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Gw2 Thief D P WvW

From - Posted: Jul 23, 2013 - 642 views
Cooking | Gw2 Thief D P WvW | Gw2 Thief D P WvW
Gw2 Thief D P WvW
Gw2 Thief D P WvW
Duration: 10 minute 20 seconds 
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.Ladrón a daga y pistola de bahía de baruch,cazando en mundo vs mundo
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Guild Wars 2 December 2014 Easy Gold Trick 3

Here's a quick and easy way to make some free gold with any collection of materials that you may have from some of the higher level areas that can be used in the mystic forge. For the link to the buying and selling calculator I mentioned in the video, see the link below: http:tpcalc.comIf you haven't checked out my review for this game yet, see it here: http:youtu.bee2FscUSshXs
2,449 views | Dec 03, 2014

GW2 WvW Thief 1vX 1

Just a short video to get things started. I am using full Valkyrie armor with weapons and trinkets that are beserkers, my traits are 03030100 with 3, 6, and 12 in critical strikes, 5, 6, 11 in shadow arts, and 1 in acrobatics.Music: The take down by dabin & koda
729 views | Jul 20, 2013

P D Roaming Thief GW2

Trying out pd condition. Super fun so far. Video is sped up after about 2 mins to push through the vid a bit, 7 minutes can be a lifetime. Thanks for watching I hope you enjoy.
1,197 views | Jul 27, 2013

S D Jumper vs D P Caed

duelzzz -- www.twitch.tvloljumperc2238503&utm_campaign=archive_export&utm_source=loljumper&utm_medium=youtube
8,621 views | May 03, 2013

Best spvp thief build ever gw2

I got this build from a friend thief who doesn't wanna be mentioned and hope u guys enjoy how this class can beat every other class
2,176 views | Jul 19, 2013

Thief Dagger Pistol WvWvW permastealth roaming Guild Wars 2

Hello, I wanted to make a video of my gameplay so here I am. Please, feel free to comment and criticize as long as you keep a good behaviour. The material for this video has been recorded in one week, with REVEALED debuff at 4 seconds. Build and equip are shown at the end of the video!
22,639 views | Apr 25, 2013

Guild Wars 2 Angry Review

Visit my Website to Rate Guild Wars 2, 1-10! http:angryjoeshow.com201209guild-wars-2-angry-review
3,054,965 views | Sep 06, 2012

Thief PvP WvW build! D D and D P Backstab !

GW2 thief build ! this build is perfect for both PvP and WvW !please leave a comment with any improvement tips for both the build and the video :) its my first try :)Like me on facebook: www.facebook.comBlayisecheck out my stream: twitch.tvblayise
13,730 views | Aug 06, 2013

GW2 Achievement Candidate Trials Tier 4 OUTDATED

A quick video guide on how to do Candidate Trials solo on the hardest tier. Should work on most classes with high dmg, but i chose warrior for this video.Music: https:soundcloud.comarenanet
9,136 views | Jul 24, 2013

Guild Wars 2 November 2014 Easy Gold Trick 2

Here's another guide on how to make some easy gold on Guild Wars 2 through a very secret (or maybe not) farming method that includes farming trick or treat bags with Maize Balm from the Halloween festivities.
8,032 views | Nov 19, 2014

GW2 Xunleashed S D WvW Roaming Episode 2

Second production presenting the new SD build, slightly different from previous. Build: http:bit.ly13VAiC1Enjoy and subscrive!
5,435 views | Jul 22, 2013

Guild Wars 2 FASTEST Key Farming Guide Up to date

An explanation on how to key farm after the changes that were made in the September 2014 feature pack. I cover the new gear and options you now have, plus more. A full run can be found in the links below!Complete Key farm start to finish: Reddit thread for crafting: http:www.reddit.comrGuildwars2comments2g0cx2key_farming_post_09092014_patch Black lion ticket price: http:seemslegit.dktickets Waypoint codes:[&BCMDAAA=], [&BC4DAAA=], [&BO8AAAA=], [&BPAAAAA=], [&BCkDAAA=] Material promotion:!
71,867 views | Oct 07, 2014

Guild Wars 2 Soundtrack Full

Guild Wars 2 OST. Composers: Jeremy Soule, Julian Soule0:00 Overture 1:32 The Seraph 4:41 Bear's Spirit 9:07 Call of the Raven 12:02 Out of the Dream 14:24 Heritage of Humanity 16:23 Snaff's Workshop 18:46 Eir's Solitude 20:58 The Walls of Ebonhawke 23:21 Battle with the Tamini 25:52 The Sea of Sorrows 28:22 The Vigil Goes to War 30:59 Mepi's Ranch 33:13 Legion of Flames 33:57 Farren's Theme 35:00 Ruins Of An Empire 37:10 Ventari's Legacy 39:07 Tears of Stars 40:21 Logan's Journey 42:56 Tyria Reborn 47:05 Tyria Awaits 50:10 Farahr 52:54 The Tengu Wall 55:08 Zhaitan 57:41 Lornar's Pass 1:00:26 Dawn in Shaemoor 1:03:07 Fallen Comrades 1:03:44 Straits of Devastation 1:07:07 Kormir's Whispers 1:09:04 Shadow of the Behemoth 1:09:38 Zojja and Mr. Sparkles 1:11:30 Michoti Battle March 1:13:48 Smodur the Unflinching 1:16:12 The Darkness Will Fall 1:18:28 Change Versus Comfort 1:19:03 A Land Restored 1:21:40 Explorers and Artifacts 1:32:57 The Shiverpeaks 1:28:11 Plains of Ashford 1:30:28 Sunrise of Astorea 1:32:42 Blighted Battleground 1:35:03 Rytlock 1:37:34 Hero's Canton 1:40:32 Journey through Caledon 1:42:47 Melandru's Calm 1:44:57 The Stars Shine on Kryta 1:46:36 The Saga of the Norn 1:49:03 The Last Great City of Men 1:51:02 The Great Wall Has Fallen 1:56:30 Gendarran Fields 1:59:13 Bandit's Expanse 2:01:32 Almora's Revelation 2:03:16 Battle of the Vanguard 2:05:39 Caithe's Daggers 2:08:42 The Grand Gamble 2:12:01 Promenade of the Gods 2:15:05 Hope Falls 2:17:44 The Vaults of the Priory 2:19:47 Knight of Embers 2:23:01 The Charr Triumphant 2:25:15 The Orders Unite 2:28:26 Raven Speaks 2:32:34 Journey to the Mists 2:34:45 Once Friends Now Enemies 2:37:19 Of Tides and Quaggan 2:39:34 Whisper's in the Dark 2:41:12 The Pact 2:43:03 Adelbern's Ghost 2:45:29 The Hammer Falls 2:47:30 The Heart of Rata Sum 2:49:07 We Fight! 2:51:29 Malchor's Leap 2:53:42 Sparkfly Fen 2:57:14 March of the Legions 2:59:57 Here be Dragons 3:01:43 Scales of Issormir 3:03:57 Trahearne's Reverie 3:05:12 Fear Not This Night
117,753 views | Nov 25, 2013

GW2 Phantasm Mesmer WvW Roaming

Phantasm Mesmer (Crank Junior)[BSty] 2 Man WvW roaming Ft. Desert KMusic by: Adventure Club
2,195 views | Jul 22, 2013

Guild Wars 2 WvW Thief Roaming

A montage of some nice fights with the match-ups crystal desert has had recently. Hope it's enjoyable. Like and favorite
432 views | Jul 15, 2013

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