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Guild Wars 2 Cooking Guide 150 225

From - Posted: Sep 20, 2012 - 7,753 views
Cooking | Guild Wars 2 Cooking Guide 150 225 | Guild Wars 2 Cooking Guide 150 225
Guild Wars 2 Cooking Guide 150 225
Guild Wars 2 Cooking Guide 150 225
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A Guide to leveling Cooking & Discovering Planspatternsrecipes in Guild Wars 2 for level 150-225 tradeskill. List of materialswhere to get them + Written guide can be found at: http:gw2.unfair.coguidesguild-wars-2-guide-crafting-cookingGuides for other professions can be found here: http:gw2.unfair.coguidesguild-wars-2-guide-craftingWebsite: Facebook: https:www.facebook.comUnfairco Twitter: https:www.twitter.comunfairco
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Jeweler 0 400 Guild Wars 2

I have it set to run at 2x speed so that you don't have to sit there for forever. Also, it decided not to make itself most beautiful on the eyes, so if you are looking at the numbers exactly, you may have to pause and squint. This is the guide that I used: I did have to make some modifications which you will see along the way because I feel there were some errors in the guide. http:www.gw2wiz.comindex.phpcg1400menujeweler-1-400
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Guild Wars 2 NEW Cooking 1 400 Guide Fast Leveling

You will have to buy almost everything of the Auction House. No farming. You will have to Discover almost all of the recipes. You will earn about 14 Levels in 1 hour! This costs about 3g depends on which Server you are. update: All Materials: Jug of Water Bag of Flour Stick of Butter Jar of Vegetable Oil Jar of Vinegar Pile of Salt and Pepper Onion Head of Garlic Thyme Leaf Bay Leaf Ball of Cookie Dough Chocolate Bar Ball of Dough Bowl of Grape Pie Filling Bowl of Cherry Pie Filling Orange Head of Cauliflower Bowl of Blackberry Pie Filling Parsnip Bowl of Cream Soup Base Slab of Poultry Meat Leek Slab of Red Meat Cayenne Pepper Bowl of Peach Pie FillingUpdate: Do Pasta Noodels 50-75 Egg Jug of Water Bag of FlourHave fun with this and good luck :)Rate,Subscribe and comment :)
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GW2 cheapest cooking guide

must do the quests to get them (nearest one to the waypoint) and sry about the resolution since i had to edit it ingredients: (karma) horse radish in bulk (2): in sparkfly fen , dryground waypoint almond and cherry in bulk (3): dredgehaunt cliffs , travelens waypoint cumin (2) : gendarran fields from milton quest in cronucopian fields waypoint tomatoes (4) , cheese (2) , basil leaves ( 2) , yeast (2) , rice (2) : all from the WvW ingredient merch in the middle of all the crafting stations chickpea (3) and minotaur steak recipe : iron marches , grastaggs kraal waypoint peaches (1) : fireheart rise , apostate waypoint from nrocnoc shallots ( 2) : timberline falls , eztlitl grounds waypoint trail mix recipe : timberline falls , kongar waypointtrading post ingredients (gold): garlic (30) , onion (30) , mushroom (60) , peppercorn (200) , walnut (30) , cabbage (30) , tarragon leaves ( 30) , poultry meat (30) , strawberry filling (30) , blueberry (30) , butter (150) , green onion (30) , red meat (90) , asparagus spear ( 30) , portobello mushroom (30)ingrediants from cooking merch (gold): get a hundred of each except the soysause dont get any and yeast only 30 u will need more oil and vinegar so buy the amount that u need he is right next to uartifacting guide potions only in : http:wiki.guildwars2.comwikiArtificer
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Guild Wars 2 PvP Nhymx vs Stella Warrior Duels Guardian

Guild Wars 2 (Gw2) Commentary! Nhymx vs Stella PvP, Warrior Duels Guardian! Ultimate Gameplay of two Legendary WvW PvP gamers! No Montage or Build in this video!----------------------------------------------------------------------------------*Check out Stella's channel here: and follow me: Twitter: https:twitter.comTapDatMouse Facebook: https:www.facebook.comTapdatmouse Instagram: http:instagram.comtapdatmouse Email: Nitro Fun - Soldiers Video Link: Beatport Download Link: http:www.beatport.comreleasesoldiers1332454 Label Channel: Pegboard Nerds - New Style Video Link: Beatport Download Link: http:www.beatport.comtracknew-style-original-mix5655390 Label Channel: Laszlo - Interstellar Video Link: Beatport Download Link: http:www.beatport.comreleaseinterstellar1363605 Label Channel: Monstercat - Reflection Album Mix Label Channel: F.O.O.L - Keep On Rocking Video Link: Beatport Download Link: http:www.beatport.comreleasekeep-on-rocking1358122 Label Channel: Pegboard Nerds - BADBOI Video Link: Beatport Download Link: http:www.beatport.comreleasebadboi1362845 Label Channel:
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Guild Wars Prophecies OST

Album Tracklist:1. Guild Wars Theme 0:00 2. Autumn in Ascalon 1:36 3. Mhenlo's Theme 3:50 4. Over the Shiverpeaks 5:40 5. Eye of the Storm 7:58 6. Prince Rurik's Theme 10:17 7. Sands of Kryta 10:54 8. The Door of Komalie 13:15 9. The Moment of Truth 15:47 10. Devona's Theme 18:00 11. Cynn's Theme 19:27 12. Eve's Theme 20:44 13. Abaddon's Mouth 21:56 14. Crystal Oasis 24:31 15. Gwen's Theme 26:50 16. Ashford Abbey 29:37 17. Aidan's Theme 31:27 18. Guilds at War 32:40 19. Hall of Heroes 35:47 20. The Rift 38:18 21. Whitman's Folly 41:17 22. Tasca's Theme 42:42 23. Ascension Song 45:11 24. Temple of Tolerance 47:41 25. Althea's Theme 50:03 26. The Charr 51:17 27. The Great Northern Wall 52:42 28. Droknar's Forge 53:46Guild Wars Prophecies OST. Music composed by Jeremy Soule.All rights reserved for ArenaNet and NCsoft.
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Guild Wars 2 vs WoW Ep.6

Visit us! facebook.comgetbonkd twitter.comgetbonkd twitch.tvgetbonkd Bonk! Studios presents Guild Wars 2 - GW2 vs WoW (10192011) Commentary by: Donald "Scylol" Dobbin Edited by: JJ "theselol" P-S In this episode, we compare Guild Wars 2 to the most successful MMO to date, World of Warcraft. Topics of discussion: Subscription Fees The Holy Trinity Classes, Races & Factions Graphics Action Bars and Abilities Combat Crafting Competitive PvP World PvP Leveling As always, please subscribe, favorite and like this video if you enjoyed it. Leave any constructive criticism we may use to improve our future videos in the comment section below. Next episode: Guild Wars 2 - Necromancer [Ep.7] Music: Feint - Connections Feint - A Moment In The Life Of... Feint - Clockwork Hearts
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Shin s Top 10 Tips for New Guild Wars 2 Players

These are my personal top 10 tips for new players of Guild Wars 2.All music was drawn from the Guild Wars 2 OST.Timestamps (thanks to Choxie808!): Tip 10 - Three game modes 0:36 Tip 9 - Pick a server choice based on friendswvw interest 1:55 Tip 8 - Unlock weapon skills early 3:13 Tip 7 - Your personal story 4:55 Tip 6 - Explore 5:28 Tip 5 - Gather and Craft 7:21 Tip 4 - Experiment 9:08 Tip 3 - Play what you want 10:21 Tip 2 - Be social 11:19 Tip 1 - Don't rush it 12:40
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