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Hillbillypreppergals Making Homemade MREs Part 3

From - Posted: Jan 09, 2012 - 1,989 views
Cooking | Hillbillypreppergals Making Homemade MREs Part 3 | Hillbillypreppergals Making Homemade MREs Part 3
Hillbillypreppergals Making Homemade MREs Part 3
Hillbillypreppergals Making Homemade MREs Part 3
Duration: 05 minute 43 seconds 
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Homemade MRE Review One Year Later Part One

What the title says. Word.
1,967 views | Dec 12, 2011

MRE s On A Budget

Here is an example of a homemade "MRE" that you can prepare very easily. You will save a lot of money if you do it yourself. I prepared 6 oatmeal breakfasts for my family of 4 for less than $21. I hope that this is helpful. Thank you for watching!
6,657 views | Jan 09, 2012

Dehydrating them Dinty Moore Chicken and Dumplings

By popular demand Sissy Sue and Sissy Bob show how to dehydrate them chicken and dumplings that Sissy Sue is always goin' on about....
4,440 views | Feb 03, 2012

Hillbilly Prepper Gals make Hillbilly Homemade MREs Part 1

Sissy Sue and Sissy Bob share some secrets with you about making MRE. The serious MRE videos will follow. These are great for your bug out bag or bug out bucket.
9,167 views | Jan 08, 2012

Dehydrating For Food Storage

http:www.facebook.compagesLindas-Pantry391852060878680?ref=tn_tnmn http:www.mywildtree.comLindasPantry http:audiomicro.comroyalty-free-music
83,929 views | Apr 10, 2013

How To Make Homemade MREs Part 2 Yep It Includes Weenies

Created on January 6, 2012 using FlipShare. A little more serious then our normal video but we managed to get the weenies in there. Yep I dehydrated them. If you can't take the canned weenies with you you should be able to take the dried weenies!
1,890 views | Jan 08, 2012

MRE Review Creamy Chicken Tetrazzini from A Pack 2009

Here's another civilian.commercial MRE review. This one is an A-Pack Creamy Chicken Tetrazzini meal from Ameriqual. Ameriqual is one of the three companies that make genuine MREs for the U.S. Government. This one is from 2009, meaning that it was five years old at the time of filming. Chicken Tetrazzini was an entree in genuine MREs form 2000 to 2005. Apparently it is still produced for civilian MREs even though it's been discontinued from the genuine ones (or at least it was still around in 2009). The age didn't seem to be too much of a problem, except for the Osmotic Raisins. I was a bit surprised to find them smelling a little musty and being very grainy and almost crunchy. That was the only part of the meal I wasn't able to eat. Even the commercially packaged M&Ms stood up pretty well for being five years old. I wasn't crazy about the chicken tetrazzini. It seemed like it would be very good, but was actually rather bland. That might have had to due with the age, but I'm thinking it was more the dish itself. Once I added some salt (which wasn't included in the MRE) and pepper it was fine.Creamy Chicken Tetrazzini (Ameriqual A-Pack Ready Meal) -Creamy Chicken Tetrazzini -Crackers -Peanut Butter -Osmotic Raisins -Oatmeal Cookie -Plain M&Ms -Beverage Base Lemonade -Flameless Ration Heater -Salt Water (to activate FRH) -Spoon -Moist Towelette -Pepper
9,889 views | Sep 16, 2014

Американский сухой паёк MRE Meal, Ready to Eat, Individual

Здесь показывается американский сухой паёк MRE (Meal, Ready-to-Eat, Individual), который используется в американской армии. Такой американский сухой паёк MRE можно найти в интернете по цене минимум 8 евро, если покупать оптом. Обычно продают американские сухие пайки, которые пролежали на складе 10 лет или больше. При этом продукты в нём ещё можно кушать, по идее.
61,562 views | Oct 12, 2013

Homemade MRE.....well almost just add water!

Taking household items to make a DIY MRE for a lot cheaper than the Military ones!
33,084 views | Sep 14, 2009

HillBillyPrepperGals School of Prepping Session 1 Acronyms

A quick lesson on some of the acronyms that are floating around out there in the prepper world.
754 views | Jan 10, 2012

Homemade Family MRE Meal Ready to Eat

Learn to make your own family sized meal ready to eat (MRE) for camping, backpacking, and survival.
48,185 views | Dec 22, 2010

HillbillyPrepperGals Prepping on the Cheap

Sissy Sue and Sissy Bob show how you can prep for less (cheap)
23,685 views | Jan 11, 2012

Making Custom MRE Systems

This is just a quick video describing the advantages of creating an MRE system. Custom MRE's can be made to fit your environment and your trip duration. Proper food selection is something that'll come with experience. Your ability to properly manage your food choices will greatly improve your energy levels in the outdoors. Thanks for viewing and remember this is a custom system for YOUR personal needs. Just because I have it does not make it right or mean that you must take this kind of stuff. Proper food selection makes all the difference so choose what works for you and get out there and enjoy the wilderness. -CalPara
39,431 views | Dec 18, 2010

MRE Review Pork Sausage Patty from Meal Kit Supply Canada

A big thank you goes out to viewer CP1040405 for sending me this MRE!Here's a full review of a U.S. Meal Kit Supply Pork Sausage Patty MRE:'s a look at something I usually wouldn't get a chance to check out. I have a case of Meal Kit Supply MREs and have done a number of reviews of them. But Meal Kit Supply operates out of both the U.S. and Canada. As it turns out, the MREs they sell to each country differ from each other a little bit. The main difference is the outer bag they're packed in. This is a review of a Canadian Meal Kit Supply Pork Sausage Patty MRE from late-2010. It's a pretty long video, but I also wanted to take the opportunity to compare the Canadian one to a U.S. example. Was originally going to make it a two-part video, but instead edited it all together into one.Contents: -Maple Flavored Pork Sausage Patty -Hash Browns With Bacon -Wheat Snack Bread -Blackberry Jam -Frosted Brown Sugar Toaster Pastry -Cocoa Beverage Powder -Orange Carbohydrate Electrolyte Beverage Powder -Flameless Ration Heater -Accessory Pack (Spoon, Napkin, Instant Coffee, Creamer, Sugar, Salt, Pepper, Moist Towelette) -Brown MRE Spoon
18,153 views | Sep 03, 2014

MRE Meal Ready to Eat, Review and Demo

Watch as Survival Instructor, Kevin Estela, demonstrates and reviews an MRE or meal ready to eat.
13,434 views | Jan 09, 2011

Ultra Light Survival Pack Plus EDC System for 2012

This is my current everyday carry system plus my hiking, hunting, and fishing bag, that I take with me everywhere. I use it as a get home bag. It is different from my bugout bag. Ill do another video on that later on. Rate, comment, do video responses, and subscribe!
8,566 views | Jan 04, 2012

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