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Harvest Moon DS How to make Relax Tea Leaves

From - Posted: Feb 13, 2012 - 1,314 views
Cooking | Harvest Moon DS How to make Relax Tea Leaves | Harvest Moon DS How to make Relax Tea Leaves
Harvest Moon DS How to make Relax Tea Leaves
Harvest Moon DS How to make Relax Tea Leaves
Duration: 03 minute 09 seconds 
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This is the first ever episode of my cooking channel. Today we are making RelaxTea leaves and Relax Tea. The recipes are included in the video. Thanks for watching!
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No childhood is complete without Harvest Moon! Nobody had made a video with the soundtrack for Harvest Moon DS surprisingly, so I decided for the good of Harvest Moon fans to do so. Also, from song 10 onwards are records you buy from Jet in the game.Tracklist: 00:00 - Opening Song 02:08 - Spring Theme 04:23 - Summer Theme 06:38 - Fall Theme 09:02 - Winter Theme 11:36 - Ending Credits 13:48 - Heart Event Theme 1 15:37 - Heart Event Theme 2 18:00 - Heart Event Theme 3 19:57 - Town Spirit 21:29 - Flower Bud Fall 22:57 - Main Jazz 24:41 - Summer Memories 26:05 - Griffin Blue 28:20 - Faraway 29:53 - You're Like A Flower 31:27 - Cheerful Gustafa 33:12 - Summer HM 34:27 - Autumn HM 36:20 - Sprite Song
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