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Fuel Cells for Homes GEI Develops Fuel Cell That Could Take Your Home Off the Grid!

From - Posted: Oct 20, 2010 - 20,413 views
Cooking | Fuel Cells for Homes GEI Develops Fuel Cell That Could Take Your Home Off the Grid! | Fuel Cells for Homes GEI Develops Fuel Cell That Could Take Your Home Off the Grid!
Fuel Cells for Homes GEI Develops Fuel Cell That Could Take Your Home Off the Grid!
Fuel Cells for Homes GEI Develops Fuel Cell That Could Take Your Home Off the Grid!
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Play Cooking Video 1-810-610-2816 Global Energy Innovations (GEI) has developed a fuel cell capable of changing the way we process energy world wide. The unit is reputed to even be able to convert human waste into energy. Don't be surprised if in the next few years homes are completely disconnected from the power grid.
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second part click here: http:www.overunity.comindex.php?topic=4969 Please share this video with your friends so all will know what is already possible today . We don´t need other energies to get OFF the Grid. http:www.overunity.comindex.php?topic=4969
31,194 views | Oct 13, 2010

How to Create Electricity from Water with Hydrogen Fuel Cells

WARNING: Using pure salt (NaCl) and pure water (H2O) creates some dangerous gasses. The byproducts of electrolysis with this chemical compound will produce:HYDROGEN GAS (H2) CHLORINE GAS (Cl2) and LYE (NaOH).Be careful and ask questions first!---Go to for further project details!Single PEM Hydrogen Fuel Cells *NOT A SPONSOR https:www.horizonfuelcellshop.comamericasproductsingle-pem-hydrogen-fuel-cells-sets-of-five-unitsTwitter: http:www.twitter.comromanakozakFacebook: http:www.facebook.comromanakozakInstagram: http:instagram.comromanakozak---
48,841 views | Feb 04, 2014

H2E3 Building a Fuel Cell Stack

This video demonstrates the process of assembling a fuel cell stack. The mission of the H2E3 project is to develop, test, distribute, and promote curriculum and laboratory equipment for teaching university engineering students about hydrogen and fuel cell technologies through lectures, readings, and hands-on laboratory activities. For more information visit the project website at or the Schatz Energy Research Center website at
44,020 views | Sep 30, 2011

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology With all the talk about going green. Now anyone one can do so with the recent hydrogen fuel cell technology.
15,146 views | Jul 22, 2009

Fuel cell stack explained

The fuel cell stack assembly is described in this video. Proton exchange membrane fuel cell components are shown in details. Starting from a 5-cell stack, 2 cells are added to complete a 7-cell stack. Assembling process is described step by step. Comments in English. See details of this product at This is not a video about HHO generator but fuel cell as power generator.
68,109 views | May 11, 2011

66 Resonant Water Fuel Cell 02

Please visit my web site for all the latest OU news. Unexpected capacitance results seem to be valid
332,724 views | Mar 24, 2008

CES 2014 Toyota Announces Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle for 2015 Release

The big news from Toyota from the 2014 CES show came in the form of their new Hydrogen Fuel Cell vehicle, the appropriately if not originally named FCV. (FCV = Fuel Cell Vehicle... get it?)
77,171 views | Jan 09, 2014

How to make a dry HHO fuel cell cheap easy part 1 of 4

Ive made this hho dry fuel cell very easy and cheap. I spent about $15. The rubber gaskets i made myself. The stainless plates i bought at a grossery store. The plexiglass from an old fridge.
173,223 views | Apr 29, 2012

Fuel Cells Hydrogen Off grid electricity for homes - Fuel Cells Hydrogen, Hydrogen Advanced hydrogen and fuel cells technologies to reduce our nation's dependence on foreign oil.
17,635 views | Jul 13, 2011

Bloom Energy Bloom Box Off grid electricity for homes

New technology offshoot from a NASA project commercialized for home power which will replace grid electricity. This is renewable, green and low cost power solution.
32,736 views | Mar 01, 2010

Bloom Box Energy Secret Revealed! HD

IPAD Rival ---- More info: Basic formula ; {GAS (Natural)+AIR = ELECTRICITY}, Very low heat generated y low emission. So it is completely green and clean energy. Its fuel cell is made from sand beach. LOL. Soon Bloom Box Enery will serve for you house.
241,201 views | Feb 26, 2010

Ceramic Fuel Cells Bluegen SOFC Today Tonight

Interesting coverage from Today Tonight 290611 demonstrating the efficiency and cost effectiveness of electricity generation at the point of use using Bluegen, a solid-oxide fuel cell system that turns natural gas into
16,423 views | Jul 07, 2011

Life with a home fuel cell

Take a tour through the Kawamoris' house and see a brief interview with Mrs. Kawamori on having a hydrogen fuel cell that powers the family's home.
75,033 views | Apr 03, 2009

Behind the scenes with Bloom Energy s new fuel cell

We take a look at the new Bloom box.
34,204 views | Apr 30, 2012

Homemade Hydrogen Fuel Cell Generator tips

Hey Guys, Dave Here, I made this video because of an interest I have in hydrogen fuel cells. I use to spend alot of time testing and experimenting with the materials. If I get a lot of thumbs up I will continue to make more video's with more details and tips. Thanks for watching!Follow me on google + here : support my channel by using this link when you go to amazon - (Amazon link)This video was edited using - http:www.avs4you.comAVS-Video-Editor.aspx
3,468 views | Dec 16, 2013

Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Hydrogen Fuel CellWith the development of environmentally friendly technologies people started thinking about creating cleaner energy sources. As the result, various alternative energy sources appeared including solar cells and wind turbines. However, they have one big disadvantage. As they depend on certain weather conditions, they can't produce energy 247. This is why they usually use batteries in order to store energy.The scientific experiment set with a hydrogen fuel cell is a miniature copy of the clean energy sources. With the help of this set you can independently learn about the processes that produce power in hydrogen fuel cells.The set includes a hydrogen fuel cell. The electricity supplied by solar battery splits water into oxygen and hydrogen. The gases are collected in two tanks. The energy is consumed by a miniature motor.First we need to charge the fuel cell. With the help of a syringe we pour some water inside the tank. Later is will be decomposed. Now we attach the tubes to the tanks and also pour some water into them. And finally, we attach the solar battery to the hydrogen fuel cell.Under the influence of electric current the water inside the cell starts splitting into oxygen and hydrogen. It is then directed to the appropriate tanks over the tubes. When the tanks are full, you will see some bubbles. This means the battery is charged. Now disconnect the solar battery and put the fan in its place. The pressure of water in the inner tanks makes oxygen and hydrogen go back to the hydrogen element. This produces electricity.Thus, with the help of this set you can independently learn about the processes working in hydrogen fuel cells. You will also be able to carry out several interesting experiments. This set will be invaluable when carrying out laboratory experiments in high schools.
44,787 views | Sep 15, 2011

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