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Harvest Moon DS How to Make Elli Leaves

From - Posted: Feb 13, 2012 - 789 views
Cooking | Harvest Moon DS How to Make Elli Leaves | Harvest Moon DS How to Make Elli Leaves
Harvest Moon DS How to Make Elli Leaves
Harvest Moon DS How to Make Elli Leaves
Duration: 03 minute 16 seconds 
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This is my 3rd episode of the cooking channel. Today I am making Elli leaves, these are Marlins favourite gift and are very useful while mining as they increase stamina and reduce fatigue greatly. If you need help on making the Turbojolt XL and the Bodigizer XL just watch my cooking episode which shows you how to make them and the recipe for them. Thanks for watching!
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Harvest Moon DS OST 牧場物語コロボックルステーション サントラ

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