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Gone Fishing Survival Fishing The Hobo Fishing Kit 2

From - Posted: Jul 20, 2013 - 1,379 views
Cooking | Gone Fishing Survival Fishing The Hobo Fishing Kit 2 | Gone Fishing Survival Fishing The Hobo Fishing Kit 2
Gone Fishing Survival Fishing The Hobo Fishing Kit 2
Gone Fishing Survival Fishing The Hobo Fishing Kit 2
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Fishing, survival kit option, gathering food in the wild, use a hobo fishing kit.
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Hobo Fishing and Day Out

3,785 views | Oct 28, 2011

Maxpedition EDC Tool Kit Part 1

This is my Maxpedition Tool Kit. It is not for the minimalist or the novice user. It is a comprehensive kit. This is NOT something I would carry in a backpack. It is obviously too big, heavy and bulky. It rides best in a truck or boat. However, I will sometimes take it to my base camp locations, which are only a short walk from my vehicle. It is EDC for vehicle carry only. This kit is not for everyone, but may appeal to those who have a lot of gear and equipment and appreciate micro tools for making minor repairs and mending things. A smaller kit can be customized for a snowmobile, ATV, motorcycle, boat or aircraft. In my opinion, it is always best to build your own custom kit, one which will meet your specific needs. Maxpedition Beefy Pocket Organizer (khaki) $27.95Overall Dimensions: (Height) 8.75 inches or 22.2 cm (Width) 6.25 inches or 15.9 cm (Depth or Thickness) 2.5 inches or 6.4 cmTotal weight as outfitted: 4.5 lbs. 72.6 ounces 2060 gramsTotal cost as configured: $614.73 (US Dollars) Contents: 1 Streamlight Microstream flashlight $24.95 1 Wescott 5 inch Non-Stick Titanium Bonded scissors $8.16 1 Ultimate Survival Star Flash Ultra Signal Mirror $9.99 with case $5.95 1 Pro-Knot Outdoor Knot cards $4.95 1 Fisherman's Ultimate Knot guide $4.95 1 Survival Resources 4X Fresnel Magnifier $1.00 1 60 inch 150 cm plastic tape measure $2.99 1 Six inch plastic ruler $0.00 1 Rite in the Rain 3"x 5" note pad $4.10 1 Slim-Pak Orange Duct tape $1.95 and Reflective Duct tape $1.95 1 Cuff key $0.00 2 Paracord monkey fists $6.99 1 Sun Triple Gage -- thermometercompassmagnifier $9.95 1 Maratac Micro Grappling Hook $26.95 1 Howler Whistle $1.491 Corona Sharpening Tool (aka Ultimate Striker) $7.95 1 Mini 4 inch stainless steel hemostat $3.99 1 Stainless Screw Top Vial $5.50 with assorted needles $6.00 1 Titan Micro Ratchet handle $12.95 1 Mini 5 piece socket set (metric) $4.49 1 Mini eyeglass screwdriver $3.99 1 T-Driver set $14.95 1 Kershaw Torx Tool $7.95 1 Miniature Screwdriver set with 5 drivers $16.95 1 Large Needle File set with 6 files $14.95 1 Tops Folding Survival Saw $4.95 1 Elastic hair band $0.00 1 Micro Drop Pinpoint Oiler pen $16.95 1 Telescoping magnet $2.99 1 Solid graphite pencil (cut in half) $1.25 1 Zebra F-701 stainless steel pen $6.95 1 Fisher Bullet Space Pen wclip $19.50 1 Stainless Steel Sharpie Marker $7.951 Micro Widgy 4 inch pry bar $11.75 1 Hank of 332 nylon tether cord $1.00 1 Orange lanyard $0.00 1 Velcro One-Wrap cablewire ties $0.00 3 Heat Shrink Tubes for repairing wires $0.00 1 Piece of Fatwood $0.00 6 Assorted zip ties $0.00 1 Stanley 38" chisel $2.50 2 Stainless steel wire cable rings $1.75 1 Piece of shock cord $0.001 Benchmade Mini Griptilian $85.00 1 Irwin 5 inch Vice Grips $10.99 1 Master Mechanic 4 inch wrench $6.99 1 Leatherman Squirt $23.00 1 Ranch Hand Multi-Tool $21.50 1 Gerber EAB (Exchange-A-Blade) pocket knife $12.95 1 Revlon nail clippers $1.99 1 Allen wrench $0.00 1 Binder clip $0.00 1 Folding utility razor $1.50 1 Pocket Survival Saw $3.95 1 P-51 can opener $.50 1 Gerber Diamond Knife Sharpener $7.75 1 Uncle Bill's Sliver Gripper Tweezers $5.95 1 Mini-Match Magnesium Fire Starter with striker $2.95 1 Misch metal firesteel $2.99 1 True Utility Eye Glass 5X magnifier $9.92 1 Gerber BG Micro Torch Light $8.95 1 Sandisk Cruzer USB 16 GB (mini thumb drive) $15.00 1 Vivitar RW-50 50-in-1 Card ReaderWriter $21.991 Clamp $0.00 1 Pair ear plugs $0.00 1 Grade A Button Compass $4.50 1 Magnesium Pencil Sharpener $1.95 1 Vial of Crazy Glue $.99 1 Cord lock for lanyard $0.00 2 Line Locks for tightening lines $0.00 3 Cord Tips for paracord and 332 cord $0.00 1 Maratac Stainless Steel Peanut Lighter $14.50 (replaced Peanut with Numyth Tohil Lighter $23.95) 1 Waterproof Delrin (polymer) Locker for AAA battery $9.99 1 Military Sewing Kit wKevlar thread $8.95 1 Emergency Fishing Kit $10.95 2 Wetfire cubes $0.00 2 Tinder Quick fire tabs $0.00 1 Small hank of non-residue duct tape $0.00 1 Small hank of high temperature electrical tape $0.00 1 Small piece of 0000 steel wool $0.00 3 Rubber Bands $0.00 3 Cloth Patches $0.00 1 Small baggie with hardware (nails, screws, safety pins) $0.00 2 Wet Ones wipes $0.00I used the following suppliers to build this kit: Auto Zone Cabela's County Comm CVS Pharmacy DD Hammocks EMS Going Gear Mil-Spec Monkey REI Sears Staples Survival Resources Supply Captain The Pathfinder School True UtilityI hope you enjoyed the video and thanks for watching!
107,530 views | Jul 21, 2013

Fishing Kit

A compact fishing kit that you can carry in your bag or in a pocket. Useful for survival, hiking, backpacking or just having fun. Easy to construct and fun to make. I had a blast catching fish with it. Enjoy the video and I hope to see you in the woods!
2,327 views | Jun 22, 2013

survival fishing

survival fishing 1 throught 5
28,617 views | Oct 03, 2012

Survival Fishing Sep 2012

My glued together survival fishing video. Very simply stated use multiple ways of pulling in fish while fishing with a pole and up your odds of getting fish. Make sure to follow the local rules and regulations when you do this, but lets face it, if the government shut down or if you were truly in need to staying alive that wouldn't be as much of a concern. Post replies but don't expect much of this video because I didn't but a lot of work into it.
102,885 views | Sep 19, 2012

Survival Fishing Kits Hand Lines Work!

Survival fishing rigs. I test 3 hand lines, The lines are spooled onto a soda bottle, a piece of PVC pipe, and a Cuban Yo-Yo reel. I also take you fishing at two locations (set to a smooth jazz music mix) and we catch a catfish and an Atlantic Spadefish on a handline. I've mixed in some underwater video of the Spadefish as well.
38,946 views | Feb 18, 2011

SECRET Survival Live Fishing Bait

Learn an UNKNOWN secret to finding LIVE survival fish bait.
67,658 views | Aug 09, 2011

Camp Cooking The Bushpot One Pot Meal

Cooking a one pot meal in a bushpot.
660 views | May 13, 2014

Fishing For Catfish

Spent the day fishing for catfish at my favorite fishing spot. For bait, I used shrimp and my chicken liver chum bait. I modified the chicken liver chum bait by adding garlic powder and clam juice. Although more fish were caught on shrimp, there were an equal amount of bites on the chum bait. All in all, it was a good fishing trip. To learn more about us please visit our website at: http:www.muddyrivercatfishing.comindex.html
673,015 views | Aug 13, 2013

Survival Games Mission 1 Part 2 Survival Fishing Trip

We are creating a new sport that we call Survival Games! Its a challenge to myself as well as my watchers. This game will pit you against the wilderness to see if you have what it takes to survive! Post your response videos because we will be giving away a FREE 5 Survival Course to the winner.If you support SIGMA 3 Survival School, then please share like and subscribe. Also please click on ads. Clicking these ads provides us extra revenue to make more and better videos! So please help support us and our move to spread self reliance skills all over the world! SIGMA 3 Links: Website- Survival Training Schedule- http:www.survivalschool.ussurvival-training-calendar Facebook- Become a SIGMA 3 Instructor- http:www.survivalschool.uss-3-certificationsintensive-survival-instructor-certification
33,945 views | Sep 17, 2012

Survival Food Collection Kit part 1

This is my food collection kit. Please note, this is not a survival kit with all of the usual essentials. I have other kits that contain all of the essential survival items. Enjoy. Technical SpecsCondor MA-8 Utility Pouch Width: 8 ½" Height: 4 ½" Depth: 3 ½"Weight as Configured (with additional components) 3 lbs. 2 oz. 50 oz. 1420 grams Pathfinder Kit -- Core Components 1 Pocket Hunter Slingshot warrow rest and spool 1 Pocket Fishing Kit 1 Pack of Dakoline Ghost Rider snares Total: $65.00Additional Add-on Items 1 Pathfinder Bushmaster Spear Point $60.00 2 ESEE Izula Arrowheads $48.25 3 Carbon Break-Down Arrows $62.00 1 pack of Speed Hooks $6.95 (Sorry, I forgot to include the price of the speed hooks in the video) 1 Pack of 38 Steel Shot $5.25 Three Prong Frog Gig $2.50 1 Rat Trap $2.00 Total $186.95Grand Total: $251.95
6,041 views | Apr 28, 2013

My Basic Kit

This is my kit that I carry for bushcrafting survival. With this I can spend several days being self reliant. My kit changes constantly and evolves with area of operation, weather patterns, and the time of year and what my intentions are. Remember that your knife, fire set, container, cordage, and shelter are the hardest things to create or replace in the wilderness. Build your for your needs and what works for you. Also check out Darrin at "Eastwoodlandsurvival" on Youtube
86,288 views | Oct 20, 2011

Survival Fishing Kit

This is a video of my survival fishing kit. My survival fishing kit is small and includes the basic fishing equipment inside of it. This is a fun way to catch fish and in a survival situation it could help you get a meal.
1,874 views | Jul 15, 2013

Kayak Fishing HUGE Prehistoric Paddlefish

Come along for the adventure as I travel to a remote stretch of the Arkansas River in Northern Oklahoma. My target: the elusive and gargantuan North American paddlefish, AKA spoonbill. Every year around March, these fish leave their usual home in the depths of various lakes to begin a journey upriver to spawn. These behemoths become concentrated as they try to squeeze through narrow stretches of the river, which makes for a much easier target for anglers looking for a rush.Paddlefish are filter feeders, similar to whales, and plankton makes up their entire diet. Because of this, they will not take a bait or bite a lure. In order to catch them, we have to snag them. Paddlefish are illegal to snag for in most states because they have become endangered in most regions (including my home state of Texas), so check your local fish and game regulations before attempting to target these prehistoric beasts.Join me on an emotional rollercoaster as I do battle with these enormous fish. I won't give anything away, just that this was a day unlike any other in kayak paddlefishing history.Facebook: http:facebook.comYakFishTV Twitter: http:twitter.comYakFishTVFollow me on Twitter, Instagram, & FishingScount: @YAKnAGGIE
58,795 views | Jun 01, 2014

Tinder Bundel and fire material after wet conditions

After several days of snow and rain the sun came out for a little while. The temp was 30, and the wind was NE at 10 to twenty five. So I went out and gathered enough tinder to mank a bundel. Anything on the ground, except the top layer of leaves were still wet and frozen. Gathering materials that were off the ground was my only option.
93 views | Mar 01, 2014