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Fimosis y Circunsición. Urología Peruana. Dr. Susaníbar

From - Posted: Dec 10, 2012 - 3,185,659 views
Cooking | Fimosis y Circunsición. Urología Peruana. Dr. Susaníbar | Fimosis y Circunsicion. Urologia Peruana. Dr. Susanibar
Fimosis y Circunsición. Urología Peruana. Dr. Susaníbar
Fimosis y Circunsicion. Urologia Peruana. Dr. Susanibar
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UROLOGIA PERUANA Visite nuestra web principal: La fimosis se caracteriza por la dificultad en retraer el prepucio y dejar asomar el glande. Conozca más al respecto de este tema.ANATOMIA El pene posee un repliegue de piel denominado prepucio, el cual generalmente cubre la cabeza o glande penianos. Cuando esta piel no puede ser remangada, es que hablamos de fimosis. La presencia de fimosis puede condicionar la aparación de una enfemedad de la piel conocida como balanitis yo balanopostitis. Los varones con mala higiene personal o enfermedades como la diabetes tienen mayor chance de infectar la piel prepucial Si desea más información, ingrese al link de abajo
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uh oh teh controversiez! lotsa links belowjoin the twitter conversation - http:www.twitter.comgogreen18Tumblr with me all week! - http:lacigreen.tumblr.comFacebook - http:www.facebook.comofficiallacigreenInstagram - http:www.instagram.comlacigreenSOURCESRESOURCESAnatomy & function of the foreskin http:people.howstuffworks.comcircumcision1.htm http:www.noharmm.organatomy.htmPrevalence of circumcision http:www.who.intreproductivehealthpublicationsrtis9789241596169en http:forward.comarticles161642circumcision-rates-vary-widely-in-us?p=allCircumcision removes sensitive parts, desensitizes penis: http:www.livescience.com1624-study-circumcision-removes-sensitive-parts.html http:www.ncbi.nlm.nih.govpubmed23374102 http:www.nocirc.orgtouch-testbju_6685.pdfSexual consequences http:www.ncbi.nlm.nih.govpubmed21672947History of Circumcision impacts http:www.cirp.orglibrarypsychgoldman1Uncutting & other pro-foreskin bloggers: http:uncutting.tumblr.comsimilarCircumcision support http:www.experienceproject.comgroupsAm-Circumcised36616GENERAL REFERENCECircumcision reference library http:www.cirp.orglibraryThe WHOLE Network http:www.thewholenetwork.orgNational Organization of Circumcision Information Resource Centers http:www.nocirc.orgIntact America http:www.intactamerica.orgSUMMARY In this video I talk about the functions of the foreskin and delve into the cultural practice of circumcision (removing a baby's foreskin after birth).
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A new study in the journal Urology shows that genitourinary injuries have increased by five times over the past decade due to grooming-related reasons. Most of the injuries involved razors -- 83 percent -- and the most common injury type was laceration -- 36.6 percent. Tweet: http:clicktotweet.com3oFedHave you ever slipped and cut something... vulnerable? Or are you super careful when shaving below the equator? Do you think this study overstates the danger of manscaping? Let us know what you think!Find out more here: don't forget guys, if you like this video please Like, Favorite, and Share it with your friends to show your support - It really helps us out! See you next time gang!********************************************************************** SUBSCRIBE for more Common Room! http:tinyurl.com9o8kpf4ON FACEBOOK: www.facebook.comTYTUniversity ON TWITTER: @jiadarola @itschelseybee @alexsanborn @tytuniversity @bretterlich http:youtube.comusertytuniversityCommon Room: Sex tips, relationship problems, pop culture, movies and technology, science and religion. Whatever you talk about when drinking with your friends... we're there.*********************************************************************** TAGS: "grooming pubic hair leads to emergency room" "Genital Injury Pubic Hair Grooming" "Pubic Hair Grooming" "Pubic Hair Grooming Injuries" "brazilian wax" "landing strip" "anal waxing" "vaginal waxing" "waxing pubic hair" "Pubic Hair Grooming Injury" "Pubic Hair Injury" "shaving pubes" "manscaping" "common room" "john iadarola" "the young turks" "tyt university"
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Female Doctor performs a Gomco Clamp circumcision on an Teen male. This circumcision style is called "High & Tight" and the entire foreskin is removed and the scar line placed farther down the shaft of the penis. This style of circumcision is most common in America & Canada and is the preference of most parents when deciding which style and technique to choose for their son's circumcision.
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