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gallos de pelea Cochabamba Bolivia

From - Posted: Feb 11, 2012 - 71,673 views
Cooking | gallos de pelea Cochabamba Bolivia | gallos de pelea Cochabamba Bolivia
gallos de pelea Cochabamba Bolivia
gallos de pelea Cochabamba Bolivia
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Seleccionando algunos de mis mejores Gallos del grupo temblores para la temporada 2012
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Riña de Gallos Cochabamba

Pajarito Vs Colo
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galos combatentes

galos combatentes
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galo indio puro

Sou de Curitiba parana esse frango tem 6 meses índio puro se gostou tenho um monte. Logo logo postarei mais videos e de cores diferentes também tenho reprodutores um abraço ate logo.
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Cock Fighting History, Training Foods For Fighting Cocks 15Jan2014 Par...

Cock Fighting History, Training & Foods For Fighting Cocks 15Jan2014The most famous sport this season, in Madurai, involves bulls. But there are others, involving rams and cocks. And a lot of gambling.Madurai, often seen as the cultural capital of Tamil Nadu, is home to a great many sports that are considered markers of masculinity. There is, for instance, Ilavatta Kal Thookuthal, the lifting of the huge spherical stone found lying on village squares. This sport has been imprinted in our imagination through the 1986 Sivaji Ganesan starrer Mudhal Mariyadhai, where the actor tries to impress the heroine by lifting one such stone. In olden days, among certain martial castes, this sport is believed to have been one among many used to test the valour and strength of a youth before marriage. In another sport, the youth would be given an axe to split the wood of mosana maram.The most famous of these "masculine rituals" is jallikattu, the traditional sporting event with bulls. Historical references show that jallikattu, known in ancient times as "yeru thazhuvuthal," was popular among warriors during the Tamil classical period. The term "jallikattu" comes from the Tamil terms "salli kaasu" (coins) and "kattu" (a package tied to the horns of bulls as prize money). During Pongal, the harvest festival held during the second week of January, thousands of people pour into the villages of Alanganallur and Palamedu to watch the jallikattu.Jallikattu is seen as the cultural marker of this region but Madurai's hinterlands and even the urban spaces are home also to cockfights and ram fights. Conducted in discreet places, these fights liven up the quotidian lives of many youths who can be found carrying their roosters and walking their rams with great pride.In an early-morning scene at Koilpappakudi village, on the outskirts of Madurai, local youth Sasi Kumar's muscular black ram Karuppu wheels back and charges, leaping into his opponent and hitting him with a crashing thud. One more high-speed collision and his intimidated opponent runs for cover from the yard, amid much amusement, whistles and claps from onlookers.These ram fights are held at dusty fields and the barren pits on empty ponds in villages like Koilpappakudi, Anaiyur, Vellaimedu, Batlagundu, Podhumbu, Thuvariman, Vilangudi and Usilampatti, and even in city spaces like Keerathurai. The youth are very careful in choosing these places, where they can escape the eyes of the policemen; through word of mouth they pass the news of having a ram fight.Two-year-old Karuppu, with his noticeable stature, muscular hind legs and glistening horns polished with neem oil, is quite famous in his village as he has won many such competitions. Twenty-five-year-old Sasi Kumar says that it is for pride that he rears Karuppu. He gets very upset when his ram loses. His masculinity is at stake. Like the jallikattu bulls, these rams function as metaphors of masculinity. Members of the intermediate castes of Mukkulathors are the ones who mostly own these fighting rams and jallikattu bulls. Only recently have members of other castes been found rearing them.There is another Karuppu in the same village; a sturdier ram than Sasi Kumar's animal. His owner M. Arunagiri, a real estate broker, says that he found he had something special when Karuppu was young. He bought him and since then has been feeding him a special diet of greens, grass and the residue from boiling soya beans, maize, lentil waste and tuvar dal waste. His exercise includes a walk for a mile every day, and on Sunday, two hours of swimming practice. A ram owner at Karuppayoorani trains this ram to fight by rolling a tractor tyre and making it hit the tyre head on.Arunagiri says that a single bout consists of 75 beatshits where the rams butt into each other head-first. The fights mostly happen on Sundays. They are very careful in choosing the right opponent to fight; they go by age (with the count of its teeth) and weight, and then make the rams fight. The respective owners of the two rams visit their opponent's place and check the ram before agreeing for a fight.The rams run at a great speed and there are instances where they get severe head injuries, with horns getting broken, and there are instances where the weaker one has died after getting hit a few times. The referee and handlers pull the rams apart if they start goring each other from the side, rather than charging head-on.The price of the ram depends on its fighting abilities. A ram costs between Rs. 15,000 and Rs. 45,000. Its value increases manifold with its victory. The local breed weighs 25 to 30 kilos while the Pakistani breed weighs 60 to 70 kilos. The shandies where they sell rams are at Tirumangalam, Vadipatti, Nelpettai and Palamedu.
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Combatentes Cochera Do Pampa RS

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Alimentacion riña de gallos Documental

Contenido extra documental "PLUMAS AL VIENTO" alimentación gallos de riña y como los mantiene en forma en Argentina. Mira el documental completo
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Los atrvidos

Los atrvidos en su nuebo junte con junito cidrita huyyy esto fue en el club gallistico de san juan
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SCNA Serama Council of North America Sanctioned Southern Serama Classi...

One of the Southern Serama Classic 2010 videos took on Oct 2nd 2010.
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Gallos Bolivianos

Gallos Bolivianos
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Lo último de mi línea
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Riña de gallos Cochabamba

Facebook Gallos Cochabamba
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