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Hallsyskitchen Obituary Notice

From - Posted: Aug 24, 2011 - 2,941 views
Cooking | Hallsyskitchen Obituary Notice | Hallsyskitchen Obituary Notice
Hallsyskitchen Obituary Notice
Hallsyskitchen Obituary Notice
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Obituary notice: http:poststar.comlifestylesannouncementsobituaries Jason M. Hall FORT ANN, NY -- Jason M. Hall, 38, of Route 149, passed away unexpectedly on Fri day, Aug. 19, 2011, at his home in Fort Ann. Hallsyskitchen will be missed by many people. I'm going to put a DVD together to send up to his family, so if you film a video tribute, or want included with a short note, send me the link. I'll keep looking until Next friday for videos, sept. 2nd. Contact family: List of Tribute videos: White Pizza Tribute pandmonium2k7 Firemind94 sd4547 smokeygoodness ammohead73 Mrcodgerneighborhood bowhunter2439 mrsomedrunk 1will2000will1 cowboylikeme M3MB3RR ItMightBeAChicken elbacooks4u slowmo2000 molsonmadness2 TheIliketocook hotsaucestain sunsetlover Read more: http:poststar.comlifestylesannouncementsobituaries#ixzz1VxY8KEdQ
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Channel Update, Thank you

"The Rise Of The Independent Video Producer Has Arrived" Google and Youtube have changed the Video Search engine Algorithm, and it now favors different users than in the past. PageRanking has helped me gain a huge amount of views in the last two months. I'd like to thank everyone who is a friend or subscriber who helped me reach this point in my Youtube Career. God bless all of you. PageRank is a link analysis algorithm, named after Larry Page and used by the Google Internet search engine, that assigns a numerical weighting to each element of a hyperlinked set of documents, such as the World Wide Web, with the purpose of "measuring" its relative importance within the set. The algorithm may be applied to any collection of entities with reciprocal quotations and references. The numerical weight that it assigns to any given element E is referred to as the PageRank of E and denoted by PR(E). The name "PageRank" is a trademark of Google, and the PageRank process has been patented (U.S. Patent 6,285,999). However, the patent is assigned to Stanford University and not to Google. Google has exclusive license rights on the patent from Stanford University. The university received 1.8 million shares of Google in exchange for use of the patent; the shares were sold in 2005 for $336 million. A PageRank results from a mathematical algorithm based on the graph, the webgraph, created by all World Wide Web pages as nodes and hyperlinks as edges, taking into consideration authority hubs such as or The rank value indicates an importance of a particular page. A hyperlink to a page counts as a vote of support. The PageRank of a page is defined recursively and depends on the number and PageRank metric of all pages that link to it ("incoming links"). A page that is linked to by many pages with high PageRank receives a high rank itself. If there are no links to a web page there is no support for that page. Numerous academic papers concerning PageRank have been published since Page and Brin's original paper. In practice, the PageRank concept has proven to be vulnerable to manipulation, and extensive research has been devoted to identifying falsely inflated PageRank and ways to ignore links from documents with falsely inflated PageRank. Other link-based ranking algorithms for Web pages include the HITS algorithm invented by Jon Kleinberg (used by Teoma and now, the IBM CLEVER project, and the TrustRank algorithm. Song, "Fat Caps", by Audionautix at: All music here created by Jason Shaw. http:youtube.comuseraudionautix Released under Creative Commons license 3.0 You are free to use the music (even for commercial purposes) as long as you credit. Music must be part of some other created works. No further permission is required. Thank you
478 views | Oct 11, 2011

UFO Attack On Independence Day

An unidentified flying object, or UFO, in its most general definition, is any apparent anomaly in the sky that is not identifiable as a known object or phenomenon. Such anomalies may later be identified, but depending on the evidence or lack of evidence, such an identification may not be possible generally leaving the anomaly unexplained. While stories of unexplained apparitions have been told since antiquity, the term "UFO" (or "UFOB") was officially created in 1953 by the United States Air Force (USAF) to serve as a catch-all for all such reports. It was stated that a "UFOB" was "any airborne object which by performance, aerodynamic characteristics, or unusual features, does not conform to any presently known aircraft or missile type, or which cannot be positively identified as a familiar object." As originally defined, the term was restricted to those fraction of cases which remained unidentified after investigation, with USAF interest being for potential national security reasons andor "technical aspects." (See Air Force Regulation 200-2.) During the late 1940s and through the 1950s, UFOs were often referred to popularly as "flying saucers" or "flying discs". The term UFO became more widespread during the 1950s, at first in technical literature, but later in popular use. UFOs garnered considerable interest during the Cold War, an era associated with a heightened concern for national security.Various studies have concluded that the phenomenon does not represent a threat to national security nor does it contain anything worthy of scientific pursuit (e.g., 1953 CIA Robertson Panel, USAF Project Blue Book, Condon Committee). Culturally, the phenomenon has often been associated with extraterrestrial life or government-related conspiracy theories, and has become a popular theme in fiction.
1,509 views | Jul 16, 2014

Mermaid Pushes Stranded Boat to Shore

I was stranded on a paddleboat after the rudder broke, this humanoid fishlike creature pushed my boat to shore. It was an amazing experience that I'm thankful to have caught on tape."Mermaids is a docufiction that originally aired as Mermaids: The Body Found on May 27, 2012, on Animal Planet and June 17 on Discovery Channel. It tells a story of a scientific team's investigative efforts to uncover the source behind mysterious underwater recordings of an unidentified marine body. The show presents the generally discredited aquatic ape hypothesis as evidence that mermaids exist, along with a digitally manufactured video. A sequel broadcast called Mermaids: The New Evidence aired May 26, 2013." from wikipedia http:en.wikipedia.orgwikiMermaids:_The_Body_Found
1,250 views | Jul 18, 2014

Obama s Goblin Past and Chemtrails

Leave it to this freedom fighter to reveal how haarp is being used by the Obama goblin regime to cover up chemtrails. This is the first time something like that has ever been documented."According to the chemtrail conspiracy theory, long-lasting trails left in the sky by high-flying aircraft are chemical or biological agents deliberately sprayed for sinister purposes undisclosed to the general public. Believers in the theory argue that normal contrails dissipate relatively quickly, and contrails that do not dissipate must contain additional substances, but their arguments have been dismissed by the scientific community: such trails are simply normal water-based contrails (condensation trails) which are routinely left by high-flying aircraft under certain atmospheric conditions. Although proponents have attempted to prove that the claimed chemical spraying does take place, their analyses have been flawed or based on misconception.Because of the widespread popularity of the conspiracy theory, official agencies have received many inquiries from people demanding an explanation. Scientists and government officials around the world have repeatedly needed to confirm that supposed chemtrails are in fact normal contrails." quoted from wikipedia wikipedia.orgwikiChemtrail_conspiracy_theory
728 views | Jul 14, 2014

Demon House Possession Caught On Tape! Must See!

There is a demon let into my house by the liberal agenda sweeping America! Help Me!
1,230 views | Jul 11, 2014

UFO Sightings 1st Flying Saucer Reported On Main Media! Historic Event...

Thirdphaseofmoon radio had a special interview with 2 of ufology's greatest pioneers for the modern world. On June 27, 1947, Kenneth Arnold saw 9 crescent shape craft near Mt. Ranier in Washington, which the press coined the term "flying saucer" for the first time. Not even 2 weeks later, the GREATEST ufo event occurred: Roswell. Why the greatest? It is the ONLY time the government actually admitted to capturing a flying saucer. The late Jesse Marcel and Jesse Marcel Jr. were eyewitnesses to the event and knew so much more before they broke the silence. Now Denice Marcel is preserving her father's and grandfather's legacy by being the spokeperson for the Marcel family. She has been privy to many secrets growing up and Dr. J got amazing answers from Marcel and Shanz regarding their family members who set off modern ufology. This interview is taken from our weekly thirdphaseofmoon guest show Thursdays 8-10pm ET Studio A, call in number is 818-923-1713 where you can ask the guests questions. And you can follow Dr. J on twitter for updates and for guest requests or to tell your story to thirdphaseofmoon @drjandyilias. The Thursday show Big guests returning and joining us for the first time including Linda Moulton Howe, Dr. Steven Greer, Congressman Merril Cook, Nick Redfern, Travis Walton and Paul Hellyer, just to name a few! Also, from now until the biggest ufo event, contact in the desert, we are giving away 1 ticket per week live on the Thursday show for a total of $5.000 in prizes! 4 people have won so far and there are 4 more tickets up for grabs, 1 per week announced live on thirdphaseofmoon guest show on revolution radio. To enter, go to httip:www.contactinthedesert.comthirdphseofmoon and then listen for your name to be called and watch for an email from Blake Cousins! Also, remember, YOU are making disclosure happen; send us your videos, call in to tell your story live to Blake Cousins Fridays midnight ET 347-934-0378 (see link below to just listen). Spread the word, keep your eyes in the sky and prove these skeptics wrong! If you want disclosure, be proactive and protest for it, or at the least, share these amazing videos!unidentified flying out Dylans Asutralian Phenomena Channel Click Link! To Thirdphaseofmoon! Raw Footage Click Link you have captured anything Amazing regarding UFOs contact Thirdphaseofmoon Via Skype or Facebook!Music by Paul Barrett - Radio http:www.blogtalkradio.comthirdpha...Visit our new website Facebook https:www.facebook.comblake.cousins.3 Twitter https:twitter.comThirphaseofmoon
26,261 views | Jun 27, 2014

Night Vision Camera catches crazy ghost activity!

Wow! Well Shannon has a strong presence in her house! I can't believe that you could see the ghost so clearly! And then for it to do that... Here's how to keep up with me across other places on the interwebs! VINE @Hauntedsunshine OFFICIAL WEBSITE FACEBOOK http:www.facebook.comTheHauntingOfSunshineGirl TWITTER https:twitter.comhauntedsunshine PINTEREST: http:pinterest.comhauntedsunshine INSTAGRAM: http:instagram.comhauntedsunshine ETSY: http:www.etsy.comshopthehomebodyguildВот это да! Ну Шеннон имеет сильное присутствие в ее доме! Я не могу поверить, что вы могли видеть призрак так ясно! А потом для того, чтобы сделать это ... это паранормальной активности становится из рук? Вы видели духе эта сильная? Как вы думаете, что это демон? Дух? Зло?ワウ!さてシャノンは彼女の家の中で強い存在感を持っています!私はそのようにはっきりと幽霊を見ることができたことを信じることができない!それはそれをするために、その後...この超常的な活動は、手に負えなくなっている?あなたは霊にこの強力な見たことがありますか?あなたはそれが悪魔だと思いますか?幽霊?悪?Guau! Bueno Shannon tiene una fuerte presencia en su casa! No puedo creer que se podía ver el fantasma tan claramente! Y luego, para que haga eso ... esta actividad paranormal se nos está yendo de las manos? ¿Has visto un espíritu tan fuerte? ¿Cree usted que es un demonio? Santo? Mal?
24,525 views | Jul 02, 2014

Top 10 Dumbest Animated TV Characters

Who's the dumbest of them all? We got the answer right here. Join as we count down the top 10 dumbest animated TV characters. Check us out at http:www.Twitter.comWatchMojo, http:instagram.comwatchmojo and http:www.Facebook.comWatchMojo Special thanks to our users Danny Huyer, Elliott Twist and cwbutler2 for submitting the idea on our Suggestions Page at http:www.WatchMojo.comSuggestCheck out the voting page here, http:watchmojo.comsuggestTop+Ten+Dumbest+Cartoon+CharactersIf you want to suggest an idea for a WatchMojo video, check out our interactive Suggestion Tool at http:www.WatchMojo.comsuggest :)We have T-Shirts! Be sure to check out http:www.WatchMojo.comstore for more info.
569,282 views | Jul 11, 2014

Worst Wedding Picture Ever Goes Viral

A man hoping to score a memorable moment ended up with an unforgettable one.
14,278 views | Jul 14, 2014

Top 10 Quirky Movie Pick up Lines

When you're looking for love, you need the words to be right... Sometimes though, they're more hilarious than heart-felt! Join as we count down our picks for the top 10 quirky movie pick-up lines. Check us out at http:www.Twitter.comWatchMojo, http:instagram.comwatchmojo and http:www.Facebook.comWatchMojo Special thanks to our users FreelancerM4A1 and unidentifiedflyingsu for submitting the idea on our Suggestions Page at http:www.WatchMojo.comSuggestIf you want to suggest an idea for a WatchMojo video, check out our interactive Suggestion Tool at http:www.WatchMojo.comsuggest :)We have T-Shirts! Be sure to check out http:www.WatchMojo.comstore for more info.
237,125 views | Jul 10, 2014

Top 10 Free To Play Games

There's no such thing as a free lunch, but there is such a thing as a free game. We're only focusing on PC games, so apologies if you were expecting a smart phone game. Join as we countdown our picks for the Top 10 Free To Play games. Check us out at http:www.Twitter.comWatchMojo, http:instagram.comwatchmojo and http:www.Facebook.comWatchMojo Special thanks to our users oDjento, Karma, Cameron van Kuyl, Anonymousfilmstudio, Chris Borremans, (MYUSERNAME), Casarez2010, SgtMoss, p0enkie, gameandwatch97, Matias Herajarvi, veniethegreek, Anonymousfilmstudio & Opst3r, for submitting the idea for this video on our http:www.WatchMojo.comsuggest page!Check out the voting page here, http:watchmojo.comsuggestTop%2010%20Free%20to%20Play%20GamesIf you want to suggest an idea for a WatchMojo video, check out our interactive Suggestion Tool at http:www.WatchMojo.comsuggest :)We have T-Shirts! Be sure to check out http:www.WatchMojo.comstore for more info.
707,573 views | Jul 09, 2014

Top 10 Female Anime TV Characters

Move over boys, these lovely ladies are taking the spotlight in the anime world. Join as we count down our picks for the top 10 female anime characters from TV. Check us out at http:www.Twitter.comWatchMojo, http:instagram.comwatchmojo and http:www.Facebook.comWatchMojo Special thanks to our users Jim Bob, Nichelle Phoenix Perez, Antonio Neon Morales, LordoftheCellar, edgaras po, aldqbigsquare, Manaf Ali, David NM, Denzel Bridges, and Jaime Enrique Gutierrez Pérez for submitting the idea on our Suggestions Page at http:www.WatchMojo.comsuggestCheck out the voting page here, http:watchmojo.comsuggestTop%2010%20Female%20Anime%20TV%20CharactersIf you want to suggest an idea for a WatchMojo video, check out our interactive Suggestion Tool at http:www.WatchMojo.comsuggest :)We have T-Shirts! Be sure to check out http:www.WatchMojo.comstore for more info.
445,682 views | Jul 10, 2014

Incredible VIDEO Two Major UFO Sightings 4th Of July 2014! Special Rep...

NEW! UFO Sightings Two Major UFO 4th Of July Sightings 2014! Part 1. Stay tuned and Subscribe to Thirdphaseofmoon For More Incredible Video Captured on the 4th Of July 2014!Andrew Pipari Edgewater MD original Link From Alejandro Ramirez "Same UFOs return in Chicago by Grand & Laramie Ave Chicago, IL. Exact same UFOs as on September of last year. These UFOs don't make any noise and don't blink like airplanes. Not to mentioned the follow each other slowly and sometimes makes patters. This is raw and unedited video shot from my Samsung Galaxy S4" Original Link! 1080p you have captured anything Amazing regarding UFOs contact Thirdphaseofmoon Via Skype or Facebook!Thirdphaseofmoon Album Paul Barrett to my channel: out more videos:▼ Follow me...Twitter: https:twitter.comThirphaseofmoonFacebook: https:www.facebook.comblake.cousins.3Thirdphaseofmoon Radio Show Every Friday Night! Check Link for Details http:www.blogtalkradio.comthirdphaseofmoon-ufo-sightingsThirdphaseofmoon Blog http:thirdphaseofmoonufo.blogspot.comOfficial Thirdphaseofmoon Website! Check it out! http:www.thirdphaseofmoon.netCheck out Our Blog For Exclusive Content http:thirdphaseofmoonufo.blogspot.comGoogle+:Keep Your Eyes On The Skies!
78,824 views | Jul 05, 2014

Houston Shooting and Car Chase Ends in Police Standoff

Detectives say Ronald Lee Haskell shot 5 children and 2 adults after a domestic dispute.
33,258 views | Jul 10, 2014

Man Eating Reptile Hiding in Australia?

Could a giant prehistoric man-eating monster lizard be hiding in Australia right now? A few people claim to have evidence that the Megalania still exists in Aussie land!What is the Megalina? The Megalania is an "extinct species" of giant monitor lizards that used to roam Southern Australia. Nicknamed The Giant Ripper Lizard This was only about 30,000 years ago as compared to dinosaurs which have been extinct for 65 million years.Because of this time period, it is believed that these giant beast shared Australia with humans for thousands of years.Even with all of the dangerous creatures to have lived in Australia, the Megalania is Largest Carnivore there in the last 2 million years26 feet or 8 meters Weighing up to 4,300 pounds or 2k kilosThis makes it the largest terrestrial lizard to have ever existed on earth ..and fed on big animals... like kangaroos, prehistoric lions and most likely... humans...Studies have shown that this animal was more than likely venomous, which would also make it the largest known venomous vertebrate in history.Like Venomous Creatures? Could you imagine coming face to face with this monster?So is it possible that this thing could still exists? Some people swear by it...Well....the bones of a Megalania were found a few years ago...and when they were finally carbon dated...the bones were ONLY 300 years old!Dozens of sightings of the beasts have been reported even in recent years...with some pretty credible experts.One expert on these monsters, Rex Gilroy, was called out to a farm one day to investigate tracks left by some sort of huge animal in a farmer's field. Plaster castings of the footprints were taken and they matched exactly to the footprints of a Megalania.This wouldn't be the first time evidence has shown that extinct animals may still be alive, as the case with the Tasmanian Tiger. The video from Strange Mysteries goes into detail about the recent Megalania sightings.Tasmanian Tiger Video http:youtu.beJ3CbruM0qFw Strange Mysteries Video http:youtu.bepka1rjaNHZkI'll see you next week with more deadly animals and mysteries of nature.Let's Connect -- -- http:www.facebook.comepicadamwildlife -- http:www.twitter.comepicwildlife -- http:gplus.toepicwildlife
99,810 views | Jul 16, 2014

Possessed Evil Doll Caught On TAPE!

This doll is possessed by the devil! I think it took it's immortal soul! Hinamatsuri (雛祭り Hina-matsuri?), also called Doll's Day or Girls' Day, is a special day in Japan. Hinamatsuri is celebrated each year on March 3. Platforms covered with a red carpet are used to display a set of ornamental dolls (雛人形 hina-ningyō?) representing the Emperor, Empress, attendants, and musicians in traditional court dress of the Heian period. The custom of displaying dolls began during the Heian period. Formerly, people believed the dolls possessed the power to contain bad spirits. Hinamatsuri traces its origins to an ancient Japanese custom called hina-nagashi (雛流し?, lit. "doll floating"), in which straw hina dolls are set afloat on a boat and sent down a river to the sea, supposedly taking troubles or bad spirits with them. The Shimogamo Shrine (part of the Kamo Shrine complex in Kyoto) celebrates the Nagashibina by floating these dolls between the Takano and Kamo Rivers to pray for the safety of children. People have stopped doing this now because of fishermen catching the dolls in their nets. They now send them out to sea, and when the spectators are gone they take the boats out of the water and bring them back to the temple and burn them.The customary drink for the festival is shirozake, a sake made from fermented rice. A colored hina-arare, bite-sized crackers flavored with sugar or soy sauce depending on the region, and hishimochi, a diamond-shaped colored rice cake, are served. Chirashizushi (sushi rice flavored with sugar, vinegar, topped with raw fish and a variety of ingredients) is often eaten. A salt-based soup called ushiojiru containing clams still in the shell is also served. Clam shells in food are deemed the symbol of a united and peaceful couple, because a pair of clam shells fits perfectly, and no pair but the original pair can do so.Families generally start to display the dolls in February and take them down immediately after the festival. Superstition says that leaving the dolls past March 4 will result in a late marriage for the daughter.
2,290 views | Jul 09, 2014