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Homemade 7up Pound Cake Recipe From Scratch Cooking With Carolyn

From - Posted: Aug 30, 2013 - 142,630 views
Cooking | Homemade 7up Pound Cake Recipe From Scratch Cooking With Carolyn | Homemade 7up Pound Cake Recipe From Scratch Cooking With Carolyn
Homemade 7up Pound Cake Recipe From Scratch Cooking With Carolyn
Homemade 7up Pound Cake Recipe From Scratch Cooking With Carolyn
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So here's my easy 7up Pound Cake recipe. It's inexpensive and really easy to share at parties or family outings. It would be a great addition to your Labor Day cookout this weekend. This cake has more of a fluffy and slightly dense texture. It's not super heavy, and it has a crust on top that I just love. Enjoy! For more recipes go to http:gdseasoning.com7up Pound Cake RECIPE LINK BELOW: http:granddiamondseasoning.comrecipesviewhomemade_7up_pound_cakeHERE IS A LINK THAT EXPLAINS THE SIZE OF MY CAKE PAN:
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Easy Peach Cobbler Recipe Cooking With Carolyn

You guys asked for it so here it is. We are doing a fan request for an easy Peach Cobbler I know you will love. Have a recipe you want us to try? Send it to and you might just see it on the show. Don't forget to go to for all your seasoning needs.Ingredients Yield: 2-Half Size Aluminum Pan- 2 inches deep Approx. 7- 8 ServingsPan • 3 Rolls of Ready-Made Pie Crusts • 9 Cups (#10 Can) Canned Sliced Peaches, drained with the juices reserved • 3 Cups Granulated Sugar • 1 Tablespoon Fresh Lemon Juice • ¾ Teaspoon Ground Cinnamon • 18 Teaspoon Nutmeg • 1 Stick Butter, melted • 1½ Teaspoons Vanilla Extract • 2 Cups Peach Juice • 3 Tablespoons Cornstarch • 1 Egg • 1 Tablespoon Water • 1 Tablespoon Raw Sugar • Sprinkle of CinnamonDirectionsPreheat oven to 375 degreesOpen one of the rolls of pie crusts, cut it into 1 inch squares. Spray a baking sheet with nonstick cooking spray then place the pieces of pie crust on the baking sheet. Place the baking sheet in the oven and cook for 5 to 8 minutes or just until lightly golden brown. Once cooked, set aside to cool.Place a large colander (strainer) over a large bowl then pour the canned peaches into the colander. Reserve the peach juice. In large stock pot over medium-high to high heat, add the drained peaches, sugar, lemon juice, cinnamon, nutmeg, melted butter, vanilla extract and 1½ cups of peach juice. Stir well until the sugar has dissolved.Add the cornstarch to the remaining ½ cup of peach juice and whisk vigorously until the cornstarch is dissolved. Add the mixture to the pot of peaches while stirring. Allow the peaches to come up to a boil and stir just to ensure that there are no lumps of cornstarch. The sauce will become slightly thickened. Turn off the heat. Divide the peaches and juice equally into each half-size aluminum pan. Place half of the cooked crust pieces in each pan. Using a spoon, slightly stir the pieces of crust into the peach filling. Unroll and place a pie crust dough on top of each pan of peach filling. Cut the excess pie crust and use those pieces to cover any parts of the cobbler that are exposed. In a small bowl, combine the egg and the water and slightly beat. Brush the top of the cobbler with the egg wash; sprinkle the raw sugar and some additional cinnamon to taste.Bake at 375 degrees for 40 to 50 minutes or until the crust is golden brown and crisp. Once cooked, allow the cobbler to set for about 10 minutes before serving.
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Collard Greens with Smoked Turkey Wings and Cornbread Cooking with Car...

A great soul food favorite and a definitely a healthy choice! For the recipe click the link: Grand Diamond Seasoning link: http:granddiamondseasoning.comproductsCollard Greens: http:granddiamondseasoning.comrecipesviewcollard_greens_with_smoked_turkey_wingsSouthern Mixed Greens with Smoked Turkey Wings: http:granddiamondseasoning.comrecipesviewsouthern_mixed_greens_with_smoked_turkey_wingsSavory Cornbread Recipe: http:granddiamondseasoning.comrecipesviewsavory_cornbreadSweet Cornbread Recipe: http:granddiamondseasoning.comrecipesviewsweet_cornbread
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Sweet Potato COBBLER! A Decadent but Easy Dessert

PLEASE OPEN & READOne of my viewers asked me to make this recipe for Sweet Potato Cobbler because there wasn't a video on Youtube for this recipe and THIS IS THE FIRST ONE :D I've written this recipe so you can give it a try with any type of crust that you prefer to have... without any judgment LOL.Whether you're an accomplished cook or a beginning cook, you will be able to make this easy homemade dessert. You'll also be able to whip this recipe out during the Holiday Season and share with your family. Enjoy! http:gdseasoning.comSweet Potato Cobbler Recipe: http:granddiamondseasoning.comrecipesviewcarolyns_sweet_potato_cobblerThe Ideal Flaky Pie Crust Recipe:
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Part 1 Fried Chicken Wings with Sauteed Greens Cooking with Carolyn

In the mood for crispy Fried Chicken? Well give this recipe a try along with some sauteed Turnip Greens! This quick dinner will suffice on any day of the week! Order Carolyn's seasoning at http:granddiamondseasoning.comFried Chicken Wings RECIPE LINK: http:granddiamondseasoning.comrecipesviewbuttermilk_fried_chicken_wingsSauteed Turnip Greens with Pancetta RECIPE LINK: http:granddiamondseasoning.comrecipesviewsauteed_turnip_greens_with_pancettaFollow us! GDSFacebook: http:bit.lybMlgmz Facebook: http:bit.lyaxuCow Twitter: http:twitter.comCookWithCarolyn
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7UP Pound Cake ... Mm.m..Delicious!

*** Just to clear up all the confusion, I DO have a mixer, but I just chose not to use it. :) lol videos! Rice Krispie Treats Easy Braid Style Dry Skin Remedies am back in the kitchen teaching you how to make a 7Up Cake! It was delicioussss! I hope you enjoy the video! OPEN HERE FOR THE RECIPE+INGREDIENTS!! *Here is the recipe to make this poppin' cake!http:allrecipes.comrecipeseven-up-cake-ii♡Ingredients: 3 cups of flour 5 eggs 3 cups of white sugar 1 12 cups of butter (softened, not melted) 2 tablespoons of lemon-extract 34 cup of 7Up soda pop♡Step by Step Instructions: **Important: PREHEAT your oven to 325 F165 C before starting anything and grease your baking dish!!1. Cream together butter and sugar for 20 MINUTES! 2. Stir in your 5 eggs ONE at a time 3. Add in the 3 cups of flour, then stir 4. Add in the 2 tbsp of lemon-extract and 34 cup of 7Up 5. Pour into well-greased bunt pan 6. Bake for 60-75 mins depending on your oven at 325 F165 C 7. Check your cake, and voila! Your finshed! My links, be sure to check 'em out =)Facebook---facebook.compagesNiqsterlove172767616249378 Twitter--- @Niqsterlove Instagram-- @Niqsterlove2 and @lovedominique7 Facebook--https:www.facebook.compagesNiqsterlove172767616249378 Pinterest--www.pinterest.comNiqsterlove Vine---Niqsterlove Polyvore--http:niqsterlove.polyvore.comOthers: My Fav Makeup Brand!**For any business inquiries or opportunities contact me at:
12,186 views | Nov 10, 2013

Cream Cheese Pound Cake Recipe Demonstration

Recipe here: http:www.joyofbaking.comCreamCheesePoundCake.html Stephanie Jaworski of demonstrates how to make Cream Cheese Pound Cake. Pound Cakes have been around for a long time. And I think the reason why they never go out of style, is that they're just a great tasting cake. This Cream Cheese Pound Cake is no exception. It has a lovely golden brown crust that is sweet and so wonderfully crisp on the day it's made. While the crust does soften with storage, it still maintains its excellent flavor.We welcome questions on our Facebook Page: http:www.facebook.comjoyofbaking
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Pound Cake Recipe Demonstration

Recipe here: http:www.joyofbaking.comPoundCake.html Stephanie Jaworski of demonstrates how to make a Pound Cake. This Pound Cake recipe is wonderfully rich, moist, and buttery with a lovely golden brown crust. We welcome comments on our Facebook page: http:www.facebook.comjoyofbaking
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Fried Cabbage I Heart Recipes

Hello There! I'm Rosie, and I'd like to welcome you into my kitchen. I LOVE cooking, baking, and hosting. I refer to myself as a cook by blood not a good by trade because I come from a family of talented cooks, and I've never had any professional training. I simply enjoy helping others around the kitchen, and sharing my recipes. Please come join my at for more recipes and cooking tips.You can also find me on Facebook http:www.facebook.comiheartrecipesInstagram iheartrecipesTwitter Iheartrecipes
78,115 views | Nov 12, 2013

How to Make Castella Cake 蜂蜜蛋糕

Recipe: http:kitchentigress.blogspot.sg201311castella-cake-video-recipe.html Cake Dos & Don'ts for Beginners: http:kitchentigress.blogspot.sg201401cake-dos-donts.html Cake FAQ: http:kitchentigress.blogspot.sg201312cake-faq.html Extremely popular in Japan, Castella cake is rather unusual. It's always square or rectangular, never round, because traditionally it's made in a bottomless wood frame. The crust, both top and bottom, is perfectly flat, unwrinkled, thick and well-browned. The cake is made with bread flour but it's soft and practically "poreless". How do you get all these characteristics without cheating by adding oil or a man-made emulsifier? And without a wood frame? Just follow my recipe.
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Vanilla Cake Recipe Demonstration

Recipe here: http:www.joyofbaking.comVanillaCake.html Stephanie Jaworski of demonstrates how to make a Vanilla Cake. While there are many cakes that are perfect for celebrating birthdays and other special occasions, a two layer Vanilla Cake covered with Confectioners Frosting is especially popular. I really like this Vanilla Cake's sweet buttery flavor and light and moist texture. The frosting used to both fill and frost the cake also has a sweet and buttery flavor with a light and fluffy texture. To further decorate the cake, you can pipe some of the frosting around the top and base of the cake in a pretty design, and candy dots pressed into the frosting finish the look. We welcome comments on our Facebook page: http:www.facebook.comjoyofbaking
2,065,458 views | Mar 15, 2012

Patti LaBelle Mac and Cheese from In the Kitchen with Miss Patti

From the DVD "In the Kitchen With Ms Patti" Patti shows how she makes her famous Mac and Cheese. Over the Top Mac n Cheese 1 tbsp light olive oil 1 pound elbow macaroni cooked 12 cup (2 ounces) shredded Muenster cheese 12 cup (2 ounces) shredded Cheddar cheese 12 cup (2 ounces) shredded Monterey Jack 14 cup Mozzarella Cheese 14 cup Provolone 1 cup (8 ounces) Velveeta cut into small cubes 12 lb sauteed shrimp, chopped 12 lb steamed lobster, chopped 8 tbsp (1 stick) butter, melted 2 large eggs, lightly beaten 14 tsp seasoned salt 2 cups half-and-half 1 tablespoon paprika
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Lemon Pound Cake Perfect Lemon Pound Cake Recipe Hilah Cooking

Perfect Lemon Pound Cake Recipe! This was my grandma's lemon poundcake recipe and I added a lemon glaze to make it a little fancier, but that is optional of course! Printable lemon pound cake recipe card at http:hilahcooking.comlemon-pound-cake _________________________Subscribe for Free! (Get notified when I release a new video!): http:goo.glnNMmxsCheck out all my video recipes: _________________________SOCIAL MEDIAFacebook : http:www.facebook.comhilahcooking Twitter : http:twitter.comhilahcooking Pinterest: http:pinterest.comhilahcooking Google+ : Instagram: http:instagram.comhilahcooking _________________________ABOUT HILAH COOKINGNew Episodes every Tuesday and Thursday!Hilah Cooking is a short-form, educational web series focused on making cooking FUN! We release two episodes every week. Our focus is on simple, low-cost recipes with a Texas flair. Everything is made from scratch, people! You will not see any packets of taco seasoning mix or gravy powder up in here. If you are going to learn how to cook, you are going to learn it for real! But I promise it will be fun and easy.For over 250 video recipes, visit
76,595 views | Sep 25, 2013

How to Bake and Decorate a Cake

Sandy Sheppard shows you the basic techniques of cake decorating. See more great MonkeySee food & drink videos here: http:bit.lyMonkeySeeYouTubeFor a delicious Buttercream Icing recipe visit: http:monkeysee.complay12046-making-buttercream-icing For a simple chocolate cake video visit: http:monkeysee.complay22588-how-to-make-a-chocolate-cakeWatch more delicious Food & Drink recipe videos! Apple Pie Recipe: http:bit.lyApplePieVideoRecipe Fondant Cake Decorating - Marbling The Fondant: http:bit.lyMarbleFondantVideoRecipe Fondant Cake Decorating - Crumb Coating: http:bit.lyCrumbCakeCoatingVideoRecipe Food & Drink Video Recipe Playlist: http:bit.lyNewestFoodandDrinkVideoRecipes
4,840,815 views | Aug 21, 2009

Frozen Cake Elsa Doll Cake how to make by Pink Cake Princess

Frozen Elsa doll cake for your kids Frozen birthday party. See how to make this Elsa Cake by Pink Cake Princess & other Frozen dessert table, candy table lolly buffet treats on my link here: to my Pink Cake Princess channel: Love cupcakes, cakes & other sweets! Then SUBSCRIBE for FREE cupcake decorating & cake decorating how to tutorials.Swiss Meringue Buttercream Recipe: decorating tools I use often & some tips on working with fondant icing: How to make an Elsa Doll Cake from Disney's Frozen movie. A cake decorating how to by Pink Cake Princess! Tools & materials I used are listed below:Elsa Doll (mine was from ebay) Cling wrap to cover the dolls legs 3 round cakes about 7 inches wide Butter cream to ice with Off set spatula to ice with Serrated knife to carve with (like a bread knife) Thin small cake board (about 7 inches wide) Large cake board - 14 inches wide (Click here for tutorial if you want to cover your board with fondant :http:youtu.bedT0ifQudW6I) Clear plastic mat table cloth Non stick small rolling pin Large rolling pin Corn flour bag for dusting (handkerchief with corn flour in it tied up with a rubber band) Small Circle cutter, Number Cutter, Letter Cutters (Funky Letters by FMM brand), Snowflake plunger cutters (Set of 3) - (or something to emboss fondant with like textured rolling pins, embossing mats, stamps, lace molds etc) Wire & wire cutter Ribbon Scissors Candles Palate knife and or pointy craft knife Water in small container and small brush (or edible glue with brush) Royal icing to glue with Toothpick Light Blue fondant icing Blue fondant icing White fondant icing Olaf Cake Figurine (optional to sit at the side of the Elsa doll cake - tutorial coming to my channel)I am using a type of icing called fondant icing which is a type of sugar dough (used on wedding cakes). You can get it from your local supermarket or specialty cake decorating supplier. You can even make it. I usually buy it in white & colour it by using food dyes & mixing it through. Link here for how to colour white fondant with food dyes: darker colours like black, bright red & bright green I buy it pre coloured as it's harder to mix the darker colours. These colours in fondant are more sticky due to the dye content so I usually mix a little white fondant through it to make it easier to work with. It can be sticky to work with & changes depending on the weather in your area - it absorbs moisture from the air so can be sticky to work with but it normally dries when exposed to air so you need to wrap excess fondant up in cling wrap and then a zip lock bag. It may be hard when you take it out of its packaging so you would need to knead it to make it more workable as it warms up and becomes softer and sticker in your hands. To stop the stickiness of fondant you can dust your surfaces with corn flour. It comes in many brands - I use Pettinice RTR Icing by Bakels (brand) but there are many other brands like Satin Ice, Queens and Orchards. Tylose powder can be used to mix through your fondant so that your figurines set harder & quicker than just fondant alone. You can leave it out but you risk your figurines sagging and not fully drying in time. You can get it online or from your specialty cake decorating supply shops. You can use it to make an edible glue as well. Link here for the edible glue - for watching how to make a Disney Frozen Elsa Doll Cake! A cake decorating how to by Pink Cake Princess - Andrea ; )Music Courtesy of Audio Network: Stereoscope Snowflake 2 Snow Angels 2
3,614,105 views | Aug 05, 2014

MOIST 7UP CAKE RECIPE Seven Up Cake Recipe

I recently updated my 7up cake recipe. I must warn you! This cake is beyond delicious. Whenever I make this cake, people can't just settle for one piece. They continuously go back for more. This cake is ideal for all all special occasions, especially holidays. Just be sure to make more than one cake for potlucks, holiday parties, and ect. Because it will be gone before you know it, and people will be mad at you for bringing just one! http:www.iheartrecipes.comhow-to-make-7up-cakeHello There! I'm Rosie, and I'd like to welcome you into my kitchen. I LOVE cooking, baking, and hosting. I refer to myself as a cook by blood not a good by trade because I come from a family of talented cooks, and I've never had any professional training. I simply enjoy helping others around the kitchen, and sharing my recipes. Facebookhttp:www.facebook.comiheartrecipesInstagram IHeartRecipesTwitter IHeartRecipesMusic by Kevin Macleod @
336,395 views | Nov 28, 2011

German Chocolate Cake Recipe Demonstration

Recipe here: http:www.joyofbaking.comGermanChocolateCake.html A German Chocolate Cake is an impressive looking cake. Three layers of moist chocolate cake that are stacked, one on top of another, with a sweet and gooey caramel flavored frosting, laced with coconut and pecans, in between. We welcome comments on our Facebook page: http:www.facebook.comjoyofbaking
260,604 views | Feb 23, 2012

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