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Gone Fishing Survival Fishing The Hobo Fishing Kit 2

From - Posted: Jul 20, 2013 - 2,488 views
Cooking | Gone Fishing Survival Fishing The Hobo Fishing Kit 2 | Gone Fishing Survival Fishing The Hobo Fishing Kit 2
Gone Fishing Survival Fishing The Hobo Fishing Kit 2
Gone Fishing Survival Fishing The Hobo Fishing Kit 2
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Fishing, survival kit option, gathering food in the wild, use a hobo fishing kit.
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Hobo Fishing Rig Catches Fish

This is a video I did at the request of one of my subscribers. fishingkid97 here it is. I hope it is close at least ,to what you wanted. Thanks for giving me an excuse for a perfect adventure.
14,837 views | Jul 16, 2011

How to Build a Compact Fishing Kit

Like this video and the information E2E has to offer? Donate here: https:www.paypal.comcgi-binwebscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=KW369X2EE9C8N --------------------------------------------------------- Equip 2 Endure Free Membership! Join our community today to be part of our contest & giveaways, join discussions on the forums, news, blog, videos, podcasts and so much more!E2E Store http:equip2endure.mybigcommerce.comFollow Us on Twitter http:www.twitter.comEquip2Endure Like Us! http:www.facebook.comEquip2EndureE2E Newsletter Sign-Up http:eepurl.commZRO9 ---------------------------------------------------------Joe Flowers shares his build out for a compact and light weight fishing kit. Joe also shares some good tips on storing fishing line and some of his favorite pieces of kit. Don't forget about Joe's trip to the Amazon during the Amazon 5000 for the cure. You can help Joe by donating to we are a little more than half way and still need your help!
91,463 views | May 12, 2012

The Best Pocket Fishing Kit On YouTube...... With Extra Options

The best Pocket Fishing Kit on YouTube. Not just a PVC pipe!
61,553 views | Jun 07, 2012

SECRET Survival Live Fishing Bait

Learn an UNKNOWN secret to finding LIVE survival fish bait.
77,384 views | Aug 09, 2011

Fishing Kit

A compact fishing kit that you can carry in your bag or in a pocket. Useful for survival, hiking, backpacking or just having fun. Easy to construct and fun to make. I had a blast catching fish with it. Enjoy the video and I hope to see you in the woods!
2,917 views | Jun 22, 2013

Hobo Fishing and Day Out

4,944 views | Oct 28, 2011

E2E Contest Survival Hobo Fishing Kit

I cut up a piece of wood to use as a hobo fishing pole for the E2E contest. You can tell by watching this I am not used to being on camera or even using one. Lots of silence... sorry about that! There was about 15 minutes of casting and retrieving just trying to figure out how best to use the stick, and then about an hour letting it sit out there and nothing. Hit the lake again in the morning after breaking camp and spent 4 hours on the water with just a few hits on the bait which showed usually to be crayfish.
2,456 views | Jul 10, 2012

Emergency Survival Fishing Kit

Inspired by John McCann's book 'Build The Perfect Survival Kit' I decided to go through the conceptual exercise of seeing if I could put together a half decent emergency survival fishing kit with surplus terminal tackle that I have in my regular fishing box. This is something that can be thrown in the pack for trips to unfamiliar areas as, to be honest, anywhere local to where I live and I will use my full on fit for purpose tackle.
16,059 views | Jul 12, 2012

World smallest Fishing kit emergency survival EDC

a simple kit that you can carry every day with youvideo musicMusic (permission through RPM Network) Website: http:www.audiomicro.comroyalty-free-music http:audiomicro.comsound-effects Songa Used:GREEN PASTURES, summer drive
2,661 views | Feb 19, 2013

Hobo Hand Fishing Kit

Just catching a few fish with my self made hobo hand fishing kit. some call it a hand fishing kit. It packs easily and fits into your pocket. Filmed with a Kodak PlaySport.
12,163 views | Aug 01, 2011

Survival Fishing Kit

This is a video of my survival fishing kit. My survival fishing kit is small and includes the basic fishing equipment inside of it. This is a fun way to catch fish and in a survival situation it could help you get a meal.
3,436 views | Jul 15, 2013

Pen fishing rod great for bug out bags or survival kits

Since it's getting close to trout season it's time to start looking at my emergency fishing gear. I've covered this stuff briefly in some of my older videos but wanted to take a closer look at this for you guys. This is a coleman pen fishing rod that I picked up years ago. These are a great budget item for backpackers, hunters, survivalists, or preppers. Great inexpensive item to put into your bug out bag or emergency fishing kit.
60,063 views | Mar 11, 2012

Hand Fishing, a.k.a. Hobo Fishing with the Kids at Stone Mountain, GA

My nephews were going to fish at the camp ground, then the reel on their fishing pole locks up on them. What to do now? Show the kids how to hand cast of course!
5,932 views | Jun 09, 2011

Fishing kit

My homemade fishing kit. It's easy to make and fun to use. Alot more effective than setting snares if you are near ponds,lakes,or streams. Great for backpacking, survival, or everyday use.
25,305 views | Jul 14, 2009

Yo Yo fishing reel great for survival, backpacking, and bug out bags

a quick overview of the yo-yo fishing reel. I see these reels alot, and don't think the get the credit they deserve as survival gear. They are great for wilderness survival, backpacking, or even just something to throw in your bug out bag (bobs) or 72 hour emergency kit. Great budget item for your emergency fishing kit.
26,985 views | Mar 11, 2012

PSK Hobo Fishing Kit in Action

Haven't had much time to get out since early February so it was nice to enjoy the spring a little. This video is for BushCLASS from BCUSA.
1,942 views | Mar 29, 2012


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