame is steady. The excess smoke is a factor of the weak air supply not mixing correctly with the vaporised oil. With the right strength blower combustion will be totally clean. With a strong air supply I expect the potential output of this burner to exceede 200 Kw and maybe over 300KW, depending on the strength of the air source used. The downward firing is to facilitate the melting of small pieces of scrap aluminium parts and to seperate these from steel components with a minimum of labour. Fuel regulation was simply with a 14" ball valve. The waste engine oil used was very thick and not quite flowing quick enough to keep up with the demands of the burner even at the low air supply. The test was successful however in that the burner fired up easily even with nearly every less than ideal factor against it and ran well given the low air supply. I expect it to be a very different beast when fed sufficent Oxygen.
209,150 views | Jul 02, 2014

Waste oil heater

I just started tinkering with this a day or two ago. The reason it took so long to light is, as you can see, I did not have the air up enough to pull the oil. It seems to take about 2 psi to pull it up. I plan to have a bigger metal tank to store it in and have it elevated. Not sure how this will work but I plan to put an old smoker in the shop with some baffles to hold the heat in and then vent the exhaust through a hole in the side of the shop. I hope a fan sat next to the smoker will push enough heat throughout the shop. It doesn't produce any smoke but I'm sure there is stuff in the exhaust that I don't want to breath in. Still a work in progress.The EPA says this is the best way to dispose of used motor oil.
82,021 views | Sep 30, 2012

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