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Garrett ATX Test on Buried Gold Nuggets

From - Posted: Nov 11, 2013 - 11,430 views
Cooking | Garrett ATX Test on Buried Gold Nuggets | Garrett ATX Test on Buried Gold Nuggets
Garrett ATX Test on Buried Gold Nuggets
Garrett ATX Test on Buried Gold Nuggets
Duration: 26 minute 55 seconds 
Play Cooking Video - doing some buried target test for video of several gold nuggets and one nickel. Results are good depth test for the Garrett ATX. Depth limits reached on most target as you will see. Buy the Garrett ATX here: http:mashdetectors.commashdetectorsgarrett_atx.htmlLatest Garrett ATX Review here: http:mashdetectors.commetaldetectingbloggarrett-atx-extreme-review
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GOLD, COINS AND TREASURE. Part 2 Finding Big Gold, and Jewellery

Some very handy hints for finding gold items are on this video. Goldfinders finds more gold using our own custom built detector on Queensland's beaches and gold fields.If you like the shovel or like to purchace a good no BS and interesting book on the subject then go to the website below. It is not feasible for us to offer these detectors for sale because they are handmade, performance tuned and very difficult and time consuming to make, but proving to be a great asset for beach, mild goldfield areas, under water, and everywhere inbetween.Not for serious gold prospecting See "Goldfinders strike gold video" and the upcoming new videos.Find us on facebook @!groups112845112158479 or website you genuinely like the video then please click like-Many thanks to you.- Ps our entire gold collection has been stolen recently.
88,173 views | Oct 12, 2013

The Garrett ATX Metal Detector How to Use Part 2

Part 2 of basic instructions of how to set up, use and clean the Garrett ATX Extreme pulse induction metal detector. Get your very own Garrett ATX at The Garrett ATX Deep-Seeker Packs are now shipping!
6,821 views | Mar 21, 2014

5.4 oz Gold Nugget test Garrett ATX vs Minelab GPX 5000 is testing these 2 detectors out on a large 5.4 oz gold nugget buried at 18", which is the depth it was found at with the GPX 5000. See more of the Garrett ATX here: http:mashdetectors.commashdetectorsgarrett_atx.htmlAnd see the MInelab GPX 5000 here: http:mashdetectors.comstoreminelab-gpx-5000-metal-detector
142,160 views | Dec 09, 2013

26 Minelab CTX 3030, Fisher F5 and Garrett ATX Coin 24 mm of 42 cm 16....

26 - Minelab CTX 3030, Fisher F5 and Garrett ATX - Test. Competition OVERLOAD 2014. Target: Coin 24.25 mm of 42 cm (16.5") depth. --- 26 - Minelab CTX 3030, Fisher F5 and Garrett ATX - Тест. Състезание ПЕРЕГРУЗКА 2014. Цел: Монета 24.25 mm на дълбочина 42 cm (16.5"). --- 26 - Minelab CTX 3030, Fisher F5 and Garrett ATX - Тест. Соревнование ПЕРЕГРУЗКА 2014. Цель: Монета 24.25 mm на глубину 42 cm (16.5"). ------ Test of metal detectors Minelab CTX 3030 from the searcher kaveiros, Fisher F5 from Vladimir Lilov (Golden Mask) and Garrett ATX from Georgi Chaushev (Nexus), during the competition OVERLOAD 2014 (BLISSTOOL vs Nexus vs Golden Mask, 08.06.2014, Plovdiv, Bulgaria). Target: Coin with a diameter 24.25 mm (50 euro cent) of 42 cm (16.5") depth in medium mineralized soil near polygon OVERLOAD. ------ Тест на металдетектори Minelab CTX 3030 от търсача kaveiros, Fisher F5 от Владимир Лилов (Golden Mask) и Garrett ATX от Георги Чаушев (Nexus), по време на състезанието ПЕРЕГРУЗКА 2014 (BLISSTOOL vs Nexus vs Golden Mask, 08.06.2014, Пловдив, България). Цел: Монета с диаметър 24.25 mm (50 euro cent) на дълбочина 42 cm (16.5") в средно минерализирана почва близо до полигон ПЕРЕГРУЗКА. ------ Тест металлоискатели Minelab CTX 3030 от искатель kaveiros, Fisher F5 от Владимир Лилов (Golden Mask) и Garrett ATX от Георги Чаушев (Nexus), во время соревнование ПЕРЕГРУЗКА 2014 (BLISSTOOL vs Nexus vs Golden Mask, 08.06.2014, Пловдив, Болгария). Цель: Монета с диаметром 24.25 mm (50 euro cent) на глубину 42 cm (16.5") в средно минерализованной почве вблизи полигона ПЕРЕГРУЗКА. ------
4,143 views | Jun 12, 2014

GOLD IS WHERE YOU FIND IT STORY Goldfinders visit Paradise and find tr...

Goldfinders finds gold and treasure on Australia's island beaches and inland: Story of 2012. If you like the shovel or like to purchace a good book on the subject then go to the website below. Find us on facebook @!groups112845112158479 or website our entire collection has been recently stolen.
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Garrett ATX Coins and Antique Bottles!

Went back to a worked out area but this time used the ATX...
5,702 views | Mar 18, 2014

Металлоискатель Garrett ATX

Новый металлоискатель Garrett ATX. 2013 Новинка. Видео обзор производителя
4,500 views | Sep 09, 2013

Gold Prospecting Norway

Five guys prospecting for gold in Norway august 2013
22,899 views | Aug 31, 2013

Garrett ATX From the Beach to the Bush.

Our new Garrett ATX is getting plenty of use: Day 1 was our first trip to the beach with the ATX where we turn up a handful of modern 1 & 2 dollar coins, along with some silver jewellery. The very next day following a 3 hour drive to the west we are in the goldfields with the intention of running the ATX over an old gold nugget patch. Unfortunately the grass was so deep at that location that we had to scout around for a more suitable area to prospect. Here we experiment with the powerful non-motion mode and identification of iron targets. Please stay tuned for out continuing goldfields adventures with the ATX. Happy Hunting everyone! Warren and Colleen.
66,306 views | Oct 28, 2013

ISLAND S HIDDEN TREASURE Platinum, Diamond and Gold rings recovered

Incredible but true story! Do you like the video? If not please feel free to tell us. I think is a true work of art. I found one of my best ever finds on camera, but destroyed my hand made expensive prototype underwater detector in the process, so you could say that I broke financially.even on the trip. We had 2 cameras recording the entire trip and yes it was a nightmare assembling the video, but it was worth it i think.We turned our annual holidays into a treasure hunting fun trip on Green island Australia. Finding gold is always a pleasure for us, but finding platinum and diamonds, on the soft sand- well we show our surprise on camera. We were planning to use our prototype XTR detector underwater to find lost jewellery which is usually lost in the shallow water, but it fill with salt water and died. But we can build another detector, hopefully better than the last. (If you can describe the inscription inside any ring then contact us for its return) Original soundtracks used in this video are created by Darren Barnes of Goldfinders. Find us on facebook @!groups112845112158479 or website
213,909 views | Dec 02, 2013

Garrett ATX Metal Detector initial Set Up Instruction for Beginners

Gerry takes some time to explain how to set up the Garrett ATX. This is a great guide for getting the best out of your new ATX. For more info on detectors, training, and trips, check out
8,180 views | Oct 27, 2013

Crazy find in a ghost town while metal detecting.

Weekend metal detecting trip in an old ghost town and I find something completely unexpected. Hunting this old abandoned mining town with the Minelab CTX 3030. It is amazing what you can find when you are looking.If you want more information on metal detectors and field training, visit Gerry at http:www.gerrysdetectors.comThanks for watching! Don't forget to subscribe!
306,558 views | Sep 05, 2013

Garrett ATX Australian Sub Gram Gold Nuggets.

In this short demonstration video, we check the response of the Garrett ATX on tiny gold nuggets in highly mineralized Australian ironstone claygravel which is typically encountered in our goldfields. The advantage that the ATX provides to Aussie prospectors over current PI machines is the ability to detect very low conductive, sub-gram nuggets with a DD coil. Most prospectors will be utilizing monoloop coils for their sensitivity on small gold, the penalty is that in hot and variable ground, the monoloop will experience unstable and variable thresholds to the point where it may become unusable. With the ATX stock DD, you now get stable operation in very hot ground on sub-gram gold. All this with a single setting (no complex switch settings) and the option of two modes of operation: Motion, and Non-Motion.Experienced prospectors will know that a test bed cannot fully replicate actual field conditions, such as varying mineralization, soil moisture content, soil air voids, ambient noise, ambient temperature, threshold settings, coil swing technique and the fact that the gold has been in the ground for many millions of years -- but this test bed demonstration will serve to illustrate the usefulness of the ATX with the standard DD coil in adverse environments. The ATX is no re-badged Infinium or Recon-pro, it is new technology that provides a real advantage on small gold in hot ground. This comes with no sacrifice to the ability to detect large nuggets at depth. We hope you enjoy this short demonstration and find it informative. More ATX goldfields videos to follow soon! Happy Prospecting! Warren and Colleen.
11,140 views | Nov 02, 2013

First Targets Found while Testing the Garrett ATX Metal Detector is testing the new Garrett ATX metal detector on its first day of usage. First finds, first impressions of this very cool gold detector. Get your own Garrett ATX here: http:mashdetectors.commashdetectorsgarrett_atx.html
10,428 views | Oct 27, 2013

5.4 oz Gold Nugget Test Garrett ATX Deep Seeker Coil 20 x15 - Testing out my 5.4 oz gold nugget with the Garrett ATX with it's big 20"x15" Deep Seeker coil to see how easy it will pickup that size nugget. Easily hit it at 22-24 inches...
5,086 views | Jun 02, 2014

Garrett AT GOLD Field Test River Finds video.rv

Field Test: River Finds AT Gold river hunt with Beau and Dan in Civil War campaign area. Recovery of Spanish real, Confederate Gardner and Enfield bullets, artillery pieces, musket barrel, and more.
57,862 views | Sep 13, 2011


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