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Gw2 Thief D P WvW

From - Posted: Jul 23, 2013 - 634 views
Cooking | Gw2 Thief D P WvW | Gw2 Thief D P WvW
Gw2 Thief D P WvW
Gw2 Thief D P WvW
Duration: 10 minute 20 seconds 
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.Ladrón a daga y pistola de bahía de baruch,cazando en mundo vs mundo
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GW2 WvW Thief 1vX 1

Just a short video to get things started. I am using full Valkyrie armor with weapons and trinkets that are beserkers, my traits are 03030100 with 3, 6, and 12 in critical strikes, 5, 6, 11 in shadow arts, and 1 in acrobatics.Music: The take down by dabin & koda
709 views | Jul 20, 2013

P D Roaming Thief GW2

Trying out pd condition. Super fun so far. Video is sped up after about 2 mins to push through the vid a bit, 7 minutes can be a lifetime. Thanks for watching I hope you enjoy.
1,163 views | Jul 27, 2013

Gw2 WvW D D D P Thief 130722

KAINENG Legend of Crusaders [LOC] Human Thief Sing Z
1,819 views | Jul 23, 2013

Guild Wars 2 Angry Review

Visit my Website to Rate Guild Wars 2, 1-10! http:angryjoeshow.com201209guild-wars-2-angry-review
2,819,379 views | Sep 06, 2012

Best spvp thief build ever gw2

I got this build from a friend thief who doesn't wanna be mentioned and hope u guys enjoy how this class can beat every other class
2,137 views | Jul 19, 2013

Guild Wars 2 Thief WvW Montage

hey guys this is my second montage which i have put together hope you enjoy :D don't forget to like and subscribe if u enjoyed the vid and leave a comment thanks
312 views | Jul 17, 2013

Guild Wars 2 Darkhaven Guild Music Video Leaders LEAD

Hey guys! Thanks for stopping by :) Here is tribute video of my guild of amazing people; intro to officers and recollection of most of the memories I shared with them via screenshots during my leadership (I am now the guild owner, with my senior officer Quackieee taking over leadership for me); few screenshots are by my guild mates. Hope you enjoy! :) Guild Wars 2 Forums: http:tinyurl.comq5z3p4v Cheers, Jeff Sher (Jayvux.4128)P.S I wish I could add few more scenes such as bloopers in the end that I originally planned, but due to technical issues and barriers, I am unable to do so. I may have them in a separate video in the future. :) Certain portions of the video is slightly unsynced due to its auto conversion to Youtube's default video format, FLV.Game: Guild Wars 2 ID: Jayvux.4128 Main: Jayvux (Human Thief) World: Darkhaven Twitter (Gaming): @TheJayvux World Site: Facebook.comgroupsguildwars2darkhaven Guild: Owner of Leaders [LEAD] Guild Site: Type of Player: Casual PvX------------------ UPDATE (92613): Now known as Benevolent Darkness [DUSK], Stormbluff Isle UPDATE: (102413): Grats Ting on earning a spot on Gw2's Facebook Page! Good looks :) http:tinypic.comview.php?pic=9k1ahd&s=5#.UmlpA_msidk
3,324 views | Jul 23, 2013

Guild Wars 2 I Gave Away a Legendary reaction

Subscribe! It's free! http:www.twitter.comWubdor http:www.facebook.comWubdor http:www.twitch.tvWubdor
53,164 views | Jun 23, 2014

Reikou Guild Wars 2. WvW Solo Thief 1vX

Various 1vX clips from my WvW solo roaming in Guild Wars 2. Uploaded on 24072013.The build that I used in this video is the following. http:en.gw2skills.neteditor?fYUQNAoaVlUmaPHdS5E5Ey2jdqC5JvHk1YZWaFoJA-j0yAYLioRiSwILJiKAm8IiWTfg1zioxqrxUuCRa3UbzLiWNA-worhttp:intothemists.comcalc?build=Ve;4Rw-_06-V-Fd0;9;49T;0T2;025A;446BINV4-BW4F18ZF18Zm-FS-A-6-N_scOVTWYXc214o_-oVJs1q;5k22Bk-EwyMusic is IT#3 by Ty Segall, composed for Saint Laurent Paris Collection IV Fall Winter 201314. come visit my stream to see more content! http:www.twitch.tvailesdelumiere
3,064 views | Jul 23, 2013

Thief Dagger Pistol WvWvW permastealth roaming Guild Wars 2

Hello, I wanted to make a video of my gameplay so here I am. Please, feel free to comment and criticize as long as you keep a good behaviour. The material for this video has been recorded in one week, with REVEALED debuff at 4 seconds. Build and equip are shown at the end of the video!
21,561 views | Apr 25, 2013

GW2 Achievement Candidate Trials Tier 4 OUTDATED

A quick video guide on how to do Candidate Trials solo on the hardest tier. Should work on most classes with high dmg, but i chose warrior for this video.Music: https:soundcloud.comarenanet
9,133 views | Jul 24, 2013

Guild Wars 2 WvW Thief Roaming

A montage of some nice fights with the match-ups crystal desert has had recently. Hope it's enjoyable. Like and favorite
431 views | Jul 15, 2013

GW2 WvW Thief D P

Some of my first encounters in WvW after lvling a 80 thief. You'll see some rookie mistakes at times, but hope you enjoy nonetheless ^__^
890 views | Jul 25, 2013

Shin s Top 10 Tips for New Guild Wars 2 Players

These are my personal top 10 tips for new players of Guild Wars 2.All music was drawn from the Guild Wars 2 OST.Timestamps (thanks to Choxie808!): Tip 10 - Three game modes 0:36 Tip 9 - Pick a server choice based on friendswvw interest 1:55 Tip 8 - Unlock weapon skills early 3:13 Tip 7 - Your personal story 4:55 Tip 6 - Explore 5:28 Tip 5 - Gather and Craft 7:21 Tip 4 - Experiment 9:08 Tip 3 - Play what you want 10:21 Tip 2 - Be social 11:19 Tip 1 - Don't rush it 12:40
12,853 views | Aug 05, 2014

Gameplay Thief a Sangrados

Bueno, aquí os dejo un gameplay del Ladrón en un entorno que conocemos todos y que podemos llevar facilmente a cabo. Espero que os guste y un saludo a todos.Song By Fiction DnB: Fiction - Footprints
1,062 views | Jul 31, 2013

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