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Frankincense uses

From - Posted: Apr 04, 2011 - 9,962 views
Cooking | Frankincense uses | Frankincense uses
Frankincense uses
Frankincense uses
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Here is how using the essential oil of Frankincense can help you.
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Gold, Frankincense Myrrh Best DIY Anti Ager EVER?

Hi Everyone....I hope everyone is enjoying the Festive Season...I wish all my friends subscribers and viewers a truly happy and peaceful time. Count your blessings every day....and never take for granted those we love. xxxI hope you enjoy this amazing anti-aging formula....Warning: Do not use essential oils if pregnant. Link to where I buy my oils below: This is not a sponsored video...all products were purchased with my own money. I will always inform you, if any product has been sent to me for review. :)
10,435 views | Dec 16, 2012

Myrrh...and Frankincense. Don t SMELL them!! ;

WARNING: If you decide to ignore my warning and smell them anyway, you will be cast into a world of great nasal pleasures, for the duration of your inhalation. Don't say I didn't warn you. You may risk sudden happiness, loss of stress, damage to your lower ego and permanent memories.As for the you will die will. Eventually. Lol. Or maybe not (had to suck you into the video somehow!) Peace-------------------------------- NOTES: ----------------------------- Definition: Myrrh is an expensive spice, used for making perfume, incense, medicine, and for anointing the dead.Myrrh appears frequently in the Old Testament, primarily as a sensuous perfume in the Song of Solomon.The Bible records myrrh showing up three times in the life and death of Jesus Christ. Matthew states that the Three Kings visited the child Jesus, bringing gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. Mark notes that when Jesus was dying on the cross, someone offered him wine mixed with myrrh to stop the pain, but he did not take it. Finally, John says Nicodemus brought a mixture of 75 pounds of myrrh and aloes to anoint Jesus' body when it was laid in the tomb.Myrrh comes from a small bushy tree, cultivated in ancient times in the Arabian peninsula. The grower made a small cut in the bark, where the resin would leak out. It was then collected and stored for about three months until it hardened into fragrant globules. Myrrh was used raw or crushed and mixed with oil to make a perfume. It was also used medicinally to reduce swelling and stop pain. Today myrrh is used in Chinese medicine for a variety of ailments.Pronunciation: murExample: Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus packed Jesus' body in myrrh, then wrapped it in linen cloths.(Sources: and The Bible Almanac, edited by J.I. Packer, Merrill C. Tenney, and William White Jr.)------------------------------------------- ---Description---The bushes yielding the resin do not grow more than 9 feet in height, but they are of sturdy build, with knotted branches, and branchlets that stand out at right-angles, ending in a sharp spine. The trifoliate leaves are scanty, small and very unequal, oval and entire. It was first recognized about 1822 at Ghizan on the Red Sea coast, a district so bare and dry that it is called 'Tehama,' meaning 'hell.'Botanically, there is still uncertainty about the origin and identity of the various species.There are ducts in the bark, and the tissue between them breaks down, forming large cavities, which, with the remaining ducts, becomes filled with a granular secretion which is freely discharged when the bark is wounded, or from natural fissures. It flows as a pale yellow liquid, but hardens to a reddish-brown mass, being found in commerce in tears of many sizes, the average being that of a walnut. The surface is rough and powdered, and the pieces are brittle, with a granular fracture, semi-transparent, oily, and often show whitish marks. The odour and taste are aromatic, the latter also acrid and bitter. It is inflammable, but burns feebly.Several species are recognized in commerce. It is usually imported in chests weighing 1 or 2 cwts., and wherever produced comes chiefly from the East Indies. Adulterations are not easily detected in the powder, so that it is better purchased in mass, when small stones, senegal gum, chestnuts, pieces of bdellium, or of a brownish resin called 'false myrrh,' may be sorted out with little difficulty.It has been used from remote ages as an ingredient in incense, perfumes, etc., in the holy oil of the Jews and the Kyphi of the Egyptians for embalming and fumigations.Little appears to be definitely known about the collection of myrrh. It seems probable that the best drug comes from Somaliland, is bought at the fairs of Berbera by the Banians of India, shipped to Bombay, and there sorted, the best coming to Europe and the worst being sent to China. The true myrrh is known in the markets as karam, formerly called Turkey myrrh, and the opaque bdellium as meena harma.The gum makes a good mucilage and the insoluble residue from the tincture can be used in this way. ----------------------------------------Hope these helped, now get some!Namaste- Carpo
31,643 views | Jun 08, 2013

Frankincense Stimulates Apoptosis Cancerous Cell Death Pt 2w Anti Agin...

CELL Protection- NOTE: 95% of cancers are NOT genetic. They result from damaged DNA. Our cells are damaged through: a) Toxicity e.g. through environmental pollution and free radicals (a lot of which is beyond our control but is IS happening to your body. b) Poor Nutrition- Low vibratory foods, cooked foods often times do not contain nutrients in the form of enzyme catalyst that fuel our every cell in our body, when you cook your food, often times all nutrients are cooked OUT of it. Our BODIES are ELECTRIC, and they are designed to run off of divine healing LIVE nutrients in the form of Enzymes, which act as catalyst to FEED every CELL in our BODY. Raw ORGANIC foods (Fruits & Veggies) that resonate up out of the 7.83Hz Earth, have vibrations, when you put HIGH VIBRATIONS in the bodytemple, you resonate out HIGH vibrations. Research what the 7.83 Hz Frequency is in which I refer, as this is REAL, and cooked foods, packaged foods, Microwave radiated foods, fast foods, bottled preserved juices and supplement drinks DO NOT CONTAIN LIVE NUTRIENTS in the form of ENZYME CATALYST that feed our cells in our body. You only get this when you consume raw organic foods, and through breaking the cell wall open and you extract those Divine HEALING Nutrients in the form of Enzymes, through JUICING...It is hard to talk about cancer without speaking on that which causes the cancer, and I share this in the video. This is the KEY to longevity here people, DETOX your liver, as your liver is your regulator, for all of your other organs in your body, then after doing so, you will begin to benefit the most from the Anti-Oxidant Monoterpenes found in Frankincense, and only then will you truly begin to benefit, These Monoterpenes signal Apoptosis, which is CELL Death of cancer cells.c) Introducing stress and oxidation into our bodiesFree radicals is the metabolic wastetoxicity that is emitted from our cells. The enemy of free radicals are anti-oxidents (the good guys!). Anti-oxidents work by donating a missing electron and therefore neutralizing the free radical. Vitamin C, D, E are antioxidants. Polyphenols are up to 70 times more potenteffective than vitamin based antioxidants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The Boswellia Sacra strain of Frankincense contains approx 70% monoterpenes. We need to care because: - Monoterpenes stimulate apoptosis (damaged DNA response) - Monoterpenes increase the level of liver enzymes involved in removing carcinogenic toxins - Monoterpenes have been shown to interfere with cholesterol synthesis, thereby slowing down and reducing potential tumor formation.In the particular case of cancer, increased research (initially in Puerto Rico and more recently at UCLA Berkeley) has shown the ability to repair DNA once it becomes damaged. Frankincense greatly helps with this and stimulates the damaged cells to repair.btw guys I have an essential oil playlist on my channel, so check it out if you want, I do not claim to be all knowing of oils, I just have a passion for knowledge and many things are being discovered about Frankincense on a daily basis, many of the components of oils have not even been fully identified, and this excites me! Imagine the possibilities with this! Guys I am not a doctor and none of the info in any of my videos is intended to treat or diagnose, If you take toxic prescriptions(all prescriptions are toxic to the liver) you would need to check with your medical "practitioner" before learning to use divine sacred healing oils. One can not just learn about an oil in a book for example to truly understand and know an oil, and I even find others who say they are "Aromatherapist" who attended a weekend seminar to acquire this title, often do not truly know the oil. To know the oil you have to resonate in oneness with it, and feel the vibrations of it and learn how it interacts with your own personal vibrations, and how it can personally benefit you. Oils that are good for me to use combined, may not be suitable for others, bc each one of us is unique just like a snowflake is unique and we are all divinely blessed in different ways, So when you begin to learn about oils after the liver is detoxified, then you can learn to resonate with them better, as they will be more effective after the alkalinity, and intestinal flora, is balanced and the liver is flushed of toxins. These divine oils have the ability to in fact cross the blood brain barrier and can in fact work to regenerate and repair oxidated stress done at the cellular level, in my opinion. Thank you for all your love and your continued support, I appreciate all of you greatly. ! Join the Juice Revolution @ www.facebook.comjuicerelovution PLEASE SUBSCRIBE
531 views | Nov 07, 2014

Doterra Testimony

The power of essential oils
25,216 views | Mar 30, 2011

Uses and Benefits of Frankincense and Myrrh Essential Oils

http:emilyjacques.comoils to order. The uses of both frankincense and myrrh essential oils are many. Here are just some of the health benefits they can bring.
49,345 views | Dec 18, 2010

Hygiene 101 Eating frankincense to alleviate cancer.

Frankincense oil (derived from the nodules) kills bladder cancer cells (discovered by the University of Oklahoma).http:www.upi.comHealth_News20090317Frankincense-kills-bladder-cancer-cellsUPI-94321237339212Tasty and well worth it, but expensive, grade: http:somaluna.comDon't settle for the cheaper sources, 'cuz they may be slightly, poisonously tainted with impurities!It's better to cook frankincense while boiling it in something like rice and beans so that the frankincense nodules don't sink to the bottom of the pan and stick there making it difficult to clean the pot! Plop it in during the middle of cooking the rice andor beans well after the ricebeans have fluffed up a little to suspend the frankincense nodule above the bottom of the pot.
2,848 views | Sep 14, 2013


31,257 views | Nov 23, 2012

Gift of doTERRA s Frankincense and Myrrh

All of the products discussed in this video may be purchased at www.mydoterra.comsheen.Thank you for watching! Thank you for watching! Please visit my website to get started on your doTERRA journey today! Thank you for watching and sharing! Please get started on your doTERRA journey today by visiting my Thank you for watching! To get started on your doTERRA journey with me today, please visit my site:www.SheenPerkins.comI look forward to playing with you!
21,628 views | Dec 02, 2012


This is my personal experience on my ongoing struggle with the type of cancer known as Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. Therapeutic grade Sacred Frankincense Essential Oil from helped me clear the swelling in a cancerous lymph node on my neck. You can write to me at
14,423 views | Oct 05, 2012

Cancer and Frankincense Essential Oil This is awesome information on Boswellia sacra and cancer. Thank you Dr. Suhail
15,427 views | Aug 15, 2012

doTERRA Laura Jacob s Story

Powerful introduction to doTERRA essential oils.
21,023 views | Aug 21, 2012

The Truth About Frankincense

The Truth About Frankincense, offers a clear, scientifically grounded look at the industry-leading processes and products that make Young Living the world leader in essential oils.Don’t forget to visit our Websites and Social Media outlets!Corporate Website: Young Living Blog: D. Gary Young’s Blog: http:www.dgaryyoung.comblog Facebook: https:www.facebook.comYoungLiving Twitter: https:twitter.comyounglivingeo Instagram: http:instagram.comyounglivingeo
19,759 views | Jul 20, 2012


A infused oil that contains a lot of EasternExotic spices and herbs. Earthy, sensuous and exotic oil that can be used as a fragrance or massage oil. Frankincense is a 1000 year or more old resin used in incense, fragrance and healing. Frankincense tones the skin, is also antiaging and smells wonderful. Myrrh is astringent, antiseptic, and encourages healing. Sandalwood and ginger are great for "warming" the skin and imparting a wonderful smell. Come try an all natural scented oil with ancient roots. Cardamon a smoky, woodsy scent.
6,587 views | May 01, 2012

doTERRA Frankincense Essential Oil as an Alternative Treatment for Ski...

doTERRA Frankincense essential oil! Filmed by Andrea Lipomi, LMT
6,953 views | Nov 14, 2011

The frankincense and myrrh trail of Somaliland

Our recent trip to the frankincense & myrrh region of Somaliland East-Africa
6,372 views | Apr 16, 2011

Dr Hill on doTERRA products part 2

Dr David Hill talks about the importance of using Essential Oils in your day to day life.
18,680 views | Jan 06, 2009


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