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GRAPHIC One Car Crash v. Tree, Double Extrication on New Wilke Road, North of Central Road

From - Posted: Oct 06, 2009 - 47,585 views
Cooking | GRAPHIC One Car Crash v. Tree, Double Extrication on New Wilke Road, North of Central Road | GRAPHIC One Car Crash v. Tree, Double Extrication on New Wilke Road, North of Central Road
GRAPHIC One Car Crash v. Tree, Double Extrication on New Wilke Road, North of Central Road
GRAPHIC One Car Crash v. Tree, Double Extrication on New Wilke Road, North of Central Road
Duration: 09 minute 55 seconds 
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http:arlingtoncardinal.com20091005two-trapped-one-car-crash-v-tree-south-new-wilke-north-of-central-rd One-car crash on South New Wilke Road north of Central Road. Two injured and extricated ... full story ... http:arlingtoncardinal.com20091005two-trapped-one-car-crash-v-tree-south-new-wilke-north-of-central-rd Dog barking is a K-9 unit sitting in a police squad car.
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American Airlines Flight 191 Crash Fire Radio Communications

http:www.arlingtoncardinal.com2009052530-years-ago-today-american-airlines-flight-191-worst-single-plane-accidentWhen American Airlines Flight 191 crashed just north of O'Hare International Airport there were were many witnesses to the smoke and fire that immediately rose from the crash site. Some fire units were already on the street and reported the unknown source of a huge fire and headed straight for the disaster scene.This video clip includes the audio (with added transcript in video text) of the Local Fire frequency that was shared by several suburbs just north of the airport: Elk Grove Township, Elk Grove Village, Mount Prospect and Arlington Heights.Abbreviations used in the video transcript: AHTS ... Arlington Heights Fire Department serves the next suburb north of Elk Grove Village. The Arlington Heights Fire Alarm Office was also the command center for MABAS Division 1 (Mutual Aid Box Alarm System) -- the mutual aid district that encompassed the disaster scene. The Arlington Heights Fire Department office managed the MABAS response via the NIFERN radio frequency, which is now known as IFERN and is used for major disasters when mutual aid among fire departments is required. Chicago Fire Department also managed a separate command that is not heard in this audio.EGRT ... Elk Grove Township Fire Department is the fire protection district that was closest to the disaster scene, directly north of O'Hare International Airport. At the time of the crash, Elk Grove Township Fire Department was a brand new department. If I remember correctly, their ambulance had not yet certified for Advanced Life Support at the time of the crash. That is probably why EGRT Ambulance 321 was calling for help requesting an MICU. In the early days of Emergency Medical Service (EMS), Advanced Life Support (ALS) ambulances staffed by paramedics were called Mobile Intensive Care Units (MICU).EGRV -- Elk Grove Village Fire Department was the next closest suburb to the disaster scene. EGRV borders most of the west side of O'Hare International Airport. Most of the dispatcher communication at the beginning of the audio is from the Elk Grove Village Fire Department fire dispatchalarm office.MABAS ... Mutual Alarm Box Alarm System invented in 1968 for suburban fire departments and modeled after the City of Chicago fire response alarm system. The system now includes the suburbs and the City of Chicago.MTPR ... Mount Prospect Fire Department covers the next suburb north of the district covered by Elk Grove Rural Township Fire Department.NIFERN ... Northern Illinois Fire Emergency Radio Network is former name of IFERN the current acronym for the Interagency Fire Emergency Radio Network.http:www.arlingtoncards.comfirevideo http:www.arlingtoncards.comnewsflashMore info coming soon ...
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Flight for Life Airlift After Extrication Technical Rescue Operation f...
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Car vs. Tree Crash with Entrapment and Extrication Rescue

Full story ... http:arlingtoncardinal.com20110324rescue-on-windsor-in-stonegate-car-crash-into-tree-pins-driverhttp:www.arlingtoncardinal.com20110329john-jack-gavin-1994-2011In lieu of flowers, memorial donations to the "Jack Gavin Memorial Fund," co The Peoples Bank of Arlington Heights, P.O. Box 1550, Arlington Heights, IL 60006, would be greatly appreciated. For information. 847-253-5423 or http:www.lauterburgoehler.comhttp:www.facebook.comalbum.php?aid=21121&id=110896495656813Death Leaves a Heartache No One Can Heal. Love Leaves A Memory No One Can Steal.
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Hurst Extrication Training, Including Hurst SC 350E and Paratech Strut...

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I 55 Car VS.Concrete Sign Base with Entrapment Incredible Accident Cha...

Driver Survived this Amazing Crash....Car Split in half wrapped around the Concrete Base of a Large Road Sign...That car is a 4-door Nissan Sentra The Steering wheel was pushed all the way to the Passenger compartment INCREDIBLE RESPONSE BY CHANNAHON FIRE SAVED THIS MANS LIFE! I-55 at Route 6 Channahon,IL Check Out & Please Subscribe to the Many Fire photos I have Posted on: http:www.facebook.compagesNorthern-Illinois-FireGround-Photos281095565080?v=photos Fimed By Todd Sherman
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163 Overturned Car Extrication Helmet Cam

On my way home from work on the San Diego 163 northbound and there was a car overturned. I stopped to lend a hand and caught it on my helmet cam. Driver O.K.
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********Warning Graphic Images!******** Moto Vlog: CycleCruza discusses the squid capital, OHIO. CC talks about the importance of gear and asks the question, "How do you comfortably ride without a helmet?" --------------------------------------------------------------------------- SUBSCRIBE TO MY ALL-IN-ONE SPORTBIKE CHANNEL! [New Motovlog every Thursday!] to my new new 100% MotoVlogs Channel: http:www.cyclecruza.comFACEBOOK: https:www.facebook.comcyclecruza1TWITTER: https:twitter.comCycleCruzaMERCH (Get SportBike T-Shirts and Hoodies): http:www.cyclecruza.spreadshirt.comGet CycleCruza's camera here:
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I 91 Northbound MVA Wrong Way Car vs. Truck, Cars Extrication and Life...

At around 9:30am on Wednesday morning, a motor vehicle traveling the wrong way in the north bound lanes near the on ramp of Exit 16 struck two other cars and a tractor trailer head on. Reports of a wrong way driver were coming in as the crash occurred. The wrong way driver needed to be extricated and flown by LifeStar to an area hospital. Conditions of all occupants are unknown. Assignment: Engine 5, Truck 1, Car 3. Car 3 became I-91 Command and requested Engine 3 to the scene. I-91 Northbound was shut down during the accident.
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Strut system failing

During a training class for auto extrication, the strut system buckles after under heavy load. The objective was to raise the large rig just enough to remove the smaller vehicle from under
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Head On Accident With Double Extrication Waller Road Tacoma WA

July 18, 2004. Tacoma, WA. The 4600 block of Waller Road East. I do not know which driver was at fault in this nasty accident. Fortunately both survived. Both drivers had to be extricated. The driver of the van was hanging by his ankles and feet which were caught in the dashboard of the overturned vehicle. There were reports of fluids dripping on him. Central Pierce Fire and Rescue responded to the scene. The Pierce County Sheriff investigated the accident. I do not remember if drugs or alcohol were contributing factors in this late night crash.
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NaylorMillRd Rescue.wmv

MVC with Rescue, 24ft Box Truck rolled over a Buick sedan. Required extrication of 1 patient with head and chest trauma. Roof and door removal. Naylor Mill Road above US 50 in Salisbury MD.
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Saturn Pinned Under Truck Serious Injury Accident Spanaway WA

May 13, 2009. No skid marks. A high speed impact into the rear of the service truck. The driver was pinned under the rear wheels. This happened at 184th street east and Canyon road east. No updates available to see if she did survive this accident. Central Pierce fire and Rescue did an excellent extrication.
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Head On Collision Scene on GA Route 101

RNW Video of the scene of a fatal Head-On Accident on 9172010 on Rockmart Highway at Isbell Road.The collision left the driver of the Blue Ford Ranger with moderate to severe injuries. The driver of the Oldsmobile was likely killed instantly.The extrication of the Oldsmobile's driver took 1 hour, and utilized 2 Hurst Tools from Rome Fire's Rescue 1 and their Special Operations Rescue 2.The highway was shutdown for 2 hours as the accident was investigated and cleared.The driver of the truck was later charged with Vehicular Homicide and DUI after Marijuana was found in the truck and in his blood system
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WARNING!! Graphic Video Chicago 37th Ashland DUI Rollover Heavy Pin In...

Bridge has been the Site of Numerous Major Accidents,The Ashland Avenue Bridge @ 37th & Ashland.The man Trapped is the Passenger,NOT the Driver. The Driver was a Female The Passenger, A Male that is Trapped Did Survive.The Female Driver Self Extricated herself and was Walking Around When Police Arrived,She Was Arrested for Alleged DUI. This Video Shows Firefighters Rapidly Extricating a Man That is Heavily Trapped Upside Down..In Less Than 6 Minutes,The Man is Removed and Rapidly Sent To a Trauma Center. This is The Golden Hour,And They Saved His Life. You Can all Arm Chair Your Ball Sacks Off On This Video, The Main Goal is to Get The Person Out Quickly. Some of The Comments on this video,You Would Think People Are Expecting Spiderman to Web In,Pick Up The Car,Then Fly Off to a Rooftop with the Injured Person.This is Real Life,and The Video is Graphic,It Shows Real Firefighters Saving a Life! GREAT JOB CHICAGO FIRE DEPARTMENT!!!!!!! Filmed By Todd Sherman
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20 Craziest Motorcycle Crashes of 2013

Presenting the 20 Craziest Motorcycle Crashes Accidents of 2013 Watch Part 2: Subscribe For More Crazy Stuffs: Motorcycle Crashes, Truck Accidents compilation 2013 - Part2 Scary Motorcycle Crash Compilation new 2012! In HD (720p) CRAZY Motorcycle Crashes, Truck Accidents compilation 2013 - Part 1 Scary Motorcycle Crash Compilation #2 new 2012! In HD (720p) USA Motorcycle Crash Compilation 2013 ( United States and Canada ) Motorcycle Crashes Compilation 2013 Motorcycle Crash Compilation 2013 ! Scary Motorcycle Crash Compilation new 2013! (720p) Motorcycle on the road Compilation July 2013 TOP 28 Fatal Motorcycle Crashes -- 2013 Motorcycle Crash Compilation 2013 June #5 TOP 28 Fatal Motorcycle Crashes 2013 Motorcycle on the road Compilation 2012 Worst Motorcycle crashes, truck accident compilation Part 5 Horrible Motorcycle Crash Compilation 2013 #18 Amazing Motorcycle crash, Motorcycle accident compilation 2013 Motorcycle Crash Compilation 2013 Horrible Motorcycle Deaths: 2013 Motorcycle Crash Compilation # 3 Truck Crash Compilation 2013 Part 1 HD 720p CRAZY Bus Crashes, Bus Accidents compilation 2013 Motorcycle Crash Compilation 2012 best of Motorcycle accidents extreme CRAZY Truck Crashes, Truck Accidents compilation, Semi Truck Wrecks NEW vol2 Great Russia MotorcycleCrash Compilation February 2013 MotorcycleCrash Compilation HD #26 | Russian Dash Cam Accidents NEW JUNE 2013 Motorcycle Crash Compilation Of The May 2013 Truck Edition Auto-ongelukken in Rusland 2013 winterMotorcycleCrash Compilation - Part 9 Top truck crashes, truck accident compilation 2013 Part 8 Motorcycle on the road Compilation July-August 2013 Funny Motorcycle Crash Compilation 2013 # 2: Supercar Fails Horrible Car Crash Compilation # 11 2013 (18+ only) Extremely Graphic Horrible 22 Min Truck Accidents Fail Compilation 2012-2013 Motorcycle Crash Compilation Motorcycles Crashes 2013 | 2013 Motorcycle Accidents Videos Motorcycle Accidents Compilation 2013 Top truck crashes, Motorcycle accident compilation 2013 Part 10 Best truck crashes,Motorcycleaccident compilation 2013 Part 1 Motorcycle Accidents In India - Road Accidents In India
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01.27.13 FATAL CAR ACCIDENT; Allentown, PA.

At 01:10 AM, Allentown Comm needed one engine for a car accident with possible fire in the 1700 block of Hanover Avenue (Quebec - Randolph Sts) and asked Battalion 43 for an engine from a house fire they were responding to at Hanover and Irving Sts. Engine 9 was diverted from the house fire to the accident. When they arrived they found 2 vehicles head-on with multiple people trapped and requested the rescue box be filled out. Rescue box 3535 was transmitted for an auto extrication sending Engines 14 and 11 to assist Engine 9. Two people were pinned in one car while the driver in car 2 was self-extricated. Engine 9 has rescue tools and the 3 members of that company went to work taking the roof and doors off the car. The driver was D.O.A. and the passenger was extricated and transported to the trauma center in unknown condition. Engine 11 arrived and moments later diverted to the working house fire in the 400 block of Irving Street. The coroner was requested to the scene.
10,696 views | Jan 27, 2013

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