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Homemade Babington Ball Waste Oil Burner Boiler Furnace Part 1

From - Posted: Jun 24, 2010 - 97,250 views
Cooking | Homemade Babington Ball Waste Oil Burner Boiler Furnace Part 1
Homemade Babington Ball Waste Oil Burner Boiler Furnace Part 1
Homemade Babington Ball Waste Oil Burner Boiler Furnace Part 1
Duration: 2 minutes 11 seconds 
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First run of my Babington Ball Burner. My plans are to incorporate the controls from a Becket oil gun and the boiler it was installed in to make this turn on and off automatically.
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cooking | Homemade Babington Ball Waste Oil Burner Boiler Furnace Part 2

Homemade Babington Ball Waste Oil Burner Boiler Furnace Part 2

I've mostly finished the Babington ball burner which I am mounting into a boiler. In this video I show it working while installed in the burner and connected to my wood burner. Update: I scrapped the project, but I'll leave the video here for others to get ideas.
4,646 views | Jul 12, 2010
cooking | waste oil burner for scrapping construction and first fire up

waste oil burner for scrapping construction and first fire up

DIY Waste Oil Burner for high power heating and Melting for scrapping. Build demonstration and first firing up to show running. PLEASE read the rest of this description and look at the other vids on my channel of this burner before asking questions about how it operates, what it does or what it can be used for. UPDATE: oil burner designed for melting scrap aluminium and maybe copper as well as foundary use. The burner will run on any waste oil including used engine oil, waste vegetable oil, transmission fluid or even liquid lard. The oil burner was built from an old fire extinguisher bottle and some car exhaust pieces. The only measurements taken were that of the exhaust pipe which is 50MM. The positioning of the inlet and outlet was simply eyeballed. As can be seen by the paint burning off, the waste oil burner was built and then fired up successfully from the very first lighting. To preheat, a piece of old oily rag is used. This wicks up the oil in the bottom of the burner and pre heats the oil to vaporise and burn. With a stronger blower and without excessive oil in the burner when lit, startup will normally be much quicker and output far stronger. The blower is from a car and was very underpowered for the potential of this burner. The pulsing flame on startup is due to the weak air supply and when Filming the vid I forgot to turn the oil off so upon lighting had a large pool in the bottom. As can be seen later in the Vid, once the excess oil has burned off the flame is steady. The excess smoke is a factor of the weak air supply not mixing correctly with the vaporised oil. With the right strength blower combustion will be totally clean. With a strong air supply I expect the potential output of this burner to exceede 200 Kw and maybe over 300KW, depending on the strength of the air source used. The downward firing is to facilitate the melting of small pieces of scrap aluminium parts and to seperate these from steel components with a minimum of labour. Fuel regulation was simply with a 14" ball valve. The waste engine oil used was very thick and not quite flowing quick enough to keep up with the demands of the burner even at the low air supply. The test was successful however in that the burner fired up easily even with nearly every less than ideal factor against it and ran well given the low air supply. I expect it to be a very different beast when fed sufficent Oxygen.
4,646 views | Jul 02, 2014
cooking | Waste Oil Burner Assembly and how it was made.wmv

Waste Oil Burner Assembly and how it was made.wmv

After many question on how the burner works i did a short video on its construction and the parts in it and where i got the parts form I hope its imformative and helpfull for those looking to construct something similar After it was pointed out to me the nozzle is rated at 1 GAL per hr or 4 ltrs per hr but but with the low volume of air i use it uses about 1 ltr per her.. thanks to thetrailstop
4,646 views | Jul 02, 2011
cooking | Waste oil heater

Waste oil heater

I just started tinkering with this a day or two ago. The reason it took so long to light is, as you can see, I did not have the air up enough to pull the oil. It seems to take about 2 psi to pull it up. I plan to have a bigger metal tank to store it in and have it elevated. Not sure how this will work but I plan to put an old smoker in the shop with some baffles to hold the heat in and then vent the exhaust through a hole in the side of the shop. I hope a fan sat next to the smoker will push enough heat throughout the shop. It doesn't produce any smoke but I'm sure there is stuff in the exhaust that I don't want to breath in. Still a work in progress.The EPA says this is the best way to dispose of used motor oil.
4,646 views | Sep 30, 2012

cooking | how to make a EASY waste oil burner

how to make a EASY waste oil burner

you can use this to heat a boiler,use for a forge or foundry or kiln. its running cost is pretty much FREE. any1 can make these its simple as to make eg im 14 it took me like 2 hours to make it.
4,646 views | Oct 03, 2010
cooking | Babington burner 01 waste oil

Babington burner 01 waste oil

Babington burner, testing, waste motor oil, 38 flare cap, #80 bit holes, 55 psi, Ambient temp ~75 deg F. Waste motor oil, diesel #2 fuel oil, mineral spirits, turpentine, and blend ratios of waste oil : diesel #2 fuel oil, mineral spirits, turpentine tested for cold start performance. Waste motor oil works after burner is hot (prime burn of about 1 fl oz lower flashpoint fuel, or blend). Precautionary advise- Not use a fuel with a flashpoint below 100 deg F neither by itself, Nor as a diluent for blends. 100 deg F is derived from Commercial Babington burner list with DF-A at the low end with a flashpoint of 100 deg F. Turpentine is listed at 90 deg F, and is a touch below the line, mine being 20 years old, and some of the mineral spirits were from brush washings saved to a gallon container, and allowed to settle, and the seperated mineral spirits on top was decanted off for use. Small batch testing via 1 fl ounce medicine cup with 3-4 fl ounces at the max. for testing, with a fire extinguisher (ABC type) handy close by.
4,646 views | Aug 07, 2009
cooking | Gravity drip feed waste oil heater burner aussie a

Gravity drip feed waste oil heater burner aussie a

Just showing everyone how my waste oil burner works.
4,646 views | Jul 12, 2014
cooking | new waste oil burner for spa heater

new waste oil burner for spa heater

well a proof of concept burner
4,646 views | Aug 16, 2011

cooking | Siphon Oil burner running on 100 waste motor oil

Siphon Oil burner running on 100 waste motor oil

Here is the oil burner running on 100% waste motor oil with no oil pre-heater. I use diesel to warm it up and then mixed in motor oil to keep it going. It is running on around 15- 20 psi The flame seems a tad bit on the small side but that could be the fact that I have to pressurize the oil or heat it so it flows better. This burner will be going into my furnace.
4,646 views | Feb 23, 2012
cooking | Waste oil heater

Waste oil heater

My waste oil vaporising heater that I built out of junk a few years ago to Spikes (youtube name "ozzirt") design. I use it to heat my home and have replaced the old log burner with it. It will burn any oil you can throw at it and has a firing rate of 600ml to 1200ml per hour. It's easy to light, burns cleanly, is easy to maintain and does not require any electricity to run.
3,105 views | May 24, 2009
cooking | ozzirt waste oil heater in wood stove

ozzirt waste oil heater in wood stove

Thanks to ozzirt for the basic design and lookoutleo for the idea of installing the burner inside an existing woodburner firebox. I also picked up something from videoscomments from hatch789y, kntryhart, uopminvest, PJPatch and yonmore. Thanks to all for posting. I don't have any welding stuff, so wanted to see if I could put something together in a simple way. I had a couple of cast iron casseroles, so the pot was easy. Flue hole in woodburner firebox is @120mm diameter and off from centre. Flue height is at least 3.5m. Started by slicing off the sides of the scavenged drum so it would fit in the firebox. Drilled holes in dog food tin. Couldn't really sustain burn even with diesel in pan to start with. Decided to drill holes in the thicker drum - as ozzirt has said to provide heat closer to pan base. 39 holes x 10mm. Using a cobalt drill bit, standing on workbench and putting all my weight through drill, at slowish rpm probably took 3 hours. Decided to block up air leakages from firebox to flue using rockwool. Also ended up wrapping around holes in dog food tin. Will start next test with a fresh tin with no holes. Provided a fair amount of primary air and probably total of 300ml diesel to get it started. Once I got it going, this first successful run was @3 hours at rate of just under 1 litre WVO per hour. Woodburner hotplates @140C, with primary @240C at end of run. Depth of oil in pan varied beween 11mm and 5mm. Rockwool a bit brittle after heating, high temp ceramic fibre might be better. Will have to install sidekick as per hatch789y (mine will be a baked bean tin, with a 15mm tank connector and 15-10 reducing set).
3,105 views | May 08, 2012
cooking | Amazing and Easy...Convert your Stove to burn waste oil

Amazing and Easy...Convert your Stove to burn waste oil

Check out the new website Amazing Heat from this Cheap and easy conversion of a wood burning stove to run on Waste oil. D.I.Y Fan assisted burner producing over 900 Fahrenheit with no smoke. Easy pipe in pipe construction and it lights in seconds, burning just a few litres of oil per hour for a huge amount of heat. Build video available here http:youtu.bePHBMa-sHqGM I used the fan of a Riello rdb oil burner to blow air into this stove and a simple gravity oil feed. You can experiment with any fan. Check out my Propane tank stove conversion. 7 videos detailing the build. http:youtu.becYxtNRKj1Es
3,105 views | Mar 02, 2014

cooking | waste oil burner

waste oil burner

Homemade waste oil burner
3,105 views | Dec 27, 2009
cooking | Home made simple waste oil burner

Home made simple waste oil burner

I made the burner by using old brake drum, used an adjustable lamp switch to adjust the blower. we can use all kinds of waste oil, and also diesel oil. We can use the burner for every work using fire. I use this burner to boil water, for my distillation project.
3,105 views | May 22, 2011
cooking | diy waste oil berner furnace

diy waste oil berner furnace

My first attempt building a waste oil burner furnace and i might say it is a success it works great clean burning small tweaking but all and all perfect the first burn 5.5. hours on 3 litre of waste engin oil. More to come
3,105 views | Jul 27, 2014
cooking | Waste oil furnace overhaul

Waste oil furnace overhaul

This is a video of my waste oil furnace being relined with kaowool and ganister. This furnace is used for melting cast iron to make castings for my model steam engines and other models. It has a forced air burner which forces air through a venturi and atomizes the waste oil so it will burn with a hot flame. The venturi dimesions are large dia. 65mm small dia. 40 mm 20 mm wide. Jet size is 1.6 mm dia. The furnace will go up to 1580 C so it will melt cast iron very quickly. It uses 10 liters of oil to melt 14 kgs of cast iron and takes from cold 50 minutes to melt a crucible full.
3,105 views | Jul 31, 2014


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