Cooking Haitian Pate Kode Recipe

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How to make Pate Kode

I hope everyone enjoyed this video, I tried my best! :3 please let me know what you think. An if your planning on cooking this as well~ Thank you for watchin...
11,779 views | Sep 02, 2013

Dishing It Cooking Show with Guest Emeline Michel HOW TO MAKE HAITIAN ...

First Episode of Monthly cooking show created by caterer and entrepreneur Nadege Fleurimond of Fleurimond Catering, a catering firm in NYC. Show is a variety...
15,186 views | Nov 01, 2013

How To Make The Best Haitian Pikliz

My recipe to Awesome Haitian Pikliz. This Spicy Addition can go with any dish! It is similar to American chow-chow or Italian Giardiniera. Traditional eaten ...
1,836 views | Nov 17, 2013

How to cook prepare your Beans for Haitian Rice!

In this video I go over how to cook beans fast and how to check if your beans are ready I hope you enjoy the video please like and comment.
4,484 views | May 06, 2013

How To Make The Best Haitian Bouillon

Haitian Bouillon Recipe 1 lbita bunch of watercress ½ cup green beans 1 small onions bunch scallions bunch of carrots 2 white malanga 2 medium potatoes 1 cup...
10,991 views | Apr 26, 2013

How to make a Country Pâté no liver recipe

Recipe for a non-liver pâté that's easy to make with basic equipment. More detail for the Country Pâté Recipe: Ingredients for 2 lots of pâté: Breast meat fr...
1,560 views | Nov 25, 2012

Elsie s Kitchen Griot w Haitian Rice Peas and Fried Plantains

2 onions (diced) 3lbs of pork shoulder 6 garlic finely chop silentro thyme scallions parcely 1 Maggie cube 2 tsp sour orange juice black pepper bell pepper (...
13,079 views | Oct 11, 2013

♥4♥ How to make pikliz Haitian Coleslaw

How to make traditional pikliz-PICKLESE.
17,514 views | Nov 14, 2011

How to make Okra Oxtail The Haitian way

Please check out more of my videos on my blog:
8,486 views | Nov 16, 2012


Jenn c. Charles enjoys Haitian food.
1,096 views | Jul 06, 2011

Légume d aubergine et de chou Haitian legume with eggplant and cabbage

INGRÉDIENTS 2 livres de boeuf en cubes La moitié d'un chou en lanière 1 mirliton(optional) 2 aubergines (3 si vous n'utilisez pas de mirliton) 1 tasses de li...
39,907 views | Jan 28, 2011

6 Griot Fried Pork

A favorite! Often served with pikliz or banane peze, this is always a hit. Pork can be fried or baked. I was very conservative with additional spices because...
498 views | Jan 29, 2014

Haitian Cuisine Soup Joumou Pumpkin Soup

A little history lesson: This is a traditional Haitian soup that is served and made on New Year's Day. It is also customary to serve it with bread and grenad...
8,283 views | Jan 27, 2013

Haitian Cuisine How To Make White Rice

Recorded with an old camera, sorry if the quality is jacked! When making white rice you double the amount of water depending on how many cups of rice you pla...
8,472 views | Aug 04, 2012

The Best Haitian Food for parties

Check my blog for all my succulent Haitian food Videos :-)
20,193 views | Dec 25, 2010

Haitian Food Legum ak Banan Peze 1

Marinate your meat over night you can use turkey or beef (your choice) . Be sure to add (Haitian Epis) to your meat .2-3 spoon full . Ingredients : Meat of y...
462 views | May 03, 2014

Haitian Cuisine Djon Djon Rice, Part 1

Had to divide this into 2 parts, because it was taking FOREVER to upload. Sorry for the delay!! Enjoy... Showing you how to make Djon Djon Rice. Recipe court...
13,761 views | Apr 07, 2011

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